Inception – A Beautiful Beginning With Rohit – 2

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Inception – A Beautiful Beginning With Rohit – 2deleteddeleteddeletedLife is wonderful when you start receiving things and from you, readers have received a lot of positive responses for the earlier narration that got posted. I agree to some feedbacks on its length but I couldn’t help myself from detailing about what transpired between two enriched souls that night and have thus decided to pen down more about that night. I know most of you who read found it really intriguing and am really happy with praises with which you have showered me.This is a part wise story and you would find the previous one with the title as:- inception – a beautiful beginning with Rohit- part 1Would advise to read the previous one and read this in sequence to get more involved in the story. Nothing to add more here so would go back to my narration.He took the bottle and made me drink. He cared for me and I looked at him as I sipped water. He continued staring at me as I gulped down loads of water and smiled at me as I slowly recovered from an intense orgasm.Was breathing in and out recovering from what had just happened as he made me drink water and I still trembling from an intense orgasm and my irregular breathing and it started to drip down from the corners of my mouth and down to my chin and finding its way down between my boobs. The cold water was cooling me down.Just then I blinked my eyes to suggesting him to stop making me drink and kept the bottle away. We stared at each other and took my hand up to wipe the water from my face just then he stopped me from doing so by catching my hand. He looked deep into my eyes and sucked the water from my cleavage and then started moving up to my neck making noises as he came up. He sucked my chin and found his way up to my lips. He pried my lips open and sucked the wind out of me.I slowly resting my hands and elbows on the table top as he came over me as he sucked my lips and my tongue. I laid myself flat on the table now as I wanted to rest as I found something building up again inside me. Breathing still I was amazed by his skill as he was yet to be undressed and I can feel my second orgasm for the day already. My breathing was magnified or rather intensified because of my huge boobies which heaved up and then down in sequence.He couldn’t climb up on the table but bent just to reach the underside of my boobies. He kissed me there and licked my nipples. A huge shockwave traversed inside me and grinned my teeth and pulled his hair and in the very next moment started to pull off his t-shirt from over his head.He wriggled himself out of it and on seeing his muscular back a certain energy or a ball of fire ignited me from inside as I folded my legs and with the help of my knees I pushed Rohit from his grasp over me. I managed to get up from the table top and ordu escort grinned again.I pushed him to the wall now and biting his nipples so that he shouts. Both smiling at each other he submitted himself to me.He laid back on the wall and closed his eyes as I snaked myself down on his chest planting small kisses going all the way down on his belly. A cute belly with a little amount of fat and I kissed him there.With my hands now I helped him of his belt and just wrapped it off his waist with ignited eyes and it was apparent how badly I wanted him.His eyes lit up too and he looked at me as I was on my knees my hands placed on his manhood over his pants which was pulsating with every touch.I got up planted a kiss on his chin and his lips for just a minute and a little more and again went down on him. Pried open his hooked pants and wriggled him off his trousers.My eyes lit up seeing his size. I had thought that he was erect below his trousers and when I saw him in his undies it was a sight to behold. His huge bulge just doused out the fire in my confused mind whether to go ahead or not.Seeing his enormous package instead made me, even more, kinkier. I kissed his manhood over his undies and was caressing sometimes his butt from behind sometimes his thighs in front as I breathed down on his thing. Just pulled down the waist strap of his undie a bit and kissed him there just above his pubic hair. He sighed deep and lost control.He shoved his manhood straight in my face smashing into my nose and lips urging me to take him in. His hands came over my head as if he wanted to mouth fuck me. He was not to blame as I was now torturing him with my teasing. Am normally not inclined to oral that much and Rohit is a marvel at that which you might have got already in the first edition of this writing. But that is love, for people whom you love you are ready to go that extra mile.But after his few attempts to mouth fuck me with his undies on I somehow managed to break free from his hold and stood up. I got up and saw Rohit’s grinned teeth as if he wants to take me in then and there. I smiled at his misery erect like a rock piercing his undies. I inched closer to him staring at each other our bodies touched as I pushed him to the wall and laid my body on him. My boobs touched his chest and my nipples were hard. I was crushing them slowly now in his chest and also could feel his erect manhood trying to leave its impression just above my pussy.I could feel it pulsate and hurt my stomach, don’t know what happened at the point of time I just turned a bit kinky and grabbed him by his crotch and squeezed gently. He broke the smooch and grinned his teeth and caught hold of my ass and started squeezing them. It was a fun little game that was going on and I squeezed his crotch hard over his undies. escort ordu He struggled and raised in hands in submission and I smiled and said ‘good boy!’ with a smile.I turned around and walked away from him swaying my ass for him. I was a ramp model in my yester years but am no more in that shape but I do have the mannerisms and skills of walking like a ramp model. I swayed my hips enthralling Rohit in a trance from which he could do hardly anything else but follow me. My naked ass gyrating hips were enough to stop me short of my bedroom as he lay his hand on my shoulder with some force. I turned around to see his state of misery . Only an undie with his manhood bulging and out to the right and you could clearly make out the dimensions of the thing.As I turned around he lowered one of his hands from my shoulder to my boob and the other on my neck to draw me closer for another smooch. We smooched again, we had nothing else to do than submit ourselves to each other following pecks after pecks. He lowered his lip and started kissing my neck from left to right and I put my hands on his head and gripped his hair. He moved his hands from my boobs then onto my back and finally on my bare ass massaging them cuddling them.The amount of addiction that we were displaying that moment is still difficult for me to understand even today as he dipped his thumb on my asshole. I never in my left felt such a sudden pain which got me off at that instant and I pushed him hard off me, lucky for him the couch was behind him and he fell on it. The shock of his thumb inside my ass brought sent a shockwave I had never felt before. I felt awful pushing him as all he was doing was pleasing me and making me feel that extra special. I could see the shock on his face so I immediately went down on him. I bent my body in such a way that my boobs hanged down as I kissed his chin. He played with my boobs and I started going down kissing all the way till I reached his undie. Never have I indulged in oral but Rohit was extra special and looked at him and kissed his erection over his undie.He closed his eyes as I planted kiss after kiss on the entire length of his erection. I could hear him moan and grunt my name in delight. He started growing that extra inch and the kinkiness took over me manifolds as I gave his erection a bit over his undie moistening his undie with my saliva. Started to straighten the erection so that it comes out of the waistband of his undie and his beautiful manhood was now in front of me.I looked up at him as fresh air hit his manhood, he was in a state of ecstasy his hands by his side not forcing me at all to take his thing in my mouth a true gentleman he is. I saw his closed eyes and planted a kiss on his erect rock hard tool. It felt just like flesh a little ting pungent smell ordu escort bayan but I started loving it. I with my finger tip played with the bright pink head of his manhood and he went berserk shouting my name and I giggled and licked his tip of his tool.It was suddenly tasting beautiful to me and I wanted more so I tugged at his waistband which acted as a signal for him to pick up his waist a bit so I could strip him and the kinkier side of me now stripped Rohit’s undie with my teeth. His manhood touched my face and by now his smell was driving me mad. I helped him of his undie and now he was in the same state as mine. He managed to stare at me but I went back in business.I measured his entire erection with my palms as his addiction was getting me strongly attached to my hormones and my love hole started to moisten. I stared at him and licked his entire manhood from the bottom to the top and kissed the tip of his manhood. Did this to him a couple of times and he started to ravage himself from inside. I sucked his manhood head very slowly which was driving him mad. I had taken control now it seemed. What got into me I don’t know I started to deep throat him which I never thought I would ever do and gagged myself into a fix.I broke the lock on his manhood and started coughing badly. I left him then and started to find water, my eyes were filled with tears because I choked. Rohit immediately from a state of ecstasy became concerned that is what is magical about him. He cares for me for women I believe. He went for the bottle at the table and made me drink slowly helping me regain my breath. He made me lie on the couch and came over me kissing me on my lips and slowly that transformed into a wild smooch as our tongues embraced into a fight that they love so much now.I felt his manhood rubbing me as his hip movements were dry humping me. I gave in .. I did it ..I stretched my legs wide across his hips giving him the green signal that now is the time and boy did he oblige. As he pushed his manhood inside me every memory of mine was wiped out. Like a knife melting thru hot butter … The pleasure was unexplainable the pain was unbearable .. Waited so many years for this feeling and finally it was there. My eyes closed my stranglehold on his tongue broke as every second passed by I started submitting myself to him. Simply serene a feeling of fulfillment a feeling of accomplishment of having your man with you. That is what Rohit gave me.I will stop here this time leaving a lot for you readers to imagine. I faced a few complaints about the length of my writing but that is the way I thought I will write. I want to detail every one moment that transpired that night so that it becomes a vivid memory for years to come. Hope you all enjoyed and I am waiting to hear more from you. Big apologies to whom I couldn’t respond the mailbox has been barging with mails and some are pleasure to read. Have conversed chatted and talked with few of you and enjoyed too. Drop in your thoughts suggestions on how you want me to carry on

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