Lizie’s Diary

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Groping Breasts

Lizie’s DiaryThe Diary of LizzieCharactersStep Farther – CharlesStep Sibling – Alicia – Long straight blonde hair to her pert little buttocks, blue eyes, very small titties, 5ft 1″, slim and slightly hyperactiveMe – Lizzie – shoulder length red hair, a bit curly, emerald green piercing eyes – 5ft 9, large breasts, calm and considered person, mole on left of face,Dave – The boyfriendFreddie Fold – Pet name for Lizzie’s vaginaTHE STORY BEGINS4th MarchThe folks are taking Alicia north to visit aunt Lil tonight, Dave is sleeping over5th MarchOMG! Gave my first BJ today, it wa hot!!! Dave was hard when I woke up and I rubbed him, it just happened from there. Loved it, thought about it all day at college.10th MarchSorry for not writing in for a few days diary, been so busy. Staying over at Mrs Williams house sitting tonight, might invite Dave, wink wink11th MarchBiology exam went well, treating myself to a burger at JJ’s Cafe, then seeing Dave later12th MarchWhat the!!!! Alicia has just left my bedroom, NAKED. I have so much to tell you diary, where do I begin. Told her to turn the music down three times earlier. She had friends over and was showing off the new pool. As I looked out the window I saw her and one of her friends, jeans down, squatting! Peeing into the bush! The pink rose bush I planted three weeks ago to celebrate my first year anniversary dating Dave.I was for the first time ever so angry I could not contain it. Charles does it! Charles would spank her if he was here, I remember thinking. Alicia can be such a pain in the arse, so that’s just what I decided to give her. I wanted to show her she can’t behave this way, showing off to her friends, so I decided to humiliate her. I hate spanking and would never spank if I were a parent, but she is at college and old enough to know better. It seemed like my only choice, even if she was a few years younger than me.I walked out into the garden and stood next to the swimming pool, “RIGHT” I shouted. First I told you about your music – now I see you PEEING on mine and Dave’s rose bush!” just saying that made me blush “I have had enough of you for a week, a month, a year even. Drop your jeans!” She looked at me with a sense panic in her eyes. “DO IT!” I said firmly.”o, o , O.K.” She stutteredThe folks would not be back for hours and I could not take it any more. I pulled her bikini half way down her legs to embarrass her further. It felt good to be taking control, and to be humiliating her like she deserved. I turned to her friends, Maggie had jeans on, but the other two were in just hatay escort bikini bottoms. Only my Alicia had a T-Shirt on and it was drenched through from messing about. I felt a rush in Freddie fold, as I saw her erect nipples, and started to feel wet as I saw her three friends pert titties glisten in the summer sun. Anyway, I told her friends they should go home, and expected them to dress first. They just picked up their clothes and walked out the garden to the front of the house and onto the road, very quickly.I stood ranting at Alicia for what seemed like forever – I wanted her to worry about the forthcoming spanking as part of her punishment. I took her hands and placed them on the picnic bench. I put my hand in the swimming pool to get it wet, “Now this is going to hurt!” I told her.SLAP SLAP SLAP – “Your a stupid immature little brat” I saidSLAP SLAP SLAP – “I’m sorry, Just got carried away” Said Alicia “don’t keep hurting me Lizzie”SLAP SLAP SLAP – “I have barely started Alicia”, I boastedSLAP SLAP SLAP – “Owwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeee” She whined pathetically, and suddenly I felt a little guilty, realising just how far I had taken it. I looked down at her bare bum, and saw the hand print where I had hit the same spot each time with such precision. To show I wasn’t giving in to her I spanked her three more times on the other buttock. I know I am not a lesbian, I just can’t be, can I? I just could not help seeing her shaven clit becoming more erect and shapely between her legs. I was a bit confused by that I suppose, but I shook myself and sat on the bench next to her.She was trying mega hard to keep the tears from coming forward, I could tell, and she started to stand up. “DID I say you could move” She quickly re assumed the position. I wanted it to sink in that she had to behave and listen to me, I did not want to be doing this again, even if I did REALLY enjoy it. Anyway, I kept ranting for a bit longer until I saw a tear roll down her cheek and fall to the ground. Feeling very guilty now, I parted my legs and told her to sit on my right knee. I then hugged her and she hugged me soooooo hard. Without thinking about it I put one hand on her saw buttock and she jolted her head back a bit. She looked into my eyes deeply. That deeply I think I saw into her soul. She leaned forward slowly, so slowly and began to kiss my lips.After a few moments of kissing I realised she was kicking her jeans off. I stood up causing Alicia to do the same. She had her knees parted and one finger on her clit — SHE HAS A WONDERFULL CLIT — I leaned hatay escort bayan across and pulled the string bow on her bikini bottoms which were still just above her knees. The elastic made a popping noise and then they fell to the floor. Her hand crossed over gripping the bottom of her T-Shirt, which she raised over her head and tossed into the swimming pool.”Aren’t you going to strip Lizzie?” She asked”Have you been with a girl before?” I replied inquisitively “Once or twice, just practice for when I get a boyfriend!””You mean you’re a virgin?””Well yes, I am!” She admitted shyly, “I’m afraid it will hurt, does it hurt, with a boy?””Not worse than that spanking” we both giggledFew girls of her age, let alone her looks managed to stay virgins round here. Perhaps this was the first sensible thing she had ever told me about herself. I grabbed her bikini bottoms from the floor, I could see the sun starting to set and realised someone could come home early. “Follow me Alicia” I commanded.I walked towards the house, in through the kitchen, and, looking behind me to make sure my naked little virgin was following me, went upstairs. Once we were up there I opened the door to Mamma and Charlies room. I took her hand and lead her in. I pushed her down on the bed and began to do a strip tease as she rubbed her clit with her left hand, and played with a nipple with the other.As I removed my clothes we both got more and more turned on. Now down to my green silk panties I could not wait to touch her all over. I climbed on to her, my Freddie fold pressed firmly against hers though the silk, I snogged her for about five minuets, rocking my body forward and back through her raised legs. I pushed myself up with my arms and put my breasts in her face. Alicia kissed my nipple for a while, as I moaned, she put one hand down my silk panties.”What’s a Willie like” said Alicia innocently “when its inside you I mean?””I have a treat for you” I said grinningGetting off the bed I took her by the hand into my room. I grabbed her by her thighs and knelt down kissing her clit, just like Dave did to me the other day. “Sit down on the bed” she did as I said. I put my head between her legs, pulling my panties part way down my thighs, then opened my draw and took out a small dimpled vibrator. By this time she was lay back and did not really notice what I had gotten out. I started to part her fanny lips with my thumb and forefinger before sliding it in. Her head came up a bit as she asked what I was doing, noticing it was harder than my tongue had escort hatay been. “Being a man” I replied. I gently eased the vibrator in further before turning it on. She screamed “Oh my god what is that! uhh uhh uhhh” She started pant quicker and quicker.I got on my bed next to her, putting her hand on the vibro so she could control the pace. My knickers had fallen off as I stood up so I plonked my bare naked arse on my pillow, and sinking my middle finger inside me I watched as she learnt how to manipulate a sex toy for the first time. Finally I got bored of waiting for her to get the message and said quietly,”Ooi little one, there is no such thing as a free lunch”She looked at me a bit confused for a mo, so I eyed my pussy and looked back at her. She got the message rolled over, and awkwardly trying to push her tongue in, continued to fuck herself senseless. She was so into the vibro that she did not seemed to care that her nose was pressed deep into me, turning on even more. We played about for a while longer, and after we had both cum several times, she snuggled up in my arms. It was dark outside now. “Are you going to start behaving yourself a bit better now?” I asked her.”I will try, I will” She replied, before asking “by the way, can I borrow your vibro thingy?”I gave it too her and sent her away to get dressed before we got caught, and now here I am writing in you my dearest diary, the only one I can ever tell this secret to.13th MarchAfter yesterdays antics, I don’t know what I can say. Been so horny in class, I put my hand down my jeans at one point. After class I found Dave and sneaked him into the girls room. Gave him head in a cubicle. His cum tasted so good but could not stop thinking of Alicia. Gonna fuck him silly tonight.14th MarchAlicia walked in on me getting oral from Dave this afternoon, I swear she did it on purpose. He did not notice, we just smiled at each other as she watched for a bit.15th MarchChrist it seems like all I seem to talk to you about is SEX these days. Alicia has actually asked me if she can have a threesome with me and Dave. I told her I would think about it. She does not want to be alone with a boy when she looses her cherry (her words) and I can’t really blame her.Looking forward to watching Dave play football tomorrow. He always smells of gorgeous man sweat after a game.16th MarchDecided to go with Alicia’s idea and am going to tell Dave this evening. Well he did win his game and we are going out for a meal. He is going to think all his birthdays came at once, I hope. Anyway, best cram an hours study in first.AddendumDave nearly choked on the starter when I told him. He could not believe it. It will be next week when the folks are away. Just going next door to Alicia’s room to let her know the good news now.More cumming soon!

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