I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 2

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Alexis Ren

I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 2I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 2Shy Teen and the Fire InsideBy billy69boy(Part 1 ended with Niece Hailey and her Uncle James stopping at an old, abandoned campsite deep in the woods, off a seldom used dirt road in a state park.)I was extremely nervous, as I killed the engine; I realized we were in the middle of silence, with no one else around. I wasted no time jumping out, shutting the driver’s door, and slipping into the back seat, while quickly slamming the back door. I was conscious of how hot it was outside, and I didn’t want to waste the cool air from the SUV’s A/C. I was shocked at what I discovered, as I sat next to my sexy niece Hailey:She was still sitting in the exact same position as when I pulled off the road and made my way to this deserted spot in the woods. I had concentrated so much on following the overgrown trail that I really hadn’t thought to look back into my “secret” mirror. Both of her feet were still planted on the seat, knees bent, with her arms wrapped tightly around them, her face buried, as if trying to hide behind her folded legs. She still had her seat belt buckled. A sense of panic and dread washed over me, and I struggled to keep my composure and remain calm: perhaps I took it too far, and my shy young niece was having serious misgivings, now that she found herself alone with her uncle, and far from any semblance of civilization. My mind was racing, trying to figure out the right thing to say to her.”Are you okay, Hailey?” I asked quietly. There was a noticeable pause, perhaps only 1 or 2 seconds, before she nodded her head up and down, without showing her face, or otherwise moving. Her closed body language was clear, but I couldn’t tell if she was just being coy, or if she was silently freaking out inside her head. I figured the best way to find out was to ask some more questions:”Have you changed your mind?” I shuddered, as I asked her as calmly as possible.Another agonizingly long pause and she finally shook her head ‘no’, but still she didn’t look up at me. I was only slightly more assured:”Are you sure you don’t want to just leave?” I asked rather boldly.I took the chance of giving her a legitimate way out if she wanted it. After all, I reasoned, if this wasn’t a completely mutual thing, I was quite willing to give it all up. I may be an opportunist, but there was no way I would impose my will on anyone, and least of all one, of my darling nieces. A few more intense seconds elapsed before she shook her head ‘no’, and some of the panic dissipated. Now, I thought about what I might say next. To my surprise she turned her head towards me and looked me in the eyes:”I’m fine, Uncle James, really,” she spoke without hesitation this time. I began to feel much better about everything. I watched her intently as she lowered her legs down, and unfastened her seat belt. Now that the first hurdle was cleared, there was the awkward next step of our agreement. I’m not particularly glib-tongued, and I stumble over myself sometimes trying to say just the right thing. Apparently my hesitation allowed Hailey the chance to speak first:”There’s just one thing, Uncle James, before anything happens. I don’t want anyone else to know about this, so will you promise not to tell anyone about whatever might go on between us?”Wow, her words caused my head to spin. She had obviously thought this through pretty thoroughly, which excited me to no end.”Of course I promise, Hailey, but what about güvenilir bahis siteleri you? You won’t even tell Rachel or your girlfriends?” I countered.”I won’t tell anybody, especially them!” she assured me.So, now that we took care of business, it was time to make good on my offer. I turned towards her, and looked at her more directly now. Her young face was radiant and glowing, and her eyes sparkled with energy and excitement. Her slim sexy body seemed to quiver ever so slightly, and her hard nipples strained against her flimsy yellow top. Her long black shorts were completely unappealing, other than they hid her feminine charms from view…at least temporarily. I was increasingly emboldened now, and I related my opening gambit to her rather confidently:”So, just what kind of help can I offer to you?” I asked her, with an obvious grin on my face, even as I could feel my palms sweating and my brow dripping beads of perspiration into my eyes.She turned her body sideways, and slid down on the seat, lying on her back with her crotch facing me.”You know,” was all she said. She bent her knees, and put her bare feet flat on either side of her body, her hands resting on her chest. I reached out timidly, and made some weak contact, running my hands up and down each of her legs. Each time I caressed her, my hands moved closer and closer to the treasure between her legs. She gradually relaxed her leg muscles enough so that her knees drifted further and further apart. I was moving slowly yet deliberately, while making sure I read her right. We were in no rush, I figured, so let’s make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity last as long as possible.I watched her fingers gently begin to run over top of her small teen mounds, and I smiled at the sight of her pinching her erect nipples ever so gently. Low moans escaped from her thin lips, and her eyes were closed. It was time to do or die, and I allowed my fingers to slide up and down her warm mound a few times, before I ducked my hand under her loose hem, and came in contact with her tiny, silky thong. Oh my, it felt so good and slippery under my fingers. It also felt quite warm, and drenched, which came as no surprise.I lightly rubbed my index finger teasingly up and down between her labia, slightly pushing her thong into her wetness. Her hips began to respond to my stimulation, and she spread her legs open further still. As I increased the pressure on her pussy, I found her clit, and flicked it repeatedly over her thong, and her head rocked back and forth. She reached down and lifted her yellow half shirt up and over her budding, braless tits, exposing them to me without shame. This sight of her playing with her own perky breasts was enough to put me out of my mind. I didn’t know which one of my heads would explode first.I took it as my cue to finally get rid of those god-awful black shorts. When I hooked my fingers under the elastic waistband, Hailey immediately lifted her hips off the seat until I quickly peeled them off. I took another good look at my sexy little plaything, and I couldn’t help but squeeze my throbbing erection a few times, as I leered at her naked tits, thin waist, and the unmistakable curve of her young hips, which displayed the skimpiest white thong ever made.I was really enjoying going slowly, as I knew all the teasing was gradually taking her where she wanted to go. I continued to run one finger up and down, over her thong, flicking her clit with a little more pressure youwin giriş each time. In response, Hailey increased her tit pinching with more vigor. It was obvious that this wasn’t her first time navigating her heaving chest. Abruptly, I leaned over and intruded my face between her hands, kissing between her firm tits, until she reluctantly let her hands slip away to give me more room to maneuver. Without missing a stroke between her legs, I took each of her breasts into my mouth and suckled them gently, flicking my tongue rapidly over each of her proud nipples. She cried out, and squirmed as I gently took them between my teeth.Her legs jerked spasmodically under me, and she reached down and managed to grab her thong and pull it down her legs and off her feet. I admired her directness and her sense of urgency. I slid my middle finger deep into her soaking wet love spot, and she groaned and shuddered from the sensation. Quickly I added another finger, and pushed them both inside her. I worked them in and out methodically, as I manipulated her tits with my other hand. It dawned on me that there was no sign of an intact hymen, and she didn’t even flinch when I pushed my two fingers all the way into her love canal. I wondered what she may have been doing when it broke.My skinny, delectable niece seemed to be enjoying the “help” I was giving her. I wondered how much experience she had already long before I came along. I decided to test her out a little bit and try to gauge her kinkiness factor. I slipped my glistening fingers out of her tight bald pussy, and silently rubbed her gorgeous lips with my two fingertips. She immediately opened her mouth and sucked them in deep enough for them to disappear from view. This aroused me to no end, and I wondered how much longer I could keep my composure. This seemed like a good time for another question. As I caressed her hard tits with my wet fingers, I leaned in and whispered:”So, has anyone ever licked you?” I inquired, blushing as the words gushed out of my mouth. Hailey shook her head ‘no’, without opening her eyes.”Oh,” she added abruptly, “ah, no…well, not a male, anyway.” Her voice trailed off, but I felt a rush up my spine. Just then, I heard myself blurt out “OH?” rather loudly. Without missing a beat, Hailey explained:”Some of Rachel’s friends are lesbians,” she said nonchalantly. Wow, it was such a turn-on, knowing that my young, innocent niece wasn’t all that innocent. And she easily passed my “kinky factor” test. Without hesitation, I slid down the seat until my face was an inch or two from her slick pink cunt. Her pussy was beautiful, and it smelled of sweet, musky, sex. “I suppose Rachel and her friends taught you how to shave your pussy too?” I just had to ask. She just giggled, and added: “yeah, among other things,” then kind of giggled again, as she wrapped her arms around her legs as I pushed them back against her chest. I waited no longer. I swirled my tongue around her protruding clit, and ran my stiff tongue up and down her sweet pink slit, until she couldn’t stop squirming. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it as I thrust my two fingers back into her wanton hole. She held her legs tightly against her chest, and I began to attack her willing vagina with my fingers, pounding my hand up against her mound.My precious niece reached out and pulled my face tight against her now pulsating pussy, which was on the very edge of erupting in my mouth. I didn’t let up the youwin güvenilir mi pace, and I kept finger fucking her until her whole body became wracked with an intense sexual release the likes of which I had rarely seen before. I stayed right with her as her body convulsed, and her face screwed up in a weird grimace, even as she unashamedly let her verbal response fill my ears:”Oh my god…oh my god…oh yes, OH YES! Please!!!! Oh god YES!!!! Oh Uncle James!!!! SO GOOD!! SO GOOD!!! PLEASE!! HARDER!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! OH PLEASE!!! YEAH, LIKE THAT!!! OH GOD, UNCLE JAMES, I’M CUMMING!!!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!! OH YES!! FINGER ME!!! FINGERFUCK MY FUCKING CUNT!!! OH LORD, IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOOD!!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!”And with that enthusiastic outburst, she slumped back down on the seat like a sack of flour, totally spent; the only discernible movement was her heaving chest, struggling to inhale enough oxygen to calm her breathing. I pulled back to give her some space to recover, and I looked down and admired my handiwork, relishing the tangy-sweet flavor of her orgasm on my face.”So, was that helpful?” I asked playfully. She smiled in between gasps and shook her head up and down. She reached out and pulled my head back down between her legs and mashed my face into her steaming hot vagina, holding it there until she was sure I had cleaned up all of her juicy offering, which I was only too happy to oblige. Satisfied that I did a good job, she finally let go of my head and sat up. I mentioned that we’d better get going, and I began to hand her those baggy shorts of hers. She took them and put them aside.”Wait! What about you?” she said, as I handed her the cute yellow top. She put it alongside her shorts. As I felt around on the floor for her sexy little white thong, I really wasn’t paying attention to her question.”What? What about me?” I repeated her question back to her.”Well,” she started out slowly and coyly, “um…what about your, um, Thingie?””My Thingie?? Is that what we’re calling it these days?” I chuckled, feigning disinterest.”Okay, your cock, then,” she stammered.”Well, what about my cock?” I answered, acting naïve.”I want to see it!” she blurted out, losing her patience with my obvious ignorance, “that’s part of the reason I got you to take me here.”This bit of information was certainly news to me. So, apparently this little tryst wasn’t my idea at all. I had been duped, snookered, taken in, by my clever young niece. I quite liked the idea!”You see, Uncle James, Rachel and the older girls are only interested in talking about themselves, and doing each other. But I’ve always been curious about cocks. I’ve seen small ones on boys, but I never saw a grown man’s penis in real life, much less one that was hard. So, I was hoping that you would show me yours,” she explained. “And that’s another reason I don’t want Rachel or anyone else finding out about us. I don’t want to hear their mouths.” Almost as an afterthought, she added: “Your penis can still get hard, can’t it?”For a brief moment, I was taken aback. Here was my fledgling niece, challenging my manhood! Ironically, I remembered that my cock had been hard almost continuously since the morning, when we started our drive, and I watched her pleasuring herself. Now, I wondered if she had known all along that I watched her whole show through my “magic mirror”. But I would wait until later to find out. Right now, more urgent matters needed to be dealt with. Without another second of hesitation, I grabbed hold of my shorts, and pulled them off. I sat back so Hailey to take in the full view. Her eyes grew wide, and her mouth formed a perfect “O”, and the genuine surprise on her face was just so precious to witness.”WOW!” she gushed, in genuine admiration, “can I touch it?”

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