Losing my ass in a bet with my wife… LITERALLY!!

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Losing my ass in a bet with my wife… LITERALLY!!My wife and I met when we were in college. She was a cheerleader for my college football teams arch-rivals. I literally swept her off of her feet when several of us went flying out of bounds and one of her players ran into her and I caught her. Later that night we had both wound up at the same party and… we were married three months later and that was all 16 years ago.Since then though, every time our schools play it is a war in our house. She watches on the TV in the bedroom, I watch in the family room and we yell and taunt each other all game long. About five years ago, bets started entering the equation. At first it was loser did the dishes for a month, or winner got breakfast in bed for every Saturday for six months. But this year was different.I’ll be honest. Our sex life has become boring. I have seen her from every angle and she has seen me in about every way possible over the last 16 years. We are both still fit, but…. Career, hobbies, familiarity; blame it on whatever. We were in a rut. So I was shocked as hell when she proposed that this year, the loser of the bet took it up the butt!! She had ALWAYS said that was off limits and there was no way I was ever going in the “Out Door”. But she made the stakes, and I knew my team had been winning everything so I went with it.Me? I am all man. And while I like it when Beth takes charge, taking a strapon up my butt was not on my bucket list. But I felt safe. I was the one that bought our play things except for her nighties and I knew there were no extra toys in the nightstand!!I finally agreed to give her four points. My team was undefeated, and almost everyone was predicting a blowout. I went to the d**g store and bought some condoms and hung some from her mirror in the bath and put a pack on the seat of her car while she was at work. She just told me to keep one handy for the big day because she was going to need it. In other words it had all been a lot of fun.Then the game started and my team looked flat as a 10 year old Girl Scout troop!! We would score, and then they would tie us. We would score then I would hear her crowing about her team loving to come from behind. At half-time we were tied. Then we roared to life and I started telling her to stretch like she was a cheerleader again because I was going to be helping her with the splits!!! Then with 3:37 left in the game, my QB got hit as he threw, the ball went to a blitzing linebacker who ran it back easily for a TD. My team was ahead…. By three points.The whoops and calls came from the bedroom as my team came out and started running little two and three yard runs. They just wanted first Downs. I needed MORE!! But when the gun sounded, My team was victorious… 31-28. I just sat there staring at the screen wondering how in the hell that had just happened and even more, wondering when all hell was going to break out, because I figured she was going to make me drive downtown to a porn store and get her a toy.She kept calling out to me from the bedroom and I ignored her for about 10 minutes. She was having WAY too much fun with this. I was just about to get up and tell her that I was going to drill her first, when she walked in the room. I swear to God, I almost did not recognize her!!!She had on a pair of shit kicking boots that zipped up the back and and went above the knee. We had bought them for a Halloween gag and she had worn them only once that I knew of. She had on a pair of black yoga pants that might as well not been there except them somehow made her look even more sexy. Whe had put on a small and I mean tiny white wife beater that stretched itself to its limits covering her 34 C tits. But the thing that floored me as she had cut the crotch out of her yoga pants and a strap on harness nearly hid the fact as it rode in the most provocative manner over her shaved pussy. “Your ass is mine, big boy!” she laughed and walked into the room.The dong that obscenely swung back and forth from the stainless steel ring looked about the size of my own cock and I could feel mine starting to stir as if it wanted to compare itself! Beth had put gel in her hair and pulled it back into a pony tail . She had slathered on enough that she looked more brunette than I had ever seen her. She had put on more makeup than she needed to use in a month and her lips were brighter red than any fire truck I had ever seen. In her black leather gloved hands she held and swished a nasty looking leather riding crop. In short, she looked like one of the hottest porn dominatrix I had ever seen in one of my dreams!!“Time to pay up! I just got off of the phone with my parents. The k**s are going to stay over night with them and we can pick them up at church in the morning. So tonight, it is just me, and my little bitch boy.” She walked over and stood in front of me and put her fists on either hip. “You have an option, because I am such a loving mistress. I can give you 30 stripes on your bottom that you will feel for a very long time, or you can take this monster up your ass, just like you were planning to do with yours in mine!!! Now aren’t I sweet for giving you a choice?”I stared up into her blue eyes and suddenly found it difficult to swallow. I had always wanted her to dominate me, to do some role play, but … with her standing there like that, I was not certain I was up for the consequences of THIS role play. “Umm, can we talk?” I asked meekly.“I can talk, you will listen. You have wanted this for a long time. Now you get it. You whine that we don’t do anything kinky, nothing different. You are always looking at dominatrix in latex and dreaming. Well tonight, your dreams come true. türkçe bahis Your safe words are, ‘Green’ which means keep going, ‘Yellow’ you are not certain where this is headed, and ‘Red’ it all stops. Do you understand?”I smiled at her and laughingly said, “Green.” And then I just smiled up at her as she raised an eyebrow.I saw the hand moving, but I never realized what was happening until her gloved hand slapped my face fairly hard. My head whipped around and my smile flew off too!! “You forgot the appellation of Mistress. See to it you don’t forget again. Second punishments are more….. Strict.” She said in a cold voice as I turned and looked up at her. There was a touch of concern, or maybe worry that she had gone too far in her eye. So after I touched my lip and made certain it was not bleeding I responded, “Green Mistress.”She smiled and I flinched as her hand came quickly to my face again, but this time she caught me by the chin and pulled it up to look straight into her electric blue eyes. “See? You can be such a good boy when you concentrate! But you may find it hard to do that tonight. But don’t worry. I will be a good mistress for you.” She released my jaw and lightly tapped my still smarting cheek as she added, “You and I are going to both enjoy this, I think!”She turned and walked over the desk chair in the corner of the room, rolled it over to where I was still sitting stunned . Her ass looked so beautiful as she walked away, but as she came back, the site of that fake white cock and balls hanging from where I have always loved looking was equally disconcerting. And yet, there was no denying the bulge that was in the front of my own pants at the thought of my wife becoming a mistress.She sat down in the chair and looked me straight in the eyes and pointed at her cock. “Suck it. I want to hear you gagging on it. Isn’t that what you tell me?” She said, with an eyebrow cocked and a slight curl to the corners of her mouth. “Well I want you to suck me until you can get all the way down to my balls! Now move!”At once, I lunged up and then down onto my knees. I put my hands on her thighs to steady myself and began to tentatively take the cock in my mouth. She had put some sort of strawberry flavoring on it which helped mask the rubbery taste, but it was still weird, sucking on a fake cock between my wife’s legs. But then I looked up at her. Her free hand was cupping her right breast, squeezing it through her shirt and then sliding inside shirt and kneading the soft flesh. Her eyes were heavy lidded, but she was staring down at me, watching as I bobbed up and down on her cock.“That’s it baby, suck it good. I like seeing it all wet and slick with your spit!” She barely spoke the words, but they rang like a fire bell in my ears, pushing me on. I wanted to please her. I wanted her to like what I was doing. I wanted her to like me sucking on a dong!!!”Suddenly she raised the riding crop and slapped my bare upper arm and shoulder with two quick lashes that both stung and stunned me. I jumped back and went into a kind of defensive posture back on my haunches. “Who told you you could use your hands to balance on me? I told you to suck me, not lean on me!” With that, she walked back to the doorway and immediately returned with a pillowcase from our bed and it was full of something or things. “I guess we have to start doing this a little more my way since you seem incapable of getting it right without my help. Stand up and turn around.” I mumbled some apology, but it only earned me another lash with her crop and I scrambled to my feet even quicker and turned around “Take your shirt off. You don’t deserve to wear it anymore.” I hastily lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it onto the couch. She was standing right behind me and I could feel her running her hands over the back of my shoulders, tracing the V of my lats. She slipped her hands under my arms and around to the front of my chest, where she found both of my nipples and d**g her finger nails over them, causing them to immediately harden! She then squeezed them both hard and twisted and I cried out and lifted my hands to stop her.She stepped back and brought her leather encased knee up hard into my ass twice!! “ I told you that you need to concentrate!! But no, you cannot control yourself, so….” She dug something out of her pillow case bag and told me to put my hands behind my back. I did and immediately I felt the hard cold steel of a cuff going around and locking into place on my right wrist followed a moment later by the other locking down on my left. I gave them a little test. I thought she would not notice, but she did, and she laughed. “Oh, they are very real, bitch boy. They may have a couple extra links for your comfort, but they are steel and if you struggle, they will cut into your flesh to remind you that you are owned!!!”She then stepped right up to me from behind and I felt the rubber dong slap my hands. And then she was whispering into my ear. “Oh, I am going to enjoy this. And when we are done in the morning, you will beg for me to do this to you all of the time. I own you!!” Then she took my left ear in her teeth and bit down lightly. I cringed and she laughed in her throat but never loosened her bite on my ear until I stood perfectly still. “That’s it my pet! You are learning!” She crooned softly in my ear then.Stepping back away from me, I heard her sit down and Beth said, “Alright, get back down on your knees and let’s see if you can suck me properly this time.” I turned around and carefully lowered myself to a kneeling position between her thighs. Without having any hands, it was difficult for me to even get my mouth to corral her güvenilir bahis siteleri cock as she moved her hips and made me lunge and work at catching it! “Ahhh, is it that tough to catch my cock? And you seem to be working so hard at it. You must really want to suck my cock, you little slut!” She then reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair in one hand and the cock in the other and she aimed it straight at my mouth. “Let me help you!!”The head of the rubber cock struck the back of my throat with such force I almost gagged right then!! My lips closed around the shaft and I felt the life like veining of the dong moving in and out of my mouth as she pulled my head back and forth, up and down. Without my hands for balance, she easily kept me off balance and by doing so, forced me to take as much of the cock as she wanted!!!Soon I was going down nearly the whole shaft and as I looked up, I saw she was once again cupping her breast and tugging on her nipples. It dawned on me that she was moving my head in ways to move the base of the cock against her clit!! And once I realized that, I did my best to push it back into her and then suck it all in until suddenly, my lips were bumping into those huge rubber balls as my wife thrust her hips more and more violently toward my face!!!She came hard, and I could smell the scent of her juices running out under the harness! I hoped that she would take that harness off and let me lick her, but instead she pushed me back off of her cock and onto my haunches as she gasped and slowly recovered from her orgasm.“Oh, wow. That was incredible!! You were right! This role playing stuff is Awesome !!” She said with a mischievous look in her eye. Then she laughed and said, “What? You need some fun too?” I nodded and said very quickly, “Yes mistress, my cock is driping for you!!” She laughed again and said, “Well enough talking about it, stand up and let’s get you out of those pants!!!”Now if you have ever been bound with your hands behind you, you will immediately recognize my plight. Every time I thought I may have a way to get up, I would almost fall over and she would laugh all the more at me!! Finally, she stood up and grabbed me by my nipples and said, “This will get you up!!” and up I came, gritting my teeth to keep from yelling “Red!!!”Once on my feet, she wasted no time, and to be honest, I was EXTREMELY glad!! My cock was dying to have her lips wrapped around it…either set!!! She shoved my pants down and then pulled the band of my briefs out and the head of my cock sprang free, trialing a thread of pre-cum to the puddle it had smeared on the inside of the cotton material.“Eww, yuck!! Gross!!! Why do men have to be such pigs and make a mess of EVERYTHING?” She said in mock disgust. But I smiled as I watched her dip her enameled index finger nail down inside the waistband and begin gathering up as much of my juices as she could. I love to watch her suck me and eat my cum, so my cock jumped and I smiled in anticipation of what she was about to do.Then she released my waistband and it snapped against me, slapping my cock just beneath the head, sending electric shock waves through my body!! I watched in agony as she raised her glistening finger almost to her lips and she stuck her toungue out and barely touched her finger to it. You want to talk about erotic. I could hardly breath and despite the overload of pain from my groin, I felt my cock twitch just a little. “What, you want me to eat your cum? Aren’t you forgetting something? You lost the bet tonight, not me!!! You are the cum slut tonight!!! Open your mouth NOW!!”I think my jaw dropped more out of simply being incredulous, rather than obedience, but either way, in the next few seconds, her glistening finger, covered with my cum, was sliding into my mouth, all the way to her hand. “Suck it clean bitch boy! You got it all dirty, with your nasty dick. Clean it up with your mouth!!” She ran the finger in and out and then added another and then a tird as she began finger fucking my mouth hard, fast and deep. Her finger nails were going almost deep enough to hit the back of my throat!!! Looking into her eyes, I saw lust boiling over and burning every thought from her mind except feeding her decadent imagination!! She was loving this and it had me turned on too!!!Then she pulled her fingers out of my mouth and instead hungrily thrust her tongue deep into my mouth and locked her painted red lips on mine in an onslaught that was nothing short of maniacal. I struggled to stay upright as she pressed herself against me and bit and sucked my tongue and lips as if she were a woman starved for days who was sat down at a feast of all of her favorite foods!!! I was amazed, but just as rabid in my hunger and desire to respond to her!Then she pulled back and stuffed her fingers back in my mouth!! My eyes flew open as I looked at her lust filled smiling face as she said, “Suck them clean!! All of them!! Eat my pussy juice bitch boy!!! It is time for you to drink my cum!!!” Her voice was husky and breathy and so deadly sexy that she could have read a c***dren’s book or the Bible to a monk and he would have been hard as granite in seconds!!!I worked my tongue in between her fingers and sucked each one clean. As I worked on the middle one, she began running it in and out of my mouth like a piston on a race car, fucking me face as it were with her middle finger!! The thought of it had my cock pushing under the waist band and straining for something to rub against.Beth saw my struggle and pulled her fingers back and said, “Oh, I keep forgetting that you still need something too!!!” She knealt on the carpet, her face youwin only inches from where my cock was once again oozing out strings of pearly lust for her. She took hold of my underwear on either side of my hips and yanked them down, freeing my cock and I saw it dancing right before her, red and almost purple with lust and need for her to give it attention.“My, my…. My bitch boy really seems to be needing something!” she giggled and then turned and pulled her bag near her and pulled out a strawberry flavored lubricant and put a generous dollop in the middle of her left palm. Now my wife does not have a lot of great sex skills, but giving a hand job and shooting my cock all over her large firm breasts is something we both enjoy greatly and she turned and firmly grabbed my rod and began applying her patented, ‘Rub the tip of the cock into the center of a well-lubed palm’ technique which I knew would have me cumming in a matter of minutes!!!But then she reached down and flicked in quick succession each of my tight nuts as they were very nearly drawn up into firing position!!! My knees almost buckled and she looked up at me with concern etched on her face, but she said in a no-nonsense tone, “You are not going to cum until I tell you and I give you permission!” I wanted to just fall to my knees!!She then began massaging and pulling on my balls with both hands. The gel got all over them, but the way she was handling me was keeping me from getting very excited. But because it was new, there was a certain amount of mystery that soon had my cock nearing the brink again. This time though, her right hand went between my legs and was now rubbing her lube up and down my ass crack!! “Come on baby, spread the leg for Momma!!” She whispered. I moved them apart just slightly and “come on bitch boy, we can do this either way, yours or mine, but you will like mine a lot better.”I spread my legs wider and while she ran a hand expertly up and down the shaft of my cock, keeping me hard, but not exciting me too much, with the other hand, she crooked a single finger into my ass!! I groaned! I had never even done this to myself, and at first the pressure was uncomfortable bordering on pain, but then I relaxed as I felt her rubbing my cock.It was probably only a second or two more before a second finger began wriggling up into me as well. This time there was no pain, no pressure, but I could feel my ass being stretched. My face turned red as she slowly began working the fingers in and out of my brown hole! Then she pulled her fingers out and stood up in front of me, with the lube bottle in hand. “It’s time to pay up. Turn around and lay over the arm of the couch.!!” I looked into her eyes to see if there was any chance to beg out of it, but there was none, so I obeyed and more or less fell over the overstuffed leather arm of the black couch.I heard lube being squirted out and then she told me to scoot back so my cock hung free of the couch. I was disappointed to realize that it had already begun to get limp. My balls were aching for release, but at the idea of being fucked in the ass, my cock was wilting, Then I felt the large head of the dildo sliding between my moons and pressing against my hole. I had read enough that I knew the worst thing I could do was fight it, so I did my best to relax. And I will be damned if that head did not suddenly pop into my sphincter like it belonged there!!I groaned. I could not help it. It was not pleasure, but it was not pain either. It was just intense!! Beth was inside of me!! She let me get accustomed to the feel of the thickness of the cock and she reached around and grabbed my cock!! She was whispering things that would have made a life-long prison cell mate blush in my ear as she stroked my cock back to hardness. Then she began sliding her cock in and out of me, using the thrust of her hips!! She was fucking me!!When her hips finally slammed into my ass for the first time, I thought I was going to pass out!! That was just too much!! But when she pulled back and slammed me again, it felt good. She was stroking my cock in that way she knows get me off the quickest and I could hear the tone of her voice change as if she was drawing closer to the edge as well. “Come on baby, let Momma fill your hole with her cock. Let me fuck you and grind my pussy on my cock, deep inside you. Oh my God, Bryan!! Cum for me baby, I’m so close, I want to feel you cum in my hand!!”That was it for me!! I roared and shot my load into her hand and onto the floor and the side of the couch. I was only just conscious of her stiffening behind me and then howling as if someone had shot her as waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over her again and again!!!Every time she jerked, new sensations tried to coax more cum out of my nuts until finally she pitched forward across my back, driving her cock to the hilt into my ass. I could feel her warm perspiration on me and her heart pounding against my back. I laughed and said, “Well, I guess it was good for you too!!” She pushed herself up enough to get leverage to slap the back of my head!!I am still your mistress, slut boy!!! The night is still young!!!” Then she pushed herself up and pulled her rubber cock out of my ass with a funny little pop! “We have all night to play and you have all night to pay, so get ready!!”And with a smile into the seat of the couch I said, “Yes mistress. I hear and obey!!”***********************This is fiction. But it reflects my fantasies!! So it is personal to me. As such, if you don’t like it, that’s fine. But if you are moved by it, please take the time to tell me so. At the very least, give me a thumbs up. And, especially lady readers, if this is something that excites you, by all means let me know. I would love to chat with you about things like this, but I can’t if you do not let me know!!Tell your friends about me if you like my stuff. I have a ton of original writings out here!!Thanks for reading!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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