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Interview With Omar[Dedicated to A & T (they know who they are), as well as to the ‘real’ Omar, without who’s equal participation, this event could never have occurred! This is a ‘true’ story, though certain details have been altered to preserve the privacy of the three main individuals within this narrative. I wish to that them for the friendship and trust they have shown me in confiding to me the details of the adventure they had.]Interviewers note: In October of this year (2019), a young married couple from Europe (country of origin will not be identified) decided that rather than having a baby through the normal, typical manner, that they would pursue a very different course; and seek out a sperm donor other than Tomas, and find one through a different venue. They decided on finding a suitable donor from an African male.The search took several months. Ultimately they chose a 45 year old Zambian married man by the name of Omar. It must be noted that Omar was already married, with two wives, and between them he had fathered nine other c***dren.After flying down to Kenya, Mara (Tomas’ wife) and Tomas, met Omar face to face for the first time at their hotel in Nairobi. Over the next 14 days of their time in Kenya, Mara and Omar conducted a lengthy series of sexual encounters (with the full support of Tomas), which eventually culminated in Mara becoming pregnant by Omar.Q. Thank you, Omar, for agreeing to be interviewed!A. You’re welcome.Q. I’m not sure just how to start this interview, so let me just start by asking you how you felt about the possibility of becoming a father once again, but with another man’s wife, instead of your own? Did you have any qualms about that?A. Yes. Well, it was an unusual situation. At the time I was working as a farm day laborer in Kenya. I’ve done this before. It is not always easy to find employment in Zambia, and many men throughout Africa migrate from their homes in other countries in search of work. So my family remained in Zambia while I was in Kenya. So, at nights, after working, I’d surf the Internet, and that’s how I came across Mara and Tomas. At first, I thought they were just joking about looking for an African man to impregnate Mara, but I soon realized that they were serious about that.Being away from my wives and c***dren, for weeks, and sometimes months on end, I get lonely. So, as I started chatting on-line atakum escort with Tomas, I became more and more intrigued by he and his wife; and the idea they were proposing. Tomas started sharing with me pictures of Mara he’d taken, and I have to say that she was incredibly beautiful, and very, very sexy. I’d always found white European women very appealing; and I’d watched a lot of on-line porn, so I was naturally excited at even just the thought of having sex with Mara!The idea of making Mara pregnant was almost too good of an idea for me to really believe would ever happen; and so I remained somewhat skeptical about anything like that ever really happening. But the idea was fantastic! So, on the one hand, I was attracted to the IDEA of inseminating this beautiful young, white European, married female, but on the other, I doubted that anything like that would ever really happen.Q. Your Muslim, and Mara and Tomas are not. Did your differences in that regard pose a problem for either of you?A. Religion never came into it. It was irrelevant. The focus was sex, and primarily reproductive sex. Period.Q. So, you being married, and having other c***dren, didn’t bother you or Mara or Tomas?A. No. Like I said—It was entirely focused on sex, and in getting Mara pregnant. In my culture, fathering c***dren is the most important thing any man can do. Perhaps there are those who would regard that as ‘chauvanism’, even ‘sexist’, but not from where I come from. Fathering babies is regarded as the ultimate proof of your being a man, you see.Q. Yes, but you’d be fathering another baby with another man’s wife, instead of either of yours. That didn’t bother you?A. (Smiling) Not at all!Q. What was your opinion of Tomas. I mean, did, or even do you now, regard him as somehow ‘less of a man’ for not fathering Mara’s baby?Q. That is difficult question to answer. As an African man, and even as a Muslim man, I found Tomas to be very different from the men I knew and had grown up around; and yet, I liked Tomas as a person.Q. Yes, but how did you view him as compared to men like yourself?A. Again, that is difficult to give answer to. I immediately realized that he was (what’s the word?) a ‘beta’ male; submissive to his wife, rather than it being the other way around; but I’d already noticed this tendency in European men I’d seen and read about on-line.To be escort atakum honest, found Tomas’ beta male attitude—exciting. I liked his deference towards me. It was very gratifying. Yes. That is the word: ‘gratifying.’ In African, no matter which country you are from, the white man, the European male, had always loomed large in our own lives as Africans. So, being around a white European male like Tomas; one that was so openly deferential as a man, and to an African male, and to me specifically, it was exhilarating. Plus, Mara was so beautiful! So very, very sexy! I was almost old enough to be the age of her father—but that didn’t matter to either of us.As a Zambian man, and a Muslim, I could have never allowed another man to bed my wives, or breed them. That was the biggest, and most significant difference between Tomas and I; but that he was willing for me to do so—that was something I couldn’t pass up (chuckles). Who could? I mean, what sort of man could willingly let pass the chance to pass on his genes with the wife of another man? You know? It is the deepest and most powerful motivation of all! The desire to do so was too strong for me to walk away from such a situation! (Smiles)Q. So, you’d say that it was a huge ego-trip for you, that Tomas was going to allow you to father a baby with Mara, instead of him?A. Absolutely! (Laughs) Of course!! This is what men were put here on Earth to do—make many babies!Q. With many women.A. This is true! With many, many women. God willing!Q. How would your two wives react to knowing that you fathered a baby with another man’s wife; and a white female at that?A. They would be very angry! But my wives will not know of this. They are in Zambia. Not Kenya. They are busy with my babies, and have no time to consider other matters. This is the way our culture, and our beliefs are.Q. So, how did things go between you and Mara? Was the sex good?A. It was very, very good sex. Mara was a very enthusiastic young woman. We had many fucks! Many, many fucks. I give her as much of my sperm as I possibly can; over and over while she and Tomas were in Kenya. Omar was a good farmer! (Smiles) I plowed Mara’s furrow very diligently, very energetically; and I leave in her belly so many of my seeds to grow!Q. Now that you know Mara is carrying your baby, how does that make you feel?A. It feel very good! I like idea atakum escort bayan that I have a baby growing in Mara’s belly. I like making babies. She will have a very strong baby. A healthy baby. I hope it is a boy! I have three daughters and six boys already with my other wives; but, with Mara, I hope the baby is a boy! Q. Do you have any interest in seeing the baby? I mean, would you like to visit it, there, or here?A. I do not know. Mara and Tomas have said they would not object to that. But I do not have the money to pay for flying that far.Q. Do you still chat with them on-line?A. We have not been in contact since we last saw one another in Kenya when they were leaving.Q. Why is that?A. At home, in Zambia, my life is very busy with my wives and c***drens. I have no Inter-net there, either. I have smartphone, but it is not easy having the time to use it. Connections are not always available. It is intermittent.Q. So, all you know is that Mara is pregnant?A. Yes. I know she is pregnant.Q. It’s your baby.A. (Smiles) Yes. It is MY baby; Omar is now the father of TEN babies; and with THREE womens! Omar has very powerful, very potent seed! I have good baby-making seed. Strong seed; not like European mens seeds!Q. Do you think African men are ‘better’, or ‘superior’ to white European men?A. I am thinking this is true. I see this on the Inter-net sometimes. Europe, Canada, America, England, France, Germany, and all white countries are having men with less and less fertile sperm! It is becoming a crisis for them. But African men are not having this problem; or, not yet! For now, women in Europe, like Mara, are wanting African sperm to make their babies; and Omar has done his part. (Smiling)Q. Would you ever do that again? I mean, do for some other white couples as you did for Mara and Tomas?A. (Laughs) OF COURSE! (Smiling) I would do it again and again and again! Q. In Europe, immigration is a big issue. Some Europeans want to stop all further immigration into Europe from Africa in particular. How do you feel about that?A. I not worried. Besides—Omar has slipped African baby into Europe through Mara’s womb! No wall; no laws; can stop that. (Smiles)Q. One more question: Do you know any other African men that have done as you have; I mean, make a baby with a married white European female?A. I do not know of any personally, but, I know that I am not the only African man to have sent such a woman, married, or single, home with a baby inside of them!Q. I’m aware of that as well. Thank you for your time in letting me interview you about all this. I appreciate it, Omar.A. Not a problem.The End

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