Intense and uncontrollable orgasm!

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Intense and uncontrollable orgasm!Has anyone experienced this marvelous intense ejaculation,? It was my first week at work in a new office we anll waited for the lift about 7 or 8 people got in and I was one of the last . just before the doors closed, three more ladies entered and in doing so pushed us all back so we were very close together.i ended up with a lovely mature lady’s firm buttocks pushed against my groin. Her perfume smelled beautiful but I felt my heartbeat start to race and a feeling of intense arousal in my groin, my legs I recall were trembling and u knew I could do nothing to stop the inevitable gushing of semen into my underpants. I tried to keep as still as I could and was hot and embarrassed. The lady did not seem to know what effect she had on me . I saw her face as she left the lift and still remember how she looked. My underpants were in a right mess so I went to the gents and removed atakum escort them and put them in my briefcase before using them to clean my now semi hard cock and wet thigh before going to my desk. I didn’t have a girl friend at the time and it had been a couple of weeks since I had a wank. Once I got home I jerked off twice that evening remembering the most quick and intense ejaculation I have ever had. The intensity of the feeling and the fact of no control over this was really really strange but very pleasurable. I have since that time been in similar crush situations on trains etc and have been made hard by contact but no repeat of this lovely instant coming. I wonder does this happen sometimes to women as well as men.e him As I write this I realise the similar nature of this event to a wet dream i.e no control, powerful ejaculation, intense pleasure, embarrassed and emotional confusion. I read atakum escort bayan somewhere that nature wants the sex act over quick to be sure the basic thing happens to reproduce. Because sex is so exciting it can be over quick, but as we want the enjoy for longer we use control in some form to delay ejaculation. In wet dreams and the experience I had in the lift there was no chance of control. I simply was not in control, no chance.!i have tried to create another wet dream experience by abstains from sex for over a week. God that’s difficult when you are young and horny. After 4 days you are lusting for a wank to release the pressure. You wake up hard you turn over in bed you get hard.once since the “boat” Dream I did manage to abstain from beating off to make something happen.i dreamt that I was in a cafe or a bar alone. A guy came in and sat at a table a few feet away. A waitress appeared escort atakum dressed in a short black skirt and white blouse ( could be Christine but with blonde hair) she brought me a beer which I didn’t order. She then went over to the other guy and sat astride him legs either side or him and kissed him passionately.He put his hands on her rump and stroked her buttocks , she lifted up and unzipped him. A hard cock popped out. Oh god I thought she’s going to fuck him now in front of me! I could not look away I was staring and probably drooling.she moved and expertly guided him inside her and shifted her position so she could sit back down with the cock now deep inside. I could feel mr rising excitement I was so close to them. I don’t think he saw me. He was sitting still as she moved back and forth sexily and then she was gasping and groaning. She threw her head back and screamed with pleasure as I seemed to be inside her too somehow I was certainly behind her squeezing her as i gritted my teeth in ecstasy and shot a load down her back , in her hair and over him as well.i awake in a sweat with a cold wet patch.any similar experience please share P xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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