How I became a sissy.

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How I became a sissy.Well, i guess it all started when i was 13. My neighbor and i were at his house during the summer break and his family had all left for the week and he said he was looking for the video game controller and was sure his sister (25 at the time) took it and hid it in her drawer like she does sometimes. So he asked me to help him look for it. Ironically enough while i was turned around, digging thru one drawer he came up behind me and put a ‘spiderman mask’ over my face..but it wasnt a spiderman mask…i could smell that it wasnt. So instead of ripping them off my head in disgust, i just like…stood there inhaling deeply, not knowing the universe was in the middle of cursing me. I couldnt take those lavender cotton pannies off my face! He was talking to me asking me what i was doing. So when his curiosity got the best of him he found another pair and gas masked himself this time:)….and we were both cursed. We had the world biggest erections! We found out later that the drawer he pulled from was actually the DIRTY panty drawer. A few minutes later we both freed ourselves from our boy clothes. Butt-ass-naked. And put on our new garments. We tried on almost all of her many many pairs of panties, sporadically running laps around his families empty estate, just blissfully sprinting with our cocks flopping around the panty fabric, stopping anywhere we pleased to wank. After a few hours kaçak iddaa of masturbating all over the house, we went back into that room and cleaned up, each of us selecting one final pair to keep on we walked back towards the theatre room. This is when we both remember that he has ANOTHER sister. (21 at the time) and from what i heard from everyone that knew this sister, she was a skank! So we opened her door and when we got in her dresser, the stench of dirty pussy filled the whole room. And our cocks became harder than ever as we put on her thongs in all different colors and patterns. This is when we found her Jackrabbit dildo. Bright pink. There was no way we were fitting that in our bums. But we tried anyways… this sister was smaller and had tiny breasts so we each got full outfits of hers on. I chose the plaid micro-skirt and her highlighter pink cotton thigh highs. I wore a hot pink bra, and her white tight tanktop shirt that said SLUT across the breasts. We ended up using her vibrator to tickle our bum holes and keeping it snug between our buttcheeks. He walked out of the room and told me to finish cumming in here while he went to get something. So i did. When he didnt come back after a few minutes i got worried and started to look for him, when i walked past the upstairs living room i saw feet covered in frilly white socks..i found him. So i slowly walked up to him, i felt like a slutty tipobet güvenilir mi ninja whore as i stooped down silently. The miniskirt was the kind that slightly stayed peeled up exposing my whole ass and still hard cock. When i peeked around the couch i found out why his feet were in the air. His legs were open and spread and this giant furball looked like it was trying to climb in his ass. But it was his dog, hungrily licking peanut butter from his ass crack while he jerked it like a maniac. So i started stroking myself and watched him…now he was about to come. He rolled over and got onto his knees frantically punishing his dicky as he edged closer and closer. His dog just watched.. right when i saw his face contort and twist into a knot, i knew he hit the point of no return. I stopped petting my woody and popped out from behind the couch as soon as his cock launched the first wave and shouted, ‘BOOGA BOOGAA!!” His dog came around to his front as he released his dick and flinched in surprise. But the process already begun. No sooner did he jump back did his knees just give out under the pressure of orgasm, his whole body flopped on its side with a little shake as his cock pointed in my direction flailing about for a half second or so – starting to spew his cum. It just started to run down his dickhead as he still laid there tremoring, but his dog made it there first, tipobet giriş forcefully licking the syrup from his cock’s maple hole. He began moaning and convulsing as his doggie tried its hardest to stay locked onto his cock as he shook around. Without knowing it my hand was already wrapped around my dick and it by the time i realized it was there i was about to come…as i watched him slowly stop moving sprawled out on the carpet breathing heavily, and his dog still licking the rest of the sap off of his deflating member, i knew i was next. The first wave hit me so fast as i pulled his dogs leg to get its attention. When i knew i had it, i placed my hands on the couch and ruined my orgasm as he has his. My cock throbbed and pulsated as his dog gleefully licked the head, and anything that came out. Defeated, we both laid there in the post orgasmic glow. For some reason he started feeling honest. He told me this was a set up and he just wanted me to get naked with him and wear these clothes because he was sick of doing it alone. He then told me his sister never took the controllers and they were there the whole time…so i called mt mom and told her i was staying at the neighbors for the weekend, hung up, and started playing nintendo with him in our new clothes. !!;3WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any o associated sites for study or projects – You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be sub to legal ramifications. 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