Helping out a good freind in need

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Helping out a good freind in needWell it all came about on christmas eve a few years ago…An old freind of mine from army days came and visited unexpectantly. I had not seen or heard from him for a good couple of years when suddenly out of the blue he just popped up on my doorstep.My good ol wife was livid and thought that the two of us had planned this whole visit behind her back (and said as much to me)She did not like my freind as we had a tendancy to remenise about the good old days when we were still doing national service and the things we got up to. We obviously also got to drinking a bit during these sessions and this kind of left her feeling out.As the day was getting older my dear wife was getting madder at the two us for basically ignoring her and telling each tall stories. At around about 22hoo the evening my wife excused herself from our company in quite a huff and said she was going to bed.As usual I was felling quite horny and decided to accompany her to the room and see if I could get some nooky. I thus told my good old mate to exuse me and to entertain himself for the rest of evening. I suggested he watch some dvd`s or something as there certainly is not much to watch on telly on christmas eve (only the old tear jerker crap they putting on to get people to be all sentimental)Well back in the old bedroom I was not having much luck, I was busy fondling the missus kayseri escort boobs and rubbing her fanny, when she turned her back on me in a huff and informede me in no uncertain terms that tonight was not a good night for some nooky. She said that I stood a better chance of getting a blowjob from my mate in the sittging room than from her.I lay next to her in the bed for a short while until I heard that her breathing had become slow and level and slowly crept out of the bed.I decided to go and look whether my mate was still awake and join him in the living room. I softly walked down the passage to the living room and heard soft moaning and groaning, with an occasional yes! yes!…as I came round the corner into the sitting room (the christmas tree was obscuring the view of the door) I saw that my good mate had found one of my porn DVD`s and was busy mastrubating his nice thick hard cock as he lay on my bench.I gave a soft cough and he immediately looked in my direction, embarrasment written all over his face, he stammered that he was sorry but he thought that my wife and I were occupied and would not be walking around the house.I told him to carry on with what he busy with as I was feeling quite horny myself and would like to join him. I dropped my shorts and he could immediately see that I was serious as my cock stood rock hard and firm in front of to attention like escort kayseri a good soldier should.I took my dick in a firm grip and started mastrubating in rythm to guy fucking on the screen. i noticed that my buddy was back into the swing of things himself quite oblivious to my presence.I suddenly had an idea and walked over to my buddy lying on the bench and knelt down beside him. At first he looked a bit startled but settled back into his rythm. I watched as he slid his hand up and down his thick glistening cock and decided that I needed to know what it tasted like, so I asked him if he would mind if I helped him out with his quest to Cum?He said not at all, I was actually wondering when you would work up the nerve to ask as I could see in your watching me, that you wanted to get on closer terms with my cock.He lay back, placed his hands beneath his buttocks and told me to take over as he continued watching the movie…I gently took his stiff thick glistening cock in my hand and could feel it pulsating in anticipation, I lifeted his balls with my other and gently started kneading them as I slowly and rythmatically started mastrubating his cock.I saw some pre-cum glistening on the opening 0f his maginificent specimen and softly sucked his head into my warm mouth as I continued jerking his dick, he let out a soft moan and said it felt fucking great to finally have kayseri escort bayan his dick in my mouth.This spurred me on to greater things and I took my middle finger, placed it in my mouth and got it all lubed up, I then gently started pushing it into his tightly clamped sphincher, as it moved into his arse I could feel his prostate pulsating against it and started masaging his prostate whilst still sucking feverishly on his pulsating throbbing dick.I was accutely aware of the fact that he was really enjoying the treatment he was getting as he was moaning louder and louder and started thrusting and fucking my face like a demon possesed. I could feel that his prostate was enlarging and I knew what was about to happen…He suddenly bucked as if he was having an epeleptic fit and I felt his warm thick man juice shoot right into the very back of my throat, he shot such an immensive load that it felt as if he was pissing down my throat, so much so that I almost gagged as I was struggling to get breath. He however was oblivious to my plight as he grabbed the back of my head and forced his thick dick straight down my throat until his balls were just about entering my mouth.My own cock was simultanously dripping cum without having had any manual stimulation whatsoever, we were both so extactic that we had not noticed that my good wife had come down the passage and entered the sitting room watching us, she startled the living crap out both of us when she asked whether we were enjoying ourselves?…but that is another story for another time. I hope you enjoyed this one, please post your comments and be truthfull as this was a true story

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