Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 15

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 15Marie offered Janice a drink, which she eagerly accepted as she sat down to watch Kat punish Kelly Ann with the tawse. The sight of the beautiful, naked blonde spanking her friend made Janice immediately hot, and part of her wanted to dive right in; but there was plenty of time, and anyway there was something pure in this moment that she didn’t want to disturb.Kelly moaned through her gag as Kat let her have it, going a little harder than Kelly had. When it was over Kelly expected to be untied, but no one made a move. She moaned through the gag to try to get someone’s attention, but she was completely ignored as Kat walked over and sat on Janice’s lap. Janice looked at her respectfully. “Remind me never to piss you off.” She slid a hand between the girl’s legs; Kat was wet and greasy. Janice eased two fingers inside her and they shared a long, sensuous kiss. Suddenly a thought occurred to Janice. “Hey, it’s Friday,” she asked Kat. “Why aren’t you guys at the game?”“Bye week,” gasped Kat as Janice’s fingertip brushed her clit.The doorbell rang again; this time it was a tall, striking woman in a fur coat with long, straight light-brown hair. Even in a room full of beautiful women, Ella immediately stood out; she was in her early 40s but still stunning. In her former life she had been a model, dated rock stars, the whole nine yards; but after getting married and having c***dren she had started looking for a quiet place to settle down. That was how she had ended up here, in her husband’s old hometown that he’d left when he was a teenager. Ella’s husband was an extremely wealthy man and one of the town’s more prominent citizens. This kept him busy, and left her numerous opportunities to hang out at Jessica’s, where the decadent atmosphere reminded her of all the things she’d liked about the life she left behind.Seeing the bound and naked Kelly, she ran a hand gently down the girl’s marked red ass. “Mmm, exquisite,” she purred. Turning to Jessica she asked, “So this is one of our special guests?”“Ella, meet Kelly Ann.”“A pleasure to meet you,” said Ella.Silence from Kelly. “Say hello, Kelly,” atakum escort ordered Jessica. Kelly said hello as best she could through the ball gag. “And this is Katrina – excuse me, Kat.”“Charmed, I’m sure.” Ella extended her hand to Kat, who took it in her own and impulsively kissed it.“The pleasure is all mine,” answered Kat. She thought that she had never seen such an exquisite creature in all her life. She was too young to remember Ella’s career, but she could see that the older woman was proportioned like a model, tall and thin with small but flawlessly formed breasts. Kat licked her lips, hoping that she and Ella would get to know each other better, and soon.Ella took a seat next to Janice, and soon Kat had wriggled over to lie naked across both their laps. Marie brought out a bottle of champagne and Ella and Janice toasted each other, toasted their hostess, toasted Marie and poor Kelly Ann, toasted the lovely creature who had d****d herself across them. Soon both of them were toasted as well. Kat leaned up to kiss Ella’s elegant, swan-like neck and then began working her way down, as Ella’s hand joined Janice’s in exploring Kat’s nether regions.The next to arrive was Olivia, who took in the scene before her with cool aplomb. “What did she do?” she asked, pointing to Kelly.“Let’s just say she has kind of a big mouth sometimes,” answered Kat.Olivia nodded. Jessica picked up the tawse and offered it to her. “Would you like to get in a few licks?”“Hmm, I really shouldn’t…” said Olivia. “I mean, Kelly’s a really nice girl. I don’t have anything against her.”“Surely she’s done something sometime that pissed you off.”“No, she’s a total sweetheart… wait, she did once flirt with this guy I had my eye on at a party. I wasn’t too happy about that.”“Well then.” Olivia took the spanker from Jessica and weighed it in her hand.“Wait, wait,” said Marie. “She needs to look the part.”“Oh, good idea,” agreed Jessica. Marie took Olivia into the back and when they returned, the Asian cheerleader was wearing a studded leather collar, long leather gloves, fishnet stockings, leather boots and garters that led to a leather escort atakum corset around her waist. Her breasts were naked and her black pubic hair was clearly visible beneath the fishnets. “Much better,” said Jessica.Feeling very theatrical in this outfit, Olivia ran the tawse across Kelly Ann’s cheek, then leaned down to kiss the same spot. While she was there she whispered, “Sorry, Kelly” into her friend’s ear.Kelly’s ass looked like it had been punished enough, so Olivia looked around for another target. She couldn’t help but notice the redhead’s enormous breasts, which were dangling loose in her bound position. Measuring her blow carefully, Olivia brought the tawse down on Kelly’s left nipple. Kelly let out a squeaky little yelp that told Olivia that it hurt a little, but felt kind of good too. Olivia spanked the other breast in turn, then laid four more blows on each one and felt satisfied with her work.“Anyone else?” asked Jessica. Janice couldn’t resist this opportunity; she reluctantly disentangled herself from Kat and stood up. Taking the tawse from Olivia, she put one foot between Kelly’s and moved the redhead’s feet apart, so that her legs were spread and she was balancing at an awkward angle. Janice repeatedly whipped Kelly’s inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her crotch each time, then stopped and rubbed the tawse lightly across Kelly’s pussy. Kelly moaned appreciatively, having gotten quite excited during all this without being able to to anything about it.“Don’t let her come,” cautioned Jessica. “She’s been a very, very bad girl.”“Alright,” said Janice. She tapped the surface of the tawse once, just very lightly, against Kelly’s clit. That in itself was almost enough to send Kelly over the edge – almost, but not quite. She whined in frustration as Janice moved away.Jessica felt a pang of guilt. Kelly didn’t really deserve all this – but oh, how delightful it was to punish her. It’s always better to punish a nice girl, she thought; they suffer so sweetly. And later… later Kelly would come like she’d never come before; Jessica would make sure of that.The next to arrive was Jackie London, atakum escort bayan who felt a sharp pang of jealousy at seeing Kat curled up naked in Ella’s lap. She stopped for a moment to have a talk with herself: Don’t be possessive. Live in the moment and let things happen as they will. Just then Ella pulled her fingers from Kat’s pussy and tasted one, then fed the other to Kat.Jackie sighed, wondering who this new woman was. She looked a little familiar; was she maybe the mother of a student? Well, whoever she was, was spectacular. Jackie took a deep breath and headed to the kitchen to refrigerate the Prosecco she’d brought with her.“So who else are we expecting?” Janice asked Jessics.“Well, there’s B.A. and Sam, and… Kat, what about that new girl you were telling me about? What was her name?”“Adriana. She’s supposed to be coming. She has a tendency to run a little late.”“This is going to be a lot of fun,” opined Ella, running one hand down Kat’s smooth, rounded flank.“Hey,” said Marie in her breathy, sexy voice. “Hey, does anyone have any herb?”“Funny you should mention that,” said Ella. “I happen to have just acquired some really superior stuff from Northern California.” She reached for her purse and pulled out an enormous, expertly rolled joint which she handed to Marie. Marie sparked it and took a long, deep puff, coughing and exhaling an impressive cloud of smoke. The joint made its way down the line to Jessica, Janice, Olivia, Jackie, and finally Ella, who sucked in a large lungful and leaned down to put her lips to Kat’s, exhaling into the cheerleader’s mouth.Kat stood and walked over to Kelly, pulling the gag off her and letting it dangle around her neck. Imitating Ella, she breathed in a hit from the joint and leaned down to give it to Kelly mouth-to-mouth. They shared a lingering, smoky kiss with lots of tongue. When Kelly finally breathed out what was left of the smoke, Kat stayed close and let Kelly suck her breasts. Just then the doorbell rang.Olivia answered it and returned followed by two women, a blonde and a redhead, both in their late 30s/early 40s. There was a sharp intake of breath from Jackie, who glanced over at Kelly, obliviously sucking away at Kat, who had her eyes closed in bliss. Olivia might not have recognized these two right away, but Jackie did: They were Betty Ann Collins and Samantha Bowman, Kelly and Kat’s mothers.

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