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Hot Sauna SexI had finished my bike session at the 24 hour gym. It’s one of those gyms where you can go at any time of day or night and let yourself in with an electronic key. A bonus is that there is a sauna on until midnight when it automatically switches off. I love a hot sauna after a hard bike session.I changed into my swimming shorts, grabbed my towel and headed to the sauna. Usually at this time of night (11 pm) there is no one there. But tonight, when I went in, there were two guys there. The younger one was sitting on the top bench and the older one one bench down from him. I greeted them both as you do and climbed up to my usual perch on the top bench. Unusually, the older guy had a t-shirt on. Then I saw why. He had tits! They were pretty big tits presumably from a medical condition which I had heard of but can’t pronounce let alone spell.We chatted amicably about how hot the sauna was. After a few minutes the talk seemed to get a bit more raunchy as we discussed the pros and cons of all male saunas. We agreed that it would be nice to sauna with no clothes on, to get rid of those hot, wet shorts. A downside, we agreed, was that an erect cock would be obvious.We all left the sauna together and showered. I was a bit behind them but saw them both go into one of the larger changing cubicles usually reserved for families. I slipped quietly into the cubicle next door as I thought I might hear some action!Nothing! Nothing except the usual sounds of getting dressed. I had almost zonguldak escort given up listening when I suddenly heard the instantly recognizable sound of rhythmic fucking, together with small gasps and grunts. I stood on the cubicle bench and peeked over. They had got dressed alright! The younger guy was wearing a tiny, pleated black skirt and fishnet holdups. His pal sported a longer, black lacy skirt ad black lacy bra. They were facing away from me. The guy with the tits was bent over the cubicle bench. His partner had lifted his black skirt up and over his ass. He had slid his cock up his pal’s asshole and was fucking him slowly. As I watched, he reached around and pulled his friend’s bra up. His pert tits fell out and the young guy started to fondle them. The nipple on the tit I could see was huge as it was nipped and squeezed. Meanwhile the guy being fucked was jacking himself off.I quietly got down from my perch to avoid being spotted and also to deal with own boner which needed instant attention. I wanked away at the same rhythm as the shagging going on next door and timed myself to cum at the same time as them. I shot my load across the cubicle and onto the door! The guys next to me grunted and moaned as they came.I got cleaned up and dressed quietly, and deliberately made my exit at the same time as the guys next door. To say they were surprised to see me was an understatement! We smiled at each other and said our goodbyes as I finished with, “See you next zonguldak escort bayan week maybe.”The following week I followed exactly the same routine. When I entered the sauna I was pleased to see my two friends already there. I climbed up to my spot on the top bench and we began chatting. We agreed that it would be more comfortable to make this a guy’s only session and strip off. We all slipped our shorts off and sat down again on the hot benches. The big guy removed his T-shirt. Immediately, his pal on the bench above reached down and around his friend to cup both of his tits. He started to fondle them and rub the nipples with his thumbs. They were both staring directly at me. Without hesitation my cock sprang up. I looked over to see two huge erections! The big guy stood up and came over to me. He took my boner in his hand and began to slowly wank me. I moved down to the middle bench. It was easy for him to support himself with his hands on either side of me on the top bench. He bent forward, opened his mouth and slid my hard cock in. His mouth closed over it and I felt his tongue swirling around. Then he started to slowly bob his head up and down, giving me an unbelievable feeling in my cock. I held his cock and wanked him.The young guy watched for a minute. Then he came over, behind his pal. He positioned his cock and gradually pushed it up his friend’s asshole. We were all in ecstasy. But it was too hot to really enjoy it. The young guy gasped, “I’m gonna escort zonguldak pass out! Let’s go back to the changing area.”We put our shorts back on and went into the same cubicle as they had used last week. The young guy rummaged in his bag and handed me a tiny pink skirt with an elasticated waist. I pulled it on eagerly. It barely covered my ass and my raging hard on stuck out below it. The young guy pulled on the same short, black skirt as last week as well as his hold ups. The older guy pulled on his black lacy skirt and bra. They produced some scarlet lipstick and we coated our lips with it. We stood in a close huddle holding and stroking each other’s cocks while we kissed each other with eager tongues. We looked like versions of the Joker with lipstick smeared all over our faces!The guy with the tits gestured for me to sit on the bench. He came over, turned around to face the other way and straddled my legs. I moved till my hard on was directly below his asshole. He lowered himself slowly until the tip of my cock touched the entrance to his ass. Then he sank down slowly. My hard cock disappeared up his still sauna hot asshole. He began to move up and down, shafting my cock and making me shudder. I reached around, pushed up his fucking bra and fondled his pert tits. The young guy bent over and took his friend’s big cock into his mouth. He wanked himself off while he sucked cock.He came first. His cum shot onto his pal’s skirt and dripped onto the floor. I was next, ramming my cock in ecstasy hard into my new friend’s asshole and shooting my load into him. He came last, filling his young pal’s mouth with cum which was eagerly swallowed.Wow! Some night! We showered, dressed and left the gym, agreeing to make this a regular occurrence.

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