i night i spent with my mum part 3

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i night i spent with my mum part 3Here’s part 3 of I night I spent with my mum.Thank you to everyone who liked my story and red it im very happy you enjoyed it.Its been a couple of months since me and Leanne became lovers, I have finished college and have found a job so I can help pay for our bills I have even moved in to Leanne room now where we shear our bed, nobody knows about us apart from my auntie Lou she’s coming round a lot more since she found out about me and my mum, we all joke around flirting with each other but nothing more then that.I thought we could all go away for the weekend just for a little get away and just relax and be somewhere nobody knows us, I went down sties to see where my beautiful mum was.“Baby where are you” I shouted“here darling in the kitchen” she repliedas I walked in to the kitchen I was taken back my sexy auntie Lou was there sitting at the table.“oh hello sexy I didn’t know you was here” I said walking over to her and hugging her“hey big boy, only been here for about 5 minuets” she said back hugging me tightly“i’m glad your both here I wanted to suggest something to the both of you” I askedI saw my auntie Lou’s face light up as if she knew what I was going to say.“ok baby let us have it what do you have in mind” Leanne said to me“well how about the three of us go away for the weekend maybe to a caravan in wales not one of those you tow but a static one”I saw Lou’s face drop with a hint of disappointment in her face.“baby that sounds like a brilliant idea what do you think Lou could get willd” my mum said winking at auntie Lou“well when you put it like that yeah I don’t have any plans when was you thinking we could go sexy boy” Lou said to meWell I have been saving up for it since I got my job so all I need to do is book the caravan so how about we drive down early tomorrow since its Friday and get the party started” I answered “sound good to me” my mum and Lou said at the same timeI went up to Leanne and kissed her hard and went over to my auntie Lou and did the same then I left the room, as I walked out of the kitchen I could hear my mum and Lou giggling.I book the caravan and went back to the bedroom to get changed, I heard someone come in to the room, it was my sexy Leanne “hey baby is everything sorted” my mum asked wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my softly“it is beautiful everything is ready for our wild weekend” I replied to her“yay goody i’m so excited, I was thinking how about I drive us tomorrow and you can keep auntie Lou company in the back” she said to me with a cheeky grin“sure I can do that baby how do you mean keep her company anyway” I said knowing what she meant really“your such a silly boy baby you know what I mean, you know tease her a bit” she said smacking me me playfully on my cheek“i know and yeah sure I will as long as you don’t mind sexy” I said as my hand ran up and down her body“i don’t mind it turns me on thinking about you teasing her getting her wet and the thought of her wanting that big cock of yours” she said biting her bottom lip I grabbed her arse and lifted her up as I did she wrapped her legs around my waist, we was locked in a deep passionate kiss my hand squeezing her firm arse cheeks, I turned arund so I was facing the bottom of the bed and let her fall onto the soft bed, I pulled my pants down allowing my solid cock to spring out she quickly sat up grabbing my cock and shoving it right in to her warm wet mouth, I put my right hand on the back of her head forcing more of my cock down her throat and squeezing her tit with my left hand. I let my cock slid out of her mouth so she could get some air.“thats it baby fuck mummys mouth make me gag on that fucking hard cock” she said staring in to my eyes“you like my forcing my cock down that throat don’t you like a little slut” I said to her“mmmm yesss baby treat me like a dirty little slut”I stood her up ripping her shirt open and pulling her shorts down, she pulled me close to her locking us in a kiss out tongues dancing around each others, my hand sliding down to her wet cunt, letting my fingers rub her clit I felt her body jolt, then sliding my index and middle finger deep in to her dripping wet hole.Her breathing was getting heaver I broke the kiss spinning her around her sexy arse pressing against my solid member I bent her over the bed.“witch hole do you want it in my dirty little slut” I said smacking her right arse cheek hard“fuck my pussy baby please fuck meee harrdddd” she said burying her face in the bed I grabbed my cock so I could gulid it in to her pussy, my tip hovered over the her entrance then driving my cock deep in to her pussy.“ohhhh my fuckkking god yesss yess ohh wow” she screamed I picked up my speed fucking her hard, my balls slapping against her pussy with each thrust, my hands and her hips bringing her towards me so a could go deeper in her pussy, her body began to tremble her she was moaning more and louder each time. Then her body went stiff I felt her juices gushing around my cock, I could feel my climax coming I used all I had left to go harder and faster then I began to shoot my seed deep in to her pussy trying not to slow down. After about 5 shots of my cum I collapsed on top of my mum’s back, she turned her head kissing me on my cheek.“fuck me baby that was amazing, each time we fuck its just as good as the last time” she said to me panting as she talked“i love fucking you your gorgeous your body is amazing and your pussy feels so good around my cock” I replied to her we both got up our naked bodies seem to shine with sweat, even when her hair was a mess and she was covered in sweat she still turned me on I love her truly.We both got in the shower together, as we washed each other she slid down my body placing my cock in her mouth again.“baby I want to taste that cum now my pussy is full but my mouth needs that sweet juice now” she said to meshe began to bob her head up and down taking the full length of my cock rubbing my shaft with one hand and softly squeezing my balls with her other, I could feel I was going to cum already I held on as long as I could she knew I was trying to hold it back so she got faster then my cock exploded shooting my seed in to her mouth hitting the back bahis siteleri canlı of her throat, she sucked me dry making sure she didn’t miss a drop.We got out the shower and dried off then got back dressed.“shit is auntie Lou still here I forgot all about her” I said to my mum“haha no she went home to pack and I think she said she was going to nip in to town to buy a few things” she answered me “that’s I good idea maybe I should pack our bags and you could go meet auntie Lou in town and get yourself something sexy to wear” I said winking at her“ok baby I will do I will go give her a ring now and see where she is”she went walked out of the bedroom door, I grabbed out suit cases from the wardrobe as I turned around she was stood there and she through her arms around me and kissed me “i love you baby never forget that” she said to me“ I love you to Leanne”I grabbed my wallet and got some money out and handed it to her.“whats this baby” she asked me“well I have a job now I can buy you things so take it” I said holding out the moneyshe looked down at my hand then back up gazing in to my eyes, reaching out she took the money from my hands.“thank you baby” she said smiling at meshe walked out the room and went down stairs, I could hear her open the front door.“see you later sweetheart I wont be long” she shouted up to me I started packing our things I started with my stuff I just got some shorts and t-shirts, I had looked at the weather reports and it was going to be hot all weekend, then I looked through Leanne’s things trying to think what she would wear so I picked a few light summer dresses. After I had packed our things I went down and grabbed a beer and put t.v on.I few hours passed and I decided I would make some tea ready for my mum to get back I made extra in case auntie Lou came back with her. My phone was ringing I rush to the living room where it was and picked answered it.“hello”“heyy baby me and auntie Lou are on our way home now”“ok beautiful well both come to ours i’m making us some tea”I could hear her saying to auntie Lou.“aww Lou he has made us our tea”“ok baby we will be about ten minuets traffic is shit”“ok baby see you soon love you” I said to her“love you two baby”she hung up and I went back to the kitchen to finish the tea, I dished out the food (it was a curry the only thing I could make really well) when I heard the front door open and a voice saying.“baby where home”“hey you two put your bags down and sit at the table there’s wine I will bring the food in the in a second” I shouted in to themI grabbed the plates and took them in to the dinning room where my two beautiful ladies where sitting and placed there plates in front of them.“wow baby that smells delicious” my mum said to me“hey looks like we have our own little chief Leanne” my auntie saidI went back in to the kitchen and grabbed my plate and a beer and went and sat at the table, we started eating and just normal table chit chat, then I had a thought.“why doesn’t auntie Lou just stay here tonight that way we can get an early start” I asked“that’s I good idea baby what do you think Lou Lou” my mum asked auntie Lou“yeah ok I will do as long as you two don’t mind that is” auntie Lou said“why would we mind” I asked her“well you know I wouldn’t want to intrude in your love nest” she answered me trying not to laugh“Lou Lou shut up don’t be silly you couldn’t intrude we would still fuck each other” she said laughingI almost chocked I couldn’t believe she just said that i’m still not use to someone knowing about us, both of them started laughing.“you ok baby”“yeah i’m fine just didn’t expect you to say that” I said taking a drink of my beerwe finished our meal and I took the dishes away I put them in the sink and went back to the ladies.“why don’t you two beautiful girls go put your feet up and have some more wine and I will do the dishes” I said to them “awww baby are you sure I can do them later I don’t mind” my mum said back to me“its ok babe I will do them”they grabbed there glasses and a bottle of wine and went in to the living room, I went and started washing up it didn’t take me long I put them back where they belonged and grabbed myself another beer and went to join the girls in the living room.They where going through there bags and looking what they had bought from what I saw they have bought some very sexy things bikinis and underwear, we all carried on drinking and having a good time laughing and joking then joking turned in to flirting like always, it was getting really late and we was all very tired we decided we would go bed considering we was getting up early. My mum hugged auntie Lou and to my utter surprise kissed her on the lips I could see there tongues dancing together my cock started to twitch, they stopped kissing and auntie Lou turned to me.“come on big boy you best come and give me a kiss good night”I went over to her put my arms around her waist and kissed her shoving my tongue in to her mouth she started rubbing her hands up and down my back I had my hand plated on her arse squeezing her cheeks then I broke the kiss.“you will have to wait if you want more you naughty girl” I said winking at heras I turned around I felt a hard smack on my arse I turned around and smiled at her“you little tease” she said sticking her bottom lip outI had made the spear room up for auntie Lou so we all went up stairs I went straight in to my room to get changed and my mum and Lou both went in the the bathroom, I have got changed and went towards the bathroom both of them was just coming out and Leanne went in to our room, just as I was about to close the door to the bathroom I heard a little voice.“oi big boy” auntie Lou said in a low voiceI turned around as I looked at her she lifted up her top and flashed her big beautiful 34E tits, then she turned around. But just before she went in to her room I called her“oi aunti Lou”she turned to me quickly as she did I put my thumbs in to my waist band and pulled the front of my pants down exposing my hardening cock. The look on her face was shock and lust.I pulled my pants back up and went in to the bathroom closing the door behind me, after I had finished I went back in to my room and got in bed Leanne was canlı bahis already tucked up in bed I got in and spooned up to her putting my arm over her she got hold of my hand and placed it on her tit and whispered to me“keep that there baby”she took her hand from mine and placed her hand on the front of my pants with my free hand I pulled the front of my pants open and she knew what I meant because her hand went straight down my pants and grabbed hold of my dick and we fell asleep like that.I woke up the next morning to my alarm going off, my hand still on my mums tit and her hand was still on my now hard cock. I took her hand from my cock even tho all I wanted was for her to wank me off I knew I had to get up so we could get ready to go away.I got up and went to the bathroom, splashed some water on my face to wake me up then I brushed my teeth. When I was done I went on knocked on auntie Lou’s room door no answer so I opened the door abit to look in but I couldn’t really see so I opened it and went in as I got in her room I could see she was naked my cock went even harder then it was I placed my hand on her shoulder and gave her a gentle shake to wake her up.“auntie Lou its time to get up come on I will go put a kettle on and make you a coffee”“ok sweetie” auntie Lou said “can I just say auntie Lou you have a fucking gorgeous body” I said walking to the door“you shouldn’t be look you cheeky boy” she said back to me“come on sexy you love the fact i’m hard after looking at that sexy body”“ok yeah thats true” she said laughingI went to my room and got my mum up and went down to make a coffee I heard someone coming down and walking towards the kitchen. It was auntie Lou“here’s your coffee sexy” “thanks baby” auntie Lou said “auntie Lou today i’m sat in the back with if thats ok mum said she will drive”“that’s fine baby, how long are we gonna be on the road for” she asked me“i think its about two hours depending on traffic” I answeredI could see a smile creeping up on her face, then I heard Leanne coming down and walk in to the kitching.“morning baby morning Lou Lou” Leanne said still half asleepI handed her a coffee and she looked at me and blew me a kiss, we sat and drank our coffee’s then I went up to take a shower.I finished my shower and grabbed my towel and went to get dressed Leanne was in our room getting ready she had put my clothes on the bed ready for me, I walked over to where she was sat doing her hair and leaned over and kissed her the I dried myself and got dressed, I grabbed our suit cases and took them down and put them near the front door where auntie Lou’s bags where I went and got the car keys so I could put them in the boot.I put all the bags in the boot and we was ready to go, I went back in the house and made sure everywhere was locked then went out side and locked the front door, the two ladies where already in the car waiting for me I quickly got in the back seat of the car and we where off.Like we had planed I was in the back with my auntie Lou, she looked amazing she was wearing a very low cut button up dress her tits where almost popping out the dress fell just above her knee, as we was travelling Lou’s dress had moved higher up he leg it was half way up her thigh now, I felt I twitch in my cock I put my hand on her knee and said.“you ok auntie Lou”yeah im good thanks hunnie”I could see my mum looking at Lou through the rear view mirror then she looked at me and gave me a little nob as if to say go on play with her, I started gentle brushing my finger tips up and down her thigh I could feel and skin getting goosebumps she started to slightly riddle as she began to get turned on every so often I would go I little further up her thigh, I could hear her start to breath heavier I let my fingers slip more in between her legs and she opened her legs up a little just enough for me to get my hand where it needed to be, as my hand got further up her thigh my hand brushed up against her pussy and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties.As my hand brushed her pussy I could feel her pussy was completely bald and was dripping wet.“mmm that’s it sweetie don’t be shy play with that pussy” Lou said get me as she began biting her lipI let my fingers slid all over her mound, I started rubbing her little button with my index finger then sliding down her pussy teasing her opening I kept teasing her till she couldn’t take it any more I slid my middle finger deep in to her pussy.“auntie Lou your pussy is so tight” I whispered to her“mmmm please don’t stop it feels so good”sliding my middle finger in and out of her pussy getting a little bit quicker when I could fell she was getting very wet I let my finger slip out of her tight pussy then inserting my index and middle finger she kept letting out slight moans that noise get me even more turned on, I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers her legs started to shake then her pussy realised its grip on my fingers and then her sweet pussy juice began to gush out covering my fingers and my palm my fingers slid out of her snatch, she grabbed my hand bringing them to her mouth and sucking her juices off my fingers, that sent me over the edge my cock was rock hard and needed to be set free.“hey baby at the next red light will you just put this seat forward please don’t have much room back here “ I said to my mum“sure baby, you ok Lou Lou” Leanne said looking through her mirror“mmm yeah im very good Le” Lou said back to herWe came to a set of red lights and my mum pressed the leaver and I pushed the seat forward giving me more room to do what I wanted, I turned to face auntie Lou and whispered.“hope that was ok for you sexy”“it was more than ok big boy but now I need to see what my sister keeps on going on about” she said back to meI put my thumbs inside my waist band and pulled my shorts down below my knees then I let them slip down my ankles, my cock sprung up out of my shorts, auntie Lou’s eye’s went like source pans at the sight of my 10in member, she undid her seat belt and leaned over to me kissing my neck and going down my chest and stomach, she kissed up my shaft till she got to my tip and straight away took the whole of my cock in her mouth, she had deferentially sucked cock before bahis siteleri the way she took the full length of my cock she knew what she was doing.Her head was bobbing up and down my cock quite fast, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began stroking as she was sucking my hand found her tit I slid my hand under her dress and found she wasn’t wearing a bra either I began playing with her big tit’s getting her nipple hard, I could tell she was liking my touch because she began sucking me even faster I began to gently roll her nipple through my fingers as she continued to bob her head up and down my hard shaft.She must of known I was almost ready to fill her sweet mouth with my seed, she slid my cock out of her mouth lifting her head to look at me deep in to my eyes the lust and passion was easily saw in her eyes she licked her lips and then met my lips in a kiss our hands exploring each others body she broke the kiss.“Lea could we stop at the next service station please I need to pee” she said placing her hand on Leanne’s shoulder“yeah sure I could do with a pee” she repliedI knew it wasn’t much further now till we would arrive at the site, we stop at the service station and auntie Lou and Leanne went in to use the toilet and I went to the shop to get a drink, I bought a drink for us all and headed back to the car where auntie Lou and Leanne was waiting for me.“oh there you are baby thought you had done a runner and left us poor helpless ladies on our own” Leanne said to me“now would I leave my two favourite ladies I would be stupid to do that” I said back to her we all got back in the car and to my surprise and disappointment auntie Lou got in the front seat, we got back on the road, we continued driving for about thirty minuets then we arrived at our static caravan the two ladies got out and went in to see what it was like and I collected our bags and took them in.we put our bags in our room’s and just left them there, I walked back out of the room to where Leanne and auntie Lou was.“think I might go for a lie down that long drive has made me really tired” Leanne said rubbing her eyes“aww ok hun we will wake you up in an hour and we can go have a look around” auntie Lou said to herI walked over to Leanne and kissed her and she turned around and walked to the bedroom, I watched her walk to the room my eyes locked on to her beautiful arse picturing me fucking her hard in it. She walked in to the room and closed the door, I felt a hand on my shoulder the I got spun around I didn’t even get chance to look my auntie Lou in the eyes she had dropped to her knee’s and was already pulling my pants down and taking my semi-hard cock in to her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down my hardening cock, I put my hand on the back of her head I looked down to her as she sucked my dick staring in my eyes the whole time, I started unbuttoning her dress allowing her busty tits to pop out I took one of her tits in to my hand gently squeezing it my auntie wrapped her right hand around my shaft and with her left she slid her hand down her stomach and down to her pussy rubbing her clit then slipping two fingers in to her wet cunt she continued sucking my member as she made herself moan.I grabbed a hand full of her hair pulling her from my cock bending down and sticking my tongue in to her mouth forcing a passionate kiss I stood her up turning her towards the table and pushing her on to it causing her to bend over it, I ripped her dress off of her the taking hold of my hard cock guiding it in to her wet slippery cunt forcing it deep in to her her back arched and she screamed in pleasure, I began to trust my dick in and out of her pussy holding on to her hips pulling her on to my cock forcing my cock to go deeper in to her wet cunt.I stopped and stood her up and truing her so we was face to face she went in for a kiss but I pushed her back on to the table she looked shocked until she saw me drop to my knee’s and buried my face between her thighs, shoving in tongue as deep as I could into her hole she tasted amazing I could eat her pussy all day, I slipped my tongue out of her dripping hole and slid it up to her little button flicking my tongue over it each time causing her to arch her back, I continued to switch between tonguing her hole and teasing her clit she grabbed a handful on my hair pushing my face hard against her pussy. She pressed my head with her thighs as her body began to tense up then she went limp then she flooded my mouth with her love juice I lapped it all up her taste was amazing.I got up and sat down on the couch behind me giving my jaw time to relax I sat there gazing at my auntie’s naked body those beautiful big tits and that bald pussy that made my cock so hard, she sat up looked at me I could see the lust in her eyes. She slid off the table and started waling over towards me not braking the eye contact we was shearing, my cock was rock solid she got to me bent over and placed her hands on each of my knee’s and spread them then she leaned over and kissed me then stood back up straight and turned her back to me she lowered herself down slightly then grabbed my cock so she could guild it in to her my cock slid in to her pussy easy she was dripping wet, I watched as all my cock disappeared in to her cunt when she was sat on my hard member she lent forward and placed her hands on the floor and started to bouncing her arse up and down on my cock.“i want you to cum in my pussy I want you to fill my pussy baby” auntie Lou said through heavy breathing she started to bounce harder on my cock, my dick was pounding her pussy hard the slapping sound as her arse hit my skin, I could feel I was going to cum any time so I grabbed her hips meeting her thrusts.“ohhhhhh fuckkkk yessss baby pound my pussy fuccckkk” my auntie Lou screamed“fuckk i’m gonna cum” I said then I exploded in side her pussy filling her to the brim with my seed her body shock as she scream in the mits of her orgasm, as she began to relax again she feel back on to me turning her head to me kissing me our tongues dancing with each other.“i thought I could hear some fun going on in her” I heard my mum say“oh shit sorry baby we didn’t wake you up did we” I said to her “haha no babe I have been standing here for a while watching you to fuck and i’m so wet” she replyed sliding her hand down her body.hope you enjoyed this story I stopped here because it was getting quite long (no pun intended) I will bring out part 3.2 soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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