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Lockie Bi Now 4Lockie: Bi Now #4***Lockie appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the “In’DaMan’d” Universe.***Lockie tossed and turned in his bed, he had been sober now for three days, he had finished a successful cam session earlier on in the evening. The positive feedback he had received had bolstered his viewing figures and the hint of his possible return to filming a scene had begun to trend on the cam website. He was in a good place career wise but his personal life was a different story. He still wrestled with his guilt over falling out with his best friend Mason, he had not realised how much he had come to rely on their friendship until it was gone, and it was all his fault, he had fucked it all up by being jealous when he should have been supportive of his friends blossoming career. Another thing was keeping sleep away from him tonight and it wasn’t his body withdrawing from the alcohol, it was Edo. Every since he had met Edo at the expo he couldn’t get him out of his mind, the final talk they had as Lockie got into the taxi was replaying in his mind like a catchy annoying song. He hadn’t really had mixed feelings about his attraction to men until he started camming and eventually doing scenes for the porn studio. He didn’t know why it was such a big deal for him but it was turning him inside out. Mason of course would make this all go away with one comment. He would tell him to lighten up and not be too hard on himself and to just chill the fuck out, but as he was no longer on speaking terms with Mason, his thoughts had begun to snowball down hill and he was now in a funk. He flipped his pillow over in the hopes that the coolness would stave off the sweaty period he was going through, he knew that he should be happy that Curtis was willing to give him a second chance, but he just couldn’t shake the dark cloud that had descended upon him lately. He imagined Edo coming out of the bathroom stall, all muscles and fraught with nerves. The way his cheeks glowed red against his fire bright red hair, the way his biceps and forearm muscles bulged as he washed his hands then dried them vigorously before he extended a hand for Lockie to shake. Lockie’s cock began to grow hard as he imagined what his body looked like naked. He gritted his teeth in frustration and banged down on the mattress, angry with himself. He gave up the notion that he would be able to sleep and moved to his computer desk, he logged on to his account and walked to the kitchen as he waited for the laptop to load. The light from the refrigerator blinded him, the bottle of whiskey that rested on the second shelf called to him like a siren, he scrunched his eyes willing himself to be strong. Before he knew it he had poured himself three fingers worth and was walking back to his room.”What the fuck am I doing?” He muttered to himself as he logged into his account and boot up his HD webcam. **********************************As normal Lockie woke with a start, his cell phone ringing had become his alarm clock.”Yes” he answered groggily.”Great double show last night, you are turning into a bit of a rock star.” Curtis beamed, way too early for Lockie’s liking.”Thanks I guess I was just in the mood.” He replied rubbing sleep out of his eye and trying to get some moisture back on his tongue. “The expo has yielded nothing but positive feedback for you, so much in fact that one of our potential investors was wondering if you would do a personal appearance at his house tonight. Of course you are free to say no but I think it would be wise to ride this good wave while we still can.”Lockie swung his legs off the couch, he needed to feel awake and not in his zombie like trance. “What does that mean.” He asked, looking for some soda to wash the bad taste out of his mouth. “You go to his house and entertain his wife and a select group of her friends. Basically it’s just you flirting with cougars for a couple of hours and then you can bail. It would really help the studio and your comeback.”Feeling that he had no other option but to agree he asked for the directions and more clarification, Curtis had a habit of lampooning him at the last minute with surprise extra details.He would make a nice lump sum from this appearance and had nothing better to do that weekend so deep down he was glad of the distraction. He shaved his chest, cock and asshole before he hopped in the cold shower, he felt that his life recently was either showering, fucking, drinking or jerking off, he sighed as he lathered the soap all over his weary body. He looked at his sleeve tattoos and all the symbols he had adorned his body with, he thought it was time he added to his collection. *********************************He paid the driver and got out of the taxi, the journey had taken fifty minutes, he had only seen these massive houses from the beach, he always imagined the type of people that could afford to live in such luxury. The front was bone white, decorated with giant potted plants that towered over the windows. A giant balcony ran the length of the front and around the side. Lockie could hear music pounding and people laughing and splashing so he assumed a pool party was being held. Curtis had told him to dress nice and pack certain items. He would be repaid for any costs so he was encouraged to go all out to impress this investors wife. He had settled on grey jeans with red high tops, a tight red t-shirt and a black bandana around his neck. He had applied a copious amount of gel to his hair. As he walked to the front door to ring the bell he felt his phone vibrate, the text message was from Curtis, thanking him for doing this and wishing him luck. He slipped the phone into his back pack and rang the bell. He was waiting for a long minute and he was fearing that no one would have heard him over the loud music when the door opened and a tanned, grey haired man greeted him. “Oh excellent you have arrived, my wife and her friends are in the back. They have been chattering like hens about you coming. I have been told to vacate the premises while her soiree is happening. Come in please. ” He stepped aside and Lockie walked in past him into a massive hallway. It was bigger than his whole apartment and was furnished with so much glass and crystal that the whole room seemed to sparkle under the light of the giant diamond chandelier that hung from the roof.”I knew that if I arranged for you to come to the house I would score major brownie points with the wife, if you know what I mean.” He said laughing and landing a playful punch on Lockie’s arm. He found himself blushing and stared at his feet, he wished he had a few more beers before the taxi arrived. “The names Ross.” He said with a dazzling smile. “I will leave you too it Lockie, I have to go to the office and sort out some shit that happened today. Good luck with those women, I hope they won’t rip you to shreds. You can head straight through the kitchen to the pool and Dana will take it from there.” He laughed once again and grabbed his suitcase and left. Lockie took his hip flash from his back pack and as soon as the burning sensation from the whiskey hit his throat he felt better. He took a deep breath and checked himself in the massive mirror that hung at the bottom of the stair case and walked to the back of the house. He spotted pictures on the wall of the man he had been speaking to and a beautiful blonde tanned woman he assumed was Dana. The picture had been taken at a movie premiere and on either side of them they were flanked by two young men that looked just like the man. There were a few more family pictures but Lockie skimmed past them, the eldest son looked like a model in his graduation gown but he took a quick swig of his whiskey and the thoughts of the son naked were quickly swept from his mind. He needed to focus.He walked into the dimly lit kitchen, a few lights dotted the counter tops casting shadows up the wall. The kitchen, like the rest of the house was huge, a massive island sat in the middle of the room, black marble counter top and eight white stools were pushed underneath the bench, the wall opposite Lockie was made up for doors which were folded back and led out to a large seating area, that had a huge table and giant chrome barbeque. He could see a long line of torches on long poles alight, the flame dancing in the warm breeze. A woman entered just as he was walking around the island. She was the shorter than him and was wearing a white summer dress. She was in her forties but with all the work she had done she looked good. Her giant lips and breasts looked other worldly on her diminutive frame. “Oh wow you have arrived.” She screeched as she hugged him, her numerous bracelets clanked as urfa escort she gripped him tightly. I am Leon, Dana’s best friend, it’s so nice to meet you finally.”She had an extremely girlish voice that Lockie would have normally found irritating but despite himself he laughed at her enthusiasm. “When she said that she had booked you to attend her party I didn’t believe her for a few minutes but Dana gets what Dana wants. I am just getting a top up, can I get you a drink?” Leon asked as she pulled open the refrigerator which in comparison to her size, dwarfed her. The light cast a glow over her delicate Asian features. “Yes anything will do as long as it’s cold.” He replied leaning against the island and looking out at the back yard. “This house is fucking crazy right?” She said in her loud drawl as she handed him a beer. “Dana sure landed on her feet when she married Ross.””Leon did you get lost?” He heard a deep voice call from the pool area. “No Dana I am just entertaining your guest.”A tall, thin blonde woman walked into the kitchen. She had clear skin and was adorned with lots of gold jewellery. Like Leon she had extensive work done, her face looked tight, her lips and breasts looked like they were going to burst, she had on a short black summer dress and high wedge sandals. “Lockie, Ross never told me that you have arrived. You are most welcome.” She spoke with a voice that told him that she was a heavy smoker. She leaned in and air kissed him in a faux Hollywood wife style. “Come out side and meet the rest of my friends they are nearly as excited to meet you as I am.” She laughed as she gave his ass a hard pinch. ************************************************Lockie had been mingling for the last forty five minutes, he was slowly starting to unwind. Every time his drink was nearly empty it mysteriously always seemed to fill up so his mind was just beginning to get misty, it was in this phase that he functioned best. Two of Dana’s friends were floating on blow up flamingo’s in the pool laughing and dancing nonchalantly to the disco music. The rest were dotted around the garden chatting and laughing loudly. Leon would ambush him every few minutes with flirty comments and offers to dance, feeling it would be disrespectful to Dana he politely refused each time. He didn’t know if his resolve would last the whole night though so he quickly spotted the host and approached her Dana looked tipsy as he approached her.”Lockie,” She slurred as she pulled him in to an awkward one handed hug, her drink sloshing with the motion. “Are you having fun? You can start the show any time you like I will get everyone ready in the cinema room. “”Sure, I am ready now if you are.” He replied more bravely than he felt. Curtis had filled him in on what was expected of him, he had been very nervous but Curtis had a way of convincing him to do what he wanted. “Ladies, it’s show time.” A chorus of drunken female screams leapt into the night, they all smiled expectantly as they walked in the house past him. Leon approached him and slipped something into his pant pocket, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and whispered into his ear seductively. “For luck.”He seen Dana roll her eyes and laugh at her brazen friend.”You can get ready in the bathroom near the pantry. I tell ya that Leon is fucking trouble, I don’t know why I hang out with her. She has gotten even worse since we went to your expo show.”She laughed again at the shocked look on Lockie’s face.*********************************Lockie groaned as he woke suddenly, he was lying face down outside on one of the sun lounger sofas, his head was pounding. His legs were resting over the back while his face was buried in his elbow. Flashbacks from the night flashed through his brain, he remembered standing on the stage and slowly stripping to cheesy pop music, he could vaguely remember getting the ladies to rub baby lotion over him and he cringed as he pictured himself writhing on some of the women as he gave a drunken lap dance. He squinted his eyes with embarrassment, he thought he could feel something warm and wet on his big toe. He looked up quickly to see Dana standing near the back of the sofa lounger, a hungry look on her face. One of her hands was inside of her bikini top rubbing her tit while her other hand had a hold of Lockie’s ankle. She was guiding in and out between her legs, his toes were grinding against her pussy. “Dana, what the fuck are you doing. ” He said snappily sitting up on the chair and pulling his foot away from her.”I just couldn’t help myself,” She said with a laugh, “I came over to tell you breakfast was ready and watching you sleep, something just came over me.” He threw off the light blanket that someone must have placed on him during the night, in his black boxer briefs he could feel something grating against his waist, he looked down and saw the scrunched up twenty dollar bills poking out. “Chop Chop, Ross wants to talk to you before he sets off for the office.””Your husband is still here, what if he seen you.”She dismissed his comment with a wave of her hand and walked towards the house. He scanned the surrounding area for his clothes but couldn’t see them. The grass was littered with paper and beer bottles and cans. Lockie walked into the cool kitchen barefoot and topless, he had wrapped the light blanket around his waist in an attempt to retain some dignity. Ross was sitting at the head of the table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, he had on a light grey suit and looked tired.”Lockie, you look the worse for wear, there is fresh coffee on the table and you have to try Leon’s fruit salad, I hear last night went really well.”For what felt like the hundredth time in the last few months, Lockie was questioning how he ended up in these scenarios.Lockie quickly took a seat and poured himself a small cup of coffee, Ross stared at him with what seemed to be a knowing smile, it took all Lockie’s self restraint not to groan.”What the hell did I do last night?” He thought .His big toe slide slightly on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor which sent another shudder through his system. Dana slid a bowl of fruit salad towards him and sat opposite him, she began to stroke the big banana that was on top of the giant fruit bowl in the middle of the glass table, a huge smile on her face. The three of them sat in silence, Ross was once again buried in his newspaper while Dana continued to smile at him while she pursed her lips and blew on her steaming cup. “You have a lovely house.” He added hastily, desperate to get some sort of normality to this random situation.”For the money I spent on it I should” Ross said with a laugh as he turned the page. “Who is the young guy in the graduation gown””That is Ross’ son Benjamin, he is on a gap year from college, he will be back soon for his big twenty first birthday bash, you should come if you are not busy.” Dana replied, Lockie could see her tanned leg sliding closer and closer to his under the table, he jerked his legs back further under the chair and continued on as if nothing happened. “Yes,” Ross added, “if only he spent as much time in the class room as he does in the VIP section of all the fucking nightclubs in town he would be a genius.””Listen to grumpy pants over there Lockie, everyone is entitled to blow off a little steam now and then.” A devilish grin had spread across her pretty face as her foot found his calf and began to stroke it. “Don’t you agree Lockie.””Yes, thank you for breakfast I really should be going now. Was nice to meet you both.””Nonsense, from what Dana tells me your clothes are almost in as bad a shape as you were this morning, I of course will pay for the damage, but we cannot send you out like that. I am sure Benjamin will have some old clothes in his closet that you can take.” “It’s really no bother.” Lockie said, desperate to leave. “Why don’t you finish your breakfast and then I will take you up to the room and you can pick out whatever you like.” Dana said, hunger in her eyes. “That’s settled then.” Ross said as he folded his newspaper and stood up, “Thanks again Lockie for last night you got her off my back for a few weeks at least.” He laughed and shook Lockie’s hand, “Tell Curtis I will be in touch and we can sort out a meeting. He grabbed his briefcase and jacket before walking to his wife and kissing her on both cheeks. “You have a good day dear, I should be home around eight thirty. Go easy on him he looks very hung over.” He cast Lockie a look and left the kitchen. Lockie had held his breath until he heard the front door shut. “What the fuck were you thinking? He could have seen you.” Lockie said as he stood up from the table. “Relax he knows I am a flirt, he also knows I am not stupid. The amount escort urfa of late nights he’s pulled at the office and text messages he gets at all hours. I have seen the credit card bills Lockie, I have never even seen half the jewelry he buys. ” She stood up, her light blouse falling open showing her toned midriff and black two piece bathing suit. She sat on the table beside him, legs slightly crossed. “And if he gets to have some fun on the side then so can I.” She grabbed his chin, her red painted nails caressed his lips before she kissed him. His cock jerked against the light towel, he had never been with a woman that was nearly double his age, he hadn’t expected this in the slightest but now that it was happening he couldn’t help himself, he kissed her back. She almost purred under his touch, her talon like finger nails scratched along his back making his insides squirm. He pushed off the seat and forced her to lie back on the table, her head banged against the fruit bowl. Dana leaned back and grabbed the biggest banana Lockie had ever seen, a smile plastered across her surgical enhanced face. She parted her lips and began to suck the banana, her other hand trailed inside of her bikini bottoms. The quickness in which this had all happened coupled with seeing this middle aged self proclaimed cougar deep throating a piece of fruit while fondling herself instantly turned Lockie on past the point of no return. The only time he had even felt this remotely turned on was his first scene with Mason. He quickly pulled off the blanket covering his waist and kicked off his jocks, he tugged her hand out of her bikini bottoms and pulled the fabric to one side. He knew just to look at it that she had also work done on her pussy, the lips were trimmed and pink while her gash was moist with a youthful pink hue. He separated her lips and began to lap at her clit. Her moaning intensified as did the depth in which she took the phallic fruit in her mouth. Now that she had a free hand again she pulled down her bikini top and began to massage her tight spherical breasts. She placed a bare foot on one of Lockie’s muscular shoulders as he continued to eat her out. He gave a decent spit and began to finger her as he continued to lap up her juices. His nose was pressed against her opening, his hot ragged breath had caused her fanny to be even more slick than when he began. After a few minutes he felt something graze his forehead, Dana had slid the fruit down towards him. He withdrew his face from between her thighs and grabbed it, it was lubricated enough so he pushed it against her piss flap and forced it inside of her. Her back arched and both her hands cupped her giant tits. “That’s it you dirty fucker, slam it into me.”He moved his hand to the end of it to give him a longer range and plugged her furiously. When he pulled the fruit out of her, her asshole bulged. He massaged it with his thumb as he continued stuffing her. “Oh you dirty bastard.” Dana moaned, the intensity in which she was fondling her tits increased. Lockie pulled away his thumb and spat on her shitter, seeing it contract under his fluid made his cock spring to full attention. Instantly images flashed through his mind, he pictured Mason lying on the table or even Edo the guy he met at the expo. Oddly enough Dana’s stepson Benjamin also flashed through his mind. He could feel the dark thoughts swirling through his mind and he tried to mentally shake himself, unbeknownst to him he had stopped giving Dana any attention. He had just froze staring at her fanny.”What’s up?” Dana asked, “The hangover kicking in, here have some water.” She reached across the table and got the water jug, she sat up slightly and rested on her elbow, she poured some water between her breasts and it trailed down her tummy, through her hips and down over her pussy. Lockie looked at her confused before he slurped it up, burying his face into her cunt. The water had mixed with her own juices, it was not the morning wake up shot he was used to. He splayed his tongue wide and began to munch her box furiously, he always knew that he had the capacity to be a dominate force in the bedroom but had never found anyone that could keep up with him. Even when he shot scenes for “In’DaMan’d” or in his web cam room, the most he could do was talk dirty. Now he had the chance to life up to his own hype and he was thinking about guys. He was determined not to let this opportunity be effected by his own issues. After all he was being paid to fuck this cougar. “More water. “He said as he came up for air. Dana complied, soaking herself and the glass table. Lockie pulled off her bikini bottoms roughly, he threw them on her bare breasts, they were so sodden that they smacked loudly. She looked at him for a second before grabbing the back of his head and pulling him into a sloppy French kiss. He slid two fingers inside of her and began to blast her as both their tongues explored each other’s mouths. She spread her legs wider, before long her cunt was making loud squelching noises. Her twat was loosening up around his knuckles so he slipped a third finger inside her drenched pussy. He grabbed her hair roughly and pulled it back she moved her lips towards his but he pulled back teasingly. “I love it.” She growled hungrily. As he pulled her hair tighter and gazed into her carnal eyes, the thoughts crept slowly back into his mind, his finger fucking slowed down, the grip on Dana’s blond hair got weaker. “What is it?” She asked with a hint of impatience. “You didn’t seem to have any performance anxiety at the expo.” She looked slightly angry now, like she was being denied a gift. Lockie just stared back at her stonily, once and for all banishing the thoughts, he was mad at himself now but rather than finding solace at the bottom of a bottle he had the perfect way to get out the angry right in front of him. “On your knees now.” He commanded moving away from the table. A relieved grin spread across her face as she got off the table and trailed her tongue down his chiseled abs. His cock hit the her chin before she spat a thick stream of saliva onto his shaft. He forced his helmet through her plump lips, over her writhing tongue until he hit her wet throat. She gagged but didn’t pull away. She grabbed a hair tie from her wrist and quickly pulled her blonde hair back into a pony tail. “Look at me as I fuck your throat.” Lockie said, throwing caution to the wind and just enjoying himself for once. Dana stared up at him obediently, she had pushed her tits together so she could catch all the spit that Lockie fucked out of her mouth. Lockie placed one hand under her chin and the other on the back of her head, he placed his bare foot on the chair so he had a better angle. Her eyes never left his as he thrust into her relentlessly, he was addicted to the sensation of her throat muscles gagging around the helmet of his prick. It had only experienced it once or twice before and every time it happened the cock sucker would quit and go back to basics. Dana was a pro, she was even forcing herself deeper into him, Lockie could feel a long thread of spit dangle from his sopping wet ball sack. Dana pulled herself off him and took a deep breath before licking the side of his shaft and French kissing his bollocks. She slurped up the excess moisture and spat it back on to his girth. Dana continued to take ball deep into her throat, the saliva was streaming out of her mouth now, her tits looked like they had been doused in oil. Tears were running down her face, her mascara from the night before was ruined, her hands rolled up and down Lockie’s six pack before sliding around his back and grabbing his meaty ass one cheek at a time, pulling him deeper into her with each thrust. He pulled her up off her knees and planted the wettest kiss he had ever had on her, his chin was soon wet with results of the face fucking, he loved it. Edo quickly flashed into his mind but he quickly dismissed. He grabbed Dana by the shoulders and spun her around, he pushed her forward until she was leaning on the table. He bent over her, his chest lying on her back and reached around with two fingers and once again began to mash her tight snatch. “You gonna wreck me Lockie?” She purred gyrating her hips on to his hand.”That’s the fucking plan.”He stood back and took her in, her long tanned legs were spread waiting for him. The position she was in reminded him of the time he fucked Carter up the ass, he bit his lip forcefully and jerked himself one last time, his prick was throbbing now and he was ready to go to town. ******************************** They had moved into Dana’s bedroom, it was like the rest of the house, oversized and expensively decorated. The bed was king-sized and dressed in a thick urfa escort bayan white duvet. She had grabbed his cock and guided him through the massive house to the bedroom, stopping along the way for a deep kiss. She kicked off her shoes and closed the door, Lockie was behind her as soon as he heard the door click shut. He pushed her shoulder down forcefully and kicked apart her legs. He spat on his hand and rubbed it up and down his prick, he teased her gash with his helmet before sliding it inside of her. Unbelievably her cunt was nearly as tight as her throat. He pounded her after a few timid thrusts, he had his hand on his ass pushing himself further and further into her. She was moaning now, her head jostling against the door. “That’s it fuck it up.” She whispered throatily. Her dirty banter spurred him on, he grabbed her hips with both hands and eased into her all the way to his balls. Her head shot back in ecstasy and he grabbed her hair. “You like that Dana, does Ross give it to you like this?””No.” She croaked, barely able to get the words out. He smacked her ass to see how she would react, she whimpered weakly so he did it again. His back was starting to ache after the shit night sleep on the tiny sofa so, while still inside her he turned her body and slowly walked towards the bed. Every time her hips moved he thought her twat was going to cut his cock in two. She flopped on to the bed, Lockie falling on top of her back, pushing his prick deep into her guts. “Lift your hips.” He said. She complied, he laid his feet beside hers and began to bounce into her. He threw his head back and was startled to see a giant family portrait hanging over the head board. It was of Ross, Dana and Benjamin. He quickly turned his head away to the side of the bed and seen a big black and white framed photo of Ross and Benjamin on a boat, both topless with a giant fish they had just caught. Benjamin was muscular and had the most guy next door face he had ever seen, it must have been taken recently because Ross hadn’t aged a day. He squinted his eyes in concentration, but flashes of the scenes he had shot and Mason coupled with fucking Carter and having Edo flirt with him nearly caused him to lose his erection. He pulled out of Dana and quickly flipped her over. He knelt over her face and began to suck her pussy lips in the sixty nine position. Once again his cock found the back of the throat and she was instantly slobbering and making slurping noises as she took every thrust. “Move back.”She said when she finally stopped for a breath. He leant back over her, his bollocks dangling over her mouth. She grabbed a hold of his meat and placed it between her breasts and began to wank him off. The motion felt so amazing that his toes began to curl. He could feel Dana’s breath on his taint, she began to kiss his gouche before her tongue found his sweaty asshole. “I am the dirtiest bitch in this area.” She said proudly as she spat on his hoop and began to probe deeper. He gasped out loud, the sensation was nothing Lockie had experienced before, she was swirling her tongue around his shit box frantically now, she pushed her breasts tighter around his cock and began to jerk them up and down faster than before. His breath caught in his throat, he closed his eyes and let his head fall back, he was just enjoying all the sensations at once. He felt weak, he needed to snap out of it and be more present but he couldn’t help himself his mind began to wander and he wondered what it would be like if Edo was the one eating him out, he pictured Edo’s muscular arm around his hip, his strong hands caressing his thighs. Lockie turned his head sideways in the hopes of finally banishing the thoughts that plagued his dreams and all his down time, his vision caught the picture of Benjamin shirtless on the boat and he felt his nipples harder at the thought of Dana’s step son sucking his dick. He had enough and sprung off Dana quickly.”What’s the matter? Didn’t you like it?” She asked once again looking dejected. “I…I… didn’t want to come that way, I am not finished with you yet.” He replied on the spot. Dana looked at him skeptically, her tits and chin looked comical they were so wet. Her blonde hair was disheveled but she was enraptured by Lockie, a night spent flogging her cunt to his cam sessions was the norm for her, she could tell that he was holding back, that there was something going on his side his head that was troubling him, but she was too far gone to turn away now. She wanted Lockie to be the biggest notch on her bed post, she wouldn’t rest until she had milked him dry. “Well fuck me how you want to Lockie. I am aching for you. You can stick it anywhere you like.” She purred.Lockie felt his muscles go weak, he was angry at himself for slipping under his thoughts but he now knew that he had a lot of personal issues that he needed to address. He grabbed both of Dana’s ankles and pushed them together and to the side, he tapped his prick against her and pushed into her roughly. Her head tossed back in pleasure, her pussy was even tighter in this position her big jugs danced as he slammed it into her. He was determined to just focus on her and get this over with quickly. He slapped her ass loudly. “That’s it Lockie, fuck me!” Her twat was practically gushing now and he felt relief when he felt the buildup in his loins. “Where do you want my load?” He barked, his face contorted.”Anywhere”He could feel it surging inside of him, he barely pulled out of her when the first torrent of milky gloop splashed against her cunt, he pointed his rod away and spurted ribbon after ribbon of jizz on her stomach and the lower side of her tits. She quickly scooped it up and put it straight in her mouth, she didn’t hesitate for a second before she swallowed his seed. She made an exaggerated sigh of satisfaction as she sucked her fingers. “Now that was fun.” “Yes it was,” He replied forcing himself to sound happy. “Can I shower before I leave?””Of course.” She said trying and failing to hide her disappointment. Lockie got the impression that Dana wasn’t a woman who was used to men leaving quickly. *************************************He quickly showered in her en suite, when he returned to her bedroom he found that she had located his clothes and laid them on her bed. A red t-shirt was left beside his beer soaked top from the night before. “I didn’t want to throw it out without asking you, I can have it washed and mailed to you if you prefer, I found an old tee that Benjamin never wears any more. “”Thank you.” He said as he searched his short pockets for his phone. He had a text message from Halle. “He stud, hope you don’t mind but I got a lovely message on my cam profile off a red head that was at our show, he asked for your number but I gave him your email instead, hope that’s ok, chat soon, Halle x””That could only be Edo” Lockie thought as he pulled on his clothes, he could see Dana drinking in the sight out of the corner of his eye. “Thanks for everything Dana, sorry if I seemed a bit out of it, drink does that to me sometimes.”He walked over and kissed her on both cheeks.”It was my pleasure Lockie, I will think of this day for many years to come, you never know if Ross invests then I might see more of you. Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you somewhere?””Not at all, you go shower and I will see myself out.” With that he quickly left the room and called a taxi, he debated looking at his emails but decided to wait until he had a nap and a few beers down his neck. As he got into the back of the taxi his phone buzzed. It said it was from Leon but he had no recollection of adding her to his contacts. “Hello Lockie I hope you had as good a night as I had. Just wanted to check in and see that you were ok, hope Dana gave you one of her special breakfasts. Would love to stay in touch. Leon” He was going to block her when the phone beeped again, attached was a picture of him kissing her on the cheek, he had to admit that she was very beautiful, his thumb hovered over the red X but he ended up closing the phone. As the car pulled out of the driveway he looked up at Dana’s bedroom, he didn’t feel so bad about rushing out of there, according to Leon’s message it seemed that Dana rarely ate breakfast alone. As soon as he entered his apartment he ran to the fridge and cracked a cold beer. He kicked off his shoes and booted up his laptop, he was almost scared as he clicked on the envelope icon. Before the screen changed to his email he slammed the laptop closed and just stared into space. He pulled the red t-shirt over his face, tears silently ran down his face. He took a deep breath and inhaled what he assumed was Benjamin’s cologne. The intoxicating aroma failed to quell his tears. He whipped out his phone and quickly searched for him on social media, he wasn’t hard to find, all of the photos showed a muscular, tanned guy with great teeth. He held the phone tightly in one hand and slid his free hand inside of his trousers.

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