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Jamaica vacation funWe could’nt wait for our vacation in Jamaica. My wife and I are always busy running around doing something either for the k**s or for work. So when the time finally arrived we were ecstatic. My wife started buying new toys for this trip (She had just finished reading eleven shades of grey)For those of you who don’t know about the book, it’s about a woman that discovers BDSM in a loving way. It’s the hottest book out there for women these days. So she bought a whip, shackles, nipple clamps, a few others and most importantly a blindfold.I knew that I was in for a treat when she told me that our neighbors were joining us in Jamaica. They told us more than once that they enjoy our company. George and Priscilla are about the same ages as my wife and I. I’m 46 and my wife is 42. As you know,my wife is a knock out; she’s 5’4″ 120 lbs. long light blonde hair and bright green eyes. She has the hottest ass I know of,very grabable.Her pussy is so pretty and sweet. And her best feature is her amazing long nipples. God how I love them, I spend so much time playing with them. I could hardly wait to tie her up, blind fold her and attach those clamps to her swollen red buds.Well the day finally came and we were in a limo to the airport, then on the plane and finally there. We go through customs and end up at bar bursa escort in the airport by the transportation center. We start off with shots of tequilla immediately followed by a quick gulp of a whole drink and then one more to go for the bus ride. So we’re on the bus back to the resort and I keep carressing my wifes ear and neck. Soon I move down to her belly and before you know it I’m trying to get my hand in her panties. She fights me off and tries to push me away but she soon succumbs to the art of alchohol induced seduction. LOL! Her eyes are shut and shes swaying to and fro as my fingers find that oh so sweet warm and slippery sex pot. I’m working to get her shorts off but having a hard time trying. We’re sitting in last row of the bus and nobody in the opposite row so we had plenty of room to stretch out and she did just that. My wife had her arms up shirt now unbuttoned and her legs across the seat on the other side. She couldn’t care if Moses was walking in the aisle, she was horny and drunk, so look out.She didn’t wait for me she was fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit furiously. She looked at me with devil eyes and said “fuck me NOW!” I had a hardon that could crack marble. I played with her and told her to quiet down cause the others in front would hear us. She said “I want cock and I want escort bursa it now pleeaasseee.So now I’m looking at my hottie with her huge nippled titties hanging out of her shirt begging for my cock. This is fuckin awesome!I dangle my cock just in front of her face and shes sticking her tongue out trying to catch it. I make her chase my cock more because I love the sound she makes when she lashes her long tongue out rythmmically, it’s so fuckin perverted. When her inhibitions are gone shes a hot little slut that loves cock and ass. She lifts her head to meet my cock but I lift up so can’t get it, instead she catches my balls and burries her nose in my balls then moving her mouth closer to my balls while making a muffled sexy mouthing sound (MMMFFFMMFFFOHOHWHAMMMFFFOH) amazing I didnt cum right there.I sit down and help her to climb up on top of my lap facing me. She is now trying to stuff my hard cock into her pussy and shes trying really hard. She’s almost impatient then she finds a wetspot in her pussy and slides my cockhead up and down a time or two and down she goes on my cock like a piston in a cylinder. She is grinding into my pelvic bone she has all of me and I feel her cervix hitting my cockhead when she grinds, feels fucking amazing! Shes holding (squeezing) my hands really hard as shes humping bursa escort bayan and fucking the shit out me on this small bus.Shes starting to really buck and I can see that shes ready to cum. Perfect timing as I feel my cock getting even harder and this tingling feeling that ran from my balls to the back of my throat. I let go of her hands and grabbed her hips to lift and slam her down as I shot my ropes into her swollen pussy. She totally collapsed on my chest. We rested for about six seconds than looked at each other and laughed out loud as we got dressed. Two minutes later we arrived at the resort. What a ride! None of the passengers including George and Priscilla saw our little show. Maybe some heard but I doubt it.Except for thes bus driver. In the islands, the workers and drivers are always asking for tips because their pay rate is so low. So at each and every bus stop you will definitely hear the driver say “We gladly accept and appreciate tips”. So now we’re all getting off the bus and he’s saying these words, then its our turn to step off and he sees us and stops his usuall speech and says to us ” You two are paid in full” and smiles at us then shakes my hand and he hands me an object in that same hand shake, like when you tip a person and winks at me. I just put it in my pocket and walked to front desk with my wife and friends. As my wife is chatting with the girl behind the desk I turn back and see the driver laughing while hes shaking the bar tenders hand, then leaves.thats it for now, just smoked and I got the munchies, so to be continued..

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