Linda and my mom

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Linda and my momLinda and my momI still remember the summer when I was three before twenty. Our next door neighbours had a daughter, who was several years younger than I. She was a noughty girl and I was fingering her pussy very often. She had never shown me her pussy, but she came over to my house every day. We used to play cards or do something similar to that. Then we pretended that we were cold and put a blanket over us. That gave us the possibility of putting one hand into each others trousers and feel what there was. She grabbed my cock and held the shaft tight. I had my hand in her panties and kneaded her clit.When she came the next day I went a little further than usual. I asked her if she had ever seen her brot her’s cock. She said no. Haven’t you ever seen a cock? No, just in pictures. Have you ever heard when your dad fucks your mom? No. You should listen with your ear up against their bedroom door I told her. If you are lucky you will hear them fucking. Then your mom will be breathing heavily and maybe she will say Yes, do me… or yes fuck me…All of a sudden I said: Let’s go to the bathroom. Why? she asked. Because I want to show you my cock, I said. She followed me instantly, very enthusiastic. I closed the door and turned the key. She was very excited and so was I. My cock was very rigid in my trousers. I began by taking off my sweater and my shirt. Just so that my shirt will not get in the way, I told her. Then I took off my jeans and my socks. She watched the bulge on my underwear and was smiling. I wrapped the fabric around my cock and said: Here you can see how big it is… Yes she said, but I want to see it as it is… Of course I said. I will show it to you, just you wait a little…I lowered my panties so that my dick head showed. She watched it intently. I want to see all of it, she said. Yes, don’t you worry, you will, I said. Then I pulled my panties forward and made her look into them. You must take them off, she said. Then I lowered the panties and let them drop to the floor. My cock was fully erect and now it was jumping freely in the air. Wow she said. I took my dick and drew up the skin to fully expose my dick head. She watched very interested. Is that what goes into the pussy when you fuck? she asked and pointed towards the dick head without touching it. Yes, I said, and also this and pointed to the shaft. All the way up to the hairs and the ball sac… Then I move it back and forth in the pussy until the semen comes. It comes out of this little slit I said. I know, she said. I moved the skin back and forth and said to her: Look how the skin is loose on the cock… She was very interested and watched intently. You may touch it I said and took her hand and placed it on my cock. She started moving my skin back and forth very slowly.Would you like to see the semen come out? I asked. Oh yes! she said. Then I have to wank my cock I said. I know… she said. You will see the white stuff coming out of the little hole… Yes I know… It’s like a tiny pussy I said. Yes she said and laughed. While wanking I told her that when the skin was moved back and forth like that it felt a bit like fucking. How long do you need to fuck? she asked. To get the cum out I mean. That’s different I told her. Sometimes it may come quickly and sometimes not. But it will come! When you are fucking it will leak into the cunt and stay there when the cock is taken out. I know … she said.I was getting very close. I kept talking to her. Some women suck on the cock and drink the semen when it comes I told her. Yes she said. I realised that she knew more than she had pretended. My orgasm was near. I stopped talking and grasped a piece of toilet paper and held it under my cock. My cock started to pulse and out came my jism. She was very interested. It is like a white sauce she said. Yes, almost… I said.When your cock was spurting, did it hurt? No, why do you think? Because I looked at your face and I saw that your face was as if you were hurting… No I said, this is the best feeling ever. I feel it in my cock and in my balls and in the whole of my body. It is the same for the girl. When a girl is fucked, she gets the good feeling in her cunt and the whole of her body. Yes, I know…Afterwards we went to my room again. She had been fully clothed all the time and I had not touched her. Then I had an idea. Look, would you like to come over this night? We can go to the bathroom and watch each other. I’ll go first and you may come in and wash my cock with soap and water. Then you take a güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri bath and I’ll come in on you and wash your pussy… Yes I like that she said.After a while she went to her home. I will come over tonight she said… O key.After supper I sat in my room and looked out of the window. All of a sudden I saw her come running over. I could easily see how excited she was. Hi she said when she came in. Her face flushed with excitement. I was very excited too, mostly because my mom was at home, but she was already in her room and had closed the door.Hi I answered. Who’s going first? You go first she said. OK I said and went for the bathroom. You may come in after 5 minutes I said in a low woice over my shoulder. I started the water running and took of all my clothes. My cock was already very rigid and jumped up and down. I went into the tub and lay down in the warm water. All of a sudden the door opened and she came in. She hurried towards me and sat on the rim.She watched my cock but didn’t say a word. I handed her the soap and lifted my hips so that my cock and balls came out of the water. She dipped her hands in the water and started soaping them. No word was spoken. Then she started soaping my cock. She stroked it and moved her hand up and down the shaft. Then she grabbed my ball sac and soaped it. Then she asked: Why are there only hairs on the balls? The cock doesn’t have hairs I told her, because it wouldn’t be good for the woman to get her pussy filled with hairs. Aha…After soaping my cock and balls she washed the soap off. Then she dried her hands on the towel and left without a word.I rose from the bath and dried off. My cock was still rigid. I opened the bathroom door and hurried to my room where she was waiting. How did you like? I asked. It was fun she said. Are you timid to show me your pussy? I asked. No she said. Maybe just a little. But I find it very exciting. Then she went for the bathroom. I’ll come to you in five minutes I said. Yes, she said.After five minutes I went to the bathroom. She was in the tub waiting for me. Her breasts had not started developing and her pussy was still without hairs. O key I said. Now lift your hips as I did. She obeyed and said nothing. Now you must part your thighs I said. Just the same as women do when they are fucked. She blushed but parted her thighs as wide as the bathtub allowed. I soaped my hands and worked on her pussy and ass. I slipped my finger into her crack and soaped all her folds. I also took her clit between my thmb and forefinger and rubbed it until she started moaning. Was that good? I asked. Yes, she said. That’s almost the same as you will feel when I fuck you I said. She looked at me startled. Are you going to? she asked. Yes, probably. But not now. And don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. I did the same as she had done. Washed the soap off her pussy, then dried my hands and went to my room. In a while she came. She looked at me and said: I’m so afraid that your cock is too big for me. I’m afraid that it will hurt too much. I told her that it always hurt a bit when a woman fucked for the first time. But their pussies were elastic and therefore they could accommodate any cock. She nodded. Are you going to fuck me now? she asked. No I said. Now I want you to go home. To morrow, if you come same time as you did now, I will fuck you. If you don’t show up then of course I not. So it’s entirely up to yo. If you come you are saying yes. Then I will fuck you. If you don’t show up you are saying no. Obviously I’d like you to come. But it’s entirely up to you, you come or you don’t. Yes or no. Now you should leave and think it over until the same time tomorrow.The next day I waited impatiently for the time to pass. It became 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock…. Then at last there was supper. As usual my mother called me. She had just come home from work and I could see that she was tired. We spoke a little. Why did you run the bathtub twice yesterday? she asked. Umm, er… because I didn’t find the water hot enough for me the first time was the only thing that came to my mind. O key, I was just wondering yesterday… But now I’m going to take a bath and then I’m off to sle ep. I’m very tired she said. O key, see you in the morning, I said. And off she went. I heard the water run into the bathtub. Fifteen minutes later she was off to her room and closed the door.I sat by the window, my heart beating fast. Then it jumped. She was coming! I got very excited and my cock started hardening at the same güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri moment. She came straight in without ringing the bell or knocking. She went straight to my room and entered. I took her in my arms and held her tight and kissed her. Her face was red up to the hairline. I decided to come she whispered. I’m glad I said. I don’t want to hurt you. But you know of course that the first time there is always a bit of pain. And if your pussy is too small then I wont go all the way in. In that case I’ll just use about half of my cock.You must take care that I won’t get pregnant she said. I will, I said, but then you will have to suck my cock until I cum. O key she said.Then we started making the bed ready. I straightened a sheet over it and that was all. Now we must take off our clothes I said. Yes she said and then we undressed. We lay down on the bed, my cock more rigid than ever. Part your legs I said and she obeyed. I went down on her and licked and sucked for ever… She was moaning a lot and I hushed, You must be more silent or else my mom may hear us I said. She kept on moaning as I licked her pussy, but more silently.Then I moved higher. I kissed her on the lips and placed my cock against her pussy. She got a little stiff and I told her not to worry, this wouldn’t be so bad after all. And when it was over, she’d enjoy it. She relaxed a little bit.I started by rubbing my cock head along her little slit. This virgin was so small as any you will ever know. Then I started pressing at her opening. She gave a little Oh and I pressed faster. All of a sudden I was in her pussy. Wow she said. It’s not as bad as I thought. No I said, now it will start to be better. And next time it will be only good from the beginning.I was so excited that I couldn’t hold it long. I fucked her very slowly and used only half of my cock. Suddenly I found that I was going to cum so I withdrew from her pussy and jumped up to have her suck my cock, which she willingly did. I came into her mouth and she gagged a little but then she swallowed it all and licked my cock until it was all clean. Then I asked her how she had liked it. I liked it a lot she said. Yes, so did I. If you ever want me to fuck you again, then come as you did now and go straight to my room and I will give you a fuck. I will go deeper into you the next time than I did now and always deeper and deeper until you can take all of my cock. I like fucking you a lot.When we were taking on our clothes I noted that there was a little opening at the door. Shit I said, I’ve forgotten to close the door fully when you came. I looked into the corridor and there was no one. Oops. It looked like no one had seen us.After a little while she went home.The next day when mom and I were talking at supper, she suddenly said: You were beautiful yesterday. I looked at her. Beautiful, what do you mean? Yes, you and Linda. I saw when you were fucking her. You were beautiful, both of you. I found that I blushed heavily and didn’t know what to say. You don’t have to be ashamed she said. This is all natural. Of course you know that I and your father fucked when we were younger. But since he died I haven’t had a man to fuck me. I heard her cry when you entered her first and then I knew what was going on. So I went to the door and opened it ever so little and watched. Of course her cunt can’t take all of your cock since she is not old enough for that. But it will come slowly as you promised her.I was totally dumbfounded. To hear my mom talk like that and use words like cock and cunt came as a shock to me. I don’t think she will come tonight mom said. But if she does, you will of course fuck her. If she doesn’t come I was wandering if you would help me to bathe as you helped her. I could also help you the same way she helped you if you like. You didn’t think I knew did you? But now I’m going to take a bath. You come in if you like to help your mother. After awhile I stood up and slowly walked out of the kitchen. All of a sudden I found myself walking into the bathroom. Mom was lying in the bath and had not soaped up yet. Oh, you’ve decided to come she said mat terof factly. That’s nice. I want you to wash my pussy as you did Linda’s. She leaned fully backwards in the tub and lifted her feet up and over the bathtub rims. She was hairy and her pussy was much bigger and fatter than Linda’s. She was rubbing it lightly. She handed me the soap and asked me to soap my hands thoroughly. I obeyed. Now rub my pussy with soap. I want güvenilir bahis şirketleri you to open it up and go inside and clean all of my folds. Remember that this is the hole your father fucked into and where he put all his cum into. Also think about that this is the pussy that delivered you into this world. Now go at it.I did as I was told. When I was done she watched me closely. Did you like it? she asked. Very much, I said. That’s nice she said. Now if you like I’ll do you. If you want to get your cock and balls washed you take of your clothes an join me here in the tub. And so I did.She soaped my cock and kneaded my balls. She kept wanking me until I came. My semen went into the water in the tub. Just lovely she said. Then she leaned forward and sucked me dry. That was nice Joe. Now we are over with it. Should you want to fuck me you can come straight to my room. But not now. This time tomorrow if you like. You think it over the for the next twenty four hours. If you come you will fuck me. If you don’t come then of course you can’t fuck me. Now you can go.I was bewildered. How did she know everything I had said and done to Linda? Did I want to fuck her? She was my mother. Inc est? Oh yes. But I really wanted to fuck her. And then the big question: Did I dare to fuck her?The next evening I went to her room. She was sitting up in bed, dressed in a sheer top, sheets over her legs and thighs. No bra. Welcome son she said. I see that you have decided to come and fuck me. I enjoy that immensely. Now take off all your clothes and come into bed with me. I can teach you a few tricks.I stripped and crawled into bed and sat by her side. My cock was erect and jerking proudly. At last I managed to speak. How could you know everything?I just called Linda. I told her that I had been watching you both and asked her a few questions. It was very simple to get her to talk. I simply made her think that I knew everything since I had spoken to you and that I just wanted to talk about things. She believed me and was willing to tell me all about what the two of you had been doing the last two days. I told her that she was welcome here whenever she wanted a fuck, and also that when she came you would fuck her. But she had to realize that I knew what you were doing and that I didn’t dislike it.But now it’s us. Let’s start with a sixty nine. Do you know what that is? Yes I said. Okay she said and lay on her back. Now come over me, give me your cock in my mouth and lick my cunt. And I did what she asked for. She took my cock and sucked on it very hard and deep throated me at once. I almost came but she held my cock and squeezed it in her hand so that my semen had nowhere to go. I was lapping at her pussy. Use your hands she said. Open my cunt wide. I did so. Now lick my clit and from there down to the opening. Do you see the hole where to put your cock? Yes I said. O key, you lick my cunt ant put your tongue into the opening as deep as possible and keep moving it sideways and also back and forth. You should really fuck me with your tongue. You may also use your fingers to fuck me. One finger first, then two, even three if you like. Fuck me with your fingers. I did everything as she told me and meanwhile she kept sucking my cock. Each time when I was just about to explode she stopped sucking and squeezed my cock hard.We kept on like that for quite a while. Then she suddenly said: Now it’s time you come and fuck your mom Joe. Give me your cock into my cunt. I’m so cock hungry… I moved and crawled in between her legs. Wen I put my cock into her hole she stopped me. You should always tease the cunt a little with your cock before you enter. You move your dick head sideways and up and down in the slit before you move down and enter. And I did. She grasped my cock in her hand and steered. Then she suddenly pushed my cock all the way down and into her very wet hole. I slid into her all the way.And I started fucking. Go slow in the beginning she said. Then you can increase the speed little by little. I obeyed. I want you to spurt into me she said. That’s all right because I’m on the pill. I can’t get pregnant. Ah… Just a little faster now… Like that yes… Oh… Faster, deeper… And I fucked her faster and deeper all that I could. All of a sudden I exploded and came with full for ce deep in her pussy. She was almost screaming when I came. Yes, yes, fuck me, just like that… And I emptied my balls into her.Since then Linda has come over a few times and I always fuck her each time. She has been sle eping with me afterwards. I have always used condoms when I fuck her since the first time. She is far to young to get pregnant but her pussy has stretched and by now it can accommodate my cock fully. We both like that. Linda knows that I’m also fucking my mother. We are planning to have a FFM threesome some day in the near future.

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