Mala – The Village Lady – 3

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Mala – The Village Lady – 3I and Gopi gave birth of our son in same month. I named my son Rahul. Jai named his son Gyan but Jai always called him Gogo.Time passed very soon, with next 16 years, I bought nearby land of my fields which belongs to the lonely old farmer. And moved to the city where Rahul completed his primary education. I owned a small flour mill too. After some time, Rahul took admission in Mumbai College for study.My landlord was the alone, so I fulfilled his sexual needs and mine too. After sometimes, we married in court but my bad luck he was die due to heart attack within a year. Legally his property transferred to my name.Now I was alone again in such a big house. So I rented the upper portion to five students of PG on higher price. I not put any obstruction on them. They came and went as per their needs, did anything in their rooms and never stop them for drinks. They were too much friendly with me, so when they were free, they came on ground floor and watched my TV and used my kitchen and bathroom too.Within two months, we were too frank and close to each others. One day on birthday celebration of one of them, we all drank too much. Soon the birthday celebration became the sex party. They messed their cocks with cake and I licked it clean. Then they fucked me twice and slept with me.Form that night, we started to live naked at house. They fucked me anytime accordingly their needs.One of them, who were the tech expert and net surfer, taught me to use net and made an account with the name of “kinky savvy” on porn site, website paid on the basis of views. He taught zonguldak escort me that how to hide face in video and change the background with some simple effort. He uploaded many nude pictures of mine. Then they started uploading the daily sex video. I became famous soon. I sent the first link to Jai and then his friends, who promptly started following me. Then Sibba and Sannu joined me. Only they knew the kinky savvy in real life. With the help of students, I placed and covered my house from high quality CCTV. Due to my known followers, the demand on my account of pissing video increased. I smiled and answered to them, “Demanded video uploaded only paid basis.” Strangely I got money in my account via online transfer, so I made a squirting video and post in paid version.Then for more fun, I got tattoo on my boobs “shining stars” and another on my butts “slut” with the “indicating sign” to my asshole. Tattoo gave me more publicity and followers. Finally the summer holidays started and my PG student went their homes. After one day Rahul came also at home after three years, his birthday also came in next week. Rahul told me lot of his experience and his life style. Three days passed and the day of his birth came. We enjoyed a lot in night, celebrated and drank after long time. Rahul got many calls on his mobile, so he moved to roof for talking. After one hour, I moved to roof to see Rahul, OMG! My big boy masturbated while talking with his friend. He had the big and thick boner like his father Sonu. In the dark night and the direct flash, made me invisible to him. After end escort zonguldak of the call, he saw me and felt very ashamed. I motivated him and said, “Don’t worry bachcha, it is happen with everyone, all have their sex needs.”I grabbed his hand and came back to lower section. Then I asked him, “Sit here and tell me how to satisfy your need, which become make you horny.” He replied, “Mom, I love kinky savvy, she was too hot but never show her face.” I was stunned, my bachcha loved me.” I asked him, “If you get her in real, then what you do with her.” He laughed and said, “It is not possible, Mom.” I replied, “So Rahul, be ready to meet kinky savvy!!” And I became nude infront of my own charming son. He shocked to see her mom naked. My body tattoo proved to him that I was kinky savvy. He happily hugged me and said, “Mom, you are famous in our hostel, lot of boys masturbated themselves while dreaming you.I was glad to hear him that my bachcha and his friends watched dream to fuck me. Then Rahul asked me, “Mom, can you relax me.” I spread my arms and said, “Come on darling! Feel free with me.” He put his virgin cock in my mouth and started pissing. When I drank his piss, he said, “Ohhh! Mom, you make my dream true to piss in your mouth.” I ate his smegma and gave him a blowjob. Then he went to kitchen quickly and came with chocolate bottle, squeezed in my asshole and started eating my dirty asshole. I moaned heavily, “Ohhh! Umms! What are you doing my bachchca?? It is not clean properly.” His unnaturally big tongue moved in my rectum. He said to me, “Mom you have delicious asshole.” zonguldak escort bayan After a long rimming, he started to drill my asshole and cummed inside it. Then he again put his tongue on my asshole and swallowed all his semen. This time I was shock, I said, “You like your own semen.” He said to me, “Yes Mom, I tasted myself after masturbation.”Then we saw our recorded moments on CCTV. Some of their friends easily recognized him as he had a black mark on his dick. They requested him to meet kinky savvy once. Rahul told them that she was his mother. He tried to persuade me to meet their friends for sex once. I said him after lot of request, “Okay, okay bachcha, you can invite your friends but handle privacy carefully.” Next day, his nine friends came together, I said to them, “OMG! You bachcha party fucked me in group??” One of them said, “We follow your rules aunty ji.” I smiled and said, “Really? Okay leave this and come and fuck your friend’s mom.” They all became naked and jumped on me. But they all were new for sex, so I played a fetish group sex movie on TV to help them. They sucked my both hole, fucked my mouth and then drilled me in every possible way they knew. They fucked me till evening then returned to their homes.After a month, when holidays were over, Rahul packed his luggage and I went with him to drop him due to late night. I felt very sad. On the station, where the train started journey, it was parked on platform, still 30 minutes left to departure. Nobody on the train, the compartment of Rahul was empty, only his nine fiends were there. They were very happy to see me, on their demand, I gave them a quick blowjob session to all and swallowed their load.I was very restless and felt lonely.[student, pg guest, hardcore, nudist at home, group sex, son, friends of son, hardcore, piss, semen, own cum, blowjob in train]

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