Kenny shares my wife again.

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Kenny shares my wife again.After Kenny fucked Peggy, she was never gonna let him go.She said you know this weekend is just a few days away. I said I knew and asked what she wanted to do. “She said I want to fuck Kenny all weekend. I laughed and said OK, call him. She said it’s not that easy. His mom or dad keep answering the phone and Dave is away to college. She said I have no way to call him. I suggested we go down to his neighborhood and do a drive around to see if we can find him. She said that sounds like stalking. I said do you want to fuck him or not again? she agreed and we drove to his house. We were passing his house when a ford pickup rolled up and Ken jumped out. We were fortunately on the side between his house and the truck and she said hey where are you going? He grinned and ;leaned in and l kissed her. She said do you want to come by this weekend and rock my world. he said he had plans to get together with his 2 buddies and do something. She didn’t even think, she said why don’t you bring them both over. He said are you sure? She said yes. I was stunned and figured OK. She kissed him and said how can I contact you. He asked for a pen and said this was lees number. She kissed him again and said I’ll be waiting for you. he said OK. He ran into the house and she said I wonder if this is a good number. I said call it. She said no, you call it. I called and said Is this Lee. He said yes. I told him who I was and that Ken said he was coming by this weekend and I was checking to make sure I had the right number. he said OK I’ll be waiting to see you guys. Ken called from Lee’s phone now that he had my number and said Lee and I will be the only 2 guys coming by if that is OK I said sure it would. He said they were on their way and I told Peggy. She said I thought they’d never come. When they got there, she was on the patio finishing a beer and Ken said where’s ours? She bilecik escort told me to get them a beer. Ken introduced Lee and as I got back Ken was already kissing her. I handed Lee a beer and set The other beers on the table. I said why don’t we go into the pool. He said I didn’t bring a suit. I said it wouldn’t be a problem. He was a bit nervous. I said I know, and I turned to Peggy. I said they didn’t bring suits, Peg. She said OK, Let’s all go into the pool. We all stripped down and soon were all in the pool with Peg being first and ken second. as Lee was stripping down, I noticed his cock was extremely thick and about 7 1/2 inches and uncut with a big set of low hung nuts. I was impressed and turned on immediately. he glanced at mine and saw it getting stiff and looked up and grinned. I was a bit embarrassed since I wasn’t sure if i wold scare him off. He jumped in with me after him. As we all got together near Peggy. I suggested we support her body and they all agreed. ken got between her legs and was supporting both legs. Lee and I were supporting her head and arms. the next thing you know Ken is inserting his schlong into my wife in front of lee and I and we were soon both hard as stones. Lee was astounded that it was all happening so fast. he looked up at me to gauge my reaction and I was smiling watching Kens massive cock slip deeper and deeper into her tight pussy. Ken said Oh my Gawd you guys are the greatest. Ken then said Lee, you’re not gonna believe how good she feels. Peggy reached over and felt Lees cock and turned her head and pulled it toward her head and engulfed him slowly and deliberately. Lee was moaning aloud as she sucked him deep into her throat. He looked at me and said oh shit, I’m gonna cum. I said go for it, she’ll love it. Lee was jerking as he came first one then 2, and 3, and 4, and 5, and finally 6 huge shots of cum into her throat. she escort bilecik couldn’t swallow and it was dripping down her cheeks. ken said damn, lee. You must not have cum in a month. He laughed and Lee Said I have been jacking off every night since you told me about her. Peggy looked at me and said Kiss me. I did and she passed e a huge wad of Lee’s cum. I was loving it as we played with it and passed it back and forth with our tongues. Lee said damn that is so hot. Ken said all you guys are sick. Yuk!We broke our kiss and Peggy pulled Ken down and kissed him. he didn’t miss a beat and he was swapping tongue with her and Lee and I watched as they performedKen looked like he was beginning to zone out and soon he had that glazed look in his eyes. lee said I think he is read to come. I said yeah, me too. Lee said aren’t you gonna make him pull out. I said are you nuts? Peggy would kill me. Then ken started to cum and he drove in deep as she kissed him and held him. Kenn grunted really loud and shoved it as deep as possible. ken was groaning and lee and I held them both cause they looked like they were going to fall down. I watched as lee’s hand stroked Ken’s ass and I liked what I was seeing. I too decided to go for it and had my hand on his ass and slid a finger in to Ken’s ass. he loved it and was allowing me to push in further. I could sense he was cumming harder and soon he finished and Peggy and he were wobbling . I grabbed Peggy and held her legs out invitingly toward Lee. he didn’t wait and he was in between her legs and started by kissing her and then was kneading her tits. Lee was horny and wanted to fuck her. I figured what the hell and reached out and grabbed his cock. Lee didn’t realize it was my hand but I stroked his cock and pulled it toward her pussy. he didn’t waste any time and let me press it into her hope. he drove forward and they found a nice rhythm bilecik escort bayan and began a good slow fuck. Lee was making gurgling sounds and Peggy was moaning and groaning and beginning to grind into him. I was still holding her but released my grip and found that Lee was supporting all her weight. I reached down and felt under her ass and around his cock where it entered her pussy. It was so thick and tight, but I wanted to feel his cock in her pussy. I was shoving my fingers in and could feel his cock inside her and was soon cumming on Peggy’s ass. ken was no up and behind me and his cock was nudging my cheeks. he slowly rubbed his cock up and down between my cheeks as I was feeling Lees cock inside her. I released my fingers and stood up straight and backed into ken. he got the signal and soon was sliding his cock at my backdoor. I wasn’t sure if I could take him, but wanted to find out. I felt a twinge as his cock slid into my ass and he stood still for a second. Then lee said are you fucking his ass. I said uh huh and relaxed so he could shove more into me. I pushed back and relaxed again and he slid in deeper. soon he was into me all the way and I was feeling so full. Lee said damn your cock is buried in him all the way to your pubes. Ken said yes I am. Peggy looked back and felt my ass as she found his cock. This brought her off and she was holding his cock and moaning really loud now. I could feel her fingers try to probe my asshole as ken slid in and out of me. I was enjoying this a lot and lee soon blasted deep in Peg. I saw the two of them go to the edge of the pool and ken soon followed driving me to the edge. I felt my chest leaning over the edge of the pool and then I felt Lees hand on my cock. Peggy was still hanging on to lees cock inside her pussy. We were all looking quite tied when all of a sudden I felt ken blast his cum deep into my bowels and I then released my load all over the water. it floated to the surface and lee looked at me and smiled and said I would like some of that too. I climbed out of the pool and we all went to the family room where we continued some more to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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