I met a couple from this site the other night.

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I met a couple from this site the other night.Well this just gose to prove that there are some horny people out there, the other night I went and met a couple from this site that I had been chatting with and the Husband wanted to watch his wife being fucked by another man. I had not been convinced that there where many genuin people about and when I had a message from this young lady telling me how she would like to be fucked by my hard cock while her hubby watched I thought hear we go again, I have had several people contact me like this and most seem to get cold feet or are just after hearing what another man would like to do with the wife, never thinking about really meeting up, but this one couple where so persistant that I thought OK I will meet them. He was just your normal kind of guy, straight and very easy going, his wife was gorgeous younger than him and a lot younger than me with a very sexy body and a beautiful face, she looked stunning as she stood there in her black stilettos and seamed stockings, with her pencil skirt and blouse showing off her cleavage as her tit’s pushed out from her bra, I could see her nipples poking out of the material and as i shook her hubbies hand she lent forward and kissed me hard on the lips, her tounge probing into my mouth and then her arms where around me as we had a very passionate kiss right infront of her husband. She had only ever fucked men her own age and her hubby was 5 years older, but she wanted to try an older man, she was 23 and I’m 46, she just could not let me go as we walked to there car and I got in the back followed by this young wife, while her hubby got in and drove us back to there house, she could not wait and her hand was down my trousers like a rat down a drain pipe and she grabbed hold of my cock shaft. I was allready half erect, but as she held onto me it twitched and grow to full lenght in her small hand as she undid my belt and pulled at my clothes to relise my cock. As muğla escort It sprange into view she gasped and her hubby looked around to see her taking my knob into her mouth and sucking the whole length down her throat. She gave me a wonderful blow job all the way home to there house and when her hubby turned off the engin and opened the door she was dragging me out and leading me into the house.When we where all in side she led me into the lounge and there was a chair set up for her hubby to sit on and there where ropes and hand cuffs there as well, he stripped and sat on the chair while his pretty wife tied him up and put the hand cuffs on him she said to her husband, “He has a much bigger cock than you and I can’t wait to be fucked by it!” Then she turned to me and stripped down to just her undreware, she stood there in her bra, susspenders, panties and stockings then she just laid down on the couch and as she spred her legs pulled her panties down and flicked them at her hubby then she was asking me, “Please come and fuck me while he watches a real man fuck my pussy!” I didn’t need asking again and as I stripped out of my clothes and got between her legs heading my hard cock towards her wet open pussy, as my knob rubbed up and down her lips and spred her love juice all over my knob, I pushed forward and was entering her very willing cunt for the first time, I really enjoy the first time I penetrate a Lady, especialy if it’s another mans wife my cock is going into, I love the way some of them suck you cock in so willing to feel a new cock in them, some times It feels very special to enter some married ladies as there pussy is extra responsive to the strange cock slipping into them, this gorgeous young lady was one of them and I was a real pleasure to be entering her, she was loving every second of the feel of a new cock penetrating her and as she felt my heavy balls come to rest on her ass cheeks, then the final pop as my knob clicked escort muğla into place deep inside her as she gave out a loud squeel as the pleasure rippled thruo her body and she shook as her orgasam hit her. She flooded as she cum on my hard shaft and I leaked some of my cum into her as I held her tight, I was bareback in this young lady and I don’t think her hubby had realised it. I was filling her unprotected pussy with my thick white hot cum and I was loving every second of it as I tryed to inpregnate this other mans wife infront of him. She was young enouth to be my daughter and hear I was trying to give her a baby. She loved it as she could not stop cumming on my shaft and she was thrashing about like a wild thing, as she calmed down and I started to fuck her with my hard cock, she responded very willing to take every thing my cock was giving her while her hubby just watched. We where in the missionary position and her husband could not see much so I moved her into other posittions and he got the full view of my big hard cock fucking his sweet little wifes wet and willing pussy, her juices where clearly visable to him glisstening on my hard shaft, as I ploughed deep into his wife, he still didn’t realise I was not waring a condom as I fucked his wife, she didn’t seam to care that I was fucking her so hard with out any protection and I was feeling very naughty as I wanted to give her a baby while her hubby watched. We changed possition and then as she went to get on her knees she walked over to her hubby and as she climbed on the chair and placed her pussy over his face, I could see her and my mixed juices dripping from her on to her husbands face, then she pushed her cunt onto his tounge and she made him lick her clean. Then as she go off her husband she possitioned her self for me to enter her from behind in the doggy possition, as my knob parted her lips and slipped right up her willing love hole, my cock was deep inside muğla escort bayan her again and as I fucked her hard she pushed back to meet me. We continued fucking for sevral hours on the couch then she collapsed as she took my full load deep in side her, after a while we got up and she led me up the stairs and into the bathroom we had a shower together, then she took me into her bed room and as she pulled back the covers and laid on the bed she spred her legs and asked me to make love to her. Her pussy was so inviting and my cock was almost fully erect again so as I mounted her and slipped my cock back into her pussy this young woman was a fantastic fuck and I was going to keep my cock in her for as long as I could, as I came to rest deep inside her she rolled us over and then she was fucking me from ontop as her gorgeous tit’s bounced up and down my hips thrust up to meet her, drilling my knob deeper and deeper into her as my shaft was swelling in her pussy and she gave me a hard fuck as she forced her pussy onto my older cock, she was not going to let me pull out of her. She was making loads of noise and I thought what if the people next door herd her, she was so vocal as I fucked her and i woundered if she was the same with her husband, then I thought about him sat down stairs on that chair just listing to me fucking his wife. I spent the next couple of hours fucking his wife hard and when I had her begging me to cum I shot my load deep inside her holding her tight as I fired jet after jet deep into her.I was only suppose to stay that day and leave, but after we untied her hubby she told him I was staying the weekend and that’s what I did. I spent the whole weekend fucking this young wife in there marrital bed while her hubby slept in the spare room and listened to me fucking his wife in every way possible. I’m hoping to meet up with them again as she has phoned me several times and asked if she could fuck me again as It was just what she wanted as her hubby could not give her the pleasure that my older cock had. I will let you all know if we meet up again and also she is going for a pregnancy test in the week so I will let you all know the results when she tells me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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