it was a day all about her

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it was a day all about herthis is a true storyThe day started has normal i got about 10:00 with morning glory so i a thought i would have a wank so i picked up my laptop and picked a porn vid i had and starting stroking my hard 8in cock took about five mins for the pre-cum to start dribbling the three loads later i was done. then i went for a shower and get ready to go out just has i was about to go for a drive i got i text of my mate tommy’s gf jess she wanted me to pick her up from her house witch wasnt somthing starnge i was always giving my mates a lift here and i grabed my keys and drove to her house she didnt live that far away mayb a 10min drive. when i arrived at her house i had always thought she was very sexy she has long black hair about chest lenght and the most perfect set of tits i have ever seen about 33D and a very nice ass. i sounded my horn and she came out and started walking to my car i could tell she had been crying so i was abit concerned she got in the car and put on her seat belt i asked her where she wanted to go she said she wanted to go for a coffee and talk, so we drove to a place all the way i was thinking about what she could of wanted to talk about. we went in and i told her i would get the drinks and she should get us a table so thats what we did. as soon as i sat down she started crying again so i went and sat next to her and put my arm around her and she put her head on my shoulder when she clamed down a little i asked her what had upset her so much, she said bornova escort bayan that tommy had been cheating on her then last night he left her she told me she hadnt slept all night. i huged her as she started to cry i thought i would try to cheer her up i grabed her hand and we went back to the car i knew she had always wanted to go to the fair she i took her to the fair that comes to town every year. when we arrived i could see she was made up that we was here before we got out the car i said to her that today was going to be all about her what ever she wanted to do we would do it, she smiled for the first time today. we spent all day at the fair i had won her a big pink rabbit. we got back to the car and she said she wanted to get really drunk (i liked that idea) so we went back to my place and we started drinking after a few drinks i could see she was getting very tipsy so i put on some music i went to get some more drinks when i got back she took both drinks of me and pushed me on to my chair, she truned around and walked over to the stereo and truned up the music and started dancing in a slow sexy way silding her hands up and down her body she slid her hands down her legs witch made her perfectly round ass in the air she slowly started to rise back up she truned around and started walking over to me, she placed her hands on my legs and bent over and started to kiss my neck that got me even more horney i went to put my hands on her ass but she said not yet you naughty escort bornova boy, she took a few steps back and began to take her top off and her pants.she went on to her hands and knees and crawled over to me pulling her self up she gabed my hand and put it on her ass we started kissing i had a raging hardon but i didnt wont to rush anything. she took me by the hand and we walked to my room as we got to the room she put her arms around my neck and we started kissing again i could feel her hord cock poking her in the belly, i took of my t-shirt.jess started to kiss my neck again and started slowly moving down my torso she got on her knees and began unduing my pants looking at me all the time she pulled my pants down and my hard cock jumped out she looked shock to see how big it was she told me she had always wanted to suck my cock and said she would somtimes think of doing it while she was playing with her pussy, she put her hands around my cock softly and started to stroke my dik from tip to base she kissed the tip of my cock then licked it up and down after a few minutes of teasing my hard dick she put the tip of it in her mouth and started slowly putting more and more in till it was all the way in her mouth. my leg began to shake with pleasure just as i felt i was about to unload my seed in her mouth she stopped and told me she has waited to long to end it that quick she got up of her knees and began to kiss me again i was rubbing my hands up and down her back then started to undo bornova escort her bra i pulled it off her and started to play with her beautiful tits and softly pinching her nipples when her nipples began to get hard i kissed and sucked on her nipples her breathing started getting heavier. i picked her up and she put her legs around my waist i walked over to my bed and placed her on it i kissed her tits again slowly making my way down to her panties i rubbed her pussy over he black lace panties, after 2 or 3minuets i sild of her panties exposing her blad pussy, i rub the lips of her pussy and her clit her breathing was getting quicker and i could feel she was getting very wet so i began to insert two fingers in to her pussy starting slow i started geting faster and faster i puled out my fingers and started to lick her pussy she tased so sweet.i moved back up her body as i got to her head she pulled my head to her kissing me so hard it hurt. she truned over so she was on her knees and told me to fuck her hard i teased her pussy with the tip on my cock then pushed it inside of her she let out a loud moan with each push i got abit hard till she was screaming my name and telling me to spank her after i while she said she wanted to be on top so i pulled my dick out i lay on my back she got on top and started to ride my cock her tits bouncing up and down i grabed her ass. we was fucking for about an hour then she stared shouting am cuming and told me she wanted me to cum in her pussy i started to get the feeling i was going to cum i started to thrust her harder then my load shot in to her pussy there must of been atlest 4 loads. she just fell lying on my chest our sweatie body rubbing togeather we kissed for a bit after that and she fell asleep in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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