I’am Not Gay Yet But… PT3

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I’am Not Gay Yet But… PT3I figured Jake would call me every day for his blowjobs as we agreed and when he didn’t and a week passed, I was both relieved and bothered. I was relieved because, agreeing to be at his beck and call? To suck his cock when he wanted? That was something I did just in order get access to and to remove that video he made of me sucking him from his damn phone. Clearly he understood that I couldn’t have that getting out – I’d be ruined. In hindsight, even he couldn’t possibly have really thought I would follow through with the “deal”. And what was with the handshake on this “deal” anyway? He knew it could never be legally binding so asking me to “shake on it”? That made it official? I mean, from a cultural standpoint, it kinda did make it “official”. But what did that even mean? Cultural… I scoffed at myself. What was I thinking. He knew that he got all he was going to get from me. He had no leverage. This is why he wasn’t going to text me. Jake wasn’t dumb and understood that this was a one time (well… two times) event that couldn’t really repeat much less become a regular thing…I was married and he… well he surely had other ways to relieve his needs. We were done.Truth be told though, there was definitely a part of me that was bothered. I had sucked his cock. I made him cum in my mouth. It was good. I was good. I bet I was his best! I had fantasized for so many years about putting a penis in my mouth – about sucking cock – that those events had shaken me to my core. Sucking him had been truly awesome. I couldn’t deny this. But I would put this behind me. I had video of both of my blowjobs that I could masturbate to and had already done so, in fact. It was better to move on and list this as a “been there, done that” bucket list event. Something I wouldn’t repeat. Just like Jake had obviously done, I would let this event die peacefully or at least let it retreat back into my fantasies.And that’s when my phone beeped.It was a text from an unknown number. It said “bj time my place now”. It was followed by another text with an address. Obviously, it was Jake.Suppressing the silly desire I always had to correct peoples texts (how hard was it to add capital letters and punctuation for godsakes?), I contemplated my reply.I should just ignore it. What was he going to do? I had the video. He had nothing. On the other hand, we did agree. We had shaken on it.I closed my eyes and shook my head. I would go there and discuss this with him man to man. What happened had happened but was over. Yes, we had made an agreement but he would have to let me out of it.I texted “I’m coming over. We need to talk about our arrangement.” and hit send. I was kind of proud of myself for typing arrangement and not deal. I didn’t like the idea of breaking a deal but it’s not like it was legally binding anyway. An arrangement? That wasn’t anything. It wasn’t even a commitment.It was a Saturday so Marcie was home too. I told her I was going out to the home depot and left.I drove the short distance across town to his apartment feeling like I made the right choice. Maybe I could have a beer and discuss this with him. No. It would be short and sweet. We’re not doing this. The end. Good bye. I agreed to this “deal” while in the throes of passion after all.I parked and walked up to the door of the address Jake sent me. I knocked.The door swung open and Jake answered. Completely fucking nude. His soft cock tuzla escort bayan dangling there. The foreskin covering the head. Bowing with an exaggerated movement he said “Come on in, cocksucker”.Shocked and embarrassed, I furtively glanced around. There was a guy leaving his condo across the street but he didn’t seem to be paying any attention. Other than that, the street was empty.”Come on before my dick gets a sunburn.” he said too loudly it seemed to me.I quickly entered before he attracted someone’s attention, shushing him, and shocked by this crazy behavior. Who answers the door nude? And why was he speaking so loud. Was he trying to attract attention?”Shhh! Someone will hear you” I said in a stage whisper as I quickly brushed past him. I turned around as he pulled down his raised arm and shut the door. Did I see him wave at his neighbor across the street first before shutting the door? Surely not – he was nude!”Jake!” I was still whispering. “What the hell are you doing?””Hey cocksucker”. He said as he entered his apartment. He snorted and said “Why are you whispering? Do you think you’re in a fucking library or something?”I was so flustered by this whole nude, loud entrance that I didn’t know what else to say. As he sauntered into the kitchen area I couldn’t help but notice his tone body. He really was in great shape. He must work out daily I thought noticing his back, shoulders, and ass.I pulled my eyes away and looked around. I had to get control of myself and this situation. Jake’s apartment was relatively nondescript. Some nice furniture. some old. A nice couch. A poker table in a corner. A few posters of beaches on the walls. Nothing offensive but nothing that showed any originality or style. Looking around quickly I remembered that Jake was a mid-level tech in my company and probably made decent money but nothing crazy. I regained my composure and looked up.”Listen Jake. I was thinking about our little deal.” I started to say. Jake had two beers in his hands and was moving towards me, his cock loosely flopping from thigh to thigh.”Yeah. Great thing, our deal. I’m drinking a beer. Do you want one with your cum?” He quipped.Jake took a sip from his and seeing that I didn’t take the one offered, set them both down on a small table before sitting himself on the edge of his couch. He threw his hands behind his head and sat there smirking.”I ahhh. Well, you see Jake…” I stammered as I couldn’t help but stare at his cock and balls hanging there off the edge of the couch cushions. Visions scenes of my two blowjobs running through my head, I swallowed and followed the line of his pubic hair up his hard abs. He truly was in great shape. I slowly licked my lips walked towards him.”You see, I was thinking…” I tried to explain. My simple plan melting away like cum in my mouth.”I was thinking…” What was I thinking? I was thinking that I wanted to rub that cock over my face again. I was thinking that I wanted to lick his ball sack and suck his balls. I was thinking that I wanted to put my cock next to his and jack us both off. To suck us both into my mouth and swallow both of our cum.Jack could see that I was staring at his cock as I came toward him. “What were you thinking? Were you thinking of welshing on our deal? Were you thinking of welshing on our deal to suck this cock?” Jake grabbed his cock and balls and let them rest, filling his palm. “Were you thinking about welshing on our escort tuzla deal to swallow my tasty cum?” He flopped his cock left and right and up and down belly to balls.I shook my head no as I dropped to my knees in front of him. “No Jake. I just wanted…” and I trailed off. The language center of my brain was overpowered by my primal sexual brain. I reached one hand out to cup his palls and the other to caress his dick. I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. Or I did, in reality. I wanted to suck this cock.I was literally salivating. I swallowed loudly, licking my lips. I could not stop myself. I needed to worship this cock. I opened my mouth, and lowered my head.Surprisingly, Jake stopped me. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my head until I was looking him in the eyes.”Oh? So you want to suck me?”I nodded.”I asked if you want to suck me.””Yes” I replied hoarsely, looking back down at his cock, anxious to start sucking.”Yes what?” Jake said with a smirk. “Say what you want”.”I want to suck you” I said impatiently.”Say it louder.””I WANT TO SUCK YOUR COCK” I said clearly. But he didn’t let go of my chin. My left hand still cupped his balls while my right hand started sliding up and down his hardening cock. I was getting impatient. I could fell his cock growing but I wanted to watch it grow; to feel it grow in my mouth.”So our agreement – our DEAL – still stands?” Jake asked, knowing the only answer I could give. “You will suck me anytime I want?””Yes. Jake.” I shook my head “I will suck you whenever you want. Please let me suck your cock. I need to suck your dick.” I pleaded.I literally felt joy as I felt his hand release slightly from my chin. and I eagerly opened my mouth and tried to turn my head to engulf that gorgeous skin covered head.Jake stopped me and turned my head back to him. I actually drooled on his cock when he turned my head back to him.”And my friends. You’ll suck their cocks when I want?” Jake stared in my eyes. “Say it!” he demanded.WTF? What friends? We were fucking alone! Why wouldn’t he let me suck his cock? I was so hard I was bursting. I was enthralled with his cock. What did he want? I just wanted to suck him. To lick him. To feel him in my throat. I just wanted to saver his cum and suck on his cock after it softened. I wanted to feel it on my face. I just wanted to worship his goddamed cock! I was out of control with desire.I wanted cocks. Penis. Dicks. I would suck whoever he wanted as long as they came on my face or in my mouth. Just like the guys in the videos he caught me watching, I was craving cocks!”YES! I’ll suck you. I’ll suck you and your friends! I’ll suck all of their cocks! I’ll lick their balls and swallow their cum. I’ll suck whoever you want! I swear! Just let me suck your cock! Let me eat your cum. I want cock. I need your cock in my mouth.” I pleaded.Jake let me go and I dropped my head and sucked his cock like a demon possessed. I was communing with this penis. I wanted to be one with his big fucking dick. I bobbed furiously. I slobbered. I squeezed his balls. I sucked them in my mouth. I ran my open mouth over each side of his phallus, dragging my lips and rubbing on my face on it. I wanted his cum. I needed his thick tasty cum.Jake stopped me again, grabbing my hair and pulling me of his cock.I looked up at him, my eyes pleading, my face wet with saliva.Jake was panting. “Take off your clothes”. He commanded.I smiled. As I stood up and readily tuzla escort complied, almost ripping off my clothes, Jake stood up and said “follow me”.Nude, I followed him down the hall, past a door or two, to his bedroom. He pointed to the bed.”Lie on your back” he commanded.I didn’t hesitate but became momentarily concerned. Even in my heightened state of excitement, I had no desire to get fucked. I wasn’t gay… I just wanted to swallow his cock. Then I understood. On my back he said. I laid on my back and slid my head off the edge of his bed. My cock got even harder in anticipation.Jake straddled my head and ran his balls back and forth over my face. I stuck out my tongue and licked them. Like a strange inverted bobbing for apples game, I tried to pluck one into my mouth. I sucked one in and felt Jake stiffen. I gently released it and grabbed the other into my mouth. It too popped free as Jake moved his hips backward. Jake grabbed his cock and fed it into my open mouth. I could only see his balls and parts of his upside down bedroom door as he slid it slowly to the back of my throat where it met resistance. He pulled out and did this about five or six times, each time my own dick jumping. The next time he pushed through the resistance and popped into my throat. I gagged and tried to push him back. He held me there as I struggled. Finally he slid out and I gasped. My face was a mess of slobber and saliva. Jake pushed again all the way in so my nose was against his balls. Again, all the way out and all the way in. Again. Again.Then Jake started really fucking my throat.”GAK, GAK, GAK, GAK, GAK…” I could hear myself trying to breathe with his thrusts.Jake continued to fuck my face, occasionally pulling all the way out and then thrusting again repeatedly.”Gluh, gluh, gluh, gluh…” I heard myself and I thought about what a slut I was. Then, I realized that Jake was leaning over me and had grabbed my cock and was jacking me off. It felt divine.Jake leaned over my body as he fucked my mouth. I realized I had never felt so sexually intense before. This was a peak feeling of a thick cock in my mouth and, I realized, my cock in someone’s mouth! Jake was sucking me!This realization sent me over the edge and I came immediately. I came violently and shuddered – almost in a spasm. I have no idea how much cum left my balls but spurt after cannon shot of hot cum spewed from me and felt incredible. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt.As I came I felt Jake sit up erect and thrust his cock forcefully down my throat clamping his thighs around my head. I felt his cock pulse and realized he was shooting cum down my throat. After some seconds, he opened his thighs and pulled out of my mouth dragging cum and slime with him and continued shooting blobs of cum over my face and shivering. He may have not cum the whole week. I could feel my face plastered with cum and slime. As Jake backed off me I wiped the mess off my eyes with a finger, planning on licking it off.There was so much it quickly ran off my finger and dropped to the floor. I ran both hands over my face and eyes and tried to catch as much of the mess as I could. I sat up and licked my hands. Finally able to open my eyes, I saw that my pubic region was matted with cum. I turned and twisted my body, throwing my legs over the side of the bed. As I sat there wiping my face, I heard an unfamiliar voice.”Jake, man. That was quite a show!”I turned and saw a guy in the doorway stroking his cock. It occurred to me that it was the man I had noticed from across the street.”Tommy!” Jake was still panting. “Wow! You’re just in time. I told you …” Said Jake. “This guy is a natural”.

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