I Didn’t Know Mum Was Like This

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I Didn’t Know Mum Was Like ThisIt was dark out when I got home from school. Mum answered the door. She gave me a big hug and her hands roamed my body as we hugged, but I didn’t think anything of it.I followed her into the house and into the kitchen. Mum always looked smart her long brunnette hair d****d over the back of her pink V-neck shirt, the fabric stretching over her figure. Mum’s firm 38D tits jutted out from her body. A blue jean skirt hugged her arse.It wasn’t until around my second year of high school that I noticed I how attractive Mum was. I knew all my friends fancied her, but it didn’t bother me. I thought about, and sometimes even masturbated to, having sex with Mum myself! After we had had supper I said to mum I was going up th bed. “Mark. Goodnight darling”.”Goodnight, Mum.”I awoke in the middle of the night to use the toilet. As I walked down the hallway, I heard moans coming from mum’s bedroom. The door was cracked open just enough that I could peek in. I wasn’t prepared to stumble upon my mum playing with herself. Mum was lying on her back on the bed.As I secretly watched her playing with her dark hairy bush, my own cock came to life and tented in my shorts. I quietly slipped my shorts off and was about to wank off to the show in front of me when Mum grunted and began to flop on her bed. It had barely been a minute since I started watching her. When I turned back, I realized my shorts were still around my ankles and my cock was in my hand. I pulled them up, went to the bathroom, and headed straight back to bed. The minute I got back in my own room, I started furiously wanking my hard young cock. I masturbated to the vision of Mum sucking my cock deep into her mouth. I imagined fucking her hairy pussy and filling her with my potent young seed. The thrill of seeing my own mother like that was like nothing I’d ever felt before; I had seen her many times nude around the house, we were very open. But seeing her playing with herself, It was unreal. I wankked off three times before falling asleep.I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon under the grill. I pulled on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and headed downstairs. Mum was in front of the stove, cooking the bacon and making scrambled eggs. She was wearing one of her skimpy little outfits; I’ve taken notice to them in the past few months. Mum was wearing a white low cut top that exposed a lot of cleavage and a pink skirt that was so short that when she bent over, you could see her pink knickers. I said good morning to Mum and sat down at the table. She served me breakfast and sat down between beside me. She kept looking at me with oogly-eyes, but I disregarded it. We silently ate our breakfast. After ten minutes or so she turned her head towards me and asked, “What do you want to do today darling?”I thought for a minute and replied “I’m not sure. Did you have anything in mind Mum?””Let’s watch a movie,” she suggested, “My choice which one we watch though.””Alright. That’s fine.”We went into the lounge and Mum said, “Sit while I find the movie to watch.” I smiled, nodded my approval, and took a seat on the sofa. I watched Mum walk over to the rack we kept our videos in. She leisurely bent over, reading the titles. Each time she reached down for another case, she dropped her shapely arse lower. Mum ended up squatting as she searched for a video. Mum didn’t find the movie she was looking for in the rack so she sauntered over to the sideboard we keep our other video’s in. As she stood there, she began to sway her hips slowly from side to side as she sifted through the numerous vid’s we owned. I was mesmerized by the sight of her body. The image of her from last night popped into my head and I pictured her totally naked. I felt my young cock begin to stir. Finally, she plucked out a movie and tossed the video in the player. Mum moved her hips seductively as she strolled back to the sofa. She plopped down right next to me and reached across my body for the remote control on the other side of the couch. Her arms were not long enough to reach it, so she stretched across my body even more. Mum’s low-cut blouse gave me a perfect view of her 38D tits. The view did nothing to stop the growth of my hard young cock in my shorts. I was slightly let down when she finally reached the remote and sat back up.The movie was decent. It was about some guy who was trying to rescue his k**napped girlfriend from her old boyfriend. Around halfway through the movie, my mum laid her head on my shoulder and d****d her arm over my smooth chest. Taking the opportunity to touch her, I wrapped my arm around her body, holding her against me. She smiled and seemed to like that. I could feel the side of her breast move alongside my body with her every breath. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could clearly see her dark areolas and nipples poking through her tight, white blouse. Every few seconds I’d sneak a peek at her breasts. A huge bulge had formed in my shorts and it was rock hard to the extent that it ached. I was gazing upon her incredible body when I heard moaning. I looked up in horror to see that the movie had a sex scene in it.The woman in the movie was giving the guy a blowjob. I held my breath in hopes that the scene would just end before the couple went any further. It didn’t. They both stripped down and the guy began to eat the woman out. I felt my mum fidget a little and out of my peripheral vision, I saw her hand sneak between her thighs. The sight of everything around me was too much. I was above and beyond aroused. I was trying to stay as still as possible, praying that my mum didn’t see the huge swell in my shorts. My heart stopped for a second when she moved again, this time sliding her hand from my chest down to my thigh. I was in absolute terror. She was bound to notice my erection now. My fears became reality when she moved her hand a bit and touched the edge of my hard-on through the fabric of my shorts. We both froze for a second. To my complete surprise, Mum began a rubbing motion on my crotch with her hand. My hard young cock ached even more when she did this.I glanced back up at the TV. The two in the movie were humping away at each other. Suddenly, I felt my mum’s hand leave my thigh. I looked down to see what she was doing when I saw her face gleaming up at me with a smile I’d never seen before. Her eyes gazed deep into mine. Mum’s face slowly leaned towards mine and I naturally leaned into her. Our lips then collided in a lustful kiss. Mum’s lips were warm and her breath was minty fresh. Her tongue darted into my mouth. Our tongues found each other and intertwined. That kiss was so much different from the love pecks she normaly gave me on the cheek.Using her hand, Mum pulled off her skirt, never missing a beat in our passionate kiss. My hands roamed over her body, feeling her stunning figure. Mum abruptly parted her lips from mine and effortlessly yanked off her T-shirt. A few strands of silky brunette hair fell in front of her face. Her large breasts hung free and her hard nipples pressed against my chest. Beside me, my gorgeous mother wore nothing but her pink lacey knickers. Mum then pressed her tits together and asked, “Do you like them darling?”I opened my mouth but couldn’t manage to say anything. I was completely speechless. Mum smiled mischievously, then leaned into my ear and whispered, “Better than the view from last night?”I froze in embarrassment and guilt. My face got hot. She caught me! Still stunned, I nodded yes.Mum once again smiled the way I hadn’t seen before. It was a face filled with passion and lust. Staring into my eyes the whole time, she got up from the sofa and then knelt in front of me. My head began to spin with thoughts of “Is this really happening?” I’d wanted Mum for months but it in that moment it seemed so wrong. It’s i****t! She’s my Mum, and she loves me though. My mind was swimming in uncertainty.Mum somehow sensed my uncertainty and said, “God, Mark, I’ve wanted this for so long. It’s been hell keeping my hands off you latley because you’re my own son. But after seeing you last night! I have to have you.”I was taken aback by her statement. Before I could reply, she was already tugging on the waistband of my shorts. I lifted myself up for her to pull them off. As she pulled them over my crotch, my fully erect hard young cock sprung from its cage nearly hitting her in the face. Unfazed, she continued to tug them right off my feet. I pulled off my Tshirt and threw it on the floor. Mum’s face returned to my lap. Her eyes grew wide in awe at the size of my young cock. She smiled as she spoke softly, “Is this for me my darling boy?””Uhhhh….umm,” I stammered.Mum giggled playfully at my attempt to answer. “I can’t wait to feel this hard young cock in my mouth,” she teased. I had never heard my Mother talk like this.Mum’s fingers wrapped around the tip of my hard cock and she ran her hand down to the base, and then back up to my cockhead again. Pre-cum oozed out from the tip. Her fingers clenched around my cock and stroked it a couple more times, coating the shaft in my pre-cum before she lowered her head to it. Her tongue flicked out and licked the tip. Mum’s lips moved even closer and kissed its head, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. Her bright green eyes tokat escort looked up at me as her mouth, without warning, engulfed my teenage manhood. She consumed my cock into her mouth like a pro. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as she tasted her own son, me. Her mouth seemed bottomless until my cock hit the back of her throat.”Ooooooooooohhhhh Mum!” I moaned.She hummed on my cock, “Mmmmmmmmmmm!”I shuddered at the overwhelming feelings she was causing me. Mum frantically bobbed her mouth up and down my shaft. One hand massaged my balls while her other rubbed her hairy pussy through her knickers. I pulled the stands of hair out of her face and gently held it behind her head. Muffled moans escaped her mouth. My pre-cum was pouring down her throat as she doused my shaft in saliva. Her cheeks were hollowed out sucking my cock for all it was worth.Mum brought her lips off my cock with a pop and turned her head to the side. Her tongue ran down the sensitive underside of my hard cock to my balls. She clutched my shaft in both hands and furiously wanked me off as she sucked my smooth balls into her mouth. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I groaned as my head fell back into the sofa and my eyes rolled back.She removed my smooth balls from her mouth and said, “Do you like it when Mummy sucks your balls? Talk dirty to me, baby. Talk to mummy while she sucks your hard young cock!”I’d never talked dirty with a girl before so I mimicked a guy in a porno I once saw.”Fuck! suck my cock mum!””Ohhhhhh…that gets me so fucking wet!” she moaned. Her hands dropped to my knees to hold her up. Mum’s head moved back to the sensitive, purple tip and rapidly slid my throbbing young manhood back into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my cock. Saliva ran down her face as she continued pleasuring my young cock. I drove my hips forward, jamming my cock down her mouth. I pulled her face towards my crotch. I forced every inch of my young manhood down her throat. The tip of her nose pressed against my soft pubic hair. I held her head on me for another few seconds before releasing my grasp on her. I started to fuck her face. I lifted my hips from the sofa with each thrust, plowing my hard young cock into her warm mouth.”You like sucking dick, don’t you Mother?” I growled.”Mhhmmmm” Mum hummed on my cock, sending jolts of pleasure through me. Her hand was back to fiddling with her hairy pussy. I started to feel my impending orgasm, so I let go of her head and let her slow the pace down. Her sparkling blue eyes stared up at me as she slid my prick in and out of her slippery mouth. She skillfully pressed my cock against her cheek while she sucked and she used her free hand to cradle my balls in her fingers.I felt the tingling sensation in my balls, building me up towards my orgasm. Mum shoved her mouth down on my hard cock and pulled it back out making popping noises each time her lips left the head. In between, she managed to say, “Do you want to blow your load…..in Mummy’s mouth?””Oh Oh… yeah please Mum!” I groaned.She took my entire young cock back into her mouth in one go. After withdrawing my cock from her moist mouth yet again, she rolled her head back, moaned quietly, and took sharp breaths. I quickly realized what had happened. Mum had given herself an orgasm while blowing me. That was enough to send me over the boiling point. “Mmmm that’s good,” Mum moaned.”I’m…I’m gonna… cu mmmmmmmmmmm” I mumbled.Mum put my prick right back in her mouth as my body shuddered though an intense orgasm. I kept my eyes on her as I unloaded my first blast of white cum into Mum’s mouth. Then, a second blast of cum spewed into her mouth. No sooner than when she hungrily swallowed every drop, did a third string of cum blast from my bucking cock all over her face. Mum’s head slowly rose from my crotch. I was shocked. I had cum in to her mouth and she didn’t lose a single drop of it. She sucked my cock back in and cleaned every last bit of my cum off the tip. She released my cock from her mouth and sc****d some of the cum off her face with her finger. With a hefty amount on it, she looked up at me and sucked her finger clean.Still in pure ecstasy, I muttered, “Mum, that was incredible.”She giggled and pulled herself up onto the sofa next to where I sat, my cum still all over her face. After her amazing blowjob, I yearned for more of her. Mum, smiling, placed a hand in her knickers, and said. “It’s my turn now darling!”.I reached over and brushed her tits with the palms of my hands. My fingers went to work making small circles around her areolas. I lightly rolled my fingers over one of Mum’s large perky nipples and placed the other in my mouth. I gently sucked on the soft, supple flesh of her breast. My fingers pulled and flicked her nipple. I alternated playing with and sucking on each one. Mum threw her head back, gasping with pleasure.” Ohh my baby boy!” I moved my lips down her body, from her large breasts to her soaking knickers. I moved to the floor where I knelt in front of her. Mum let out a murmured moan when I planted a kiss directly on her lacy covered mound. “Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh…That’s it darling,” her voice faded out and her eyes rolled back in her head.I planted more kisses on her thighs and around her hairy pussy. I peeled her lacey knickers off her smooth legs and tossed them to the side. The instant her pink knickers hit the floor, Mum spread her legs up into the air in a V-shape. I marveled at the sight of her dark hairy pussy. With her legs spread in that fashion, I could see the swollen lips of her inner labia. I placed my hands on her inner thighs. They drifted to her love canal and began rubbing it. Probing her hairy pussy, I slipped a finger inside Mum and began finger fucking her. I wiggled another finger in her and continued fucking her with my fingers. It wasn’t long before I had a third finger inside her. I found her clitoris. I rolled my fingers over it, causing waves of pleasure to course through her body.I glanced up at this goddess before me. She was absolutely beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Her green, sparkling eyes met mine. Her lips were pursed together because she was biting her lip to stifle the moans. Mum’s long brunette hair d****d over the sofa cushion and her large 38D tits clung to her chest. My fingers kept rubbing her clit whilst I gazed upon her.Mum’s breathing became short and heavy. I pulled out my fingers, covered in her juices, and moved them to her mouth where she sucked on them and tasted her own fluids. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned.She released my fingers and I edged my mouth towards her puffy, swollen lips. The pungent odor hit my nostrils with an intoxicating effect. I stuck out my tongue and I could taste the tangy juices oozing from her hairy pussy. I lapped at her pussy teasingly. Mum’s body squirmed in front of me when I teased her. I pushed my tongue into her and flicked it around wildly. Her fingers sifted through my hair as she pushed her wet hairy pussy into my face. I thrust my tongue up inside her again and again. She was so wet it was as if I was lapping at a bowl of milk. Mum was loving every second of it. Every so often I would run my tongue through the middle of her pussy.I licked her wet inner walls and it wasn’t long before I found her clitoris again. My tongue rolled across her clit and made Mum yell.”Ohhhhhhh yes Darling…Right there! Just like that, Mark! Don’t stop! Make Mummy cum darling!” she exclaimed.I worked harder to bring her to a climax. I sucked at her pussy while teasing her clit. I reached up and pinched her nipples. Mum was grinding her wet pussy against my mouth.”I’m going to cum! Ooohhh fuck! Yes, Mark! Yes!” she cried out.My tongue flicked her clit faster. Mum’s legs fell to my shoulders and her hands ran through my hair again.Suddenly, in an ear-piercing screech, Mum screamed “Right there! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes…Yes…Yes! Omigod! I’m cuuuummmmminnnggg!”Without warning, her legs slammed against my head and gripped me like a vice. I couldn’t breathe with my face in her pussy. Even still, I kept my tongue moving and didn’t stop. I slurped all the warm juices that splashed against my face. I found her asshole and shoved my finger in it, which made her body spasm even more. Mum’s body trashed through an explosive orgasm. It seemed as if her climax would never end. Finally, her orgasm subsided. She released my head out of her grip and I gasped for air.Mum said, “Wow, Oh my god. That was unbelievable. I haven’t had an orgasm like that, let alone so many of them in such a short time! Oh god darling you were amazzing”.I was about to stand up and join her on the sofa when she stood up and playfully pushed me back onto the carpet. “Sweatheart, let Mummy make you feel good.”I nodded my approval. Mum got off the sofa and pushed me on my back. She bent down and straddled me. She laid her chest on mine. Her huge tits squashed against my body. My hard cock could feel the heat coming from her pussy. She slid down my body a bit more and the tip of my hard young cock brushed the entrance of my mother’s love canal. I could feel her wet hairy pussy.”Ohhh…God,” I groaned as I tried to push myself in.”Slow down. We have all day darling. There’s no rush,” Mum said.Mum lowered her head to mine and we kissed passionately escort tokat for a few minutes. She was grinding her hairy pussy against my raging hard young cock. Pre-cum leaked from my cock as we kissed. My hands found her plump arse and held it.Mum broke the kiss and said, “I think you will really enjoy this. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had something that young and hard in me.”And with that, she sat up and squatted above my cock, positioning her hairy pussy over it. Mum used her hand to guide my young cock into her love pussy. I held onto her waist as she did all the work. I watched her slowly ease herself further and further down onto me. “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh,” Mum and I moaned in together.When I was about halfway inside her hot, wet pussy, she pulled herself off my cock up to the swollen head. Then, she eased herself right back down around it once again, this time even further. Mum slid off once more, and swiftly impaled herself all the way back down my throbbing young manhood. “Ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk! You’re cock is lovely and hard darling!” she cried out.”Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned.Mum sat on me with my cock lodged deep inside her. She leaned forward with her delicate hands on my chest. Mum began a steady bouncing motion on my hard cock. I was in heaven. It seemed as if her pussy and my cock were a perfect fit. Her soft, wet, velvety walls hugged my young cock. It occurred to me that I was fucking my mother, the forbidden fruit that gave birth to me in this i****tuous act. I was determined to return to her womb and dump my seed in her. Once I got the gist of fucking, I started thrusting in time with her bouncing motions. My cock drove deeper with each thrust of my hips into Mum’s love hole. I was crazy with desire and it was difficult to control myself from fucking her like mad.”How does feel to be in Mummy’s pussy?” Mum asked.”Oh God Mum it’s the best thing I have ever done!” She took over and gyrated her pussy with my throbbing young manhood deep inside. I played with her breasts as she developed a rhythm. I twisted her hard nipples and kneaded the soft flesh around them. She leaned forward onto me and we passionately kissed. A minute or two of this passed until she whispered in my ear, “Give it to me, Mark. Fuck me hard darling.”She crouched above me as I went to town on her pussy. I fucked her fast and hard as I could. “Oh yes! Yes! Fuck my pussy with that hard cock of yours…Oooooohhh God…Right there darling!” she yelled.I grabbed her tits when they bounced temptingly in my face. I slowed the pace down a bit and pounded her with long and powerful strokes. On the third stroke I felt her have an orgasm. I sped up as her body bucked on my thighs. Her inner walls tightened around my cock during her orgasm. “Don’t ssssssttttoooooppppppp! Dddddaaaaarrriiinnnggggg!” She screamed so loud I thought the village would hear for sure.As Mum came down from her orgasm, I leaned forward, hugged her up in my arms, and we stood up. Next thing Mum went down on her hand’s and nee’s. Mum bent over and stuck her arse up in the air, ready for more.She told me to get on my knees behind her to fuck her doggy style. Our mixed juices dripped from her pussy as I prepared to mount her. I held my young cock at the entrance to her wet pussy hole. In one thrust, I slammed my cock balls-deep into her wet hairy pussy. Her back arched and she grunted, “Urrrgggggghhh! Shit, your cock fills me up. It’s so hard! Fuck!” I withdrew my cock to the head and then plunged it back into her in another swift motion. I sawed into the slick folds of her cunt with increasing speed. As I continued to fuck Mum from behind. I could feel her panting for breath while I fucked her. Just then, yet another orgasm ripped through her body. Her vulva closed around my cock and squeezed my shaft while I fucked her harder.Mum cried out, “Yes…Yes…Yes! Fuck me lover boy, fuck me! Oooooooohhhh!”My fingers grabbed her big arse as I pounded her wet pussy as fast and as hard as I possibly could. Given my young age and that I had already cum once before, I was able to fuck her silly for a substantial duration.”You like that, don’t you Mum? Fuck my hard young cock!” I said as I gave her a firm slap on the ass.”Ooooohhh shit!” was all Mum could squeal out.As I pounded Mum’s pussy, I realized she was tightening and loosening the inner walls of her pussy around my cock with her muscles. Her delightful face looked over her shoulder at me with a grin.Eventually, I felt the churching in my balls and declared, “I’m gonna cum inside you mum!””Ooohhh fuck yes, darling. Please…Oooh God yes! Cum inside me, my baby boy. Fill me,” Mum babbled.I kept pumping my cock into her, determined to give her everything I had left. Mum pushed me closer and closer to orgasm when she talked dirty, “Fuck me harder, Mark. Slam that hard young cock of yours into Mummy’s wet pussy. I want you to fill me up with your cum, darling! Ooohhh!”I pulled out for one last stroke. With my mushroom-shaped cockhead partially inside her, I plowed my rigid cock into Mum as hard as I could and shot my load. “Oooooooooohhhhhhhh!” She shrieked as I shot my young cum inside of her pussy. My body seemed to melt as I pumped five blasts of my seed deep into her fertile womb. Her tight pussy milked my cock dry, squeezing the muscles around my member to claim every last drop. When I finished, Mum spun around so she was on her back looking up at me and I collapsed on top of her with my dick going limp while still inside her. Mum and I were panting hard. We laid there together as we caught our breath. I tenderly nipped at her upper lip. Clothes were strewn about the room. The room reeked of sex. “Wow! It’s only mid day. We still have the rest of the day left,” Mum said as she looked at the clock.”Let’s go and get a drink and something to eat and then we can take a shower together after,” I suggested, secretly crossing my fingers that she would agree.”Alright that sounds like a good idea,” said Mum with a knowing look on her face.We stood up and my limp young cock slipped out of her and we went to the kitchen still naked. I took a seat at the table. I sat back and watched Mum prepare some lunch, basking in the moment. While she stood, cum dribbled down her legs onto the kitchen floor. We ate our lunch both completely naked. Mum sat on my lap, grinding my hard young manhood on her wonderful arse cheeks as we ate. I had my arms wrapped around her stomach, holding her against me.Mum broke the silence and said, “Mark, may I ask you a question?” “Well, you just did Mum,” I laughed.She frowned. “Stop being a smartarse.””Alright. Alright. Sorry mum.””Mark, before this morning, were you a virgin? Be honest darling,” She said in a serious tone.”Um…yes Mum. I have touched girls before but never went that far. That was my first time with a girl.” I replied.Mum blushed. “Well I hope it was as good as you imagined it to be.”I chucked and said, “Mum, it was out-of-this-world, especially with it being with you.””You have no idea how much that means to me to hear that darling. She continued: “You, Mark, are a god between the sheets. I can’t believe you were a virgin because you lasted so long and knew exactly what to do.””Thanks, Mum, but it was you who guided me through everything.”She smiled wholeheartedly and I placed a loving kiss on her lips. I caressed her skin as she ran her hands through my hair. The two of us sat in a tender embrace like lovers for a solid fifteen minutes before Mum moved herself from me.”Mark, can you rinse off the dishes for me darling? I’m going upstairs to start running the water.””Sure, Mum. I’ll be there in a minute,” I said.I gave her a kiss and she strolled out of the kitchen. As soon as she left, I tossed the dishes into the dishwasher and dashed up the stairs. I entered her bedroom and headed towards the bathroom. Mum was just stepping into the shower, wetting her body down. Since she had her back to me, I could see the outline of her lovely arse through the frosted glass around the shower. I marched on in, stepped into the hot spray of water and grabbed her. She jumped at my unannounced approach. Before she had time to react, I pulled her right into me. My mouth met hers and our tongues began to dance. I spun her around so that she was facing me.My young cock, which was hard as a rock again, dug into her stomach as our bodies pressed against each other. She pulled away from me and grabbed a bar of soap. She backed me up against the wall and rubbed the soap over me. Her hands worked my smooth young body as she lathered me up. Mum slipped the bar of soap into my hand and without any need for directions, I rubbed down her body. She bit her lip as I brushed her perky nipples with my hand. I pushed forward and the two of us moved back under the stream of warm water. We returned to our deep kissing. Our tongues swirled around one another’s mouth. The feeling was so unreal.A wave of excitement rolled through me when she grabbed my hard cock and began to stroke it with expertise. My hands dropped to Mum’s waist and I held her hips. We rocked gently while she wanked me off for a couple minutes. Mum seemed to read my mind when she said, “I need you inside me right now darling!”I whirled her around and bent tokat escort bayan her into the glass shower frame. I grabbed my hard shaft and slid it up and down her hairy pussy between her pink lips.”Oh! Mum hissed.I slipped just the engorged head of my cock into her and back out. She groaned as I did this a few more times before I had to have it. I sunk my hard young cock into her with a powerful thrust. Mum’s head dropped and she grunted, “Urrggghhhhhhhh!”I pulled out and pounded away at her. She met my thrusts with her own and our bodies became a blur of rhythmic motions. Audible claps filled the air when our hips collided and my balls slapped against her warm flesh. Warm water still trickled down my body and dripped onto her. “Fuck me harder, Mark! Don’t stop! Ahhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Mum cried out.Mom’s body quaked with convulsions as she had an orgasm. “Damn! You are so sexy,” I growled.”Yeah baby boy, you like fucking Mummy’s hairy cunt, don’t you?” Mum babbled.I breathlessly said, “Ooohhh fuck yeah, Mum!”The steamy bathroom was filled with moans, the slapping of skin, and the pitter-patter of the shower. My hands remained on her hips to guide me into her with each thrust.”Right there! Right there! Fuck! Oh fuck! Ommiiiigooodddddd!”I brought Mum another orgasm. Meanwhile, I could feel my own orgasm building. I set my hands on her shoulders, pulling her body back into me. Her body shook with each thrust. “I’m gonna cum!” I warned.Mum looked back and me and panted, “Cum with me, lover boy.”With that, I kept fucking her until it was simply too much to hold back. I impaled myself into her one more time and erupted. I shot multiple hot rockets of my cum into her cunt.”Holy shit! Ooohhhhhh! Fuck, Mum!” I roared through my orgasm.Mum was trembling herself and almost fell over because her knees were so weak from her orgasm.We stood in the shower for a minute to catch our breath. After all that, my young cock was still hard. I turned off the water and slowly eased my cock out of her wet pussy. It was glossy in our combined juices and globs of my jizz still hung from it. Mum, upon seeing this, dropped to her knees and took it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my cock as her mouth sucked me dry. She got up from my clean cock and swallowed it all with a naughty smile.”Darling. You could go all day, couldn’t you?” Mum said looking at my hard-on.I gave her a big smile and said, “Yes mum, I could.”She laughed and hugged me. “Let’s get dried off.”We grabbed towels and dried each other off. Once dry, I followed her into the bedroom. She layed on the bed, I crawled on top of her and leaned in for a kiss. She looked deep into my eyes for a second and didn’t give me time to respond, launching her face towards mine. We kissed briefly before she playfully whispered in my ear, “After everything that’s happened today, I can’t deny you Mark, I need you to fuck me again and again darling.”Mom pushed me over so that I was on my back. She edged back over to where I lay and put her hand on my hard cock. Mum devoured my whole cock in her mouth and slobbered all over it with her spit. She sucked like she was on a mission, not leaving anything behind. Once my cock was lubricated with her saliva, she got down on all fours and shook her arse back and forth seductively. I got up on my knees behind her. With a deep breath, I lined my cock up with her hairy slit. I slowly began to push forwards into Mum’s wet hole. I slid a couple inches into her. A minute or two passed as I relished the moment, gazing at the goddess in front of me. I drove my cock further, pulled out, then back in, gaining a few inches each time. Mom whimpered when I stuffed the remaining bit of my cock into her. I asked. “Are you alright Mum?”Two sparkling green eyes looked back at me and responded, “I’ve never felt so full in my entire life.”I practically lost it right there. Her words combined with the overwhelming sensations of her pussy around my member sent me into ecstasy. My cock was snug in her cunt; I never wanted to leave. Mum took control and eased herself off so that only the tip of my dick was in her. In a quick motion, she slammed herself back onto me. Our pubic bones collided with a loud clap. She took the fullness of her teenaged son’s young cock all the way into her with a sharp breath. I grasped her hips and met her thrusts. Soon enough, I was tearing into Mum’s warm pussy. My balls slapped against her dripping pussy each time I sunk my pulsating cock into her. Our bodies fucked in unison.”Yes, Mark, yes! Fuck my pussy darling!” Mum moaned.Still fucking her, I leaned forward over Mum’s curvy body and reached under her, cupping her jiggling tits. I kneaded her puffy nipples between my fingers. As I nestled my head on her shoulder, tenderly placing kisses on her neck. I moved my head up the side of hers and ran my tongue around her ear, occasionally biting her earlobe. Mum reacted by pressing her body up against mine. With my hands still gripping her firm breasts, I leaned back up and slowed the pace down a bit. I plunged my hard cock into her, each stroke deeper than the last. Mum squealed as I smashed against her.”Fuucckkkkkk! Fuck Mummy in her pussy with that monster cock of yours! Give it to me!” Mum howled.”Urrrrrrggghhhhhhhh!” I grunted as I buried my meat to the hilt of her.Mum’s head pressed into the bed. “Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh…Shit! God! Mark, your cock is so hard!” she wailed. I took my hand from her breast and dropped it between her legs, rubbing her clit. It only took a minute or two of this until Mum began to buck under me in orgasm.”Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes! Fuck yes! Aahhhh!” Mum screamed.Her body thrashed on my cock. I continued to hammer her all the way through her orgasm. Immediately following her wild orgasm, Mum rolled out from under me and pulled me down on my side next to her. We were both lying on our sides on the bed, her back to me. She pulled me in closer to her so that her arse cheeks nestled my cock between them. She flexed her cheeks a couple times, sending waves of excitement through me. I could smell the coconut shampoo she used in her luscious dark hair. Her skin was soft and smooth to the touch as I ran my palms over her. Mum turned her head and looked back at me. Her face glowed and she smiled lovingly.”I need that monster of yours” Mum said as she grabbed my cock and guided it back into her gaping cunt. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. That feels so fucking good,” she babbled.I commenced to grind my prick in and out of her pussy. Mum’s cunt squeezed my cock as I laid into her. She bit her lip in pleasure each time I filled her. My hands drifted over her body, feeling every part of her curvaceous figure. Gradually, I built up the speed of my thrusts. It wasn’t long before I was pistoning into her hot hole. “Ahhhhhhh! Fuck Mummy’s pussy with that big dick! Yeah…I bet you like your cock in mummy’s pussy don’t you, baby boy?” Mum groaned.The pleasure was so intense I could barely speak. I managed to mumble, “Uh-huh.”She was grinding her broad arse in small circles against my groin to send a jolt of pleasure with each movement.”Ooooooooohhh Mum! Fuck…Oh fuck! Don’t stop,” I panted.”Do you like fucking your Mum, Mark?” “Uh…Uh-huh…” my voice trailed off.”Ohh, Mark, you are such a naughty boy! Fuck me!” she whimpered.I was balls-deep in Mum’s amazing wet pussy. Harder and harder, I relentlessly ravaged my beloved mother. I pounded her with all I had. She used her muscles to tighten and loosen her grip on my young cock as I fucked her. I felt the familiar tingling feeling in my balls.”You feel sooooooo good Mum!” I groaned.Her head spun around to look at me over her shoulder. She grinned and said, “A Mother knows best.”I completely lost control and mid-thrust blew my load.”Fuuuuucccckkkkkkk…..Oooohhhhhh shit! ” I thundered.A torrent of cum splashed against her inner walls. My cock popped out of her and ropes of cum coated her hairy gash. One blast landed in the small of her back. In a second’s notice, Mum had rolled over and got the last rocket of my precious seed all over her tits. She was caked in cum yet, she diligently wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked me dry. When my cock was dry as a bone, Mum scooped what she could off her body and ate it.”Damn, that was incredible,” Mum said.”I don’t think I’ll be able to cum for weeks,” I said with a chuckle.”You’d be surprised. She saidMum quickly fell asleep next to me. Her naked body was sprawled out on the bed and her head rested on my chest. I lay there, extremely satisfied. I had fucked my mother’. Brought her to countless orgasms, and formed a special bond between us that very few sons get to have with their mother’s. Soon enough, I fell asleep too.I awoke to a wet feeling on my cock. I groggily looked up to see Mum riding me in the cowgirl position. I was about to reach up and grab her waist when she smacked my hands away.”This one’s completely on me, baby boy. Just sit back and relax,” She said.And so I did. Mum rode my hard young cock to three orgasms before I exploded. When she finished, Mum said, “We need to get cleaned up.Mum said. Every night, I want you naked in my bed with that hard young cock of yours ready to go. We have to be careful avoid suspicion from anyone, this has to be our secret because if this gets out…””I know, I know mum. I promise I will never tell a soul, PromiseMum gave me that now infamous naughty smile filled with lust and responded, “Like I said, a Mother knows how to teach her son the best!.”

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