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Jim & JaneIt was a hot spring day. Jim Smitherson sat at his desk impatiently waiting for the bell to ring.All he could think about was how much he wants to go home.Jim stands at 5’9 with red hair and blue eyes. He has an 8-½ inch cock.He wasn’t paying much attention to the teacher. Instead, he was too busy looking out the window at the cheerleaders.He noticed his sister Jane, practicing her routine. He watched her as she did a perfect cartwheel. He then suddenly felt his cock come to life in his pants.He blushed and brought his hand down to cover it up. Just then the bell rang.”Finally” Jim thought to himself.He grabs his books and gets up out of his seat. He then puts one of his books in front of him to try to hide his raging hard on. He walks out of the classroom and goes to his locker.He twists the numbers on his combination lock. He then unlocks his locker and throws his books inside.Suddenly, the image of Jane pops into his head. He feels his cock swell and he knows that he has to get out of there.He shuts his locker and walks out of the school doors. He the walks down the sidewalk heading home.Jane Smitherson looks around before doing another cartwheel. She loves being a cheerleader and has been doing this for two years now.Jane stands at 5’7, with black hair and brown eyes. She has a 36C bra size and has an athletic body.She lets her mind daydream, thinking of things like shopping, boys etc. She then suddenly hears her name being called and she realizes that it’s her turn to do the cartwheel.She brings her hands down to the ground and flips her whole body over. She then lands. She brings her hand forward and wipes the sweat of her face.She is really glad that she is wearing something short to keep her cool.Suddenly, she realizes that everybody is going home. She brings her arm up and looks at her watch. She notices that it is 4:30 p.m.”Oh shit, I better get home.” Jane thinks to herself.She goes over and grabs her bags, which includes her pompoms. She then walks off the field and onto the sidewalk, going home.Jim walks down the sidewalk some more. He cannot help but think about his sister Jane. He thinks she is so incredibly sexy.He has had the biggest crush and has lusted after her for a long time.It all started when he saw her getting out of the shower one day. She as still developing then but he thought that she had the most amazing body.And now all these years later, he still thinks she looks amazing.He feels his cock grow harder with each second that he thinks of her. He realizes that he really needs to get home quickly so he can jack off thinking of her.He sees his house ahead of him and he runs to it. He reaches the front door quickly. He then opens it and goes inside. He goes straight to his room.He lies down on his bed and undoes his pants quickly, pushing them down around his ankles. He then slips down his boxer briefs, letting them fall down around his ankles too.He brings his hand up and places it on his cock. He starts at the head and runs his thumb around it slowly. He lets his eyes close as he slips his hand lower. He then wraps his hand around his shaft fully.He starts pumping his hand up and down quickly. The pleasure that he is feeling is so intense that he starts moaning loudly.Jane runs down the sidewalk to her house. She really wants to get home so she can relax.Jane reaches her house quickly. She walks through the open front door. She then places her bag in the floor against the wall.She then turns around and shuts the door behind her, locking it. She walks from the living room to the kitchen. She reaches the kitchen quickly and walks into it.She looks around for her parents and even shouts out their names. But she doesn’t get a response and she quickly realizes that they are not there.So she goes to get something to eat. But just as she is doing that, she notices a note on the counter. She walks over to the counter and reads the note.It says.”Went out to dinner and to see a show. Be back later on tonight.”Jane shrugs her shoulders.”Alright” she thinks.She then heads towards the bathroom. But as she is doing that, she hears some moaning coming from Jim’s bedroom.She decides to investigate so she walks over there, slowly.The sound of his moaning sounds really good to her.She personally loves sex a lot and masturbates at least 5 times a day.Jane reaches Jim’s bedroom. She then opens the door and walks in. She sees him there, lying on the bed, with his cock in hand jacking off.She feels her pussy suddenly become wet at the sight. She walks over to his bed and sits down on it. She then turns her head and watches him.She has lusted for her brother for the longest time.He has always been the reason for her daily masturbating.She wants to touch herself, but she dares not too for she doesn’t want to disturb him.Jim starts stroking his cock faster. He swears that his s*s is in the room with him, but he’s not truly sure. He starts fantasizing that she is.He pumps his cock harder and faster, opening his mouth to call out her name.”Oh Jane. Oh baby.” Jim calls out.Jane hears her name being called out. She gasps then moans realizing that Jim is fantasizing about her. She suddenly finds herself wanting him real bad.Jim hears a gasp and he opens his eyes. He looks over and realizes that Jane is sitting there with him. He reaches over with his free hand and takes her hand in his.He then proceeds to try to pull her on top of him.Jane feels Jim’s hand on hers. She looks over and notices him noticing her. She grabs onto his hand and lets him pull her on top of him.Jim notices that Jane is not resisting and he pulls her on top of him. He moves his hand off his cock and lets Jane sit down on top of him.Jane sits down on Jim’s lap, reaching up underneath her skirt and ripping her panties away.She takes them into her hand and throws them to the side. She then sits back down on his lap, feeling his hard cock resting at her pussy entrance.Jim moans loudly as he feels Jane’s pussy rubbing against his cock. This is the moment he has been waiting for.He lets his eyes travel up and down her body, taking all of her in.As badly as he wants to fuck her, he’d rather explore her sweet sexy taut body first. So he reaches up and takes her off his lap.He then lays her down on the bed next to him.Jim sits up and takes off his shirt. He then takes off his pants and boxer briefs. He takes his clothes in his hand and throws them aside.He then turns on his side facing Jane. He reaches up and starts taking off her top.Jane watches as Jim goes for her top. She lifts her arms up and lets him take it off. She is so glad that this is happening. She has wanted this for so long.She reaches down and takes off her skirt, throwing it to the side. She then brings her legs up and spreads them wide, letting the smell of her fill the room.Jim notices that Jane has lifted her sexy muscular legs and has spread them wide. He smells her pussy juices as they fill the air.Just smelling them makes his mouth water.He can hardly wait to get lara escort his head in between those sexy legs and eat that sweet pussy. But first he must tend to the upper part of her.He reaches up bringing his hands to her sports bra. He then rips it away quickly.Jane moans as she feels her bra being torn away. She is so glad to have that gone. She lets her eyes move towards her brother Jim, taking in his muscular body.She never realized how good he looked under his clothes. If she had known, she would have been fucking him earlier.Jane reaches up and pulls Jim on top of her, letting his rock hard cock rest between her legs.Jim feels Jane pull him on top of her. He smiles as he relaxes on top of her. He then leans down and kisses her supple cherry lips.He lets his tongue slip out of his mouth and into hers. He then starts teasing her by rubbing his cock up and down her wet pouty pussy lips.He wants so bad to just slip it inside her. But he’d rather get done tasting her body first.Jane kisses Jim back, letting her tongue slip into his mouth. She moans as she feels Jim’s cock teasing her pussy lips. She feels her pussy become wetter every second that he rubs against her.Jim feels Jane’s pussy become wetter and he groans pleasurably. He then lets his lips slide down her body, going for her neck.He finds it and he starts kissing it. He then lets his hands slip down to her breasts. He takes one into his hands, feeling it’s smooth creamy texture.He never realized how good her breasts could feel in his hand.Jane moans loudly as she feels Jim’s mouth on her neck and his hand on her breast. She feels her nipple grow hard and she knows that Jim feels it too.She has never felt so much pleasure before. She’s had her neck kissed by other boys before, but she’s never felt pleasure like this before.The pleasure is so good that it is running from the top of her head down to the tips of her toes.Jim hears Jane moan loudly and he smiles wickedly. He loves knowing that he is making her feel good. He lets his mouth linger on her neck for a little bit longer.He feels his hard nipple under his hand. He brings his hand over to her nipple. He then tweaks it lightly.Jane moans louder as she feels Jim tweak her nipple. She feels her pussy getting wetter with each passing second.She feels the need for it to be touched and licked growing. She wants Jim to get down between her legs and eat her pussy so badly. She gets the look of lust in her eyes.She then looks up at Jim wanting him to see it.Jim tweaks Jane’s hard little nipple a bit harder. He feels Jane looking up at him and he cannot help but look right back at her.He brings his baby blue eyes up and lets them focus on hers. What he sees in her eyes makes his cock grow even harder in between his lover’s legs.He finds himself totally hot and mesmerized by just the look of pure lust in his sister’s brown eyes. He finds himself returning the look.Jane sees the same look of lust in her brother’s eyes. It makes her even hotter just to stare at him. She just has to touch him.Jane brings her hands and arms forward. She then wraps them around Jim’s strong back, pulling him closer to her.Jim feels Jane pulling him close. He finds that he cannot stop staring at her. The need to please her and be pleased is so incredibly present right now.Jim moves his mouth off her neck. He then moves it lower down her body. He kisses her chest and then lets his mouth move over to her breasts.Jane notices that Jim is going to suck her breasts. She decides to help out and make the experience much more hotter.Jane moves her left hand off of Jim’s back. She then brings it up and sneaks it under Jim’s body. She grabs her left breast and cups it in her hand. She then lifts it up to Jim’s mouth.Jim notices that Jane is cupping her own breast and that she has lifted it up to his mouth. He thinks what she is doing is so hot.Jim brings his mouth down to Jane’s breast. He then lets his lips close around her entire nipple. He brings his tongue forward and starts licking it slowly.He keeps his hand on her other breast, still tweaking the nipple.Jim sucks her left breast for 10 more minutes. He then switches over to Jane’s other nipple. Before she has a chance to cup the breast, he slips his hand underneath and does it for her.Jane moans as she feels Jim cup her right breast. She wants him to suck it on badly. She moves her hand off her other breast and brings it up to Jim’s head.She then pushes it down to her breast.Jim notices that Jane is pushing his head down to her breast. He knows that she wants him to suck it. He opens his mouth and takes her nipple inside.He then starts licking it slowly. He feels the need to lick her sweet pussy grow with each passing minute. He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out before he has to dive in.Jane watches as Jim licks her nipple. To her, he has one of the best tongues that she has ever felt. She can hardly wait to have it in her pussy.Jim licks Jane’s nipple a little bit more. He then can’t take it anymore. He moves his mouth off her nipple. He then kisses her way down her smooth flat stomach.He moves down her body lower, getting close to her pussy. He kisses every inch of her lower body, getting closer and closer to her pussy.Finally, he gets in between her legs. He kisses her inner thighs, making her moan. He then moves in on his prime target. He notices that she is shaved and he loves that.Jane feels Jim’s head between her smooth legs. She knows that he has noticed that she is shaved.She feels so anxious to have her pussy licked that she just wants to reach down and push his head in. But she won’t because she really wants him to do it his own way.She keeps her eyes facing downward so she can watch Jim eat her pussy.Jim feels Jane’s eyes on him and he loves knowing that she is watching. He extends his tongue out and brings it up to her pussy. He then starts licking.He starts at the bottom of the pussy and licks the entire way up until he reaches her clit. He then repeats the same process again. He tastes her juices as they run out onto his tongue.He swallows them up hungrily and then goes back for more. Her pussy juices are as sweet as fresh honey to him and they are the best that he has ever tasted.Right now, the way he is licking he is just for tease. He will start the real licking when he hears his slutty sister Jane moan and cry out his name.Jane feels Jim’s tongue in her pussy licking her. She is moaning so loudly that the sound is echoing off the walls.”Oh Jim!” she cries out in the heat of passion.She wants him to lick her dry.Jim hears Jane moan and then hears her call out his name. That is all he needs to hear.He starts licking her pussy harder, using his tongue to lick every part of her sweet pussy.He then reaches around and grabs her legs, putting them on his shoulders.Jane feels her legs go up and onto Jim’s shoulders. She knows that he can get some hot deep licking done in this position. She really wants him to do just that.She decides to let him know by verbalizing escort lara it.”Mmm Jim baby, lick my pussy deeply with your tongue. I want to feel you fucking me with it.” Jane says.Jim hears Jane and he is more than ready to do that to her. He brings his tongue upwards and locks it. He then slips it deep inside Jane’s fuckhole.He starts sliding it in and out of her, swallowing more of her juices.Jane feels Jim fuck her with his amazing tongue. She wants to close her eyes, but she doesn’t because she doesn’t want to miss watching his face dart in and out between her legs.Jane reaches down and places her hands on Jim’s head. She then starts helping “guide” him in and out of her pussy. She really wants him to lick her much more faster.Jim feels Jane’s head on his head “guiding” him. He can tell that she wants him to lick her faster. So he decides to do just that.He starts shoving his tongue in and out of her pussy harder. He is so compelled to make his sweetness cum so he can fuck her.And maybe if he is lucky, he will get to fuck her in the ass then have her suck his cock clean.He shoves his tongue in her as deep as he can. He finds her g-spot and he starts licking it hard. He wants to make her cum hard, fast, and now.Jane feels Jim’s tongue licking her g-spot. It feels so good that she cannot keep her eyes open anymore.She feels a very powerful orgasm coming on and she knows that it won’t be very long until she cums all over her hot brother’s tongue. She is ready to cum so he will fuck her.Jim looks up and notices that Jane has closed her eyes. He can tell that she is in ultimate pleasure. He is ready to bring her to the ultimate high of pleasure.He moves his tongue out of her fuckhole and brings it up to her clit. He then starts sucking and licking it for all it’s worth.Jane feels Jim licking and sucking on her clit. She starts moaning louder, feeling her orgasm come on quicker.Coming on so quickly that it’s going to take only a couple of more licks to bring her over the edge.She starts thrusting her pelvis upward, bringing her clit closer to Jim’s mouth.Jim feels Jane’s pelvis pushing upwards and feels her clit pushing up into his mouth. He can tell that she really wants to cum.He starts licking her clit harder and faster. He won’t stop until she cums.Jane feels Jim licking her clit harder. She knows that this is it. That she is cumming now. She feels it roll over her like a freight train she can’t stop.She starts screaming like a woman possessed.”Ohh..mmm…Jim..I’m..cumming!” Jane screams out.Jane then starts shaking and reaches over placing her hands on Jim’s shoulders for support.Jim feels Jane start to shake and hears her scream out as she cums. He licks up her cum greedily, like a c***d eating his most favorite dessert.He feels her holding onto him as she cums.She’s hurting him a little bit, but he doesn’t mind because the pain feels really good in a highly sexual way.Jane feels her orgasm slow down and then stop. She stops pushing her pelvis upwards, but she doesn’t let go of him.Instead, she starts pulling him upwards towards her. She wants him on top of her again.Jim notices that Jane has stopped cumming so he stops licking her. He feels her trying to pull him on top of her again. He has no problem with that.Jim moves his head from between her legs and moves upwards, letting his cock rest between her legs again.Jane opens her eyes and notices that Jim is on top of her. She decides that she wants to return the favor. So she gently helps Jim onto his back.She then kisses his lips.Jim, realizing that he is now on his back, looks up at Jane. He then kisses her back, bringing his hands up to her hair. He starts running them through it.Jane feels Jim run his hands through her hair. She moves her lips over to his neck, kissing and licking. She then kisses lower, letting her tongue run over his nipples.Jim feels Jane lick his nipples and he lets out a low moan. He starts pushing her head lower.Jane feels Jim push her head lower. She knows what he wants her to do. She kisses her way down his chest reaching his cock quickly.She then decides to tease him by making him ask for it. She wants to hear him beg for her to suck his cock. She raises her head up and sits on her knees.She then opens her mouth to speak.”So, does my little brother want his big naughty sister to suck his hard cock? Does he want me to wrap my lips around it and suck him real good. Tell me you want me to Jim. C’mon baby, tell me.” Jane says.Jim looks up and sees Jane between his legs. He hears her asking him some naughty questions and he knows he has to answer them so she will suck him.He opens his mouth to speak.”Mmm, yes I want you to suck my cock, s*s. I want you to suck it real hard. Want to watch as my cum shoots out of my cock into your pretty pouty mouth. C’mon lover suck me. Suck me good. Oh, and baby, remember that I can stay hard after I cum. One of the best things about being young.” Jim says.Jane hears Jim and she is really glad to know that Jim can stay hard after cumming. The knowledge of that makes her wetter and more eager to get fucked.Jane get back down on her knees and brings her mouth down to Jim’s cock. She extends her tongue out and licks the head. She then slides her mouth down his cock.She starts sucking him slowly at first, letting her mouth and tongue work it’s way all over his hard meat.While she is doing that, she lets one hand slide down to his balls. She takes both of them into her hand and starts massaging them slowly.Everything she is doing right now is just a bit of teasing. Just like he did to her.She will start sucking him harder all right but only after she hears him moan. When she hears him moan, she will start sucking his cock really hard.Jim keeps his eyes focused on watching Jane suck his young cock. The sight is so erotic to him. The feeling of her mouth and tongue running over his cock is exquisite to him.There is so much pleasure already building up that Jim cannot help but let out a loud moan. This feels so good to him that he doesn’t want her to ever stop.Jane hears Jim moan. The sound is so beautiful to her ears. She brings her mouth up, letting her tongue run over the upper side of his cock.She then brings it up over the head. She circles the head of his cock slowly, teasing him a bit more. She then plummets the entire length of her mouth and throat down on his cock.She then starts sucking him hard, using her tongue to lick the underside of his cock. She notices a vein that is prominent in his cockshaft and she decides to lick it.She brings her tongue forward and traces the whole length of the vein, from the bottom of it up to the top.Jane then runs her tongue up and down his entire cockshaft hard. She feels the need to suck him harder and make him cum. She wants to do that hard, fast, and now.She starts massaging his balls harder and faster. She then starts sucking him deep, bobbing her head up and down.Jim feels Jane sucking his cock harder and feels her working over his cum filled balls. lara escort bayan The pleasure that he was feeling before has increased ten times over.He knows that it won’t take him long to cum. He loves watching her work his cock over. He decides that he wants to run his hands through her hair again.So he brings his hands to her hair and starts running them through.He just loves how silky soft her hair feels between his fingers.Jane feels Jim running his fingers through her hair. They feel so good that it makes her moan on his cock. She then starts sucking him quicker, wanting him to cum into her mouth.She uses her hands on his balls faster, feeling the cum start to push forward.Jim moans even louder as he feels Jane sucking him harder. He starts thrusting his hips upwards pushing his cock into her mouth. He wants to cum so bad.Jane feels Jim thrusting his hips up into her mouth. She knows that he wants to cum and she is more than ready to make him do that.She starts sucking him harder and deeper, feeling his cock stiffen up and his balls clench together.Jim feels his body tighten up and he knows he is about to cum. He starts thrusting his hips upwards faster and quicker. He then feels his orgasm wash over him like a storm.He starts moaning as loudly as he can as a torrent of cum comes shooting out of his cock and into Jane’s mouth.Jane feels Jim thrusting his hips into her mouth. She keeps on sucking him hard. She is then suddenly greeted by a mouth full of hot cum.She starts swallowing it down, enjoying the taste of him.Jim closes his eyes as he cums because the pleasure he is feeling is really fucking incredible. He keeps his hands in her hair not wanting to let go just yet.Jane keeps on sucking Jim’s cock as he keeps on cumming. She swallows down every bit of his delicious cum, feeling her pussy grow wetter, knowing that she is going to get fucked.Jim keeps on cumming for five minutes straight. He then stops and he lets out a low groan of pleasurable release.Jim then moves his hands down to Jane’s body and starts pulling her up to him.Jane feels Jim stop cumming so she stops sucking him. She feels him pulling her upwards to get on top of him.She wants to be, so she moves her head from between his legs and crawls on top of him. She then kisses him hard.Jim notices that Jane is on top of him now. He smiles wickedly and then kisses her back, tasting his own cum on her lips.He wants to fuck her so badly now and he can’t wait any longer. He brings his hands down to her waist and helps flip her over onto her back.Jane notices that Jim has put her on her back and she smiles wickedly. She brings her legs up so he can get in between them. She then opens her arms wide so she can hold him close to her.Jim notices that Jane has spread her legs open for him. He lays down on top of her placing his cock right at her pussy lips. He then pushes in hard, making his cock go all the way to the hilt in her pussy.He starts thrusting in and out slowly, enjoying the feeling of her tightness.Jane feels Jim’s cock inside her pussy thrusting slowly. The pleasure is so incredible that she feels like she is going to pass out.She brings her legs up and wraps them around his back. She then slips her arms around his shoulders, holding on tight.Jim feels Jane’s arms and legs around his body. He literally almost melts from her steaming hot touch. He starts fucking her harder, using his cock like a jackhammer.He feels her sweet pussy tighten up around his cock and that just causes him to pound her harder.Before they both know it, they are fucking so hard that the bed is shaking wildly underneath them.Jane holds on as tightly as she can to Jim as he fucks her. She feels at least five orgasms wash over her as they fuck. She finds herself wishing that they had been fucking before today.If she had known that the sex would be this good, she would have hit on him those four years ago.Jim keeps on fucking Jane, enjoying this so much. He finds himself really wishing that he had been fucking her like this four years ago.He then suddenly finds himself wanting to fuck her in the ass. So he pulls his cock out of her pussy. He then looks up at Jane and opens his mouth to tell her.”Baby..I want to fuck your ass.” Jim says to Jane.Jane hears Jim and she moans pleasurably at the thought. She then moves her legs and arms off of Jim’s body. She then flips over onto her stomach, leaving her legs spread wide.Jim notices this and he reaches down, placing his hands on her ass. He then brings it upwards, lining it up with his cock.He reaches underneath Jane and sticks his fingers into her pussy getting them lubed up. He then brings them out. He brings his hand up to his cock, rubbing them juices on them. He then rubs the rest of the juices on her asshole.He then brings his cock forward, slipping it into her ass, pushing past the sphincter. He slips his cock in all the way, feeling her ass grip around him.Jane moans out loudly as she feels Jim’s cock in her ass. There is a bit of pain but she ignores it. She wants him deeper, so she pushes her ass against his cock.She then starts riding his cock with her ass.Jim feels this and he knows that she wants it deeper. So he starts fucking her ass hard, feeling another orgasm coming on.He grabs onto her hips and starts pumping her ass hard. He really wants to cum inside her ass.Jane feels Jim fucking her ass harder and she moans louder. She starts pushing her ass harder his cock. The vibrations of their fucking are causing her clit to rub against the bed.She just knows that she will cum soon.Jim feels his orgasm speed up faster as he fucks her. He starts thrusting in powerfully hard. So hard that the room around him is just a blur. All he can see is Jane below him.The two lovers start fucking harder and faster. They both hit their peak together.Jim screams out as he feels his orgasm hit him.So does Jane. She starts screaming too as she feels her orgasm hit her.Jim feels his cum spewing out of his cock into Jane’s ass. He keeps on pumping her as he cums.Jane feels her orgasm wash over her as she “rides” the mattress, grinding her clit into it.Both Jim and Jane cum for 10 minutes.Then Jane stops but Jim doesn’t.Jim finds himself wanting to cum all over Jane’s mouth. So he pulls his cock of her and flips her over. He then finishes cumming all over her lips.Jane opens her mouth and takes his cum in. She then swallows it.Just then, the front door opens and their parents walk in.Both Jim and Jane hear them. They grab their clothes and put them on quickly. They then kiss passionately.Jane quickly leaves Jim’s room and goes to her own. She lays down on her bed, the memory of what they just did still fresh in her mind.Jim does the same thing, relaxing and smiling.Their parents check on them and then go to bed.Jim hears their door close. He sneaks out of his room to Jane’s room. He then goes over and kisses her.Jane kisses him back.They both then decide and promise to keep this a secret forever. And they kept their promise to each other.For it is now two years later.Jane has moved out of the house. She has her own apartment in the hills.As for Jim, he moved in with her and they are very happy together.For they are not just family, but lovers too.

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