Her First Toy

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Her First ToyHer First ToyWith a name like John Dick I always got a lot of ribbing from other folks, but once I got alone with a female and revealed myself, they will tell you that the name was very fitting for me. But only the ladies that I could get mentally into and establish a real friendship with were privileged enough to experience another tool of pleasure that I also liked to employ. Even though I was born with long thick dick, I also liked to use vibrators and dildos as tools of pleasure with selected mates. So, after me and a very true playmate of mine (who I will call Becky for privacy’s sake) were getting some rest after a very hot and heavy pleasuring session, I introduced the idea of bringing some toys into our lovemaking sessions. She was down with it, so I put my pants on and went bare-chested to my car. When I returned to the room and heard the shower running I took off my pants and proceeded to go join Becky.Once I entered the steam-filled bathroom and opened the glass door my cock instantly twitched as my eyes fastened on Becky’s glistening coffee with a touch cream complexioned body. Her black shiny nipples were fascinating enough but as I let my eyes veer downward to her v-shaped cunt hairs which were shimmering and dripping wet, my dick began to stiffen even harder. Becky noticed it too and extended her soapy hand outward until she had a strong grasp of it and guided me towards her by the tugging and gently yanking my member as the distance between us was closed. I immediately pressed my mouth against hers and placed my hands on both mounds of her spongy soft asscheeks. As her hand continued to gently jack on the shaft of my manhood I took my right hand and brought it in between us and guided it to her hairy snatch, all the while letting my left hand play with her ass and spreading her asshole hatay escort to place a finger into it. As we continued to kiss and toy with each others sex organs to the rhythmic beat of the warm gushing waters that flowed from the showerhead I pulled back and looked squarely into those big pretty brown eyes of hers and asked if she was ready for the new experience that I had asked her about earlier? She said yes and we then made our way back to the bed. We didn’t take time to dry off because we were both so hot and worked up that it felt as if we were just sweating. Once Becky had laid back and gotten comfortable I moved closer towards the bed with one hand behind my back and my other hand shaking my rock hard dick at her. Oh, Wow! Daddy you have really gotten work up haven’t you? Smiling, I said you did it and for that you must be rewarded. Then I placed one foot on the bed while steadying myself with the other one on the floor letting my member stand tall and fully erect brushing against her lips. She made an attempt to raise up and engulf it in her mouth but I stopped her and laid down beside her never letting the arm I kept behind my back come to the front. As I slid closer to her, I began to gently rub the black glistening hair on the top of her head while licking all around her neck and nibbling on her earlobe. With closed eyes her breathing began to increase as she began to lick those luscious ruby red lips of hers. I dropped the dildo that I was keeping concealed behind my back onto the bed and moved my free hand to rest between her still moist pecan-tanned thighs. As I gently spread her thighs open with the working of my fingers I slowly slid them to the opening of her vagina and then inserted one finger between the folds of her pussy lips and began to slowly massage her clit. Still running escort hatay my fingers through her hair I began to slowly plant kisses from the base of her neck until my lips reached her now swollen left nipple. Once I had taken it into my mouth, my tongue began to lash back and forth across it making her begin to rub the left side of my head. Letting that nipple drop from my mouth I hungrily filled my mouth with the other one, while still finger-fucking that black-haired twat of hers. Filling some of her sticky hot jism beginning to wet my fingers at that point I slowly withdrew my hand and reached behind my back and grabbed hold of the dildo. Now, this dildo was made much like my dick, nine inches long, thick, jet black, and shiny. I began using it by rubbing it right above her pussy, the spot right between her bellybutton and where the crop of her pussy hairs began. Rising up on my right elbow I began french kissing her rubbing her up and down with the entire shaft of the dildo. Lying back beside her I slowly entered the dildo into her as she let out a surprising and satisfying moan and as pushed it into her deeper she sucked her breath and began to match each of my strokes with more moans. As I my strokes became faster and I pushed more of the dildo in her, her hips began bucking at matching pace. The action was getting hotter and I even began to sweat and as began jacking my dick my heart began to race. She leaned over and kissed me with half-closed eyes and both my hands were working magic and the two of us. She arched up her back and her thighs about crushed my hands and I knew she was about to erupt, so I stopped jack my dick so I could continue to keep her thighs opened wide, I leaned over placing my right on the inner right thigh and with my left hand I kept plunging the dildo into her watching hatay escort bayan it disappear and come back outside, as her gyrations increased I slid closer to her hot steaming pussy and began to lick her clit. This drove her wild and brought her to new heights, because now the moans and groans that she was releasing earlier had to into passionate screams. Fuck me, Daddy, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Fuck me! Obligingly I continued to slip the dildo in and out of her at a frantic pace and continued to lick her clit as well. By now I have grabbed hold of my dick again and began jack off at very rapid pace and then when I noticed that she couldn’t hold her cum back any longer I pulled the dildo completely out of her and got between her legs and slid my johnson right into her slippery slot. I grabbed both her leg and hoisted them into the air and plunged the bottom of her love valley with all the might I could muster. Our hips rocked and rolled at a vigorous and her pussy was accepting each onslaught and stab that my massive cock was giving it. As we continued to match each other stroke for stroke and grinding did increase, our sweating bodies began to making smacking sounds each time our stomachs would meet. I could feel the muster swelling up my balls and knew my nuts would soon want to be emptied, so with a finally mighty grasp of her ankles I pushed her legs back as close to her head as I could get them and raising up on my toes I began to savagely plunge into the depths of her womanhood, as she began to squeal with delight, we began to shudder and shake as both our bodies exploded and began to let go of our hot and sticky goo. As I began to cum I plunged into the hilt of her love valley for a final time and sprayed the walls of her cunt as her juices mixed with mine. Once again we both lay back to get a little rest and talk about what we had just did, and she told that her first stop after leaving the hotel would be to get her very toy (dildo) and have great memories of this her very first time she had with one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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