Helping my Grandad part 2

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Helping my Grandad part 2Hi after Silva had helped Sergei seal the contract with Vladimir by fucking him Sergei took his grandaughter out for a meal then they ended up in bed together .As Sergei lay in bed he had a thought we make a great team he woke Silva and told her .You work with me and i will forget about the money you owe me that sounds good Silva said ok we are now a team as she got between Sirgeis legs and sucked his cock .Next morning Sergei had a call from his contact in Uganda who told him the minister is going to make his mind up about the contract to mine all there gold reserves so get over there and persuade him to give it to you He gave Silva a ring as she was out shopping get back here we are going to Kampala where the fucks that Silva asked its in Uganda africa god granddad you know i hate black people im not going there .We are a team and dont think ive forgot about the money you owe me so get your ass back here As Sergei and Silva drove to Tallinn airport he told Silva if we get this contract we will be made for life its worth billions so just be nice to him ok .They touched down in Kampala a few hours later .They got a taxi to there hotel as they drove there Silva was looking at all the black people in the streets They look disgusting Granddad Silva said how can they live here like this .They both thought the taxi driver could not understand them but he did uppity white bitch he thought get her on the bonnet of my car and stick my black cock up her white asshole that will shut her mouth up They got to the hotel booked in and went to there room hope they have running water Silva said this place is the pits i need a shower .dont be long we have a meeting with the Ministy of Finance in an hour ok Silva shouted from under the shower .When they got there they were met by a black guy in his tribes robes good güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri afternoon you must be Sergei and Silva he asked ?yes we have come to meet the minister .Come this way please he said if you would like to wait here the Minister will see you soon .After an hours wait they were shown in to his office good afternoon the Minister said nice to meet you Sergei and you must be Silva his Grandaughter as they all shook hands god Silva thought thats the first time i have ever touched a black man it feels disgusting .This is Afya my daughter he said as Silva looked at the most ugly girl she had ever seen her eyes were like a pigs her nose Mike Tyson would be proud of and her ears were like dumbos they were huge and the size of her fucking hell she was huge as Silva shook her hand it was clammy with sweat and the smell of her god she was revolting .Right Sergei shall we get on the Minister said Afra will show Silva round the house and meet the rest of my family god Silva thought im not going to enjoy this one little bit .Afya took Silvas hand and led her out of the office she took Silva in to the garden where about 8 little black boys were playing football .Afya clapped her hands and spoke in Swahilli to them .They are all my brothers a man can have up to 4 wifes here in Uganda Afya told her as Afya carried on talking to them they started to laugh lets go inside Afya said .This is Ak**a its his birthday today hes 11 Afya said .Hello Ak**a happy birthday Silva said to him he giggled and spoke in Swahilli to Afya Ak**a wants to know if your white all over and is your pussy hair as white as the hair on your head .Silva thought she missed heard Afya but she had not come on Silva tell him Afya said Silvas face went bright red a 11 year old k** asked me if my pussy hair is white she was tipobet güvenilir mi so embarrased .Well Afya said is it ?yes it is Silva stammerd prove it Afya said no way Silva said dont forget Afya said its up to me if your grandad gets the contract .God Silva thought im going to have to show my pussy to all these little k**s .Silva unsnapped her jeans then unzipped them she worked her jeans down her legs she had a pair of black knickers on .When her jeans were at her knees she stared to pull her knickers down .No no Afya shouted take them right off so Silva did just that .Now she pulled her black knickers down her face was bright red with shame she was showing 8 little boys her pussy she took her knickers off and just stood in front of the little boys they were all talking in Swahilli she didnt have a clue what they were saying about her .Ak**a wants you naked Afya said no fucking way Silva said dont forget the contract Afya said keep us happy and its yours .Silva thought she would die as she took her top off she was now stark naked in front of all these little black boys they all giggled Afya said they all said there dad has bigger tits then you it was true Silva had very tiny tits .Ak**a touched Silvas pussy hair he stroked it Silva was so embarrased a 11 year old k** was stroking her pussy hair then Afya told her to open her legs as Ak**a wants to finger you .What could Silva do ?her grandad wanted the contract so she spread her legs for the little boy .Ak**a didnt know what he was doing he just put his finger right up Silvas tight pussy and wiggled it about .Silva was being fingerd by an 11 year old little black boy in front or all his brothers .Silva thought she would die of shame as Ak**a worked his finger in her Ak**a said something to Afya she told Silva now he wants you to suck his tipobet giriş cock then all his brothers cocks .God Silva thought i know i love cock but not little boys cocks as she got on her knees and pulled Ak**as shorts down his cock was so tiny but Silva put it in her mouth and sucked he came in about a min filling her mouth with little boy cum .Silva worked her way down the line of little boys the oldest was 13 the youngest 10 after Silva had sucked them all off they wanted to fuck her so poor Silva got on the floor and opened her legs for the little boys Ak**a went first as it was his birthday .He just laid on top of Silva and she put his tiny cock to her pussy lips and said push Ak**a did not have a clue what she was saying so Afya said to him push and he did right up her pussy .After Silva had taken all the little boys cocks in her Afya told Silva to turn over on to her belly as they want to assfuck you .As Silva turned over she thought will this day never end she had sucked all the little boys cocks fucked them all now they want to assfuck me .Silva got her head down and her ass in the air she felt a finger at her asshole it worked its way up her asshole and wiggled about up there .It felt to big to be one of the k**s fingers so she turned her head to see .Silva nearly fainted it was Afyas finger up her asshole she was being fingered by a girl .Afya really worked Silvas asshole all this time the little boys were watching Silva being fingered in her asshole they were all giggling .Silva thought she would die of shame all thouse k**s seeing her being fingered .Then Afya put her finger in Silvas pussy you could hear the sloshing sound her sopping wet pussy made as Afya fingered her Afya found Silvas clit and worked it her pussy was full of the little boys cum as Afya stroked her clit after a few mins Silva could stand no more Afya fired Silva off Silvas girly cum shot out of her pussy all over Afyas hand the little boys were all chearing Afya .Silva had just been forced to cum by the most ugly girl she had ever seen she burst in to tears .More fun and games in part 3 hope you enjoy please leave your comments thank you

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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