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I’am Not Gay All Girl School PT2 LesbianThe week after talking to Professor Keller was a blur. I went to class but felt like a zombie. I walked passed women talking or holding hands and just looked straight head avoiding all contact. I barely talked to anyone at all. That weekend Heather and I stayed home again with Tammy dodging any invitations to parties or dates. Even with them I felt disconnected and strange.On Monday morning two more girls on our floor were openly gay. One of them was on the tennis team and she hooked up with a teammate. She did not surprise me. She seemed like a tomboy to begin with. The other one was Susan who I was surprised about. She seemed shy, like a person that would go out of her way to stay away from other people, but when her roommate came back from going home over the weekend she found her between the legs of another woman. I didn’t want to hear the details but they quickly spread across the dorm anyway.The next week went more quickly but on Friday my Heather roommate shocked me.”I agreed to a date with Cat.” Heather said.”What?” I gasped.”Well she keeps asking and it would be rude not to go.” Heather said.I couldn’t believe it. Why would she do this to me? Why would she agree a date with another woman? That night I stayed up waiting for Cat to come home for hours. I felt sick just thinking about her and Cat alone somewhere… doing things. I couldn’t sleep. I called wanting company Tammy but she never answered. I thought about all the horrible things that Cat might do to her, but eventually after midnight our door finally opened.”How was your… date?” I asked her almost jumping out of my bed.”It was fine she just took me out to a movie so it was no big deal.” Heather said.”What took so long then?” I asked.”Well we walked around the park and talked for the last couple of hours.” Heather replied.”Oh ok,” I said. At least Heather was safe at home. It was going to be ok; everything was going to be fine. Cat had her one date; maybe she would leave Heather alone now.On Sunday I left to go to the library for a couple of hours and when I came home my roommate Heather was gone but our room smelled like Professor Keller’s office had weeks before. At first I was shocked thinking that Cat had seduced my roommate when I was away but then I realized that Heather was probably just masturbating. I was not sure if that made me feel any better or not. I had not felt comfortable touching myself since I had gotten to college. It was strange when you had a roommate. I’d be embarrassed if she walked in.The next day we had a knock on our door. It was Tammy who had not returned our calls and neither of us had seen in several days.”I have something to tell you both and it is not easy to say.” She said slowly walking in to our room.”Whatever it is it is ok just tell us,” Heather said.”I have a girlfriend now.” Tammy blurted out.”What? Who?” I said almost shouting.”Her name is Gina. I don’t think you know her but she is standing outside, she told me to come here and tell you, that it was unfair to pretend that I was the same girl that you both knew. It started just as study sessions on Friday night but by the end… she and I… had sex. One moment we were just reading and studying for the history exam. I remember her bring a book over to show me something then before I knew it we were kissing.” Tammy said with a bizarre smile.”You should have stopped her.” I said my heart pounding.”You don’t understand I did not want to stop her, once she kissed me it felt too good and she did not stop there I let her do everything to me, everything that women… lesbians do to each other.” Tammy said her cheeks turning red.”I don’t believe you.” I said in shock.”It is the truth, the things she does things to me, I can’t explain it, it has been just a couple of days but I feel amazing.” Tammy said her eyes glistening.”You can still break it off with her” I said.”No Erica you don’t understand, I love it, and she makes me happy. I feel like a woman for the first time in my life. You have no idea, but it feels so good to be taken like that. To be made into the woman you need to be. I feel like I’m home. What I said before is wrong, I was wrong; being with another woman is wonderful. Being gay is wonderful. I can’t keep my hands off of her I want her all the time, not only that but she makes me feel loved, I’m not going to be here on weekends anymore, I’m going to be out with her. I’m her girlfriend now. I’m not going to lie to myself or you; I’m going to do the walk with her this week. I’m going to let everyone know that I’m a lesbian and that I’m Gina’s girlfriend, but I don’t want to lose your friendship either. I want you both to go out with us and her friends. I can even set you up Erica. Heather is already going out with Cat but I’m sure Gina knows a nice girl for you. We can still be friends. It can be like always only better, please come out with us.” Tammy said reaching for my hand.”No” I said pulling my hand away in anger.”Will you meet her at least?” Tammy asked.”Yes” Heather said before I could reply.”I guess” I replied.I was surprised when she came in, Gina was really cute I would not think for a second by looking at her she was gay.”She shook both of our hands; I want you all too still be friends but I also want to spend time with my girlfriend.” The rest of the conversation seemed like a blur to me. The zombie I had been at the beginning of the week returned. Eventually Gina and Tammy left holding hands.The next Friday we agreed to go to Gina’s house for lunch. Well Heather agreed and I did not want her to go alone. The house Gina and her friends were renting had a pool so we brought our bathing suits. It seemed like a bad idea to me but Gina told us she would tell her lesbian roommates to leave us alone so that we were more comfortable. I had not seen too much of Heather the last week because she was studying at the library lots of nights and I missed Tammy too. Part of me was just happy to hang out with my friends.When we got there I had to admit the house they rented was really nice and the lunch Gina made was fantastic.”So” Gina said. “Heather how is your relationship with Cat?””It is fine we just go out to dinner or the movies.” Heather said.”Has she made a move on you yet?” Gina said smiling.”Baby!” Tammy said poking her.”It is ok trust me.” Gina replied, “We should talk to your friends about this.””Well no we have not done what you two have done.” Heather said.Gina leaned over and kissed Tammy. We both watched as the two kissed deeply. It made me feel so strange inside watching my friend like this with another woman.”Have you kissed her yet? Tammy and I never stopped after the first kiss.”Tammy blushed smiling at her girlfriend.Then to my surprise Heather said, “Yes, we kissed but nothing more.””How sad, I’m sure that will change soon enough,” Gina said looking at Heather and then over to me.”Everyone ready to get in the pool?” Gina said smiling.We played in the pool for a long time. It was so much fun to hang out with both Tammy and Heather. I missed them so much. After a while I took a nap in the sun and when I woke up Heather was the only one still there outside with me.”Where are Tammy and Gina?” I asked.”They went in a little samsun escort while ago.” Heather said.”Ok time to go in I guess.” I said.When we walked into house I was shocked to see Gina and Tammy in the kitchen topless. Tammy was climbing up on the kitchen counter top with a smile on her face.We both watched as Tammy lifted her butt to let Gina peel off her pink bikini bottoms. I could not help but look for a second between my friend’s legs. It made me feel strange watching Tammy spread her legs eagerly for her girlfriend. Gina smiled as she went down between Tammy’s legs.I remember the clock on the oven behind them flashing 12:00 as Tammy began to moan. “Ahhh yes baby Ahhh yes.”We stood their frozen as Gina’s head seemed to work magic between our friend’s eager legs.”Ahhhh yes baby… I love it when you do that to me. It feels so good.”To my surprise Gina looked to be in pleasure as well as she went down on our friend.”Your fucking cunt tastes so good baby.” Gina said her voice muffled between our friend’s thighs.”Ohhhh Ahhh… yes… Gina… talk dirty to me. It turns me on so much. I want to hear it, please yes,” Tammy whimpered as she moved her hand down playing with Gina’s long hair.We watched as Gina looked back up at Tammy and started to move her fingers in-between Tammy’s legs.”Ohhh I love this so fucking much, seeing your little sweet pussy all wet and needy. It thought it was straight, it thought it needed cock.””Ahhh.” Tammy moaned. “It did Ahhhhhh.””It was so shy, so hidden from our world. It was so scared of what could happen.” Gina said smiling her lips still covered in our friends love.”Ahhhh ahhh… Gina… baby Ahhhh. Tell me again ahhh Gina…” Tammy moaned.”It hid between your beautiful legs.””Ahhhh yes yes.””Then it met me.” Gina said in an almost husky voice, “and everything changed.””Ahhh ahhhh Ahhh, YES YES!! I MET YOU!! AHHHH I NEEDED YOU!!” We watched as the pleasure grew in our friend. It was not that long ago she was sleeping safe on our floor all cuddled up with the teddy bear she had since she was a little girl. Now she was giving herself eagerly to this upper-class lesbian woman.”AHHHH YES AHHH GINA!!” Tammy screamed as we watched Gina slip a finger inside of her.”Once it met me it began to open to the real world.” She said as her finger went in and out of our friend, “The world it secretly needed to be a part of.””Ahhh Ahhhh yes Gina.” Tammy whimpered looking down at her lover.”Tell me baby tell me. Scream it so your friends can hear it all the way from the pool.” Gina said going back to eagerly sucking Tammy’s pussy.”AHHHHH GINA Yes yes… It needs your lips; I need your lips… FUCK YES!! AHHH AHHH I’m yours. THIS IS ALL YOURS!! I get so fucking wet just thinking about you… what you do to me. Ahhh Ahhh I love it I love this! Ahhh Ahhh.”Tammy’s butt began to rise off the counter and we could hear her gasp for air.”AHHHH GINA YES, MY CUNT NEEDS THIS I NEED THIS!! I’m so fucking happy now that I know who I am… Ahhhhhh GINA… I’M A LESBIAN ahhh ahhh Gina and I’m yours I’m yours AHHH AHHHH FUCK YES. AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH!”Heather and I watched as the friend we tried to protect from all this came hard for her lesbian girlfriend.”I love doing that to you.” Gina said coming up between her legs smiling, her lips wet with Heather’s sinful lust.”Ahhh, baby I love when you do that to me.” Tammy replied, “I love being yours.””Good, I wonder if that helped change your friend’s minds.””I hope so.” Tammy said smiling and eagerly kissing Gina’s wet lips. “I miss them.”Gina looked around the room then found us, “Fuck, I hope you both enjoyed that.””Let’s go now.” I said to Heather.But she was frozen looking at the two women. She had this strange faraway look in her eyes.”You want to watch your friend go down on me?” Gina said smiling at us.I shook my head no.”You sure? I think you both do. You can just watch.” Gina said peeling off her Bikini bottoms.She climbed onto the counter and spread her legs wide. I could not help but look between her legs. It felt this strange tingle run up and down my body.”Let’s show these straight women what they are missing.” She said smiling.Tammy looked over at us with a smile, “You’ll thank us latter.”It was not long before out innocent little friend was licking away between Gina’s legs with her long wet tongue.I grabbed Heathers hand pulling her but she seemed like she was in a trace.”Ahhh you’re getting so good at that baby.” Gina said between moans.”You’re so wet baby.” Tammy said, “I love going down on you.””Heather we have to go” I said.Gina looked at me with a smile, “It does not look like your friend wants to leave. Maybe we should give Cat a call. The four of us can have dinner then go to the club. I think Heather would like that. What do you think sweetheart? You think she needs a night out with us?”Tammy looked over at us her face covered with Gina’s juices.”I think she would love that.” Tammy said as she pleasured her new girlfriend.I pulled at Heather arm with all my weight pulling her to one side, finally breaking her out of her trance.”We have to go.” I said.She looked at me with a panicked look and nodded.We ran to her car grabbing our clothes and purses as we went. Gina’s moaning was extremely loud as we left the house.”I can’t believe we just watched that.” I said starting Heather’s car.”I know Tammy has changed so much.” Heather said gasping for air.”It was horrible!” I exclaimed. I could hardly drive but somehow we made it back to our dorm room.When we got to our room Heather just stood there.”What is the matter?” I asked, “We are back home, we are safe.””No, I have a date with Cat tonight. She invited me to a party.” Heather said her body shaking.”What! You have to call it off!” I exclaimed my body almost shaking.”No… I’ll go, but I’m going to break it off with Cat tonight. I don’t want to end up like Tammy.” She said.”Good I don’t know what I would do if I lost you too,” I said hugging her.”Do you want me to come?” I asked.”No this is something I need to do myself. She is a nice person just wrong about me.” Heather said her voice barely a whisper.That night was impossible to go to bed. I rolled around a lot and stared at the clock for hours. Heather should be home by now I thought. I was almost asleep when I heard the door slam open.Then all I could hear was kissing and moaning. I thought for sure I was having a nightmare.”Ahhh Cat my roommates here.” I could hear Heather whimper. “I don’t want Erica to hear us.””I don’t fucking care,” said Cat, “I’ve wanted you for so long and your place was closer. I want a perfect ending to our perfect date.””I guess she could be asleep,” Heather whimpered between kisses.”Sure or she can listen, I bet it will turn her on, but tonight I don’t care about her, I care about us, you and me, no one else exists, just you and me sweetheart and I won’t let it end like last time.””AHHH CAT AHHHH!” Heather screamed.I could hear something hit the floor.I just stared at the wall trying not to move. Was I dreaming? Was this really happening?”You look so pretty in your new dress. It is so sweet you wore it for me on our fifth date.” Cat said.”Fifth date?” I thought “Wasn’t this was the second? Heather was going to break this off tonight. escort samsun What had happened between then and now? When were they seeing each other?””Thank you Cat.” Heather whimpered, “AHHHH Thank you so much.””I’ve wanted to take it off you all night sweetie.” Cat said.”AHHHH Cat… I can’t believe this is happening. This is so wrong.” Heather whimpered.”Tell me one reason this is wrong,” Cat asked between kisses.”Ahh, it is dirty.” Heather said under her breath”Does it feel dirty?” Cat asked in an almost sarcastic tone.”Ahhhh I don’t know, maybe, AHHHHH AHHHH.””Trust me baby by the morning it won’t feel dirty, it won’t feel dirty ever again. It will feel natural, normal and wonderful, you and I, being together.”My heart was beating though my chest as I heard the two kissing over and over again, then I heard the bed squeak loudly followed by, “Ohh Cat… AHHHHHH,” Heather screamed, “AHHH AHHH WOW!”What was she doing to her? How could it feel that good?”You are so beautiful baby,” Cat said “Your body feels so good against mine and your lips are perfect. I just want to kiss them forever.”They kissed for a while longer, until both of them were moaning loudly. The worst part was as they moaned I could feel a tingle go through my body and then a little wetness between my own legs. Cat had been right; I was getting wet listening to her make out with my roommate.”Ahhh wait.” I heard Heather say under her breath, “Not there… not yet Ahhhh Ahhhh Ohhhh.””I don’t want to wait baby I’ve wanted to kiss your breasts forever. They are so perfect, so sweet.” Cat said.”Ahhhh Cat ahhhh… ok ahhhh Cat.” My roommate whimpered.”And you didn’t wear a bra I wonder why that is?” Cat said teasing my friend.My roommate moaned over and over again and a picture of Cat’s lips on her bare breasts shot into my head. I could feel more moisture between my legs and I found myself biting my lower lip and squeezing my legs together.”Now that you got a taste do you really want me to wait?” Cat said.”No Cat ahhh, no please keep going please Cat ahhh. Please kiss them, Ahhhhh Cat yes…I need it.” Heather whimpered.For a long time all I heard was kissing and moaning, until final Cat broke the silence. “Can I take your dress all the way off?” She asked.”Yes Cat, ahhh please.” Cat said followed by some shuffling.”Doesn’t that feel better, without your dress on?” Cat inquired.”Ahhh Cat yes ahhhh baby yes.” My roommate moaned.I heard something else hit the ground then more kissing.”Oh Heather you finally called me baby. I like that, keep calling me that, keep calling me baby.” Cat said between moans.”Ohhh baby yes… Ahhhhh Baby… baby Cat.””Ohhh Heather, Baby Cat I like that even better call me that, Ummm you feel pretty good now don’t you sweetheart.””OH OH FUCK BABY CAT YES!!” Heather screamed.”It feels so good to be with you finally Heather, I want you so much. Scoot up baby.””Yes baby… anything Baby Cat.” Heather whimpered. I could hear wet kisses followed by the bed squeaking more.”Remember our first date baby?””YES BABY CAT YES Ahhhh. I remember.” Heather said as she moaned.”Remember what I told you at the end of our date. Remember what I whispered in your ear while we watched those two girls kissing.” Cat said in a husky tone.”Yes, Ohhhh Cat you told me… Ahhhhhh Cat… Ahhhhhhh you said I would give myself to you, that it would not be long before I was yours and that it would feel good to finally give in… to everything.” Heather whimpered.”Yes sweetheart, yes, ohhh Heather ohhh sweetie.” Gina whimpered as I heard more shuffling “Now that I’m peeling your panties off what do you think? What do you think about everything I told you?” Cat asked.”Ohhhh Baby Cat, I’m so turned on ahhhhh, you were right about everything I want it so bad. I want you so bad.” My friend cried.”I know sweetheart, but I still feel lucky to be with you, to bring you into our world. To make you mine.”The two were kissing again and moaning again. My hands were gripping my pillow as my now naked roommate moaned loudly for her lesbian girlfriend. I felt so helpless; there was nothing I could do. I had lost Heather too. There was no doubt that this morning she had lied. She had seen Cat five times and their secrete relationship had gone much further than she told me. For a second I thought about Professor Keller and the prediction that she had made, by then end of the semester most of my floor would be gay. It did not feel real.”Did everything you saw today turn you on?” Cat asked.”Ahhhh yes Cat.” Heather whimpered.”I heard you watched your friend Tammy eat out her girlfriend.””Ahhhh yes Baby Cat.” Heather said between moans.”I heard you almost stayed.””Yes they were going to invite you over.” Heather whimpered. “We would have had dinner, then to a club.””That would have been nice, I would have not mattered though; either way you’re finally mine.””Ahhhhh yes Cat.””I feel lucky to finally be able to kiss your entire body. I love the way you taste.””Me too Cat Ahhh, I love how this feels.” Heather said panting.”Take off my shirt baby.” Cat ordered in a commanding tone that made my body shake.I heard movement then a pause. It seemed to last forever and a day.”AHHHHH AHHH HEATHER YES YES SWEETHEART GOOD GIRL. AHHHHHHH! See I told you it would come natural. You like my breasts?” Cat said proudly.”YES CAT YES it feels good to touch you.” Heather replied, “To kiss you.”Both of them moaned for a while, I could almost see them both topless touching each other. As wet as I was I hated to think how wet Heather must have been.I heard more shuffling then “AHHH Heather you smell amazing, you smell so fucking good.””AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK BABY CAT AHHHH YES YES YES BABY CAT SHIT AHHHHHH YES CAT!!” My friend screamed.”YES HEATHER, FINALLY BABY, finally Heather, My love. You’re so wet sweetie,” I heard kisses “you’re so perfect.””OHHHH CAT, I’ve never felt like this, between my legs, it is amazing, your fingers feel so good.” Heather moaned.”Good baby good, it feels so good to touch you and you shaved yourself like I told you to.” Cat said.”AHHHHH BABY CAT YES.., I did it for you AHHHHH, I’ve been doing everything for you AHHHHH AHHHHHHH!””Good sweetie, I knew you were getting close to becoming mine, your body was betraying you, giving me all the right signals, tell me sweetheart have you’ve been using your gal pal? The one I gave you.” Cat asked.”AHHH YES BABY YES. AHHHHH CAT YES YES AHHHHH. I’VE BEEN FUCKING MYSELF WITH IT! THINKING OF YOU! EVERY CHANCE I GET… AHHHHHHH IT FEELS SO GOOD!!” Heather screamed.”Perfect baby good, I knew it would help make you ready for me. I’m so glad you’ve been fucking yourself over and over again thinking about me, but now it’s my turn.””AHHHHHHHH FUCK BABY YES AHHHHHHH!!” My roommate screamed.”You like my finger inside of you sweetie, you like getting fucked by another woman?” Cat inquired.”YES BABY CAT YES AHHHHHHHHH.”Heather began to scream loudly, her voice echoing though our room.”See I always knew what you needed, I love your wet cunt baby.””OH CAT OHHH CAT, I’m so turned on FUCK YES CAT BABY I WANT… I WANT…AHHHH.” Heather screamed.”What do want me to do baby? I’ll do anything you want just tell me sweetie.” Cat said softly, almost lovingly.”Ahhhhh, I samsun escort bayan want you to go down on me, PLEASE FUCK YES BABY CAT GO DOWN ON ME. Make me yours.” Heather said almost begging.”Why would you want me to do that sweetie?” Cat said in a joking tone.”I saw Tammy and Gina do it and it looked so good.””Is that all?” Heather said teasing.”No I watched them too Ahhh Baby Cat I watched them too…””Who did you watch?” As Cat spoke I felt my own butt rock against my own bed.”Ahhh ahhh.” My roommate cried.”Tell me sweetheart tell me and I’ll do down on you and it will be everything you want it to be.” Cat said.”I don’t know their names; I watched your friend fuck another girl, the other straight one at the party. When I opened the door she already had the girl down to her panties rubbing her between her legs. I watched the entire thing until she made her cum. The girl wanted it so much. I want to feel that way Cat I want you to make me feel that way.” Heather whimpered.”Good baby, I think you’re ready.””Yes I’m ready Cat. PLEASE make me yours!””Good baby I’ve been waiting for you to say that. You’re so pretty so beautiful and we were been so close for so long.””I should have let you, Cat I should have. I needed it so bad!” Heather”Just relax baby I know what you need, everything is perfect now. You are so wet baby, so ready for my lips.”I heard kissing and heaving breathing then “AHHHH AHHH OHHH,” following by gasping for air.”You taste so good Heather. Your pussy is so wonderful.””OHHH CAT OHHH CAT OH WOW… BABY! WOW, FUCK YES AHHHHHH CAT.”I listened as my roommate gasped for air over and over and her moans turned to screams. “AHHHHHHHH CAT BABY CAT AHHHHHH.” She was in so much pleasure. “YES BABY YES AHHHHHHHH SHIT AHHHHH.” My heart seemed to be beating though my cheats and I felt so lonely in that moment, so empty.Cat seemed to be moaning in pleasure too as she ate my friend.”AHHH CAT IT FEELS EVEN BETTER THEN YOU SAID AHHHHHH AHHHHHH.””I told you. All women need this. Now hold my hand, relax and cum for me sweetie. Let me show you the woman you were born to be.” Cat’s muffled voice said.”YES BABY CAT YES, anything for you.” My friend and roommate replied.The moaning and rocking only got louder as I could hear my roommate fall deeper and deeper into pleasure. My body was mimicking every motion that was happening across the room. It almost hurt not to touch myself, but I knew if I started I wouldn’t be able stop and I could not let that happen.”CAT I’M CUMMING AHHHH BABY CAT AHHHH GOD YES YES AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” I could hear the licking and the sucking under the screams of my roommate. “CAT YES YES AHHHHHHHH AHHHHH UMMMM OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS.”I heard jerking and shaking and then, “FUCK CAT AHHHHHHH!!” then silence.”Stop baby. Please Ahhhh too much baby, ahhh too much.” My roommate whimpered.”That was so beautiful baby, you have a wonderful pussy, and making you cum was so wonderful I want to make you feel that way over and over again.””Really?” I could hear between the two kissing each other.”Of course sweetie, your mine now, aren’t you glad I did not let you dump me tonight, that you stayed at the party and didn’t go home early, that you said yes to just one more dance, over and over again until you let yourself experience the best dance of all.” Cat said proudly.”Yes baby, I’ve never felt anything so good, Cat you were right about everything, God Cat, Baby Cat, I’m yours all yours. I’m your girlfriend, I’m your lover, I’m your woman, Thank you so much, Baby Cat thank you.” My roommate exclaimed, I could hear the joy in her voice.”I know baby, everything is good now, your mine, and on Monday I want you to walk around the quad with me as my new girlfriend.” My heart skipped a beat.”Yes baby I will.” Heather said softly.”Shh” Gina said.”What Baby?” Heather asked.”I wonder if Erica is touching herself listening to us, I bet her straight pussy is soaked, we have to find her a girlfriend.””I’M NOT GAY AND I AM NOT TOUCHING MYSELF!” I screamed and with that I grabbed my pillow and my sheets and ran out the door.I slept on the couch in the common room that night but I could not stop thinking about what was happening in my dorm room. I could not cry, I could not get angry, I was so confused. I just felt empty inside.I knew that Cat was having sex with Heather in ways I could not imagine. I knew that she was going to work all of her magic and in the morning the Heather I recognized would be gone. Just like Tammy she would come out as a lesbian and just like Tammy she would be proud of her new girlfriend. Everyone on campus would know and they would cheer in the quad as my roommate embraced her new life. I lost again another friend to the lifestyle that was gripping all of us.If I went in there and tried to stop it what would happen. Would Cat have her way with me to? Could I even stop it? I did not want to think about it.In the morning Heather woke me up on the couch, Cat has classes you can come in now. When I did the entire room smelled like sex.”Erica you have no idea it felt…” Heather said after a long pause.”I heard” I said softly.”Sorry about that, it was rude of us, I should have just asked you to leave, but we just couldn’t stop. We needed each other so much. I needed her so much. We did so much together last night. I can’t describe it but it felt even better when I was between her legs. After you left we turned on the lights and she ate me out again as I looked down at her. She was so pretty between my legs and she knew as she licked my pussy that I could not resist when the time came. She was so wet Erica, I made my girlfriend so wet. It felt so good. After she made me cum again she took off her pants and reach down into her panties. Her wet fingers came to my lips and it was amazing. She tasted so good Erica, it made me feel so good that I made her wet like that, that she wanted me that much; I had to go down on her. I needed to be between her legs. Then she showed me things I never even heard of, she straddled me Erica, both of our pussies were together, it felt so good. I don’t know how to say this but our wetness… Erica it came together, between our legs, it felt like we were one person, like we had one soul. It felt so right Erica, Tammy was right, Cat was right, we were the wrong ones. It felt so good to go down on her, all along we were wrong I love Cat and I’m a Lesbian, and I think you should not close your mind to the fact you could be one too. She did not just make me cum one or twice, I lost count it was so wonderful. It felt so natural Erica letting her take me over and over again. I made her cum too; it felt so good to have her spread her legs for me, she was eager for me to be between her legs. The way she looked at me Erica it was so wonderful she was so proud I could see it, so proud of what I had become; she told me exactly what to do. It was so easy Erica and when I made her cum she was so happy. Don’t you want to know what that is like to make someone else happy?””No I… not with another woman,” I whimpered.”Then we held each other for long time, I felt so safe and warm. You stayed a long time last night after you knew what we were doing; Cat says that is because you wanted to hear us make love. You wanted to hear her take me. To bring me into our world.””No I was just too scared to leave.” I said.”I don’t believe you,” Heather said, “but don’t worry, Cat says it is just a matter of time and I believe her now, I believe everything she says.”

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