Jamie’s first 4 way, a cross-dresser’s f

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Jamie’s first 4 way, a cross-dresser’s fI walked across the room nervously, smothing my my short silver satin skirt.I passed by the mirror – a full length mirror and saw myself there.I was beautiful.Silver sparkly 4″ closed toe pumps with ankle straps.White lace top nylons – you could just see the bottoms of the lace peaking out just below my flirtly skirtline.I turned right, then left – the skirt rose exposing my garters.I smoothed the skirt back down again, I loved how the buckles on the garter registered through the the satin skirt.I traced the lines up under my panties to where they connected to the corset.I smoothed my white satin blouse and felt the side boning in my corset, then down my back, and felt my full back satin panties.I had on a wig and some makeup – no way was I passable as a woman, but I felt sexy- I loved my smooth, shaven legs, freshly shaved panty line.I liked myself as a woman, though I was not one, I hoped today to finally feel what it is like to be fucked as a woman.There was a knock on the door. They were a few minutes early. Fortunately, I was dressed early as I had anticipated this for sometime – years, really.I opened the door to find 3 men. The first one said “Hello. I’m Nick. You must be Jamie.”Ï am.” I said, “come on in.”As they walked through the door, Nick introduced Kevin and Walter.Nick was a middle aged man, probably about 55 years old with a nice physique.Kevin was about the same age, but pot bellied and balding.Walter was taller, a bit younger, and very muscular.Kevin sat down on the bed, Walter went and sat in a chair in the corner while Nick waited for me to come back from the closing the door.”So, how do we begin then?” asked Nick as he looked me up and down.Ï gave a nervous laugh… Ï don’t know. I have never done this before.””Never?”Kevin asked as he rose from the bed.”Never.”I said.”Have you never been with a man before?””Only in my fantasies,”I said as I approached him.He reached out and put his left hand on my waist. I put my hand left hand on his, my right on his shoulder.”Do you mind?” I said as I leaned in and kissed his neck.He reached around the back of my left leg with his right hand and moved under my ass, up the garter across my satin clad ass.I closed my eyes as he kissed me, his mouth open and his tongue coming into my mouth. He carressed my ass with both hands over the satin skirt, then down the backs of my legs and tops of my thigh highs and up under my skirt.He pulled me close to him as I ran my hands down his back and gripped his ass. I could feel his cock through his jeans pressed up against me, pressed up against my equally hard cock.He kissed me deep as I walked my hands around his waist and undid his button and unzipped his jeans.I stuck both hands in his pants and moved around the sides. He was not wearing any underwear as his jeans fell to the ground. I pulled him close, the only thing dividing us was the satin on my panties and the satin skirt. In my heels, I was a bit taller than Nick and griped his cock and stuck it in the leg hole of my panties – our cocks were side-by-side as rubbed up and down – reaching down and gripping the two together as we kissed.I moved my kiss down his neck as he took off his shirt.I kissed his chest and had seen that Kevin took off all his clothes. He was stroking his cock, eyeing me like a wolf eyes his prey. he watched me kiss his friend down his bare chest and get on my knees before Nick.Nick’s cock was red and hard before me. I gripped his ass with both hands as I dove in and took his left nut in my mouth. I made eye contact with Kevin and kept it as sucked Nick’s balls, then licked from his cack up to the tip of his cock.I squeezed Nick’s balls gently as I massaged his dick with my tongue. Kevin made his way over to me.I rose slightly and took the tip of Nick’s cock in my mouth, extended my tongue and rose up, gently stroking his manhood with my mouth. Kevin was standing on Nick’s right side. I reached around him with my left arm and pulled him close. His cock was at the same level as Nicks and I took them both into tuzla escort my mouth. I had never had a cock in my mouth before today, now I had two!Nick moaned a bit and said “that feels incredible little lady, but I would like something more.”He pullled out of my mouth to let me service Kevin for a bit which I did. Kevin sat down on the bed and leaned back on his hands. I alternated tea-bagging his balls, licking his shaft, and nearly gagging myself on his cock. I loved sucking his cock! I reached forward and massaged his sides, letting my hands roll over his round belly. Kevin was standing behind me. “Your killin’ me in that mini-skirt!” he said.I rose on my heels, but still bent at 90 degrees as I continued to service Kevin.Nick slid his hands up my nylon covered legs, I felt the garter taught across my ass as he pushed back my skirt. Starting at my waist, he slide afinger down my panty line and opened up the crotch area and stuck his cock in my panties. He began to rub his cock in between my ass crack and my satin panties. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?” he asked.Ï took Kevin’s cock out of mouth just long enough to say “not yet.””The way you suck dick, I can’t imagine what you must fuck like.””How do you want to be fucked? If its your first time”, I will let you decide.I continued to massage Kevin’s balls and cock as I turned back to this man who was panty fucking me.”Ï have always wanted to be fucked missionary.””Its time for you to get on the bed then.”Nick pulled out of my panties as I stood up.Kevin scooted onto the bed, still laying back. He oriented some pillows behind his head – his cock still hard.The gentleman in the corner was still sitting and still dressed – he did not have much expression on his face, but he was clearly watching the show.I crawled up on the bed, still sitting up, I layed my legs one on top of the other and smoothed my skirt.I was nervous. Kevin offered me a pillow. “Thank you,”I said.Nick got some supplies from his backpack and knelt down on the bed.He scooted forward on my left and began to rub the top of my right leg with his left hand. He leaned in, his right hand on the back of my neck and leaned in and kissed me deep again.”Ï can’t wait to fuck you.” he said. His hand moved under my butt and into my panties.”ïf this is your first time, then I’ll need to prepare you. Lay back.”he said.I leaned back as he slipped a rubber glove on his left hand. I did not know what would come next, I was nervous and enthralled at the same time. His gloved hand move up the outside of my right leg as my skirt fell open.I spread my legs wide for him. He was naked except the glove on his hand, kneeling before me – his cock hard and pointed straight to its ultimate destination.He pulled a tube of lubricant and put some on his index finger and his middle finger of his gloved hand.He ran his finger down the right side of my panties and moved his left fingers near my anus.I was trembling. He could see that and layed his right hand on my stomach. He chuckled… “calm down little lady, I’m not going to hurt you at all.”On that he pushed on my belly with his right hand and a felt his finger enter my ass.i heard a slight high pitched wimper and realized it was me. It hurt only slightly, the pleasure was much more than the pain.He swirled his finger around. I had had my finger in my ass many times before, but it never quite felt like this.he pulled out slightly only to return with a second finger, still pushing on my belly, he moved his hand down to my satin covered penis. It felt liks some perverse exam. I thought I might cum just then. He seemed to realize that and pulled his fingers out and grabbed a condom.He took off the glove and tore open the condom. I was truly shaking now. “Ï want you inside me.”I moaned.I want to be inside you”He said as his rolled the condom down.I leaned my head back and felt him push my pantie aside.Then I felt the tip of his cock at my ass. He spared no time pushing in. My ass burned as he pushed further and further into my rectum. Again, I heard that girlish wimpering escort tuzla and realized it was me. “He is so tight, Walter – you are going to break this when its your turn.”I was not sure what he meant, I wasn’t even sure to whom he was talking.I didn’t care. All I wanted was to feel this. As he pulled back, I leaned forward, clutching his ass with both hands, I pulled him into me. I arched my back slightly and this seemed to allow him to go deeper.Kevin got up from his spot and moved seemingly in line behind Nick.I could see the mirror again. What I saw was beautiful! This lady on the bed. Her stilletto heels dug into the comforter, anklet sparkling in the sunlight, knees in high points, skirt flared out across her belly and the bed. The lace top thigh highs on full display – garters taught across her ass and baggy up front. A man laying between, thrusting in and slowly pulling back, thrusting in again and kissing her neck, pushing her satin blouse aside, he kissed her chest, pulling back her left cup he gently bit her nipple. I was thrust back to the moment as he kissed me deep. I wanted to swallow his tongue as it carved in and out of my mouth.His face backed away only slighly as his pelvis continued to pump away on my man pussy. He looked me in the eyes. “where do you want me to cum?Ïn my mouth.”I heard myself say faintly.He pulled out of me as I dropped my knees. He threw one leg over mine, then the other and shimmied his way up my body, straddling my chest and pulling off the condom in the process.His knees at my armpits, he leaned forward and I took his cock in my mouth.Almost instantly, I felt at vibration on my tongue as he sprayed hot cum down my throat. I gagged slightly and pulled back. Nick moaned as a scond pump hit the roof of my mouth and I felt yet a third roll onto my tongue. It was warm and gooey, but I didn’t swallow it right away as I swirled it around his cock still in my mouth.My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I leaned back and swallowed the rest of his cum. It tasted so good! so, much better than my own!I hadn’t noticed Kevin had moved into position.”Don’t fall asleep on my now.” Kevin said as he pushed my knees up and pulled aside my panties and pushed into me.ühhhhhhh… I moaned as I felt his cock up in my ass, plunging deeper.”Nick was right, you are a tight little ass. You will thank me for stretching you out a bit before Walter has his way with you.” Nick rolled off of me to reveal the pot-bellied man fucking me. He was sweating already, and grabbed a pillow and without pulling out of my ass, lifted me up slighty and he put the pillow under my lower back, propping me up as he leaned up and continued to fuck me. He stared at me with those eyes that reminded me of my uncle and seemed to laugh a knowing laugh.That belly leaning over me, it rubbed against my satin covered cock with every thrust. It felt good, but I did not want to cum, so I motioned him to roll onto his back. “let me do some of the work.”He pulled out of me, I was happy to see a condom on him. He lumbered off to my right side and laid flat.I rolled up, a bit cramped from being held in such a position for so long.I threw my left nylon covered leg over him and straddled his waist. I was getting warm so I stripped off my blouse – showing my corset and its connections to the garters. I reached down under me with my left hand and scooted my panties aside. With my right hand, I stood up his cock and impaled myself upon it. It slipped in easily and felt a little different than earlier.Kevin reached up and gripped my waist, slipping both hands into my corset and working my body in an up and down motion.I looked down and saw my satin skirt spread out and around us, picking it up slightly I rubbed my cock through the satin panties with my right hand, then up across my belly and chest as I put my left hand on his right leg. I arched my back slightly as I raised up, then dropped down on him, feeling the full lenght of his dick inside me.I worked my hips fore and aft, up and down, trying to pull the cum from him, but he took over.He tuzla escort bayan was a bigger, stronger man, now enthralled with fucking me. He gripped my waist and worked up and down as he pumped from below. I was just a tool to take his cock, but i loved it!He moaned as he thrust upward, his hands atop my lace top thigh highs and garters and I felt a shudder inside me, then warmth. He was cumming. He moaned out and thrust a second time as I pulled forward, his dick bounced on his stomach.I scooted back, kissing his belly on the way down and kneeling between his legs until I was face level with his now flacid cock, his full condom hanging off the tip. I pulled the condom off and dumped the contents on the tip of his cock and proceeded to lick and slurp it up.It was hot and there was a lot of it. I took his flacid dick in my mouth and sucked every last bit of cum I could out of his dick and off his belly.Just like last time, I had hardly finished my meal when there was another course.Walter was naked and moving in behind me as I knelt in front of Kevin.He ran his hands along my calves and up the sides of my legs.Walter knelt and straddled my legs and was behind me as he opened up the left side of my panty and pushed his dick into my panty.”Holy shit!” I thought, “that dick is big.”Walter began thrusting forward and back – his monster cock between my ass crack and my panties.He wrapped his muscular arm around my waist, leaned in, and whispered in my ear. “Ï’m not a congenial as the other men. I am going to fuck you, I am going to fuck you well with this huge cock. You will be begging me to fuck you and cum inside. do you understand – little – lady?”Kevin got up and Walter pushed me face first into the bed. I looked to the side and saw myself in the mirror. Walter spread my knees and moved his penis into the front of my panties. I reached back with my left and and gripped both our dicks through the satin panty. His cock was so big. I rubbed the two of us for a moment and he said, “its time.”He pulled back then straddled my legs again and pushed them together. He took down my panties, but left them down around the backs of my knees.Nick handed him the lubricant and Walter squirted a generous amount in my ass crack and his dick which was resting in it like a Python in a hot dog bun.I was still kneeling, my legs together, panties around the backs of my knees, the side of my face watching the mirror. He leaned over me, wrapped his right forearm under my waist and positioned his cock at my rectum with his left hand. “now this might hurt at first.”he said.He began to push into me. I heard the wimper again and felt pain as my ass spread, but it could only go so far as my legs were being held together.He continued to bear down on me, my ass burning in pain.He pulled back marginally. Does it hurt?”Yes”I wimpered. How do you want it then?”Spread my legs and fuck me.” I wimpered.”well, why didn’t you say so?”he pulled out and I fell to the side.he pulled my panties off the rest of the way – down over my legs and off my stillettos. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs before him.He moved in, is cock in his right hand.I felt it at my anus. He spared no time in pushing into me.I leaned back and moaned as he spread and penetrated my ass.The pain was imense, I was beginning to call out in pain when he started pulling back.He was just about fully out when I reached forward and clutched his ass with pull hands and pulled him into me.”Deeper” I heard myself say.He obliged and pushed deeper into me. Pretty soon, the pain became pleasure.He fucked me for what seemed like an eternity.i was lost in the moment and felt tingly all over. I moaned in extacy and felt myself cum.At this point, I felt Walter push forward, get all warm, and shake.I felt an explosion of warmth in my ass as he came inside me.He was propped up on his hands and i reached down and scooped up my cum and brought it to my mouth, and licked and swallowed it.He layed there for a while – still inside me, his massive cock slowly going limp.He pulled out and I pulled my satin panties back on over my heels, nylons, and garters.I stood up and we talked about doing this again sometime.As I showed them to the door, I smoothed my satin skirt and could feel moisture running down the inside of my leg.

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