Jackie Goes Air Tight

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Jackie Goes Air TightOK, so it was my husband Alex’s birthday, and we had flown out to Las Vegas to celebrate. Lucky me, as it turned out, offered Alex a sexual fantasy of his choosing. And, that’s the wicked little tale you’re reading now. Alex and I like to play nasty, and sometimes we’ll do things like hitting a bar or club, where one of us will pick out a guy. And then, usually it’s me who has to walk right up, and invite him out to the parking lot for a blow job; of course with Alex watching. Its loads of fun, and always leads in to a night of smoking hot sex. Alex’ has a wild imagination, and it can take some devious turns. So, as part of his fantasy he’s ordered me to write this tale up and to submit it too. Anyhow, that’s why it’s more a story then a narrative. And; yeah, I left out most of the boy’s silly chatter, so enjoy.With an hour or so to kill before dinner we were in the casino looking for an open blackjack table. As it turned out the only open seats were at a table with three college boys. And, poor me ended up sitting between two of them. I had a ball getting buzzed off the free booze and flirting my ass off. By the time Alex and I had to leave for our dinner reservations we were all on a first name basis. Yeah, and I already knew just how big two of those boy’s cock’s were. Anyway, I was a little drunk, and a lot horny; a combination guaranteed to have me shameless. So, those boys each got one thoroughly wicked kiss, before Alex finally dragged me off.Way later that night we were having a drink in one of the bars when the same three guys walked in, and up to the bar. Alex knew I’d been groping two of them at the blackjack table, and had been teasing me all night about taking on the three of them. And by this time I was beginning to think that this was one damn fine idea. All it took was for me to ask Alex if he’d like watching three young studs taking turns with me; and his nasty grin told me that he’d just come up with his fantasy. Fuck me, I thought. What Have I gone and gotten myself in to this time. “Ok, but buddy boy”, I told him, “All you’re going to get to do is sit back and watch. So, who’s going to do the inviting”? Alex wanted the honor, and I reluctantly agree.It was absolute torture, sitting there and watching as he bought them a round of shots, before finally leading them over to our table. Making a show of it, I got up after they sat down, and gave them each a smoking hot kiss, making sure this time to explore all three of their deliciously hard cocks. And, Oh what a sweet surprise; the one I missed out on at the blackjack table, he was black, had one monster of a cock straining his tight pants. I wandered off in search of another round of shots, getting back just in time to hear Alex pop the question. “Ok boys, the lovely Jackie would really love it if the three of you would come on up to our room and fuck her sexy brains right out of her head. What do you guy’s say, up for it”? I stood behind Alex, grinning and nervous, but watching their reactions. Steve was the first to get out a question. “Oh man, are you serious? What the fuck will you be doing”? I can play nasty too, and answered in a sultry purr. “Damn straight, we love to play; and I really want to suck, fuck, and totally enjoy all three of you. And, nasty old Alex has to just sit there and watch this time, because he lost a little bet”. Alex only chuckled at my little white lie; we really do make a great team. Dave chimed in then, excitedly agreeing. Derrick, the black stud, was next on board, and Steve made three. In the elevator I was all over those guys, kissing and groping them, and loving the fact that we weren’t alone either. Damn, that little show was fun, and knowing that it was probably on camera would have had my panties wet. Well, it would have, if only I’d been wearing any. Anyway, once we made it to our room, I led Alex over to a chair and kissed him like the absolutely wicked, thoroughly horny bitch that I was. And then, I pushed him down, ordering him to “stay put, and enjoy the show”.By the time I hopped up on that big bed I was trembling with anticipation. I smiled down on my audience, ready to scream, I was that absolutely on fucking fire with desire. I did my best to give them a hot little strip tease, but what can a poor girl do when she’s only wearing a tiny little skirt and a cut off top over already bare tits? I’m five foot eight, with a slim, but curvy athletic body. Everyone raves about my ass, and who am I to argue? My tits are a full perkily upturned handful, and are topped off by a pair of awesomely sensitive nipples. And that’s the naked body that I was showing off up there on that bed. They got my wickedest “come fuck me smile”, while their hungry eyes just absolutely ate me up. Sensuously I slid my hands over my sleek curves, touching and stroking all the sweet places I wanted their hot mouths. Their was total silence in that room when I reached a hand between my spread legs, and stroked one damn erect clit with a finger tip. One touch was enough to send a shiver racing through me. I’ve got to admit it; I loved being the center of attention; naked and nasty in front of those boys, and oh yeah Alex too. Dropping to my knees, I plunged two fingers deep in to my thoroughly wet, and fiery hot pussy. Pulling out dripping wet fingers, I slowly licked my wetly glistening juices off them, while making a suggestion. “OK boys, the first one naked will be the first one with his cock buried in my throat”.I dropped to my knees on the floor, hands on my hips and a huge grin on my face at their comical and hurried strip tease. Dave was first to make it over to me. I liked the look of his cock, it wasn’t overly long, maybe six inches, but man, was it ever thick. I locked my hands on his hips, bent, and began long slow licks that started with his balls and flicked on up to the head of his cock. Up and down I licked and kissed, while that lovely hard cock jerked under my tongue. Oh my God, I thought a cock in my mouth and two waiting in line. There is just no way to describe how totally turned on that had me. I’m sure that I’ve even had great orgasms while not being even half that aroused. Knowing that the other two waited their turns, I didn’t dally, well not much anyway. So, slipping my lips over that big thick head, I let them slide on down to his cock’s thick base. I liked the way his cock’s big soft head pushed against the roof of my mouth, but it sure didn’t even tickle my throat. Bummer, Better luck with the next one, I hoped.Next was Steve, and he was hung almost like Alex; that’s eight inches of lovely smooth rock hard cock. Steve’s cock went straight in to my throat, and there it stayed while I fondled both his and Dave’s balls. I truly love using my mouth to fuck a big hard cock, and the delicious feel of each downward plunge driving it in to my throat. Hell, it can be almost orgasmic. Still holding Dave’s balls in one fist, I sucked Steve’s balls in to my mouth. And, they got gently sucked while my fist drove up and down his now very slippery and absolutely rigid maraş escort cock. Letting Steve’s balls slip out of my mouth, I dropped my lips back over Dave’s thick cock and spent several delicious moments slamming my mouth up and down its hard thick length. And then, I had two lovely hard cocks, one sliding through each hard driving fist, as I looked around for Derrick.OK, so bring on Derrick, I thought, and let’s just see what kind of cock my darling black stud is packing. Deliberately I hadn’t looked at his cock; waiting until he was right in front of me. Oh my fucking God, this bitch was in cock heaven. The beautiful man must have been packing at least eleven inches of ram rod hard, fucking thick, black cock. I wanted it everywhere, sliding between my tits, buried deep in my throat, pounding in to my vagina, and yeah ripping in and out of my ass too, and I wanted it all at once too. Alex got a wicked smile as I collected Dave’s and Steve’s balls in my hands, before turning my attention to that beautiful monster of a cock. Slowly I licked and flicked my tongue over every bit of its ebony skin, wanting it slippery before my lips closed over it. Very aware of my audience, and loving the erotic thrill of it, I made quite a show out of ever so slowly sliding my lips down that long, long shaft. My whole body tingled, and my pussy throbbed, from the sweet feel of it pushing deep, and then even deeper in to my throat. And, show off that I am, I held it there too, while I slowly and very deliberately made eye contact with all four of my boys, one after the other.Honestly, I had more trouble getting both of Derrick’s big black balls sucked in to my mouth then I’d had with his huge cock. But, you better believe that I did it, and that it rang a lovely deep groan of pleasure from him. Tickling his balls, I almost choked on cock, as it jerked in my mouth and throat. Dave and Steve were both close enough for me to reach out and cradle their balls in my hands. And somehow, I managed not to laugh out loud, and choke on big black balls, when I thought of how I must look. Balls in my mouth, balls in both hands, you might as well have stuck a colored light up my ass and called me a Christmas tree.With my boys all in a neat row, it was cake to hold Derrick’s lovely balls tight in my mouth, while using a hand to jack off both Dave and Steve. Alex whooped out a “go girl”, and I was back on stage. Hands held behind my back, I showed off; absolutely slamming my mouth up and down that whole long black shaft, over and over again. God, it was so hard, and slippery. And, the taste of his pre cum had me dizzy with lust, and lost in thoughts of taking a huge load of cum straight in to my throat. A laughing Alex finally called out interrupting my play. “Hey baby, how about moving it up on to the bed? Don’t be greedy, its time these guys got some of your pretty pink pussy too”. Oh yeah, I thought, bring it on. Disentangling a dazed Derrick’s hands from my hair, I got to my feet, and stood on shaky legs. My three sweet boys each got a quick kiss, before I crawled up on to the bed.Knees bent and my legs spread as wide as they’d go, I shot Alex a big smile. “Hey lover, how am I doing”? His broad grin, a low wolf whistle, and a short round of enthusiastic applause were his sweet answer. I used both hands to spread my pussy wide, showing off all the pretty pink sugar possible. The hardest thing I’ve ever done was to stop the finger I had flicking a tattoo over my incredibly erect clit. You bet that I wanted to, make that needed to cum, but I’d made up my mind to get my boys off first. So, with a sharp clap of my hands, and a wickedly purred, “Bring it on guys”, I scrambled to my hands and knees. My head was right at the foot of the bed, and my ass was wagging out an invitation. So, there I was wondering who would fuck me first.Steve was first on to the bed, but Dave’s thick cock was back in my mouth before Steve got himself positioned. I took it then, just the way I wanted it. Steve spread my ass cheeks apart, and with one hard thrust, drove his hard cock deep. He hammered his lovely hard cock in to me, pounding hard and pushing my mouth down on Dave’s thick cock with every sweet thrust. Alex called out again, offering a suggestion. “Hey you guys, rotate around. Jackie loves the taste of her pussy on a man’s cock”. Its true and the only thing better is to taste it on a female lover’s sweet lips. Any how, Steve had his marvelous cock driving right over my G spot; and oh yeah, that had my vagina clenching and my breath coming in gasps. My difficulty breathing while keeping my mouth hard at work on his cock didn’t seem to bother Dave any. But, I was distracted enough to be taken by surprise as one huge blast of cum splashed in to my throat. Damn it, I thought at missing out on that sweet swell and jerk, as a man shoots his load. But you can bet that I got the rest of his tasty eruption in my mouth, and loved every delicious drop of it too. And, while I hungrily licked the cum off Dave’s nicely drained cock, Steve ripped his cock out of me and cracked one damn hard swat off my ass.“OK, score one for Dave”, Steve announced, as he gave my other ass cheek a not so playful, hard stinging swat. Fuck, I was in mid yelp when he absolutely slammed back in to me. The darling guy was fucking me for all he was worth, and I was thinking that Steve’s cock isn’t the only thing he has in common with Alex. That was for damn sure. Steve pulled out, gave me another delightfully hard crack across my ass and ordered me to turn over on to my back. In a flash he had my legs up over his shoulders, and his cock back pounding deep penetrating thrusts in to my happy pussy. Derrick stood leaning over me, his big fingers pinching and teasing my hard nipples, while the huge head of his cock teased my lips. He had my nipples so aroused and throbbing, that I was afraid they might just burst. Bummer though, in that position I could only lick his cock’s long black shaft, and suck its beautiful big head. And, of course, I still had darling Steve doing one terrific job of fucking the holy Hell out of me. I had one fist slowly stroking over the full thick length of Derrick’s cock, when Steve announced to the room, Fuck yes, I’m gonna blow it in her. Oh yeah, oh yeah, here I cum”. And, just like Alex would have, he took his orgasm fully buried, and savoring every powerful spasm, as he shot what seemed like a solid stream of cum in to me. I swear, men are just big boys. Steve and Derrick actually slapped hands above me, before Steve slipped out of me.It was real sweet; Steve kissed me with real feeling before rolling off the bed. Practically quivering with anticipation I quickly got back on to my hands and knees. Catching Derrick’s eye, I gave him my wickedest grin. “Come on lover, you’re up; oh man, and how. Now let’s see if you really do know what to do with that beautiful cock”. At last I had that huge cock’s head pushing against my throbbing vagina. Ok, but that lovely bastard tortured me. He teasingly slipped just that big thick head in escort maraş and out of me, nearly making me scream in frustration. And then, instead of giving me what I really craved; mainly to have all eleven hard inches slammed fully in to me with one really hard thrust, he slid his wonderful cock in inch, by tantalizing slow inch. Oh God, and there were so many of those deliciously sweet inches. That monster of a cock had my vagina stretched tight, and oh so nicely full. By the time his thighs were finally pushed hard against my ass, I was panting and ready to beg the teasing bastard to fuck me hard. I absolutely had to cum, and right then too. I had dropped my chest to the bed, but was still reaching a hand back between my thighs, when Derrick ripped that monster out of me. And then, I got what I had been waiting for. Slammed doesn’t quite cover what he did next with that magnificent cock. But, it sure did rip a loud scream of pure delight from me, when his powerful thrust drove fully back in to me. That scream must have just melted in to the ones that followed as my fingers found their way to my throbbing clit. Alex claims that I came at least three times; I don’t know, I was lost in what my fingers and that hard fucking cock were doing to me.The next thing that I knew, Derrick had stopped that delicious fucking, and was laughing. “Oh damn baby, that’s one damn hot little pussy. Man, girl do you know how to get off or what”. And just like that, my poor pussy was vacant, and Derrick was standing in front of me, and waving that big old cock in my face. Just the sight of that monster, big, black, and glistening with my juices and smears of Steve’s cum, had my insatiable pussy quivering again. In a flash, I was on the floor, and back on my knees. And you can be damn sure that I took my sweet time licking that whole massive treat clean, total fucking yum. I had deliberately left his cock’s head alone, but now I made it dessert. I sucked it in to my hot wet mouth, and just like he’d done for me, I took it all, slow inch, by slow teasing inch. His hands tangled in my hair, stopping me after only a couple of fast trips up and down that long, thick shaft. But, he’d stopped me fully deep throating him. And, I damn near came again as he kept hold of my hair and ever so slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Oh no baby, not yet”, his chuckling voice informed me.So, getting to my feet, I walked over and Dropped on to Alex’s lap. He got a kiss meant to remind him that he wasn’t forgotten. And yeah, the sweet bastard gave my ass one damn fine, hard crack as I headed back to the bed. “OK, Derrick”, I ordered, still rubbing my ass and grinning like a fool. “Up on the bed big boy, lie down, its time for me to ride that monster”. I like it on top, and loved teasing myself by sliding my slippery pussy all over that big soft head. Finally with just the head pushing in, I leaned forward and braced my hands on Derrick’s chest. Let me tell you, its completely different sitting fully impaled on eleven hard throbbing inches of cock, then it feels taking it any other way. For one thing, it redefined the term “absolutely fucking full”. Ignoring Derrick, I found my clit with one finger tip, and was way past half way to another shattering little orgasm by the time Derrick reached for my ass. So, I took that lovely little orgasm with him slamming me up and down his monster cock.I was just catching my breath when I saw Alex get up. He got something out of the nightstand, and tossed it to Dave. It was a bottle of lube, and I figured Dave got it because he was nice and hard again. Practically delirious with anticipation, I watched Dave spread lube over his cock. I was kissing Derrick when Dave ran a lubed finger up my puckered little hole. That brought my head up, and good old Steve was right there to push his wonderfully hard cock past my lips and in to my throat. But, Dave sure got my attention back, when I felt his thick cock nose up against my tight opening. I let go of Steve’s cock to encourage Dave to, “do it, fuck my ass good“. Dave had my ass cheeks spread, and he just drove all six thick inches fully up my tightly clenching ass hole. So OK, that was the first time that I’d had two live cocks fucking me at the same time. I’d had a lover’s cock, and a dildo or vibrater, but this was a lovely first. Poor me, I tried to pay proper attention to Steve’s cock when he pushed it back in to my mouth; honest I did try. At least I held on to it long enough for another first. I would have clapped and maybe even whooped some, if I hadn’t been so busy being “air tight” for the very first time. Hey, but my darling Alex did give me a nice round of applause, thank you sweetheart. The way Dave’s beautiful thick cock was frantically pumping hard thrusts in to my ass hole; I knew that the poor guy sure couldn’t last for long. Still, somehow I managed to wonder if the boys could feel each others cocks. But for sure, having Derrick’s monster cock filling my vagina, must have made my ass hole extra tight for Dave’s hard pounding cock. And, Dave didn’t last long either, but I sure loved hearing his excited cries as he blasted his load deep up my ass. How sweet, I thought as Steve politely pulled the cock he’d just pushed back in to my mouth, back out; so Dave could bend to give me a nice kiss.Still nicely impaled on hard cock, and before Steve could get his cock back in to my mouth, I Leaned forward and purred in Derrick’s ear. “So, want to cum in my ass, hope so, because I really want to take you just as hard as you can give it to me”. And then, gosh, there was Steve all nice and hard too. “Hey, Steve come on up here and lay down. Its time for me to ride the wild Steve”. He quickly scrambled up and lay down along side Derrick. What fun, I lifted up off one lovely thick cock, and settled right back down on another. Steve pulled my face down, and kissed me hard and deep. When he’d pushed me back up, his fingers closed over my nipples, pinching and rolling them until they felt ready to pop. So, while I got my tits tortured, and bounced excitedly up and down on Steve’s rock hard cock, I watched Derrick spread lube over just the head of his cock. Remembering the slow deliberate tease as he’d entered my vagina, I stupidly expected more of the same. Wrong, way wrong; his huge cock’s massive head had barely touched down on my opening when he had it driven in to the fucking hilt. I admit it; ever since I’d kissed him down in the bar, I’d been looking forward to taking his cock up my ass. There was nothing gentle about this fuck either; he absolutely took me, seemingly only focused on his pleasure. The way Derrick was pounding it to my ass, poor Steve could hardly move. But, it probably felt pretty good, just having Derrick’s big cock pushing so close to his. Don’t know, didn’t care, all I wanted right then was more of that incredible fucking.Dave was back, but he wasn’t hard. Without enough breath to talk, I just crookd a finger at him. He came, and it sure didn’t take me long to suck that thick cock back to life. And oh yeah, maraş escort bayan once again Jackie was “air tight”. Derrick was driving hard thrust after harder thrust, every one slamming my pussy down on Steve, and driving Dave’s cock in to my mouth. Somewhere about then, it dawned on me that I had over twenty-five inches of hard cock in me, a personal best. Did I love it or what? It was beyond even my wildest and most wicked of fantasies, and I wasn’t done yet. It got even better when Derrick began letting his cock rip right out of my ass, before plunging back in to enter me over and over again. Darling Alex was actually clapping, and egging the boys on. Derrick’s big hands lifted and spread my ass cheeks. And then, he was pounding it to me in a way that told me that he was about to get off. “Yes, yes, fuck yes, I’m going to cum”, shouted out a hoarse Derrick. I felt Derrick’s cock swell, and then jerk hard several times; knowing that every spasm was splashing another stream of thick cum deep in to my body. Oh my God, I thought, there’s going to be an absolute river of cum in my ass.Derrick pulled out of my throbbing ass hole, collapsing back on the bed. I pushed myself to a sitting position, ignoring Dave’s cock for the moment. Bracing my hands on Steve’s chest, I began pumping myself up and down on his rigid cock. The darling bastard reached out, grabbed hold of my ass, and brought it down with his cock buried in its wet little hole. Over and over again, he lifted my ass and brought it crashing back down, burying his eight hard inches deep in my ass hole. Oh yeah, he liked it in my ass just fine, but I knew that he wouldn’t be staying long. I loved being taken that way, but then I reached out and pried his hands off my ass. And, bracing my hands on his chest, I pumped my ass up and down that hard cock until it was ready to surrender its precious load of cum. Steve bucked up hard, grunted out a loud “yes, yes, yes”, and just like that my sweet and sexy ass was taking its third big load of hot cum. Sitting there with Steve’s cock still jerking in my very wet feeling, and cum splashed ass, I smiled over at Alex, and blew him a kiss. And, seeing Dave’s standing there, with one damn fine looking hard cock, I knew that I wasn’t done yet. But, Dave would have to wait a bit while Steve took his fill of kissing this thoroughly cum drenched bitch.OK, so I wasn’t quite as cum drenched as I was soon going to be. I lifted off Steve, and rolled off the bed. Dave got kissed first, and then darling Alex got one too. Turning back to face Dave, with cum already beginning to trickle down my thighs, I smiled sweetly and waited. When he didn’t make a move, or say anything, I reached two fingers in to my pussy, and brought them out covered in cum. Locking eyes with him, I made quite a show of licking them clean. He was looking, well sort of shy. So, I walked up to him, gave him a cum flavored kiss, that he sweetly returned, and then I gave him a choice to make. “OK Dave, it’s your call. You can have me anyway that you want me, anyway at all. So, what’s it going to be lover”? His wicked grin didn’t look so shy then, but it sure had me wondering just what was on his nasty little mind. Jackie you look just absolutely, incredibly sexy. And, girl, you’ve got cum running down both legs, and its smeared all over your very pretty ass. So, if it’s cool, I’d like to fuck you some, and then shoot all over your terrific tits, cool”? Feeling very wicked myself, I smiled. “I’d really like that, but only if you promise to use your hands to smear it all over my tits”. Dave nodded, and I turned to Alex, chuckling softly to myself. “And, I suppose that means that if I give you the blow job I was planning that I’ll be taking your load on my smiling face”? Alex just grinned, and then might have set a world record getting rid of his pants and shorts. As soon as he sat back down, I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock in one fast swoop. And, I sure didn’t have to wag my ass at Dave. He was behind me in a flash, pausing only long enough to push my thighs wider apart. I remember wondering just which cum drenched hole he was intending to take advantage of, by then, either one worked just fine for me. The nasty little fucker teased the opening of my ass, but then slammed that thick cock straight in to my vagina. So, there I was, one short, but nicely thick cock plowing my pussy, and Alex’s eight inches taking soft kisses, when it wasn’t deep in my throat. Oh well, I was betting that neither of them was destined to last long.Normally I’d do damn near anything to avoid taking a load of some guy’s hot cum on my face, but tonight, I could hardly wait. For the Hell of it, I put my hands behind my back, and let Alex’s strong hands drive my mouth up and down his hard cock. Dave grabbed my hands, held them tight, and ferociously attacked my pussy, with powerfully slammed thrusts. I was busy torturing Alex’s balls with my tongue, when Dave released my hands. After giving my wet ass a couple of hard swats, he told me, “Roll over on to your back”. You bet that I did, and in a damn hurry to. Grinning, Dave moved to straddle my middle. Eager works, but His hand was almost a blur; it was moving so fast on his cock. No way, I figured, and knocking his hand away, I quickly replaced it with mine. “Come on give it to me. Cover my tits with cum”, I commanded. So, with my hand sliding fast over that hard thick cock, it didn’t take me long to have it erupting a torrent of hot creamy cum. Lucky me, my aim was perfection; and I watched Dave’s cum splash down on to my waiting tits. I used a finger to wipe up the cum still leaking from his cock, and then sucked it clean. It was me who moved his hands on to my tits. But, soon enough he’d done a terrific job of completely covering them with his cum, and making my slippery nipples throb too. Satisfied, he kissed me, and then stood up to watch whatever was coming next.Next would, of course, be my darling Alex. I knelt upright between Alex’s legs, and watched his face as I squeezed my cum laden tits around his cock, giving him a short titty fuck. OK OK, so I was only fixing myself another cum flavored treat. Hey, and I’d almost gotten to lick it all up to, before Alex’s strong hands pushed my head down, driving his cock deep in to my throat. Those hands bobbed my mouth up and down his delightfully slippery cock, but not for long. His hands went to my hair, and he used it to lift my mouth off his cock. His timing and aim were perfect, and, I took his first huge shot splashing over my nose. Fuck me, by the time he’d finished spurting his shots of cum on me, my face was covered in the sweet sticky stuff. Alex was laughing, but he stopped long enough to kiss me, even though my lips were coated in his cum. And then, I was laughing to, and getting to my feet. So, there this very happy girl stood, with cum dripping off her chin, smeared across her tits, and running in rivers down her thighs. I smiled at each of my boys, and thrust my arms in to the air, in a victory salute.Well, that’s about it. I’m sorry if this tale has run a bit long, but Hell, what was a poor girl supposed to cut out. This has been fun, and I’m definitely going to write down more of my stories, and trust me, there are lots more worth the telling. Later now.

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