I know what you did !!! Part 4

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I know what you did !!! Part 4As I rolled over and lifted one eyelid to see what time it was I nearly jumped out of my bed. “Holy Shit,” I said out loud as I jumped up after seeing that my parents were going to be home real soon. I know it was after five in the morning when I got to bed last night but I never thought that I would sleep this late. I flipped my computer on before running across the hallway to take a quick shower. I returned to my room and threw some ratty clothes on. I sat down in front of my computer and called up the web site that housed my e mail account. I checked my inbox and sure enough I had e mail from my teacher. I clicked on it and read the message.”You bastard! How can you live with yourself after coming into my home and doing those nasty things to me? How can you have any morals when you continue to hold a little secret over my head and use it for your own sick little twisted game? Where is my wedding ring at? You were supposed to return it last night. Please return my ring or I will forced to tell my husband and call the cops. Lets do this the easy way and meet somewhere so you can give me my ring back. If you agree to that, I assure you that I will not say a word about what we did. Let me know where you would like to meet at.”I sat there staring at the computer screen in disbelief that she still didn’t understand that I am the one in charge and that I am the one calling the shots. I pondered my next message in my head for a few moments before I bean to write.”You bastard??? Oh Mrs. Graph, I am utterly disappointed in you! That is not how I told you to address your Master! I see you are in need of more discipline. You say this is ‘my sick little twisted game.’ Well Mrs. Graph the way I see it we both played the game. Last night your Master fulfilled every fantasy and dream you ever had. Your Master made you cum harder than you ever thought possible. Your Master caused you to cum more times that you could count. Not your husband! Your Master didn’t feel you were ready to receive your wedding ring back just yet. You will receive your ring back when I feel you are disciplined enough to wear it. Also, if you were going to call the cops you would have done so already. You also wouldn’t tell your husband because you stand to loose too much. We will meet soon Mrs. Graph. I will let you know when and where.” Signed, Master.I clicked on send and sent the message. I logged off my computer and went down to the kitchen. I didn’t realize that my parents were home so I helped them set the table for dinner. It was a dinner like all the rest. Mom and dad discussed their day and I pretended to be listening to them as my mind drifted back to the club I was about to join. On more than one occasion my mom caught me day dreaming and asked me what was on my mind. Like I was going to tell them about a hot sex club. I chuckled to myself inside and finished eating my dinner.I felt guilty about sleeping in so late so I volunteered to clean up the mess. My mom and dad got up and went into the living room to watch television while I began to clear the table and clean up the mess. While the water filled the sink I again couldn’t help but to think about the club. I shut the water tap off as I stood there staring out the window with the club on my mind. As I started to wash and rinse dishes I began to think about Brad’s mom. Would she come through in the clutch? Will she drop off the money in the morning? Will she try to catch me? I knew one thing for sure, I needed to go over to Brad’s house tonight to keep an eye on her to see if she was acting nervous. I finished washing and drying the evening dishes. I organized everything in the kitchen before popping my head into the living room. “I’m going to go over to Brad’s for a while.” “OK, be careful,” my mom responded as I walked through the kitchen towards the entrance door to the garage.I walked my bike out of the garage and jumped on it. I rode towards Brad’s house with images of six thousand dollars on my mind. I pulled up his driveway and laid my bike down in his front yard. I jumped up on the porch and knocked on the door. Moments later Brad answered the door.We went in and sat in the den watching television. Brad flipped the station to a music video station. I was a little surprised that Brad’s mother was not home from work yet. We talked while we watched the array of videos and commercials. As time went by I could vaguely remember what Brad had said as I had his mother and the club on my mind. Brad’s dad came and sat with us for a while. We continued to make small talk. “I wonder where your mother went,” Brad’s dad said to Brad. “She didn’t tell me about going anywhere tonight,” Brad said as he continued to focus on the television. “I hope she brings some carry out home with her, it’s not like her to be this late,” Brad’s dad said as he glanced up at the clock. An evil grin crept across my face as I wondered if Brad’s mom was trying to get the money. I realized that I was beginning to pop an erection in my pants so I quickly concentrated on the television. Finally we heard a car pull up the driveway. We heard a car door slam and then the unmistakable sound of a door handle turning. “Sorry I’m late,” Stephanie said as she walked past us in her work attire. My eyes quickly scanned every inch of her gorgeous body as she walked towards the hallway that lead to the bedrooms. “I had to stop at the bank,” she said as she turned the corner and disappeared down the hall. I gulped loud enough for the entire world to hear as I coughed from choking. “Are you all right?” Brad asked. “Yeah,” I said as I coughed a couple more times. I now knew the answer to my question. She had the money!A few moments later Stephani returned wearing the tightest shorts imaginable and a really short top that left her entire midriff exposed. I was slightly disappointed as I saw the bra straps through her shirt. She went and fixed dinner while we continued to watch videos. Moments later we heard Stephani call out “Dinner is ready.” Brad’s mom poked her head around the corner and asked me if I wanted to eat with them. I agreed as I wanted to study Stephani to see if she was showing any signs of nervousness. We all got up and made our way to the kitchen.Brad’s dad and I sat down while Brad tossed each of us a soda. Brad joined us and I realized that I had the best seat in the house. I sat directly across from Brad’s mom. We each filled our plates. Thank god it wasn’t a big dinner as I had already ate but I did manage to have room for chicken nuggets and french fries. While we ate I kept a close eye on Brad’s mom. She seemed a little nervous at times but nothing out of the ordinary. “Maybe there is more to her relationship with her secret lover than I know about,” I thought to myself. “She does seem pretty comfortable after allegedly withdrawing six grand from the bank. It does seem like it’s worth it to her in order to keep her little secret a secret.” After we finished eating Stephani began to take our dishes. As she reached down for my plate I noticed that her hands were quite shaky. “Is something bothering you,” Brad’s father asked his wife. There was a long pause while Stephani ran the dish water. “Nah, it has just been a long hectic day today, that’s all,” Stephani said as the water continued to run. Stephani kept her back towards us as she washed the dishes affording me a super nice view of her nice tight ass in those cute little pink shorts. “Lets go watch television,” Brad said as he stood up. I got out of my chair and followed him into the den. I sat down in the recliner and tried to focus on the video. With each video my thoughts wandered into the club I was about to join.About ten minutes later Stephani joined us in the den. Brad’s dad sat on the other end of the sofa from Brad while Stephani laid down on the love seat with her legs dangling off the other end. I found it hard to concentrate on the television when there was a perfect set of legs exposed right before my eyes. I continued to steal glances of Stephani’s legs while she laid there. On one particular glance I noticed that she was staring out the window. While we continued to watch television I continued to watch Brad’s mom. She continued to stare out the window as though she was looking into another world. “Is it getting to her,” I asked myself. I knew one thing for sure, come tomorrow I was going to have the money I needed to join the club. It was getting late as we made small talk while we watched television. The entire conversation was without Stephani as she continued to stare out into the yard. The sight of her naked legs exposed nearly up to her hips was beginning to have an effect on me. The tiny little pink socks covering her beautiful feet looked so cute as I imagined her wearing them with a sexy pair of heels. I finally jumped up and said “I have to get going home, it’s getting late.” Brad and his dad got up and walked me out to my bike. Stephani never moved from her spot on the love seat. Brad and I said our good byes as I jumped on my bike and pedaled home. The entire trip home I couldn’t get my mind off of the club I was about to join.I pulled up my driveway and walked my bike into the garage. I entered the kitchen through the door and saw my mom and dad were still awake. Looking up at the clock I saw that it was actually quite early. I had planned on going to bed early tonight since I had to get up early tomorrow to go get the money at the Sea Side Diner. I paused for a few minutes at the entrance to the living room to chat with my parents. I finally made it upstairs and quickly cleaned up and got ready for bed. I closed my bedroom door and logged onto my computer. I called up my e mail account and sure enough there was a reply from Mrs. Graph. I clicked on her e mail and opened it and began to read.”Please stop this game!!! You are ruining my life!!!!!!!! Please just give me my ring back and I promise you I will not cause you any problems. I just want to get my life back to normal. If you want the truth then I will give it to you. It was great! You are right, the sex has been the best I have ever had. You have made me cum so hard and so many times that I couldn’t count them all. But what we have done is totally wrong. There is too much at stake. This has to and will stop now. Please just give me my ring back and we can put this all behind us. I’m begging you!!!!”As I read her e mail I couldn’t help but to feel touched by her words of emotions. I now knew that I was the best lover she has ever had. If only she knew my plans. My plans of her belonging to me! Being owned by me! An evil grin crept across my face as I clicked on the reply icon. I thought for a moment before I placed my hands on the keyboard.”Now you have the right idea Mrs. Graph. I told you it wasn’t going to be hard to accept your role as my loving Slave. I too am a gentle loving Master who has all the respect in the world for you. I am so glad you finally got over the hurdle of comparing my love making skills to those of your husband’s. Don’t you feel the close bond we are developing? Continue to follow me and you will be rewarded immensely. But be warned Mrs. Graph, disobedience will result in discipline which will intensify with each infraction. You are still at the beginning so discipline will be gently. It is meant for you to learn from your mistakes. Continue to be disobedient and your discipline will become severe and intense.” Signed, Master.I sent the e mail and then signed off. I crawled into bed and immediately began thinking about how I would be able to sneak into the ladies rest room at the restaurant. Visions of the people in the club began to fill my mind along with visions of the lovely club manager Kate. “I wonder what kind of test I will have to pass?” I asked myself as I stared at the ceiling. “Is it a medical test or maybe it is something more?” I wondered. I continued to toss and turn. I watched the clock for a while and it began to grow quite late. I tried to think about other things in order to take my mind off of tomorrow morning when I instantly jumped out of bed. I raced over to my alarm clock as I forgot to set my alarm. I set it for seven and made sure that it was turned on. I jumped back into bed and pulled a pillow over my head. Suddenly I jumped up as I reached for the buzzing alarm clock. I raced into the bathroom and quickly showered as I realized that my parents had already left for work. I dressed in my usual jeans and tee shirt before racing into the garage to get my bike. I pedaled as fast as I could towards the Sea Side Diner hoping that I would not be spotted by Brad’s mom. I turned the corner and immediately stopped and got off of my bike. I locked my bike to a phone pole and casually walked towards the small coffee shop across the street from the Sea Side Diner. I walked inside and sat down at the only available table in front of the window.The waitress came to my table and asked me what I wanted. I looked up at her name tag and saw her name. “Trista, what a beautiful name,” I said as I looked up into her lovely green eyes. The smile on her face told me that she liked the comment I made as she pushed her blonde hair away from her face. “Thank you,” she said as she held her order pad and pen up as if she was trying to lead me into placing an order. “I would like one jelly doughnut and a cup of your best coffee,” I said as I looked into her sexy green eyes. Trista turned around and walked away from my table as my eyes were glued to her shapely ass. For some odd reason I continued to stare at her blue jeans clad ass and noticed that she glanced back over her shoulder and smiled at me. I could feel my face redden as I focused my attention back to the Sea Side Diner. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was nearly the time for Stephani to arrive with the money. I didn’t realize that Trista had returned until I heard the coffee cup hit the table. I looked up into her eyes and smiled as she set the doughnut down next to my cup of coffee. “Can I get you anything else?” she asked while she continued to smile. “I’m fine thank you,” I said softly as I turned my head back around to look out the window.The minutes seemed to take hours as I patiently waited for Brad’s mother to arrive. I glanced up at the clock and then back out the window. I ate my doughnut and sipped on my coffee while I continued to wait. I was getting discouraged as my coffee was getting cold and it was getting late. Suddenly a car pulled into an available parking space right in front of the diner. From my angle I couldn’t see the driver but the car looked exactly like Brad’s mom’s. Just then the door swung open and out popped Stephani. Brad’s mother walked to the rear of the car and quickly scanned around in all directions. She inserted the key into the lock and turned it, causing the trunk to open. Again she scanned around in all directions before bending over into the trunk. She stood up and before closing the trunk she quickly scanned her surroundings. She closed the trunk and quickly walked towards the door of the diner. I saw she followed my directions as she was carrying a brown paper bag. She pulled on the handle of the door and walked inside.”Can I get you anything,” I heard as I looked behind me. I didn’t hear Trista approach my table as I was so intently focused on Stephani. “I’m all right for now,” I said softly as I looked into her beautiful green eyes. “I’m going to be leaving in a few minutes,” I said softly. Trista scribbled onto my guest check and set the piece of paper on my table before turning around and walking away. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill and placed it on top of the guest check. I refocused my attention out the window and waited for Stephani to emerge.Suddenly the door swung open and out came Brad’s mom. She was carrying a cup of coffee in a white styrofoam cup. Most importantly she didn’t have the bag. My heart started racing and I could feel a light sheen of sweat on my brow as I knew it was now only a matter of minutes before I had my hands on the money I needed to join the club. Stephani inserted her key into the door and again looked in all directions before opening the door and sitting down. From my vantage point I could see her drive off. I figured that I would wait a few minutes to see if she circles around. I waited fifteen minutes before finally getting up to leave. I made my way out the front of the coffee shop and quickly walked across the street. I quickly looked in all directions to make sure that Stephani wasn’t sitting somewhere but the coast was clear. I pulled on the handle and entered the Sea Side Diner.I sat down at a table near the back of the diner. Immediately the waitress came to my table to hand me a menu. She turned around and went to go attend to another table. I looked around and got up to go towards the rest rooms. The rest rooms were out of sight from the main dining room so I wasn’t worried about being spotted. As I approached the rest rooms an elderly lady walked out of the ladies room. While the door was opened I peered inside and didn’t see anyone. I looked both ways to make sure that the coast was clear and then quickly slipped into the ladies room.I lifted the top off of the trash can and under a couple of wet paper towels was the brown paper bag that Brad’s mom left. I quickly grabbed the bag and pulled it out of the trash before replacing the top. I quickly ran to the door and pushed it open. I casually walked out of the ladies room and into the men’s room. I noticed that the bag was quite heavy as I slipped into a stall, shutting the door behind me. I quickly opened the bag and saw all the money that I asked for. I also saw something else, a letter. I pulled the letter out and opened it as I sat down onto the toilet. “I don’t know who you are and I don’t want any trouble. I have done everything you asked. There is six thousand dollars in this bag fulfilling my end of the obligation. Please keep your end and we both will be happy. Here is my e mail address. Please e mail me so we can arrange a way for you to send me all the pictures you have. I will be looking foreword to hearing from you.”I folded the letter up and shoved it in my pocket. I quickly began to count the money. I needed five grand to join the club so I counted out one thousand and shoved it in my pocket. I took the bag and rolled the top down and walked back out to my seat. The waitress returned upon my arrival and said “what would you like to order?” “A Boston Cream Pie” I said. The look on the face of the waitress was worth a million dollars as her eyes shot open wide like silver dollars. She turned and walked over to the manager’s office. She disappeared inside for a moment before returning to my table. “Follow me” the waitress said as she turned and walked towards the managers office. I followed her with the bag of money through the door which was quickly pulled shut as the waitress left us alone.”Hello Justin,” Kate said as she took a puff on her cigarette.”Hello,” I said as I sat down in the chair in front of her desk with the bag of money on my lap. “Let me guess,” Kate said as she paused to take another puff. “You went grocery shopping,” she said with a smirk on her face. There was something about this woman that stirred my loins. It seemed like I saw every intimate detail on her face as I sat across from her. She had on another latex outfit and her make up was perfect. I tossed the brown paper bag up on her desk and said “I’m in.” Kate never looked at the bag rather she took another long puff before blowing the smoke out of one corner of her mouth. She continued to stare into my eyes from her side of the desk. My eyes were drawn to the slight creases around her mouth. She looked so beautiful as she sat there with her ample cleavage facing me.”So what kind of test do I have to take?” I asked.Kate took another long puff before speaking. “Patience,” she said as she set her cigarette down in the ashtray. Kate got up and walked around her office, pausing long enough to look at the pictures that were on her walls. “You see Justin, I run a really tight operation. I have to have complete control over everything or else we could be closed down. It’s not like this kind of club is exactly legal you know.”Before I could speak she continued. “I have to be one hundred percent sure that I can trust you. I have to be one hundred percent sure that I can control you and your actions while you are here.” “I understand” I said as I watched her walk around behind me. I felt her place her hands on my shoulders and squeeze them. “Can I trust you Justin?” Kate asked as she bent down and kissed my ear. I moaned softly as I felt her tongue slide into my ear for a moment before her teeth bit softly on my ear lobe. “Tomorrow at five will be your test. Don’t be late,” Kate said as she removed her hands from my shoulders. I stood up and faced Kate as she extended her hand to me. “Welcome to Club Cuffs,” Kate said as our hands came together. I shook her hand enough to see her breasts jiggle in her thin latex top. As she turned to open the door for me I couldn’t help but to see the sexy shoes she was wearing. “God I want this woman,” I thought to myself as I walked out into the diner.I walked out the front door checking in both directions to make sure that Stephani wasn’t there watching. I walked down to my bike and unlocked it from the phone pole. I began to ride toward home. I was in a hurry to get there since I had a large sum of money in my pocket. I pulled up my driveway and took my bike into the garage. I went up to my room and took the thousand dollars out of my pocket. I counted it and hid it in my dresser. I sat down at my computer and signed on. sincan escort I checked my e mail and sure enough there was an e mail from Mrs. Graph. I clicked on the message and began to read. “I think you got the wrong impression from my last e mail. I want this game to stop! I admitted that you were good, the best I ever had. Isn’t that good enough for you? You caught me last summer and you made me pay a very dear price but I feel that I have fulfilled my obligations for a pay back. This will be my final e mail to you. Give me my ring back or I’ll just tell my husband that I lost it. He will completely believe me. The choice is yours.”A feeling of being dejected came over me. I sat there pondering my next move. I clicked on the reply icon and began to type. “You keep referring to this as a game. This is not a game Mrs. Graph, rather it is life. This is the lifestyle that was chosen for us. I was born to be your Master and you were born to be my Slave. You lack serious discipline Mr. Graph. Therefore tonight you will be punished. Tonight before you go to bed you will go to your purse and get the little black velvet box that I put in there. You will open it and take the silver egg and insert it into your pussy. You will go to bed and lay next to your husband with your cell phone on your night stand. When your husband falls asleep you will call this number. You will follow all instructions over the phone or else I will blow the whistle on you. You will leave your cell phone on so I can hear you. Reply ASAP!” Signed Master.I clicked on the send button and sent the e mail to my teacher. I typed in the name of the web site where I found the club address and began looking at more pictures. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. There were pictures of women completely shackled and tied up. Girls had clothes pins on their nipples and their cunts. The pictures that I liked the best were those where the girls had their nipples pierced. The nipple jewelry was beautiful as it accented the nice shapely breasts of the models. I heard my mom’s car pull into the garage followed by my dad’s. I clicked out of the web site and went down to greet them. Mom walked in with a pizza and dad had a two liter of Pepsi. We sat down and began to eat. Hardly a word was said as everyone was starving and the entire pizza disappeared. Dad folded up the box and tossed it into the trash container before getting up to change out of his work clothes. Mom got up and went and changed also. I wondered if they ever saw or heard about a club like Club Cuffs. I washed up and went back up to my room.I quickly logged on and checked my e mail. There was already a response from Mrs. Graph. I clicked on the message and began to read. “Oh My Goddddddd… When did you put this in my purse? I can’t,….I won’t! That is just not right, to be in bed with my husband while you get me off over the phone. Your a sick individual!”I clicked on the reply icon and thought for a moment before beginning to type. “I’m sorry you feel this way Mrs. Graph. Rest assured that I am going to send the school board and your husband all the evidence that I have. But I am willing to give you one last chance. If you follow my directions and call me tonight then I will not ruin your life. I will be waiting. Don’t let your Master down.”I clicked the send button as an evil grin crept across my face. I logged off and went down to watch television with my parents. Broadcast television was pretty boring so I opted to excuse myself to go to my room. I closed the door behind me and laid down on my bed. I turned my television on and rewound the tape of me fucking my teacher. I pulled my desk drawer open and pulled out the pictures of Brad’s mom. I began to compare the two and discovered that Brad’s mother had larger breasts than Mrs. Graph. Mrs. Graph however had nipples that pointed upward. That is a big turn on for me as I thought about how nice her nipples would look with nipple rings in them. Both ladies had perfect legs and sexy feet. If there was one difference that was noticable then I would have to say that Brad’s mom had a slightly larger ass. Not fat, but completely shaped. I stripped out of my clothes as I was sporting a tremendous erection. I sat back down at my computer and brought up this one photo of Brad’s mom. I cropped out her face and zoomed in on it. Her face covered the entire page as her eyes were glazed over and her mouth was wide open. I clicked on the print button and printed the picture. I went to my bed and took the pile of pictures of Brad’s mom and laid on my side. I couldn’t help but to begin to pull on my cock as I looked at picture after picture. I continued to flip through the pictures as I pulled faster and faster on my cock. The sight of my best friend’s mom getting fucked was too much. I looked at the picture I just printed and held it up to my cock imagining that she was opening her mouth for my load. God I could feel her breath on my cock as I yanked even faster. Suddenly I felt my nuts begin to contract. “Oh Steph,” I moaned as I felt my first spasm of cum racing up my shaft. Holding the picture up, I shot a rope of cum high into the air, landing on her cheeks and lips. I pumped spasm after spasm of cum out of my cock and onto my best friend’s mother’s face. Finally my cock went limp. The sight of my best friend’s mother’s face covered with my cum caused me to shiver. I finally jumped off of my bed to toss the cum laden picture into the trash. I got up and put some clothes on before going to take a piss. I laid back down on my bed making sure that my cell phone was on in anticipation of my teacher calling me. As I waited I became sleepier and sleepier. Before I knew it I was trying to keep myself awake. I fought for everything I was worth but somehow I fell fast asleep. Suddenly I jumped as something startled me. God, it was my cell phone. Looking up at my clock I saw that it was ten after two in the morning. I fumbled for the remote control for the vibrating egg as I plugged it into the battery plug. I answered the phone and there was silence.I pressed the ear piece against my ear to hear better. I quickly turned the volume up higher and suddenly I was able to hear her breathing. I could even hear her husband snoring. I whispered “Your Master must now punish you!” I took the remote control and turned the dial to just barely turn it on. Suddenly there was a low moan on the other end of the phone. I could hear my teacher begin to breath heavier as the silver egg vibrated inside her cunt. “Does that feel good?” I whispered. I turned the dial a little more causing my teacher to let out a low moan. I turned the dial a little farther. “Oh Goddddd,” Mrs. Graph whispered softly into her cell phone.I could hear her shifting herself under the blanket. “Pinch your nipples,” I whispered. “Ohhh,” Mrs. Graph cried out. Suddenly I turned the dial up until it was half way to full throttle. “Oh God stop,” Mrs. Graph panted out. I could still hear her husband snoring through her heavy breathing as she gasped for air. “Master says you are not permitted to cum until I tell you that you may cum.” “Oh God let me cum, I have to cummmmmm,” Mrs. Graph whispered loudly into her cell phone as she laid next to her husband.”No,” I whispered softly as I turned the vibrating egg completely off. “Oh God I need to cum, please let me cum,” my teacher begged. Suddenly I turned the egg back on to half throttle causing her to nearly scream. Her heavy breathing turned to a pant as I knew she was nearing an orgasm. I turned the throttle up even more causing her to nearly begin to cry from suppressing her emotions. “Oh Goddddddd Pleaseeeeeee Master,” Mrs. Graph cried out. Her heavy panting was out of control. I could hear her rustling the sheets as she was writhing on her bed next to her husband. Suddenly I turned the egg off.The sound of my teacher whimpering caused my cock to spring to full attention. I plugged my head piece into my cell phone for hands free operation. I gripped my cock and began to stroke myself as I turned the vibrating egg back on. “Oh Godddddddddd,” “OHhhhhhhh!” Mrs. Graph squealed as she again began to squirm next to her husband. I turned the speed up a little more eliciting a low guttural moan from my teacher.I felt my pre cum begin to ooze out of my cock and smear on my hand. I reached over and pressed play on the television set and VCR causing the videotape of us fucking to play. “Don’t cum yet,” I whispered as I turned the speed up even more. “Oh God, Oh God, Oh Goddddd,” Mrs. Graph panted over and over. Just when I sensed that she was on the verge of cumming I shut off the vibrating egg. I paused for a moment to allow my teacher time to compose herself. Again I turned on the remote control about three quarter speed. Instantly Mrs. Graph moaned loudly. I continued to stroke my cock as I knew she was so close to cumming. I began to spin the dial back and forth from high speed to low speed. With each downward spin and each upward spin Mrs. Graph cried out in pleasure as she laid next to her husband. “Does your Master make you feel good?” I asked. “Oh God YESSSSSS,” she cried out. “Do you want your Master to make you cum?” I asked. “Oh God YESSSSSS,” she cried out again. “Will you serve your Master faithfully?” I asked softly as I listened to her heavy breathing.”Oh God YESSSSSS,” she panted out again as she squirmed under her sheets.”Then beg your Master to make you cum, to let you cum!” “Oh God Master please let me cum,” Mrs. Graph hissed out as she thrashed in her bed as she laid next to her faithful husband. Just then I shut the remote off. “Oh God Master nooooooooo,” she cried out. “Please Master make me cum, I need to cum for you Master,” my teacher whimpered into her cell phone.The sound of her husband snoring told me that he was a sound sleeper. “Please Master I am begging you to let me cum,” Mrs. Graph cried out againI turned on the remote to a low speed and immediately heard her moan. “You must cum how I want you to cum, do you understand?” I said softly.”Yes Master,” Mrs. Graph replied as she continued to breathe heavily into the phone.I whispered into the headset “Your Master wants you to raise your left hand to your breast and pinch your nipple.””Ahhhhhhhh,” Mrs. Graph moaned as I knew she pinched her sensitive bud. “Keep doing that I whispered,” as I continued to stroke my cock.Her breathing became rampant as I turned the dial up a little. “Now, your Master wants you to suck on your middle finger on your right hand.””Mmmmm” she moaned as I could tell she was now sucking on her finger. I turned the remote up a little more. “Now your master wants you to touch your wet finger to your ass hole,” I said as I began to pump my member with greater force. There was a pause then all of a sudden I heard “Oh My Fucking God Masterrrrrrrrr…”I turned the remote up even more. “Now your Master wants you to fuck your ass with your finger.”Suddenly her panting became a low grade carnal moan. I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t waking her husband up. “Oh God Master may I cum now,” she asked. “Yes Mrs. Graph you may cum,” I said softly. “Oh Godddddddd Masterrrrrrrrrr,” my high school teacher cried out. Her panting and moaning told me she was cumming. I felt my nuts begin to tighten as I continued to pump my cock.”Fuck your ass hole” I whispered loudly as I turned the remote up all the way. “Oh God, Oh God, Oh Godddddd,” Mrs. Graph cried out as she continued to thrash about next to her sleeping husband.”May I cum again Master,” she hissed. “Slide a second finger into your ass and you may cum again,” I whispered softly as I neared my own orgasm.”Oh Masterrrrrrr I’m cumming so hard,” my teacher cried out as she continued to pant loudly. Just then I glanced over at the video of us on the television set. I watched her arch her back as she came, sending me over the edge. I felt my toes start to tingle as every nerve in my body was on fire. I pumped my cock furiously as I continued to listen to my teacher cum while I watched her cumming on my television. “Ugghhhhhh,” I grunted over and over as I felt my cum race up my cock and shoot high into the air before landing on my face, chest, and stomach. I suddenly realized that it was quiet on the other end of the phone. “Good night Master,” Mrs. graph whispered softly before she hung the phone up. I laid there on my bed for a few moments feeling my cum dripping down my sides and off of my chin as I was completely spent. My cock was now flaccid as it just laid motionless on my thigh. Thoughts of Club Cuffs began to race through my mind. I had to get Mrs. Graph there and get her there soon. I had to come up with a plan to lure my teacher to Club Cuffs. I jumped out of bed and cleaned up. I laid back down and before I knew it I fell fast asleep.Suddenly something startled me. I quickly sat up in my bed trying to figure out what the noise was. Looking at the clock I saw that it was ten after four. I realized that it was my cell phone ringing. I reached for it cautiously as I didn’t know who it was. I had to answer it so my parents wouldn’t wake up from the ringing. I clicked on the send button and raised the receiver up to my mouth and ear. I didn’t speak a word, it was what I heard on the other end that caught my attention. All I could hear was heavy breathing and snoring. Suddenly there was a faint whisper. “Oh Master,” the soft voice of a woman said. Instantly my cock sprang to full attention as I realized that it was Mrs. Graph. Her breathing was heavy as she again whispered into the phone. “Oh Master, please let me cum, please make me cum.” My heart was now racing as I reached for the vibrating egg remote control. I quickly plugged it into the base of the phone as I put my hands free head set on. I rolled onto my back and immediately pulled off my underwear. My cock was rock hard as I continued to listen to my teacher breathing into the phone. “Oh Master, I am so wet, please give me permission to cum,” Mrs. Graph said through her heavy breathing.I slowly turned the dial on the remote causing the egg buried in her cunt to turn on. “Ohhhhh,” Mrs. Graph cried as she began to squirm in her bed as she still laid next to her sleeping husband. “Oh Masterrrrrrr,” Mrs. graph moaned as I turned the remote up a little more. Using my other hand I began pumping my cock. I was so turned on right now I was ready to jump out of my skin. I never though that Mrs. Graph would call me on her own but she did. Suddenly I turned the dial up to half throttle. Short slight gasps came out of my teacher’s pants. “Argh, arg, argh,” she panted over and over. “Pinch your nipples” I whispered as I began to rotate the dial up and down from full speed to low speed and then back againI continued to stroke my member as my teacher whispered into the phone. “Oh Master let me cummmmmm,” “Not yet Mrs. Graph,” I said, “you cannot cum just yet.””Please Master, I need to cum again and I was a good Slave and called you first to ask you your permission,” Mrs. graph said softly as her husband continued to snore along side of her. I instantly shut the vibrating egg off. “I said you are not allowed to cum yet.” “Please Master,” Mrs. Graph said as she was nearly in tears. Her breathing was rampant as I could tell she was now touching herself. “Your Master says to take your hand off of your pussy right this instant.” “Oh God Master you are driving me crazy, please let me cum,” my teacher pleaded.”I want you to take the string of balls I left with you and I want you to press the first one against your soft puckered ass hole,” I said softly as my cock was now rock solid. “Do you understand me Mrs. Graph,” I said in a deep husky voice.”Oh God,” she panted as I heard her squirm around on the bed. There was a pause for a few seconds and then there was a low guttural moan from Mrs. Graph. “Ohhhhh… Goddddd,” Mrs. Graph cried out. I could tell she pressed the first ball into her ass by the sounds she was now making. “Now push the second one in,” I whispered softly into my cell phone. Again there was a low guttural moan into the phone by my teacher. “Please let me go down to the living room Master,” Mrs. Graph moaned out. “I’m going to wake my husband up,” she pleaded. “No,” I whispered loudly. “Master says to push the third ball into you hot ass.”Again there was a desperate attempt to be as quiet as possible. “Now the fourth,” I said softly while I continued to stroke my cock. “Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd Masterrrrrrr,” my teacher cried out as she continued to thrash about on her bed. “Good girl, now push in the fifth ball,” I said as I gently cupped and squeezed my balls.. “Please Master I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to cum,” Mrs. Graph cried out.”If you cum I will severely punish you, now push in the sixth ball,” I said sternly. Another cry escaped her mouth as I could tell she pushed another silver ball past her sphincter. My teacher’s constant whimpering and heavy breathing told me she was on the verge of cumming. “Now push the last ball into that hot little ass of yours,” I said as I felt my pre cum beginning to drip down my shaft. “Ohhhhhhh Godddddddd Masterrrrrrr Yessssssss,” she nearly screamed out. “Oh God Master let me cum now or you will be punishing me,” she begged.”No, not just yet” I said as I placed my fingers on the remote control throttle. I turned the knob slowly, instantly eliciting a low guttural moan from Mrs. Graph. I could hear the covers rustling on her end as it sounded like she was putting a pillow over her head. I could hear her breathing like she just ran a marathon.”Oh God Master let me cum please,” she cried out as I turned the throttle up a little more. “Roll over onto your stomach,” I whispered. “Oh Godddddd,” she moaned as I could hear her shifting position. I could still make out the faint sound of her husband snoring in the background as she continued to breathe heavily into the phone. “Put a pillow under your hips,” I said softly as I continued to adjust the remote control, causing the egg buried deep in her cunt to buzz out of control. Again I could hear her adjusting herself accordingly. “Oh Master I’m going to cum,” she panted out desperately. “Not yet,” I said. “Spread your legs apart,” I said sternly. “Ughhhhh,” she cried out as I could tell she was following my orders. “Now your Master wants you to reach under your breasts and pinch your nipples,” I said softly. I heard her adjust herself before moaning “Oh my Godddd!” I turned the dial on the remote all the way to the low position. I began to rotate the dial back and forth slowly between low and medium, gradually tweaking my way up toward high. “Oh God Master I’m going to cummm,” she cried out. “Not yet,” I said as I continued to control the egg between fast and medium. “Oh, oh, oh,” Mrs. Graph moaned over and over. Seeing that I was now throttling the egg as fast as I could I spoke softly. “Your Master wants you to reach behind you and pull the string until the first ball pops out of your ass, and then you may cum.”I began to pump my cock furiously as I listened to my teacher begin to cum. “Oh Master,” she cried out as she began to cum. Her breathing was now out of control as she began to pant loudly. “Pull out another ball,” I whispered softly into the phone. “Oh Godddddddd,” she screamed into the mattress in order to muffle her cries. “Pull another ball out,” I said softly as my nuts began to tingle. Her moaning was now out of control as she continued to cum over and over. “ARRRGGGHHHHH,” she screamed out as she was now totally our of control.”Pull out another ball,” I whispered softly. “Oh Jesus Christ, I can’t stop cumming,” she cried out. I was on the verge of cumming myself so I went for it all. “Master says to pull out the last three balls at once.” Suddenly there was a high pitch scream. I arched my back as I began to cum. My hand was pumping up and down my cock furiously as I felt every nerve in my body begin to tingle. My toes curled as my body tensed up. Mrs. Graph let out a loud cry as I felt my balls begin to boil. Suddenly I felt my cum racing up my shaft and spurting high into the night air. I felt the hot drops of jizz landing on my face, chest and stomach. Just then I think my teacher passed out. There was complete silence on the other end of the phone. I waited and listened intently as my cock softened. I could hear her husband snoring in the back ground as I listened for Mrs. Graph to make a sound. After a few moments I hung up the phone. I got up and cleaned myself up. As I walked to the bathroom I could feel my cum dripping down my face and body. I went and washed up and returned back to my bed. I laid there thinking about how my teacher called me and asked me for my permission to cum. I knew I was getting inside of her. I had to take her to the next level now that she was acknowledging me as her Master. I rolled over and pulled the sheet up over me and fell fast asleep.I woke up late the following morning. I rolled over on my back and instantly I began thinking about Club Cuffs. “What kind of test was I taking today?” I wondered as I glanced over at the bright sunshine streaming in through the window. I began thinking about how Mrs. Graph really opened up to me as she called me back for a second round. I still couldn’t believe that she called me to ask me for my permission to cum when all she had to do was to get herself off. Maybe she is starting to understand what discipline is. I knew one thing for sure, I had to reward her for her excellent behavior last night. I jumped up off of my bed and walked to the bath room and showered. It was already noon as I made my way back to my room to get dressed. I had five hours before I had to be down at the club. I opened my dresser and took some of the money that I got from Brad’s escort sincan mother. I went to the kitchen and made a small breakfast as I was starving. I continued to think about Club Cuffs and Mrs. Graph while I ate. I had to come up with a plan to lure her down there. While I finished eating I began to formulate a plan to seduce her into coming to Club Cuffs. I finished eating and cleaned up my mess before going out to the garage. I walked my bike out of the garage and began riding towards the mall. After weaving my way through traffic for nearly a half hour I finally made it to the mall. I locked my bike up in the bike rack and went inside. The cool air conditioned mall felt wonderful as it was sunny, hot and humid outside. I walked down the aisle of stores until I found the one I was looking for. I turned and walked into Frederick’s Of Hollywood.I began browsing through all of the fine clothes. I began to flip through the dresses until I found the one I liked. It was a black spaghetti strapped sun dress that came down to mid thigh. I checked the size to make sure that it was the correct one before moving over to the hosiery section. In my mind I already knew what Mrs. Graph would look like wearing it. I immediately found what I was looking for. I picked up a black stocking and garter set. The stockings I selected had a leaf pattern in them with a black seam up the back of the leg. Just the thought of seeing her creamy white thigh’s above the tops of these stockings caused my cock to twitch. Next I made my way over to the bra section. I flipped through all the different bra’s until I found a couple that I liked. I searched for one that had the same pattern as the stockings and made sure that it was the correct size. The thought alone of my teacher showing her cleavage in this bra drove me crazy. I turned around and began searching through the rack of panties. I immediately began looking through the thongs. There was an awesome black thong that had the same design as the stockings and bra. I found one in the right size and picked it up. As I held the soft thin material in my hands I could already feel the heat of her ass in my hand. I made my way over to the shoe rack and began looking at the sexy high heels. I found two pair that I liked as I stood there deciding which pair I should buy. I decided on the seven inch platforms that had a tiny leather strap that wraps around the calf up to the knee. I knew these shoes would show off her entire foot and the hopes of licking her toes in these shoes sent a chill down my spine.I walked over to the register and the lady rang me up. She eyed me a couple of times as she scanned all of the bar codes. “You sure know how to dress up a lady,” she said as she smiled at me. I smiled back as I said “I know she will love it.” I paid the bill and picked up the packages and walked out into the mall. I had two more things to buy so I made my way down to the other end of the mall. I went into Hot Topics and walked over to the far wall. I reached down and picked up a black leather collar. I set it down as it didn’t have a loop on the back side. I picked up another collar that had short gold spikes on it and saw the ring on the back. Next to the collars were the leashes. I selected a black leather dog leash and made my way to the register. I paid the bill and walked out of the store. Images of my high school teacher wearing this collar drove me crazy. I now had several packages and knew I was going to have trouble riding my bike home. I thought about calling Brad to come give me a ride but I decided against it as I knew he would grill me about what I bought. As I made my way towards the exit I passed a jewelry store. The display caught my eye and I stopped to look at it. I was drawn inside to look at the merchandise as a sales guy approached me. “How can I help you?” the salesman asked.”I want one of those ankle bracelets,” I said as I continued to try to hold onto all of my packages.He reached for the silver one and before he picked it up I cut him off. “I want the gold one,” I said as his hand moved to the other end of the cabinet. He picked the gold chain up and handed it to me and I knew instantly that I had to buy it. It was a gold ankle chain and I knew it would match the gold spikes on her collar. I couldn’t believe how expensive it was as he rang me up. I paid him and then left the mall. I unlocked my bike and began to awkwardly pedal toward home. I couldn’t believe that I just spent almost all of the extra money that I got from Brad’s mom. It was depressing but I knew the reward would be seeing my teacher dressed in these clothes at Club Cuffs.I finally made it home as I parked my bike on the side of the garage. I took the packages up to my room and laid my purchases out on my bed. I began to get an erection as I imagined what my teacher would look like in this outfit. How she would look with her stocking clad legs over my shoulders as her sexy feet would be bouncing up and down. I folded up the dress nicely and placed it in the nice gift box. I wrapped it in the designer tissue paper before placing the top on the box. I went down to the hall closet and found my mom’s stash of wrapping paper. I went back to my room and got the tape dispenser and the scissors from my desk. On the floor I unrolled the paper and began to wrap the dress. I was happy with my wrapping job so I thought for a moment before placing a label on the package. All I wrote was the number four on the label. I wrote the number on the package because this was the order she is to open them. Next I took the fancy black thong and wrapped it in tissue paper. I placed it in the small gift box and carefully wrapped it. I placed the label on the package and wrote the number one on the label. I placed the wrapped box next to the box with the dress in it and reached for the sexy bra.I wrapped the delicate thong in the tissue paper and placed it inside the fancy gift box. I wrapped it nice and neatly and placed a label on it. I took my marker and wrote the number two on the label. I placed this box by the others before I picked up the stocking and garter ensemble.I wrapped the sexy stockings and garters in tissue paper before placing them in the gift box. I wrapped it and placed a label in the corner. On the label I wrote the number three. I placed the wrapped package with the others and gazed at the pile of wrapped gifts.I sat there for a moment as I held the ultra sexy shoes in my hands. God I could only imagine how sexy she would look in these. I wrapped them in the tissue paper and placed them back in the shoe box. I wrapped the box and placed a label on it. I wrote the number five on the label and placed the package next to the others. I took the next gift and opened the box to admire the gold chain one last time. I wrapped the box and placed a gift label on the small box. I took the marker and wrote the number six on the label. Finally I made it to the black leather collar. I wrapped it in tissue paper and placed it in a small gift box. I wrapped it and placed a label on it. I wrote the number seven on the label and placed the box next to the others. I jumped up and went back to the hall closet. I found the bag of bows and ran back to my room. I dug through the bows and pulled out all the red ones. There were various sizes so I sorted them out by size. I started with the smallest package and placed a bright red bow on it. I continued to stick bows to the packages until all the packages had bows on them. I got up and ran down to the basement. I found a large cardboard box and raced back up to my room. Carefully I began placing all seven packages inside the big box being careful not to damage any of the bows. After a few minutes I finally was able to fit all seven packages inside the larger box. I went back to the basement and retrieved the tape gun and raced back up to my room. I taped the package shut and moved it to the other side of my bed. I was afraid my mom or dad would see it so I decided to pick it up and place it in my closet. I went to my computer and printed up a label with Mrs. Graph’s name and address on it. I stuck the label on the box and closed the closet It was getting late and I had only a little over an hour before I had to be at Club Cuffs for my test. I decided to take another shower as I worked up a good sweat going to the mall and back today. I went to my room and decided to dress casual tonight. I put on a pair of khaki’s and a polo shirt. I went down to the kitchen and ate some left overs before brushing my teeth. I went back to the kitchen and left my parents a note letting them know that I would not be home for dinner. I went out into the garage and jumped on my bike which was on the side of the garage. I took my time pedaling towards the club as it was still quite warm. I didn’t want to work up a sweat before I got there. I rode around the corner and jumped off of my bike as I walked it up to a phone pole. I locked my bike up and casually walked to the Sea Side Diner. I went inside and sat down at a table in the back of the restaurant. A waiter came to my table and asked me what I wanted. “A Boston Cream Pie,” I said. The waiter turned around and went to the manager’s office. As I sat there waiting I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of test I was about to take. The waiter came back out of the office and walked back to my table. “Kate will see you now,” the waiter said. I got up and followed him to Kate’s office. I walked in and he shut the door behind me. As I stood there nervously Kate motioned for me to sit down in front of her desk as she took a long puff on her cigarette. “If you pass, your in,” Kate said as she took another puff of her cigarette before she put it out in the ashtray. She stood up and for the first time I saw her in something other than latex. I think she heard me swallow as I eyed her up from head to toe. As she walked around to the side of the desk I saw the short tight wrap around red skirt that she was wearing. Gone were the stockings but she still had on a sexy pair of pumps. Her top was nothing more than a tiny white pull around that was tied between her heaving breasts.”Are you ready for your test?” she said as she held her hand out slipping her fingers in between mine. I stood up and proceeded to follow this vixen as she led me towards the door that led to the club. We began to descend the spiral staircase with her a half a step in front of me. I remembered what she said yesterday about always having to be in total control so I made up my mind that I would do whatever she wanted me to do. I didn’t want to take a chance of being booted out of the club before I even joined it. We made it to the bottom of the stairs and began walking toward the stage. As we continued to walk I felt her squeeze my hand as she began to walk up the three steps leading to the stage. She guided me to the center of the stage and told me to stand perfectly still. I stood as directed and watched Kate take a couple of steps back. Kate just stared at me as she slowly began to walk around me. She completely circled me until she was standing directly in front of me again. Kate slowly walked behind me again. This time she stayed behind me. She whispered “Wait right here” as she walked back off the stage. Suddenly the music turned on and the bass caused my body and the stage to vibrate. The music wasn’t loud, it was just deep. Just then, the spot lights turned on. It took me a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the bright light. I heard Kate’s heels clicking on the stage as she was approaching me from behind. I noticed that the spot lights shining down upon us began to rotate in circles. I felt Kate slide her arms under mine and wrap around to my stomach. That’s when I knew what kind of test I was about to take.I could feel Kate move in behind me. I felt her warm breath on my neck and cheek as she began to kiss my cheek softly. Her kisses were so soft and sensual as she slowly began to move her lips and tongue towards my neck. As she continued to kiss me she began to slide her hands up and down my chest. I felt her graze my ear, sending chills down my spine. “If you pass my test Justin, you will be a member with full privileges,” she said as she slid her tongue into my ear. All I could do was moan. I felt her teeth scr****g my ear as her fingers began to pull my shirt up. I nearly jumped when I felt her warm flesh touch my abdomen. Kate continued to lick my ear and neck until she had her hands up under my shirt. Slowly she placed her head on the other side of mine and began kissing my neck and ear as she began to pinch my nipples lightly. Kate slid her tongue into my ear along with her heavenly warm breath as she pinched my nipples firmly causing me to moan out loud. I couldn’t believe the sensation I was experiencing as every nerve in my body was on fire. I closed my eyes half way as I enjoyed the sensations I was experiencing. Kate slowly began to lift my polo shirt up. I took to her que and raised my arms to assist her. In one quick whisk, my shirt was off. Again I felt Kate press herself against my back. I could feel her soft breasts pressing against my back through her flimsy top. She began to caress my chest as she again began to tongue my ear. Suddenly her caress was replaced by her finger nails scr****g my skin. She sc****d her finger nails over my hard nipples causing me to moan out in pleasure. Kate removed her right hand only to raise it to my face. She pulled my face around as far as she could and placed her lips on the corner of my mouth. We shared one long romantic kiss before she slid her tongue into my now open mouth.While our mouths became suctioned together in a long kiss, Kate slowly slid around me until she stood directly in front of me. I could feel her soft breasts press into my bare chest as she continued to slide her tongue across my tongue and then around my lips. I felt her soft hands cup my face as we continued to kiss. Slowly she began to kiss from the corner of my mouth down my cheek to my chin. Using her hands she tilted my head back as she began to kiss and lick her way down my neck towards my chest.Kate slowly slid her hands down my chest as she licked towards my nipple. Her warm breath felt like fire on my naked flesh as she circled my nipple with her burning tongue. “Oh God,” I moaned as she flicked her tongue across my stiff bud. I felt her fingers pinch at my other nipple causing every hair on my body to stand on end. “OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhh,” I screamed as she bit on my nipple, scr****g it with her teeth as she pulled her face away from my chest. Slowly and with style Kate continued to kiss her way down my stomach, dropping to her knees in the process. Looking down I watched as Kate slid her tongue around my navel and down to the top of my pants. As Kate knelt before me she looked up into my eyes as she slowly began to unbuckle my belt. I noticed that my breathing was now running rampant like that of my teacher when I dominate her. I continued to stare into Kate’s sultry eyes as she pulled the buckle free from my belt. She leaned foreword and kissed my stomach as I felt her fingers slide towards my button. Looking down, our eyes were once again connected as she pulled firmly on my pants, causing the button to pop open. With our eyes glued together Kate sunk slightly lower, taking the flap of my zipper in between her teeth. Ever so slowly she pulled my zipper down with her teeth, allowing more room for my incredible hard on I had in my underwear.Still on her knees, Kate sank back onto her heels as she placed her hands on my pant legs. She squeezed my pants and pulled firmly, causing my khaki’s to drop to my ankles. Kate reached down and lifted my ankles one at a time as she removed my pants. While she was still sunk back on her heels she reached down and untied my shoes. She pulled my leg up and quickly pulled my shoe from my now bare foot. She did the same to my other foot, leaving me standing before her only in my underwear.Kate leaned forward on her knees again as she lowered her face to my abdomen. She lightly kissed my navel as she slid her hands up the back of my legs. I began to quiver as my senses were being overloaded from her soft sexy fingers sliding up the back of my legs. I couldn’t stand to be dominated like this but I knew that if I wanted to be in the club then I had better do exactly as I was told. I felt Kate slide her hands up and over the bottom of my ass. Her fingers slid under the elastic band around my legs and her hands cupped my ass as she continued to tongue my navel.I felt her warm hands slide out of my underwear and then back up over my ass on the outside. Kate bit lightly at my bulge as I felt her hook her warm fingers around my waistband. My cock was straining so hard against my underwear I thought it was going to break. Slowly Kate began to pull my underwear down. “Oh Goddd,” I moaned as I felt the cool air cover my now naked ass. Just then I felt my briefs begin to slide down my cock. The material slid off of my member and I felt it spring up and touch her hair as her hair hung down in front of me. As I stood there, my briefs fell to my feet. Again I didn’t want to tempt fate so I left my underwear around my ankles until she removed them. She lifted my legs one at a time and tossed my pre cum soaked briefs off to the side with the rest of my clothes. Kate looked up into my eyes as she remained kneeling. Her eyes continuously shot back and forth from my cock to my eyes. “Lay down,” Kate said sternly. Who was I to complain so I quickly sat down on the floor and then laid back so I was on my back. “Place your arms out wide,” Kate said as she guided my arm to where she wanted it.Looking over I watched as she opened a cuff that was bolted to the floor. She placed my wrist in it before firmly closing the cuff. She got up and walked over to my other arm. I placed my arm where she wanted it and in no time she had my other wrist shackled to the ground as well.Kate stood up and walked to my feet. “Spread your legs apart,” she said as she shot another glance at my throbbing, twitching, dripping cock. I swear I was harder than I ever was before. I wondered if these were the feelings that Mrs. Graph experienced when I dominated her. I lifted my head as much as I could, watching Kate open the shackle and place it around my ankle. She stood up and walked over to my other foot. She positioned my ankle in the cuff and closed it firmly. I was now totally helpless. Kate stood up and walked over to my side. She knelt down and placed a nylon strap over my waist. She connected it to two hooks on each side of me. She pulled firmly on the strap which prevented me from moving my hips at all. She moved down to my legs and she d****d another nylon strap over my thigh’s. She fastened the strap in the same fashion as she rendered me completely immobile. Kate stood up. I struggled for a moment before I realized that my fight was futile. God I couldn’t stand to be restrained like this. The beat of the music was sending wave after wave of bass through my body. The spot lights continued to circle around the stage. Kate lifted one leg and stepped over me and straddled my waist. She looked like she was towering over me as she stood there. Ever so slowly she began to move to the music. God I just wanted to reach out and touch her body as she began to seductively sway her hips to the erotic music. As she danced she began to touch herself all over. She reached up and pushed her hair behind her head before letting it fallback down. She stepped over me and faced away from me as she now danced with her back towards me. She bent way down once as if to tease me as her skirt rode way up her thigh’s. As quickly as she turned away from me she turned back around and was again facing me.Kate continued to sway her hips as she towered over me. My cock continued to twitch and drip pre cum as I was totally helpless. Kate touched herself as she swayed her hips and shoulders. One hand lightly squeezed her breast while her other hand slowly slid up her thigh. My neck was beginning to get tired as I held my head up to watch her dance. She shot another glance down at my throbbing member before looking up into my eyes with a seductive smile. What happened next was about to change my life forever.Kate slid her hand up to where her shirt was tied between her breasts. Using only her thumb and one finger she slowly began to pull on the loosely tied material. I looked up into her eyes as she stared intently into mine while she licked her lips. My eyes shot back to her breasts as with one last tug the knot came undone and her top hung down in front of her. Her top was no longer tied but the material still hung down, covering her luscious breasts. Looking up into her eyes, Kate seductively winked at me and blew me a kiss as she reached up and took both ties into her hands. Ever so slowly she began to slide the material away from her breasts while she continued to sway her hips and shoulders as she towered over me. In a matter of seconds I saw what I was dying to see. Before my very eyes were the nicest set of tits I ever saw. My eyes opened wide with excitement as I noticed that both of her nipples were pierced. She had gold studs sticking through them that looked like tiny barbells. Seductively she slid her top completely off, tossing it on top of my clothes. Again Kate turned around and faced away from me as she continued to dance to the intoxicating beat of the music. As she continued to sway her hips she pulled her hair back as she bent over at the waist, allowing me to see her breasts through her partially spread legs as they hung as they hung down from her chest. My eyes shot back to her ass as her skirt rode all the way up to sincan escort bayan the base of her ass. I could see part of her ass under her skirt as she bent down even farther as she wrapped her arms around her right leg. With her face against her knee she gave me a sultry look that I swear could wake the dead. Ever so slowly Kate stood back up and turned around over top of me. Looking down and into my now glazed over eyes, Kate continued to sway her hips. She reached up and cupped her breasts as though she was going to offer them to me. Instead she lifted her breast up and bent her head down and flicked her tongue across her stiff nipple. Lifting her head, she glanced down at my rigid cock as she reached behind her ass. Looking into my eyes I watched as she unfastened her skirt. Slowly Kate turned back around so her ass was facing me. As she swayed her ass she let her skirt fall to the floor. I felt her skirt d**** over my leg as she stepped out of it and kicked it onto our pile of clothes. Again Kate bent foreword affording me an excellent view of her ass. I felt my pre cum trickling down my shaft and into my balls. I just wanted to touch this goddess as she bent foreword. Her thong was in the crack of her ass and I could see how swollen her pussy was as her mound pushed her thong outward. Kate stood back up and looked back at me over her shoulders. Her eyes were mesmerizing as she slid her hands down from her breasts to her hips. I watched her fingers pull on the tie straps and just like that her thong was untied. The straps of her thong were untied but the strap was still between her ass cheeks. Slowly Kate sank to her knees as she began to lower her ass towards my face. Looking over her shoulder she reached behind her and took the strap that was between her ass cheeks and put the two ends together. She moved a little closer towards my face and raised the two strings to my lips. Instinctively I opened my mouth and she pushed the straps in past my teeth. I clenched my teeth together and watched as she slowly stood up. It was a truly beautiful sight as I held the straps of her thong in my mouth as she stood up, causing her ass to become totally naked in front of my face. Turning around, Kate squatted down over my chest. Her pussy looked so inviting as it was completely soaked and swollen. She reached down and picked up her thong. I continued to glance at her body as well as her eyes as I watched her pick up her thong. “Lick my pussy,” Kate said as she held the wet crotch of her thong up to my lips. Her scent drove me crazy as I felt even more pre cum ooze out of my cock. I slid my tongue out of my mouth and began to lick the wet spot on her thong. “Oh God yes, eat my pussy,” Kate said as I began to tongue her wet thong like there was no tomorrow. She pushed the material into my mouth allowing me to suck her juices from it before pulling it from my mouth and throwing it off to the side.I couldn’t get over how seductive and powerful this woman was. Here we were and yet she had complete control over me! I didn’t like it but I knew I had to abide by it. My eyes were riveted to her ass as she walked around me until she stood with her legs straddling my head. I could feel her legs as they rubbed against my ears. Looking up I gazed at her cunt as I also saw her breasts hanging down. The look on her face was pure lust as she stared down past her breasts and into my eyes.Slowly Kate lifted her leg, brushing my face with the side of her foot. “Does my foot look sexy?” she asked as she peered down into my eyes. Slowly she tilted her foot, rubbing my face with her hot flesh and the soft leather strap that went across the top of her foot.”Do you want to kiss my foot?” Kate asked as she slid her long slender toes across my lips. I nodded my head the best I could as she continued to graze my lips with her sexy toes. The red polish on her toe nails made her foot look even more incredible. I wanted to open my mouth and suck on her toes but I knew if I did so without her permission then it would be like she wasn’t in control. I patiently waited as she slowly bent down and pulled her sexy shoe off of her foot. Again Kate returned her long slender toes to my lips. “Do you want to suck my toes?” she asked. Again I answered “yes” as I inhaled the scent of her foot and the smell of the leather from her shoe. “Are you gonna suck my toes?” Kate asked. “Only when you tell me to,” I responded as I felt her begin to press her big toe into my mouth. God I just wanted to get up and fuck the living shit out of her but I knew that was impossible as I was completely strapped down. “Suck my toes,” Kate said as she nudged her toe farther into my mouth. Hungrily I began to devour her toes. I wrapped my lips completely around her big toe and sucked it into my mouth. Looking up I saw Kate’s eyes roll into the back of her head as she moaned softly. As I continued to look up I could see her nipples as they stuck out farther than any nipples I have ever seen before. My cock continued to twitch and throb as pre cum continued to drip off of my balls and onto the floor beneath my ass. I began to flick my tongue between Kate’s toes as she began to move her foot. She slid the top of her foot over my mouth and I began to kiss and lick her ever so soft foot like it was a lolly pop. I licked her foot from her toes all the way to her ankle until she pulled her foot away and placed her sexy shoe back on her foot. Kate had a seductive evil grin on her face as she walked down the length of my body. She dropped to her knees at my feet and lowered her face to my foot. “Oh God” I cried out as I felt her warm breath on my foot as her lips slid over my big toe. The sensations of her tongue and her mouth on my toe sent chills up my body until my head started to tingle. I lifted my head and watched as she glanced up into my eyes as she sucked on my big toe like it was a cock.I couldn’t stand it any more and I just wanted out of these shackles. I wanted to fuck her like she has never been fucked before. Looking down at Kate again she began to crawl up my leg. Her eyes were glued to mine as she seductively crawled up towards my cock. I felt her breasts drag up my leg as she continued to look into my eyes. I felt her hair fall down onto my cock and balls as she lowered her head. I could feel her breath on my member as she kissed all around my manhood. “Oh God Kate,” I cried out as she stopped and looked up at me. “What,” she said with a smirk on her face. “Do you think I am going to suck your cock?” she asked. “I nodded my head hoping that I was going to be urging her on. Kate began to laugh as she again lowered her face to my groin. I just wanted to feel her soft lips around my cock as I watched her continue to tease me. Looking up at me she pushed her hair back as she ever so slowly slid her tongue out and licked my balls. I thought I was going to cum just from that but I managed to hold myself back. “Look at all this pent up energy in here,” Kate said as she lowered her head and licked my balls again. Her eyes never left mine as she continued to hold her hair back while she ran her tongue up the length of my shaft. “Oh my God,” I said as she lightly fluttered her tongue under my head. “Do you honestly think that I am going to suck your cock?” she asked as she looked intently into my eyes. All I could do was nod my head as I was nearing the point of no return. Just as fast as she started she stopped.Kate stood up and again straddled me. She stood over my chest giving me a perfect view of her cunt. It was then that I noticed that she was completely shaven. Kate slowly squatted down in front of my face. She reached out with her hand and stroked my face. “Do you like my pussy Justin?” she asked. “Yes,” I responded. She inched her pussy closer to my face. I could see every crevice in her lips as they were swollen and puffed outward. Her cunt glistened in the light as the spotlights continued to circle around the stage. “Do you want to taste my pussy?” she asked. “God yes,” I replied as she again inched her dripping cunt closer to my face. I could smell her scent now as her cunt was only a couple of inches from my mouth.”Are you going to lick my pussy?” Kate asked as she reached down with one hand and spread her lips open. I was staring at the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen as she lowered her cunt until it touched my lips. Again I refrained from eating her until I was told to do so. Her pause seemed to last for an eternity as her dripping wet pussy was touching my lips before she finally uttered the words I was waiting for. “Eat my pussy Justin.” Instantly I began to lap at her sloppy hole. Looking up I saw her throw her head back as I began to snake my tongue deep into her love hole. “Oh Justin,” she moaned as I continued to lap at her cunt from he ass hole to her clit. Just as fast as the whole episode started it ended. Kate stood up and turned around. She stood over my head and faced my towering cock as she slowly dropped to her knees. Kate continued to lower herself down until she was on all fours and her breasts were now hanging directly over my face. “Do you like my breasts Justin?” she asked. All I could do was to nod my head as I stared at her pointy nipples and barbells as her breasts swayed slightly as she lowered them even closer. “I asked you if I had nice tits Justin?” Kate said sternly. “God Yes,” I cried out as she inched her mounds even closer to my face. I could feel her warmth as her nipple now hung just above my lips. “Do you want to kiss my breasts Justin?” Kate asked as she lowered her nipple until it touched my lips. “Yes,” I said as Kate slipped her nipple and nipple stud between my lips. “Suck my nipple,” Kate hissed. I squeezed my lips around Kate’s nipple, sucking on her stud as she knelt down over me. Kate’s head was now resting on my chest as she looked down and watched me enjoy her bosom. “Is that good Justin?” Kate asked as the look in her eyes told me she was enjoying this as well. I circled her areola with my tongue as she moaned softly. I rapidly flicked her nipple and stud with my tongue causing her to moan even louder. Suddenly her nipple was pulled from my mouth as she shifted herself for me to enjoy her other breast. The soft flesh of her globe felt fantastic as she smashed her breast on my face before lifting herself high enough for me to lick her nipple. I bit down softly with my teeth on her nipple and stud causing her to flinch and pull up causing her nipple to stretch to an unimaginable length. “Ughhh,” she cried out as I released my grip from her nipple causing it to snap back up to her breast. Her nipples glistened with my saliva as the spotlights shone down upon her breasts as she still hovered just above me. Kate pushed herself up and again straddled me only this time she knelt down over my chest. She carefully placed her legs along side my head as she lowered her pussy to my face. I felt her hair drop down onto my groin. I was now in a sixty nine and I was being tortured as I had to wait for her command. Looking back over her shoulder she again pushed her hair back. “Go ahead, you may eat my pussy,” Kate said as she lowered her head to my throbbing member.”Oh God,” I moaned as Kate lowered her mouth onto my cock. At the same time she pushed her sopping wet cunt onto my mouth. God it felt wonderful to have her mouth sliding up and down my cock. Her warm breath on my manhood and balls along with her hair dragging over my thigh’s was incredible. I continued to sink my tongue farther and farther into Kate’s cunt. Her pussy was so juicy I could feel my face begin to get coated with her juices. Kate began to grunt as she devoured my dick and ground her pussy onto my mouth. I too moaned into her cunt as the ministrations she was giving me nearly sent me over the edge. The spotlights spinning and the bass in the music vibrating sent chills racing down my spine. I couldn’t last much longer as I was on the verge of blowing in Kate’s mouth. Kate began to gyrate her hips, smashing her cunt against my face in a rhythmic motion. She tasted so different from Mrs. Graph as I hungrily lapped at her pussy. Suddenly Kate began to moan. Pulling up and looking over her shoulder she had a crazed lustful look on her face. “Go ahead Justin, cum in my mouth,” Kate said softly as she lowered her mouth back down onto my trembling cock. That was all the urging I needed as I no longer had to fight the urge to cum. Her mouth began to work up and down my cock as her hand began to caress my balls. Her hips began to gyrate uncontrollably as her cunt began to spasm. I could feel her cunt muscles gripping at my tongue as I continued to tongue fuck her. “Oh Justin,” she cried out as I felt my first contraction in my balls. Kate slid her mouth all the way down, taking my cock completely down her throat. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I have never been deep throated before. I felt Kate’s pussy juice begin to trickle out of her cunt and across my face. I couldn’t get enough of her as I continued to try to lap up all of her juices. I tried to thrust my hips but I couldn’t because of the restraints as I continued to pump load after load of hot sticky cum down Kate’s throat. Suddenly I felt something cold as Kate pulled off of my twitching member. Something squeezed my cock like never before and I wanted to know what it was. God I just wanted to get up and fuck her but I was helpless. Finally, Kate crawled off of my face and stood up. I could feel my face was coated with her love juice as she turned around and straddled my hips. Looking down I saw what was tight around my cock. Kate put a silver cock ring around the base of my shaft.Amazingly my cock remained rock hard. Kate looked into my eyes as she began to squat over my towering cock. The squint in her eyes and the wink she gave me sent chills down my spine. Kate was now hovering her pussy just inches above my throbbing cock. “Do you want to feel my pussy on your cock Justin?” Kate said as she lowered herself a little more. “God yes,” I shouted over the music. “Can you fuck my pussy Justin?” Kate asked as she lowered her love tunnel to just above the tip of my cock. “Fuck yes,” I screamed. “Will you fuck my pussy Justin?” Kate asked as she now touched the tip of my cock against her wet and slippery pussy. “Please yes,” I begged. “Fuck me Justin,” Kate said as she reached down and held my cock as she slowly lowered herself down onto my trembling member.”Oh God” I screamed as her pussy was so fucking hot. I couldn’t believe how tight her cunt was as she began to slowly bounce up and down. I tried to buck my hips but I couldn’t as the straps across my hips dug into my flesh. Kate’s eyes remained glued to mine as she slowly rode up and down my shaft. It was like we were looking into each other’s souls as we made love on this stage. The carnal lustful look in her eyes indicated to me that I was passing the test so far. I was totally helpless as Kate fucked me at her own will. I couldn’t believe how sensual it felt to be totally used as a sex toy. I now understood how and why Mrs. Graph needed to be dominated. There is just something about this lifestyle that sends you into another realm. I now completely understood why she called me up the other night. Why she needs me to make her cum. And most importantly why she cannot resist. I watched Kate bouncing up and down on my cock. The cock ring was amazing as I felt like I could fuck all night. Kate looked into my eyes and never broke her stare as she lifted up slightly and rotated around so her back was now facing me, while never pulling off of me. Kate began to bounce up and down slowly while she continued to look back at me over her shoulder. She placed one hand on my chest as she steadied herself while her other hand pulled her hair out of her face. I could see her hand leave her hair and squeeze her breast as she closed her eyes momentarily. I was so into this beautiful woman that I never wanted this experience to end. Kate continued to bounce up and down, slowly increasing her tempo as she rode my cock. Kate was on the verge of cumming as she arched her back and threw her head back as she screamed in pleasure. She now placed both hands behind her on my chest as she began to thrust her cunt up and down on my raging cock. “Oh god Justin,” she screamed as she dug her nails into my flesh. “Oh God Justin fuck me harder and give me your cum,” Kate hissed as she looked back over her shoulder. I felt her reach down and remove the cock ring from the base of my member. She tossed it off to the side as she continued to ride up and down like a wild woman. “Oh God yes,” Kate screamed as she came yet another time. Kate reached back a little farther and pinched my nipple. “Give it to me,” Kate grunted as her body shook out of control. I felt my balls begin to tingle as her slippery tight hole continued to slide up and down my shaft. “Give it to me baby,” Kate cried out as she began to shake into another more powerful orgasm. She was shaking uncontrollably as she shouted “Give it to me now” over the music. That was all the encouragement I needed as my balls began to twitch. I wanted to thrust my hips badly but I couldn’t. I felt my blood begin to boil as Kate continued to fuck me. “Oh Kate I’m gonna cum,” I shouted. Just then Kate pulled off of my cock. She began to pump my cock with her hand. I felt the first spasm of cum shoot out of my cock like a rocket. I saw my cum shoot out higher than her head as it landed in her hair. Kate continued to pump me as I shot spurt after spurt of cum out of my trembling manhood. “Oh Godddddddd,” I moaned as I have never felt any sensations like this in my life. Finally I felt my cock begin to go limp. Kate stood up and turned around. I couldn’t believe how covered with cum she was. She had cum in her hair and on her face. Both breasts had my cum dripping off of them and there was cum dripping down her stomach into her pussy. Kate knelt down and began to unfasten the strap across my hips. She tossed it aside and then began to unfasten the strap across my thigh’s. Crawling down to my feet, Kate unshackled my feet one at a time. She stood up and walked over to my right arm. Bending over she unshackled my wrist as a drop of cum dripped off of her breast and onto the floor next to my hand. She walked over and unshackled my other wrist. I waited for her command to get up. Kate smiled at me and held out her hand as she said “Get up.” Suddenly as I stood up there was a loud applause. Looking out into the club I realized that the entire club was filled with members most of which were naked and engaging in hot sexual activity. I felt my face become flush as Kate led me over to our clothes. She picked up her thong and tossed it to me. “Here is a souvenir,” she said as she bent down to pick up the rest of her belongings. Kate took my hand in hers and together we walked off of the stage totally naked. Kate led me back to the spiral staircase and together we walked up to her office. Closing the door behind us Kate turned around and kissed me ever so softly on the lips. “You passed,” she said as she sat down at her desk. “You can dress now,” Kate said as she pulled her bottom desk drawer open. I dressed and then sat down in front of her desk. She handed me an envelope and a few other things. “This is your ID badge. You must have this with you to get into the club. If you have a guest you want to bring to the club you must give them one of these guest cards,” Kate said as she lit a cigarette.Kate sat naked behind her desk. My cum was beginning to dry on her as she puffed on her cigarette.I set the golden envelope on my lap and looked up at Kate. I couldn’t believe how much cum she had running down her. One of her nipple rings was completely covered as a drop of my jizz was ready to drip onto her lap. She took another long puff of her cigarette before blowing the smoke out of the corner of her mouth. She paused for a moment as she stared intently into my eyes. “The entrance is behind the diner in the alley. Use your ID card to buzz yourself in the first door and then show your ID to the bouncer at the second door,” Kate said as she reached for her cigarette to take another puff. “Do you have any questions?” Kate asked.I shook my head no as I looked down at the packet she just gave me. “The complete instructions and rules are in the envelope,” Kate said as she took one last hit on her cigarette before snuffing it out in the ash tray. “Thank you Kate,” I said as I stood up and reached out to shake her hand. Kate slid her soft sexy hand into mine and we shook hands, causing her tits to jiggle. The drop of cum that was ready to drip off of her nipple stud fell down onto her lap. Looking down she removed her hand from mine and wiped up the drop of cum with her finger. Looking up at me she seductively lifted her finger to her lips before she slid her tongue out to lick up the white creamy drop. “Have a nice evening,” Kate said. I stood up and walked out of her office. I walked through the diner and out the front door, making my way to my bicycle which was stashed down the street. I unlocked my bike and hopped on it as I began to pedal towards home. I couldn’t believe how tired I was. My legs were shaky and I was really sleepy. As I rode home I came up with an excellent plan. It was a plan that if it worked I would have Mrs. Graph in the club and on stage with me. I now was a member of the club and I had all the tools that I needed. I knew now that it was just a matter of time.As I turned down my street I couldn’t help but to think of the girl I met at the coffee shop. Trista was so cute, so hot. I wondered that if I went back there in the morning if she would remember me. As I pulled up the driveway I couldn’t help but to wonder if she would consider going out on a date with me. I stashed my bike and quietly slipped into my house. I made my way up to my room and collapsed on my bed, falling asleep instantly. (To Be Continued)

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