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Home AloneI was 18 fresh out of High School when my dad and step mom told me they were taking a vacation for a week leaving me to keep the house in order. The day they left I took them to the airport and drove back home to a empty house. I called a few friends to come over but being a week night most of them had to work so it looked like I was going to be by myself. I did some chores cleaning the kitchen and some laundry and as I was doing the laundry i was folding some of my step moms panties they were lace and silk and felt very soft. I took some up to my nose and smelled of them and gentle rubbed them on my face. I heard something in the house so I quickly folded them up and went to check what the noise was. I looked around the house and couldn’t find anything or anyone so I figured it was the wind. I went back to the laundry room and finished folding the clothes and started putting them away. When I took my step moms clothes into her room I was looking thru the drawers to find out which one her panties went in I found another drawer that caught my eye. It was a drawer of lingerie, fur handcuffs and a key. I looked at the key and wandered what it went to so I started looking around the room for anything with a lock on it. When I was about to give it up when I dropped the key on the hardwood floors and it bounced under the bed. I knelt down to get the key when I noticed a chest with a key hole. I grabbed the key and the chest and set them up on the bed. I stuck the key into the chest and turned it and the chest opened up reavealing my dad and step moms apparent sex chest. The chest had a bottle of lube, a couple dildo’s 4-5 vibrators with one being huge, some condoms, pictures of them both nude, and several porno’s. I looked thru the porn videos most of them being anal and oral videos except for one disc that just had a date on it. I turned on the TV and put it in the DVD player and was shocked at what I saw. It was Kim (my step mom) in some of the lingerie and the huge vibrator she was sucking on it them sticking it in her pusssy. My cock was super hard watching this then she poured some lube on it and shoved it in her ass. I was super horny now. I stripped down naked and started stroking my cock elazığ escort a little and then reached into the chest to get some lube I pulled out some lube and a vibrator. I put some lube on my cock and stroked just a little. I could see in the video that Kim was really enjoying that vibrator in her ass. I wondered how it would feel in mine. I lubed up the smaller vibrator and turned it on and started rubbing it around my ass. I then slowly eased it in and back out going a little further each time. I was soon working it in and out just as fast as Kim. I put the smaller vibrator down and grabbed the one called the rabbit the vibrator shaft thrusted up and down and had a vibrating base. I lubed it up and slide it in my ass and it was wonderful my cock was getting harder and harder I knew I was getting close to cumming. I was looking at myself in the mirror on the dresser when I noticed the drawer where I found the key was open I pulled the toy out and reached into the drawer and pulled out the exact lingerie that Kim was wearing in the video. I quickly put it on it was a black piece crotchless I returned to the bed and started fucking myslef and slowly stroking my cock. I heard a voice on the TV it was a man but didn’t sound like my dad. I stopped and my attention to the TV Kim was on the bed where I was laying and was looking towards the door and said “Can I play with that Dave” Dave is my dads name so I thought I was going to to see him walk into the screen next. I heard my dad say “you can treat it right” the camera then turned to the door and I saw a man walking into the room it wasn’t my dad I could tell but I wasn’t sure who it was. He walked over to the bed and Kim reached out and guided his cock into her mouth and began sucking it. I was amazed that my step mom was sucking some guy dick as my dad was filming it. The camera showed the face of the guy and I knew who it was, it was the neighbor for 3 houses down a golf buddy of my dads named Gary. I always thought Gary was gay until now he wasn’t married or even dated anyone that I knew but I guess if you get to fuck your friends wife you dont need to. I was really turned on by how eagerly Kim was sucking Garys cock. Gary was fingering escort elazığ Kims ass as she repeated took his cock all the way down here throat. I was still fucking my ass and sucking on one of the dildos kinda wishing I either had Kim here to fuck me or a cock to play with. I was really getting into sucking this dildo closing my eyes imagining it was really cock when I heard someone say “what are you doing” I opened my eye to see Gary standing in the bedroom looking at me sprawled out on the bed, with a vibrator in my ass sucking on a dildo wearing lingerie watching a porn tape of my Step mom and him. He looked around for a second and then he noticed the TV and said ” I remember that I fucked the shit out of her and I can see you want to be like her so I am going to fuck the shit out of you” He dropped his pants and underwear and started towards the bed with his cock in his hand. I dropped the dildo and grabbed his cock putting it in my mouth. I was suprised at how good his cock felt in my mouth much better than the dildo before. I could taste a hint of salty cum especially when my tongue would go over the tip of his penis. The vibrator had fell out of my ass as I sucked him so he spit on his fingers and reached down and started fingering my ass and said “I am going to fuck your ass and throat just like Kim you cum whore” He was starting to get a little rough pushing 3 fingers in my ass and grabbing my head making his cock go to the back of my throat. He grabbed my body turning me over on my back then pulled me until my head was leaning over the bed. He then leaned over me and sucked on my cock, with his shaved balls in my face I started licking and sucking on them as he sucked on my cock. He reached down and pulled my face into his ass a couple times then back to his balls. He then postioned his cock to go into my mouth and slide it in and started fucking my face. At first It was a slow motion not going to deep then he would thrust causing his cock to actually go down my throat. I was getting use to it like he knew what he was doing getting me ready for what was about to happen. He was getting faster and faster making his balls hit my forehead harder and harder. He stopped sucking my cock elazığ escort bayan and pulled my legs up to his shoulders then started really going at my face he would only pause for a second pulling his cock out for me to catch my breathe then right back at it. At the same time he is doing this he was fucking my ass with a vibrator. He stopped and spun me around on the bed pushing my face down into the bed and shoved his cock in my ass. I had pre cum and drool all over my face as he pounded my ass fucking my so hard and fast I could hear and feel his balls slapping my ass. Oh oh oh oh is all I could say in sync to his pounding on my ass. He was saying “you like that fucking you little cum whore” I still could not respond he was fucking me so hard. He would pull out then slam back into my ass making me moan each time. He was breathing heavy I could tell he was getting tired because he was getting slower and softer. He pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed and laid back and told me to ride his dick. I turned around and sat down on his cock and started fucking him at first I was a little slow but I soon found the motion to take his cock all the way on and out. He must have got rested because he grabbed me again placing me face down on the bed and started fucking me again. He was really going at it when he said “I am going to cum on your face so get ready” He pulled his dick out and quickly hopped down into the floor and looked up at him opening my mouth like I had seen in all the porn movies of my life. I was jerking his dick then without warning a stream of cum came flying out landing on my nose and upper lip. then another, and another, and another he was cumming all over my face and open mouth. He then put his cock in my mouth for me to suck and he squeezed his cock to get one more drop on cum out. I sucked his cock for a second when he said let me see it. I said “I swallowed it” he smiled then took his cock and rubbed the cum on my face guiding it into my mouth. for me to swallow and clean off his dick again. I stood up and looked around with my cock still standing erect wearing lingerie when Gary said, “this is going to be a fun week your dad told me to keep an eye on you” He then got down on his knees and started sucking my cock it only took a second and I came quickly into Gary’s mouth and he swallowed it down just like I had done for him. He then said lay down lets watch some more videos and get ready for the next round.

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