Is Three A Crowd? ….Part 2

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Is Three A Crowd? ….Part 2Four days had passed since the night with Gloria and Anita, and I was about to leave work for the day when I got a telephone call from Anita. “Hello, Trev…I was wondering if you would mind stopping over when you finish work… I’m home alone, and I’d like to speak with you,” she said in a very pleasant tone. I asked for her address, and told her I would be there in thirty minutes if traffic wasn’t too bad. “Wonderful,” she said, “Just walk in when you get here.” The traffic was heavy, but I knew a shortcut which got me to Anita’s home in about forty minutes. As I approached the door, I saw the garage had only one vehicle in it, with no others visible. I was a bit uneasy about the fact she was married, and explaining my presence to her husband or daughters would be awkward at best. I pushed the door bell, and she called for me to come in. She came out of the kitchen with a tray and two glasses, and led me into her family room. She was wearing a pumpkin coloured pantsuit which fit her snugly but in a complimentary way. Her hair was brushed back, and she was wearing dark lipstick. The jacket of the pantsuit had a bit of a low neckline, and she wasn’t wearing a top or camisole under it. Her black high heels had rather chunky square heels, and I noticed she had nude hosiery on.We small-talked for a while, sipped lemonade, and relaxed. Abruptly, she began to explain her behaviour at Gloria’s. She told me she was married in name only, and that she had remained celibate for many years. I listened as she told me she satified her sexual needs by using toys, and physical contact with a couple of bisexual female friends – Gloria being one of them. I became uneasy as she described a masturbation-only relationship she had with a man, but which ended three years previous.”I must tell you the other night with you and Gloria was the most erotic I have ever experienced,” she said, “I loved watching you undress her and have sex with her.” I replied that being with two beautiful mature women was a fantasy come true for me. “You wanted to masturbate with my lingerie, didn’t adapazarı escort you?”, she asked. Before I could answer, she told me Gloria had told her about my fondness for nylon slips and panties. “I find that so very erotic,” she said, “Were you aroused by my slip and nylons the other night?” I told her that I was, indeed. Anita gave me a very serious look, and asked, “Did you want to fuck me that night?” I wasn’t ready for that question, so my answer came slowly. I replied, “I was immediately attracted to you and the way you were dressed, and when we were upstairs, yes, I wanted to explore your lingerie and have sex with you.” Anita looked at me and replied, “But you understand I am married, so I could not touch you, nor you me.” I told her I fully understood, and she owed me no explanation.”Excuse me for a bit,” she said, and walked out of the room. I sat with my heart racing, and felt I should make a face-saving retreat out the door as soon as she returned to the room. It was then I heard her say, “Trev…can you come here?” I walked down the spacious hallway past three bedrooms, and asked where she was. “In here…in my room…sorry, didn’t mean to leave you alone out there,” she laughed. I entered her room, ans she was sitting on the end of her bed. “Please take your clothes off for me, won’t you?”, she asked. I was stunned, and my shock must have shown. She said, “Oh, don’t be shy or worried…after all, I have seen you naked already, and you’ve seen my girly things.” My head was swimmimg as I removed my clothes, and watched her reaction. She began to breathe deeply, and her legs, although crossed, seemed to be restless. By the time I was naked, my penis was at full erection, and she looked at it for quite a while. “Mmmm…it looks as gorgeous as it did the other night,” she said. So there I stood, with my throbbing erection just a couple of fee away from her. “Go open the second drawer on the left section of my dresser,” she said. I walked over to it, and in the large mirror which was over the dresser, saw that she was staring at my ass, had uncrossed her legs, and adapazarı escort bayan was rubbing her breasts. I opened the drawer and saw a large assortment of nylon slips neatly folded in the drawer. “Take the one you like best and masturbate with it for me.” she said. I took out a very shiny black half slip which had a wide row of delicate lace at the bottom, and a short slit in the back. “Yeah Trev…that one is one of my favourites, too,” she said, “Come on…let me see you jerk with it.” I wrapped the slip around my penis, and slowly began to stroke it. Anita’s eyes were locked onto what I was doing, and I could see she was becoming aroused. “Here…come lay on my bed,” she said as she stood up. I laid down with my legs apart, and continued jerking slowly with her slip. She stood next to me, and removed the jacket of her pantsuit exposing a beige nylon longline bra with satin straps. “Do you like this?”, she asked. She pulled her slacks down, and was wearing a matching beige spandex panty girdle which had lace around the leg openings, and stopped about six inches above her knees. I saw the tops of her nylon stockings under the legs of the girdle, and also noticed she wasn’t wearing a panty under it. “With my figure, I need a bit of help when I wear a pantsuit…do you like my girdle?” I nodded, and wanted to explode into her incredibly silky slip, but held off. “You want to shoot your load into my slip, don’t you?”, she whispered. I told her “not yet”, and she flashed a slightly wicked smile. “OH????”, she said, “Am I not sexy enough for you?” With that, she unhooked the row of clasps down the front of her longline bra, and cast it aside. Her aereolas were the size of half dollars, and her pink nipples stood out of them about a half inch. “What about now,” she asked and gave her breasts a wiggle. I asked her what size they were, and she replied, “36B”. Taking a risk, I took hold of her arms, and pulled her down toward me. That caused her right breast to land on top of my rock-hard penis. “No….no touching damn it….God that feels to good, but we can’t,” she protested. escort adapazarı I reached under her breast and began masturbating with it still on my penis. “You fucking young son of a bitch,” she growled, “Are you trying to seduce me into fucking you?” I was too far along to stop, so I said, “Yes Anita, and I know you want me to.” She sat up, looked me in the eyes, and said, “If we do this, one time will not be enough.” She stood up and said, “You want me to take my girdle off?” I nodded, and she worked it down her legs. “What about my nylons and heels?” she asked. I told her to leave them on, then handed her the black half slip. “Hmmmm…I thought you’d want me to wear this,” she said. As she pulled the slip up her thighs, she put her finger into her kitty, and said, “I’m so damn wet…” I stood up, embraced her and began kissing her mouth, neck, ears, and breasts as I rubbed my penis gainst her slip covered belly, thighs, and ass. She whispered to me that she had not had a penis inside of her for twenty years.I gently laid her on the bed, lifted and spread her legs, and pushed myself slowly into her. She gasped loudly, and let out a combination of a whimper, moan, and growl as I slowly thrust in and out of her. “You CANNOT cum inside of me, Trev…promise me you won’t,” she said. I promised her I would not, and we began a thrusting rythym which caused her to moan, gasp, and dirty-talk me. Her stockings felt wonderful against my legs, and soon I told her I needed to cum.”Yessss Trev….pull it out and shoot your stuff all over me,” she panted. I pulled out, sat up, and covered her belly, breasts, neck, and chin with hot thick semen. She screamed my name, and twisted under me as her own climax took her over.We laid together for some time, then she straddled me and began mastubating me with her slip. “I need you to cum for me like this, and I know you want to,” she said. Her technique was exquisite, and in no time I was filling her slip and her left hand with more of my hot semen. “I have many slips, Trev, so we can do this frequently.” she said.Later, I dressed to head home. Anita got up…still wearing the cum-filled slip, went to her dresser, and produced a key. “Take this,” she said, “You may find it useful.” I thanked her, kissed her on the cheek, and left. As i drove home, I couldn’t help wondering what I was getting myself into.

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