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IntrusionI know that my visit was unannounced. Now I got the distinct impression that it was unwelcome. Normally when I pulled on to the expansive driveway I would be met by a cheerful smile and a warm kiss. Not today. I know that things had not been going very well of late, but I was not normally made to wait outside on the doorstep for what seemed like an eternity before she answered the door.There was no smile to greet me, but she did look good. But where were the old jeans and t-shirt that she usually wore around the farm? Why was she dressed in a short skirt and tight-fitting top. She did have fabulous breasts. As for the jewellery, she never wore it! What the fuck was going on?I was given no opportunity to make enquiries before I was told in no uncertain terms that my timing was right out. Knackers! I had forgotten that today she was hosting a “Ladies Guild Luncheon”. Not much food about, I thought, but she was prepared to pour quite a few glasses of good quality wine, judging by the bottles on display.”You have completely forgotten your roots, I don’t know why you bother with all this bullshit. You have got nothing in common with all these well-to-do, stuck up bitches…in any event, who is more important, them or me?” Going on the offensive was not a good policy and I didn’t like the cautionary answer to my question.”Get stuffed, I have driven all the way over here to see you. I am not leaving. Tell your lady friends that you will have to re-arrange!” I will never learn!”I am not going anywhere. I think I will stay for lunch!” With that I grabbed a bottle of wine and promptly helped myself. No glass, just straight down the throat. “Not bad and now I can’t go anywhere. Not even you would maraş escort make me drink and drive…and I am not going to disappear around the farm either. I am staying here.”With that, her anger surfaced, which, to say the least, was unusual. “Just fuck off upstairs. Take that bottle with you and don’t come down until I tell you that you can do so. Don’t you dare let me down or this will be the last time you see me. The girls will be here in a minute, so just piss off.”Now was a good time to take my leave, so I sloped off upstairs, out of sight and no doubt out of mind.Cars started to arrive. I couldn’t be arsed to look out of the window at all those posh tarts. They were all older middle-aged and desparately fighting back the onset of saggy bodies, lined faces and the disappearance of any enjoyment from life. Laughter, forced upper class accents and insincere illusions of friendship began to drift upstairs and within my earshot. For nearly an hour I sat on her bed, bottle in hand, wishing I had stayed at home.I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, somewhat unsteadily I thought. Obvioulsy she had had too much to drink. Lucky for some, I mused. I had better keep out of sight. She will go mad if I am seen by her “friends”. Bitterness crept into my thoughts. Its ok, just a “friend” going to the loo. Good girl for washing her hands afterwards. She weaved her way back down the landing. Bollocks, she is coming back!I just made it under the bed as the door opened. What the fuck was she doing in her host’s bedroom? bloody hell, she was opening one of her clothes drawers. She closed it again. I had got no idea who it was, I couldn’t see from under the bed. Nice perfume, expensive shoes (predictable), escort maraş decent legs from what I could see. She opened another drawer. Closed it. What was she looking for? Another drawer opened. Oh my God! She was in the underwear drawer and taking out a pair of her host’s knickers, my partner’s knickers! I could hear her breathing deeply. Jesus, she is sniffing them! She took out another pair and again took in the scent. Fair play, my girl does smell good, but this is weird! More footsteps. She just managed to close the drawer and get to the door before her exit was cut off.”I was just tidying myself up in your mirror. I hope you don’t mind.” “Is there something wrong with the mirror in the bathroom?” Its not like my girl to be sharp with one of her “friends”, but this question was pointed to say the least!”Not at all. My vanity was an after-thought after I left the bathroom. Sorry.””No problem.” Brief and to the point.The wine continued to flow for what seemed like an eternity. I even dropped off under the bed, only to be awoken by more movement in the bedroom. It was not my partner. She was back!Again, she entered the knicker drawer and began to sniff. I was quite excited bu this posh mare getting off on my girls pants! Oh no, she is going to get caught again. Move, move, move or you will be caught with you hand in the till, as it were! Too late.”I am not being funny, but what on earth are you doing in my room again?” She was pissed off now.”I am sorry. These are yours”, she said as she handed back the knickers to her host. No point in denying it now! “It might be the drink, but as you know I have always found you very attractive and I guess temptation got the better of me.””As maraş escort bayan I have told you before, I am not a lesbian, I am never going to be a lesbian. I like you, but that’s it. End of.”The guest took a step forward and then another. Brave. Why was my partner beginning to cry? Her guest responded to her vulnerability and took another step forward.”Its ok, I know that things have not been good for you of late. Don’t worry, everything will sort itself out.””Will it?”No more words. Just two ladies standing face to face. Then the sound of a gentle kiss, then another, then a response. A positive response.”No, please stop”.”Just relax. It will be alright. Everyone is having a good time downstairs. Just relax for a moment.”Another kiss. Reciprocated? Something stirred in my jeans. I was getting a hard on, even though I could see very little! They were standing very close together. Kissing. I could hear kissing. A gentle sigh. A zip. Then a skirt fell to the floor, my girl’s skirt! bloody hell, she had good legs. They looked even better in stockings. Another skirt. Expensive. A top. Another top. More sighs, more kissing, a growing hard on. Fuck it, why can’t I see anything! Who was the instigator? Who is taking off whose thong? Whose bra is whose?They moved to the bed. Right above me. Who was on top? Who was touching whom? I could hear my partner sighing. I could hear her pleasure, smell her pleasure, I could feel her pleasure…in my groin! There was no protest. There was gentle feel, there was acceptance, there was a welcome. There was a union. God, I so wanted to be able to see what was going on, other than in my mind. The excitement hung in the air, the new experience brought its own new groans of delight, the orgasms were obvious…my own less so to the true participants, but I couldn’t leave my hideaway for sometime. I hope that the stain in my jeans was not as indelible as the intrusive memory in my mind’s eye!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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