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Just Fuck Me”oh yes, I want to suck your cock” she exclaimed as she sat on Joe’s ick. Lori was already fucking Joe and his friend John. Joe held Lori’s waist and was pumping in and out of her dripping pussy. John had asked if she wanted him, that’s when she replied, yes. John walked over to her, stuck his huge cock in her mouth. Lori was sucking and fucking and just wished there were more than two guys to fuck.She drifted offto another world, when she closed her eyes. Joe stopped fucking her, when he realized she just wasn’t into him anymore. John got the same vibe, so he pulled out. The guys asked her what was wrong. Lori said that she’s tired of their role playing and that she wanted to have a real gangbang. She wants to act like she’s a real whore. One tht she is picked up at a sleazy bar and fucked by a bunch of horny mother fuckers.John left first, kinda disappointed, but said he will go home and jack off to some porn he had made with Lori. Joe stayed around for a bit to talk with her. Lori just told him, that with all the porn she has been watching, she wants to have her own real gangbang, but under her rules.Joe listened to what she wanted, he took notes onto where she wanted this to take place, what kind of guys she wanted, they had to be clean, the guys needed to look like a gang of bikers, Joe and John had to be there for her protection and she wanted to come in looking like a whore ready to fuck.A few weeks went by, Joe told her that tomorrow night everything will be in place at the sleazy bar down by the river.Lori was so excited, that she gave Joe a blowjob, right there in the bar. She didn’t care who saw what, she was just happy. When she was done, she left to go to the local slut shop for a zippered skirt and leather looking halter top. She got thigh high hose and a new pair of spiked hi-heels. Then she went next door to the sex shop to find a pair of crotchless panties, she wasn’t sure if she was going to wear them, but she wanted some anyways.When she got home, she called John to come over, for last minute prep instructions. When he got there, she was in her new outfit, for his approval. John fell to his knees. He was shocked, he never thought Lori would look that hot. He’s never seen her in such an outfit. John couldn’t resist, but to unzip the front zipper. he revealed her crotchless panties and her newly shaved pussy.John slipped a finger in her slit, just to test the waters. Lori lifted her leg, put her foot on the table and pulled John’s face towards her. She then told him to lick her pussy. He did as told, she then told him to finger her ass as he continued to eat her. She was enjoying him obeying to her commands, that she told him to put three fingers in her ass and fuck her. John pumped her ass full of his three fingers, til she came in his mouth.With that, Lori turned around and told John to fuck her tight ass. No lube needed, her cum çorum escort dripped to her hole. John stood up, pulled his zipper down and stuck his hard cock in her ass. Lori moaned at first, then demanded that he rams her asshole. John shoved his dick in her and fucked her hard.Lori was screaming in delight, she was fingering her nub and was ready to cum again. She told John to get on the floor, that she wanted to give him a facial. He layed down, she hovered over his face and rubbed her clit hard. Lori started to shake as she squirted all over his face. She then, squatted down and sat on his face. John began licking and sucking. Lori then pulled herself down to his cock and sucked him off.The next day came, Lori slept in so she could be fucked by a bunch of horny fucking men. She took a long hot bath to relax and to make sure her skin was silky smooth and her holes were squeaky clean. She got out of the tub, put her makeup on, curled her long locks of hair and got dressed. When she finished, she looked in the full length mirror, she looked hot as hell, she thought.Lori drove to the river and looked around for Joe’s car. She knew him and John rode together. She spotted his car and parked close to it. She grabbed her back, checked her makeup and got out of the car. As Lori walked to the door of the bar, a few guys where staring her up and down. Lori had balls of steel to walk over to them, say hi, grab their balls and told them there will be a huge fuck session in a bit, if they wanted to join in.Lori walked in the bar, heads turned to loo at her and the whistles were coming from every guy in there. There were a few other bitches in there, but she had them blown away. Lori walked to the bar and asked for a drink. The bartender looked at her and winked. He knew who she was, from Joe. Another guy paid for her drink and asked her if wha would sit on his lap.Lori did sit on lap and could feel his cock grow in his pants. She turned to him, he tugged her nipples thru her top and said he can’t wait to tap her ass. Lori winked at him and said soon. She walked to the pool tables and flirted with a few of the guys, she made sure she would bend down for the guys to get a good view of her tits and to see up her skirt.John came over to her, grabbed her hand and took her to the dance floor to dance. He held her tight, where her nipples where against his chest and his dick was against her tummy. He held her tight and asked her if she was ready to be fucked hard. Lori said yes. John nodded to Joe, he walked over and took her from his arms. Joe whispered in her ear, that he wants to fuck her in front of everyone.Joe reached down her ass and pulled at the zipper. He then grabbed her ass, he felt her bare skin, no panties. This made him smile. Lori began to unzip his pants to free his throbbing cock. She was ready to stroke him as they danced. He couldn’t take the feel of escort çorum her ass in his hands any longer, when he lifted her up, she straddled his waist as he put his cock in her pussy.Joe is fucking her on the dance floor with everyone able to see. Some other husky guy came up behind her and stuck his dick in her ass. It was rough at first, but she was liking it very much. Joe pulled her off, so guy number one could fuck her. He took her over to the pool table and bent her over . He fucked her ass hard and got off inside her.Another guy came to her and stuck his cock in her mouth. She sucked him as another guy began to fuck her pussy. Two other guys came over and she began to stroke them, then sucked on three cocks. John was close by to make sure nothing got out of hand. Joe went around and told the other guys in the bar, that the whore that walked in before is fucking everyone and for them to come help themselves.Lori turned around, a guy lifted her to the top of the table for easier access to her goodies. Another guy is licking her pussy, four guys standing all around her with their dicks in her face. She is smiling, cuz she got what she wanted. One guy at a time fucked her pussy and mouth. She had one guy lie on the table as she sat on his dick with her pussy in the open to be fucked by someone.Tis big burly biker came over with a dick that was almost too big for her to put in her mouth. He spread her pussy lip wide open, licked her and got her nice and wet before he slid his cock inside her. She screamed when he began to ram her pussy hard. She hasn’t had anyone that big in her, much less with another cock in her ass. It didn’t take long before he got off and jerked his sperm all over her chest.Another guy got under her, she straddled him with her pussy on his cock, thes left her ass for the next guy. This guy lcked her ass then fucked, til he was ready to get off. He went to her mouth and she sucked him off. Lori had swallowed so much cum, that she began to get thirsty for a drink of water.Joe came back to her with a loarge glass of ice water. As she guzzled some of it down, John reached over and pured the water down her chest. The guys hoot and hollered as her nipples grew harder. She bent towards the guy she was on top of and told him to fuck her swollen cunt. He held her tight and fucked her hard. He got off inside her. She rolled over panting as another guy layed down, she got on top of him, she began to fuck him, another guy got behind her and stuck his cock in her pussy also. She had two cocks in her cunt and thought to herself she is a whore and she was in heaven.One guy kept calling her a fucking whore and she needs to be used and abused. John tried to get im to cool his mouth, but that wasn’t working. The bartender asked what his name was and if he was asked to be at this private party. He said he didn’t know about a private party and said çorum escort bayan he was going to fucking beat that whore and have her to fuck and suck him. He walked over to Lori, grabbed her face and made her suck his nasty cock. Lori tried to spit him out, but he held her face tight that she couldn’t move. Some of the other guys, tried to get him to let go, but he fucked her mouth as she cried in pain. Joe told the bartender to call the police.The plice came in the bar, seen the guys and told him to stop. He refused at first, then pulled his dick from her, slapped her face and said he will find her and fuck her to no end. The police escourted him out and put him in a car, for a nice drive to the station.Lori turned to Joe and said she was done. John, told the guys she was down and ready to go home. He thanked them for making hr wildest dream come true. When Lori came from the ladies room, that guys all clapped and said thank you, they all had fun. Joe and John walked her out, John drove her back home, Joe followed behind.Once inside the house, Lori went to take a hot shower. Joe went in to wash her back and to help her relax. Lori turned to him and said thank you for all of this night. She had a blast, until the asshole ruined it. Lori got out of the shower, Joe held her in his ams, with the towel around her. He took her to her bed, put her under the covers and layed down next to her.John came in and did the same. Here she is sandwiched between them. John, pulled her hair to the side and kissed her neck. Joe began rubbing her tits as he sucked on each one. Joe’s cock grew hard as she began to jerk him. John took his pants off and placed his cock on her ass. Lori lifted her leg for John to enter her pussy. John fucked Lori as Joe fucked her mouth. She told the guys she wanted both their cocks in her cunt and to fuck her like the other guys were. John layed on his back, Lori sat on him with her ass facing him, then she layed on his chest. Joe slipped his cock in her and the two guys fucked her hard. Lori yelled at them, ot fuck her harder. Joe rammed her til he couldn’t get in any further.When Joe got up, her had her suck his cock. He got off so much, she had a mouthful of cum. Lori swallowed every drop. John fucked her pussy hard til he came inside her. Lori got up from his cock, then squatted over his face and let their cum ooze from her spend worn out pussy. John opened his mouth and swallowed every drop that dripped from her.The three of them collapsed together and fell asleep. Loti woke up with two very hard cocks in her sides. She stroked both of them til they came. Wtih cum on her hands, she licked them clean and licked any cum from their cocks. Lori thanked her friends for the exciting evening. The three layed in bed for a while longer.Lori told John that she can’t wait for this to happen again, as he was walking out her front door. Joe ooked at her and asked if she meant that. Lori said yes, but next time it won’t be planned. Joe kissed her deeply before he left her house. As Lori wrote about her night in her journal, she drifted off to sleep and dreamt of the next time….

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