Learning to Let Go, Part I: Breaking Boundaries

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Learning to Let Go, Part I: Breaking BoundariesThey say that ignorance is bliss, but that is a lie.Bliss was the first time I felt the velvet of his skin against my fingers. The Background:I never expected to have such experiences with him. When I first met Josh, he was a 16 year old country boy: a young buck into hunting, fishing and working on cars. I actually met him through Mike, who I wrote about in my previous posts, which made me wonder about the nature of their relationship. Josh was handsome, with a lean body and he was just about the same age I had been when Mike and I first started fooling around (I was in my mid-20’s at this point). However, Mike asserted there was nothing sexual going on between them; they were simply a young man and his church young men’s leader who had become very close. I couldn’t resist teasing him a little, asking Mike if he had ever been tempted by the boy. Mike blushed and admitted he had fantasized about it, but that he doubted Josh would ever be interested. I had to agree, as Josh had a masculine, alpha-male personality that seemed straight as an arrow.The summer before his junior year of high school, he ended up moving away and I assumed our paths would never cross again. Imagine my surprise a little over ten years later when Mike once again became our mutual connection. Josh moved back to Georgia with his wife and young son and had reached out to us for a place to rent from our property management business. We hooked him up with an apartment at a discounted rate and our friendly association resumed.I was taken back by the man he had become. Now a grown man in his mid-20’s, Josh was over six feet tall with a dad-bod that featured a small beer belly offset with thick forearms and biceps, as well as a bushy beard. We would talk from time to time, but couldn’t really even call ourselves friends until a few years later.Josh was a personal mechanic, which was his primary source of income, but had begun having trouble staying busy full-time; he let us know he was looking for part-time work to help with his income, but needed something flexible to allow him to still focus on car repairs. I was a little apprehensive about how well the arrangement would work out, since I hadn’t gotten to know him that well, but we got along better than I could have imagined. Not only was he great to have around on jobs that went faster with an extra set of hands, but we each started finding excuses to work together, even on jobs that didn’t.Over the first couple months into it, I started to notice some minor details that made me wonder if he was at least a little bicurious, particularly the way he would stand incredibly close as we went over invoices, job details or just standing mere inches apart as we spoke so that our arms or sides would press against each other. Sometimes during such instances, one of us would nudge the other a little to bring attention to the fact that we were practically on top of each other and we would begin nudging back and forth for a few seconds before coming to rest no further apart than we had started. Eventually, I got a little bolder and would start massaging his shoulders as we stood in the office, which he always responded to with soft, short moans of appreciation and — to my surprise — leaning his weight against my hands, rather than slowly pulling away as I had expected him to do. After one of these moments while we were talking to Mike, I took a half step to the right but remained partially behind Josh as I placed my left hand on his left shoulder. I had only intended to do so for a second yozgat escort or two, but was surprised when he reacted by leaning backward into me so that his back and shoulder blades were pressed against my chest. In response, I moved my left arm forward, dr****g it over Josh’s shoulder and resting my hand on the center of his chest as we chatted with Mike for ten minutes or so.It was just enough to convince me that he might be open to more.The Good Stuff:It was the end of a particularly physically draining day, as both Josh and I had spent hours bending and twisting ourselves to replace a leaking water supply pipe in the crawl-out space under a townhome apartment. We got back to the office to find that our office manager had left for the day and Mike had gone to another property on the other side of the city, so we would likely be alone in the office without interruption. Josh stood at the desk, looking down at the calender. I came to stand next to him on his left, at which point he brought his left arm up and over my shoulders, gripping my left shoulder and pulling me closer to him. I reacted without thinking and brought my right hand up to the small of his back, at which point my hand partially went inside his shirt so that when it stopped, my thumb and palm were against his skin. My heart beginning to race a little, I decided to leave my hand there and see what he would do. He didn’t seem to mind at all, so I decided, Fuck it, let’s push this up a notch.I slid the rest of my hand inside his shirt and brought it all the way up to his right shoulder blade, where I rubbed it gently. Again, he didn’t seem to react, so I moved my hand to the small area between his shoulder blades and discovered what had to be the softest skin I’ve ever felt in my life. The tiny hairs and smooth flesh made it feel like velvet and I knew I would have a hard time not doing this every time I was near him.His only reaction was lifting his left arm off my shoulder and then leaning forward against the desk, resting his weight on his arms, which were extended in front of him. I could feel every nerve in my body begin to tingle as I realized it seemed like he was trying to make it easier for me to touch him. I started running my right hand up and down his back, feeling the curves and bends all over. Eventually, I reached around his right side and started to rub that side of his belly, elated at the feel of his stomach hair before I leaned in closer to him so I could reach up to his chest and gently rub his chest hair.A few moments passed and I glided my hand over to touch his right nipple when he suddenly stood up straight and cleared his throat, saying he needed to get going. Before I knew it, he was out the door with a brief wave as he left, closing it swiftly behind him with a bang. I watched him pull away in his big white F-250 and drive off rather quickly, feeling my stomach sink. What the hell was that? If my touching him would have freaked him out, I figured he would have freaked out a lot sooner. Or did I accidentally awaken something in him he had not been aware of before? Did that realization make him uncomfortable and would that mean he would want to avoid me? Did I just fuck things up and ruin this? Would he even want to work with me again?I got my answer the next morning when I got text from him early in the morning asking if we had work for him; the parts he needed to repair a car he had planned on doing that day hadn’t come in. I responded we didn’t have any jobs planned for that day that required two people, but that there were a few single-man escort yozgat jobs he could take off my hands as I completed others. I sent him the addresses and information, figuring that it might be best to just let things go back to normal.When he came by that afternoon to turn in his work order reports, it was the just the two of us again, as Mike had gone to meet an owner at a property to discuss business and the office manager had gone home. He initially stood a few feet away, making me think he wanted to keep his distance, and I could feel tension in the air between us. However, he then came to stand next to me on my right as I sat at the desk to see what I was working on and casually placed his left hand on my left shoulder, which sat there a few moments before gently rubbing it as he leaned his left hip into my right shoulder.Well, here we go again, I thought as my heart started to race. I paused what I was doing and told him he could go ahead and fill out his reports. He took my seat at the computer as I went to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. When I came back and stood just to the left of him in the chair, I brought my hand up and placed it on his shoulder, then moved it to the base of his neck where I rubbed the skin at the opening of his t-shirt a few seconds before taking a deep breath and sliding my hand inside his shirt again, this time gliding it along his bare shoulders to his upper arm and back across the other side.He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning his head forward. I started massaging his shoulders with my hand and he moaned slightly and said, “That feels really good.” I said quietly, “I think so, too.” He laughed quietly and turned his head upward toward me, blushing with a smile before lowering his head again. Feeling more bold, I slipped my hand down over his shoulder and he instinctively leaned back in the chair with a loud gulp as I started running my hand back and forth across his chest. His breathing became more rapid and I moved my hand over to the left side of his chest, where I began softly rubbing his nipple, then ran my hand to the other side and started rubbing his other nipple, the beard on his chin rubbing against my forearm as I did.He opened his eyes and looked up at me as I kept rubbing his chest, his cheeks flushed and his pupils dilated, with that same slight grin on his lips. “I didn’t know if I had made you uncomfortable yesterday,” I told him carefully. He shrugged and said, “I don’t mind it.” I returned his grin as I responded, “I was hoping you liked it as much as I did.” He bit his lip for a second and said, “Yeah, I guess I do,” his own grin back on his face.I then pulled my hand out and tugged on his shirt, saying, “You know, I think this is getting in the way.” His grin turned into a smile and, without hesitating, he leaned forward and pulled it off, dropping it to the floor, leaning back into the chair and looking back up at me with a sensual stare as I crossed the room and shut and locked the office door. I then returned and sat against the desk facing him and leaned forward, running my left hand up and down his naked chest and stomach, periodically running my fingers across his nipples, staring into his eyes the whole time.I glanced down at his crotch for a few seconds and looked back up at him with another grin. He grinned back at me, raised an eyebrow and then slouched in the chair, pushing his crotch forward as he opened his legs. My eyes dropped back down to his crotch as I slowly lowered my hand to the the inside of his thigh and then slid my hand to base of his yozgat escort bayan shorts, pressing the back of my hand and fingers against his balls through the fabric.I raised my eyes back up to meet his and his grin was gone, replaced with a look of intense arousal. Keeping his gaze, I rotated my hand around, cupping his balls through his shorts and started massaging and tugging on them before sending my hand upward to rub his crotch, his cock pressing against my hand through the fabric as I felt it beginning to harden. I moved my right hand forward and brought my left hand up to meet it at his belt buckle. I slowly undid his belt, sliding it out from the buckle and then unbuttoned his shorts and slowly unzipped them.I reached into his shorts and began rubbing his erection through his boxers and he suddenly brought his hands down and adjusted himself so he could shove his hard cock out through the flap in the front. “Is that what you were looking for?” he asked with a look of aggressive sexual interest. “Fuck yeah,” I answered as I reached forward and started rubbing the shaft up and down and running my fingers across the engorged mushroom head.“Let’s make you more comfortable,” I remarked as I grabbed the edges of his shorts and boxes and began to tug them down. He reached down and maneuvered his dick out of the way as I pulled them down to his shoes. I went back to stroking his cock with my right hand as I fondled his balls with my left. His eyes trailed down my body and he said, “I feel underdressed.” With a smirk, I replied, “Would you feel more comfortable if I got undressed, too?” He nodded and then, his voice breaking a bit, he said, “Yeah.”I stood up and tugged off my shirt and started undoing my pants when I saw he had leaned back in the chair and started jerking off, watching me. I smiled back at him as I slowly undid my pants and slid my jeans and boxer-shorts down to my knees, my own hard cock standing erect. I sat back on the edge of the desk, both of us looking each other up and down as we stroked our cocks at the sight. My eyes travelled from his gorgeous hazel eyes to the dark hairs and supple nipples on his chest to the bush of pubes, veiny cock and hanging balls at his crotch. I watched his right hand running up and down his shaft as his left hand began playing with his balls. I kept switching my focus between his hand on his cock and his eyes, which I noticed were doing the same to me.We each started to tense up and I saw him staring at my hand rubbing my rock hard cock. His intensity turned me on and before I knew it, I could feel the pressure reaching a climax. My breath turned rapid and I started moaning, softly at first, but growing in volume as I reached forward with my left hand and caught my cum in my palm and fingers as it spewed from my swollen head. As I did, Josh started pumping his dick even harder, leaning forward and staring at my cum in my hand.Josh’s face showed fervid arousal and before long, he was tensing up himself, reaching forward and shooting a load into his waiting hand with a deep groan. I grabbed a paper towel roll off the counter and ripped off a couple for myself and then handed him a couple as well as we wiped off our hands.“That was fun,” I declared as I lifted my jeans and began dressing myself and he did the same, responding, “Yeah, we should do that again sometime.” I paused and mimed looking at a watch on my naked wrist and said, “What are you doing tomorrow?”He let out a small laugh — but otherwise didn’t object — and we got dressed; I was surprised how quickly things went back to business as usual, but it’s funny how a lot of men are like that. We got aroused, got off and then got back to what were doing beforehand.Yet even as we drove home our separate ways that night, I had a great feeling about the possibilities that lay ahead.

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