Mandy (Part 4)

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Mandy (Part 4)He opened the door with a mixture of anticipation and slight trepidation, and for a moment he was disappointed, but also a trifle relieved. “So, you couldn’t persuade her?””No,” she smiled a little ruefully. Then a second or two later she chuckled. “Just winding you up! She’ll be up in a minute, she’s just paying the cab…”He smiled politely while she grinned up at him playfully. Even allowing for the very warm weather the shorts she was wearing were unbelievably short and the ‘boob-tube’ ridiculously small. She was carrying her leather jacket, and a far larger bag than usual.”Just brought a few things with us,” she smiled, noticing his gaze. There was the sound of footsteps ascending the stairs. “Here she is…”She came into view: a blonde girl, about the same age as ‘her’, roughly the same height, but a little slighter in build. She was also wearing extremely SHORT shorts, and, he noted, as she turned the corner at the top of the stairs and her ‘front’ became visible, a very similar ‘boob-tube’ that scarcely covered her rather large breasts.”Karen, this is John,” smiled Mandy. “John, Karen!”They shook hands, discreetly appraising each other. Mandy led the way in, him following behind and taking in Karen’s long, slim legs; small, ‘firm’ bottom and narrow waist. Like Mandy, at least an inch of her bottom cheeks were visible and he wondered what the cabbie must have made of them.Mandy led her friend straight into the bedroom, took a seat on the bed and told Karen to join her. She did, and again he noted she was very attractive, if, understandably, a little ‘awkward’-looking.He offered them drinks and they asked for ‘cold’, and controlling his excitement he went to make them. He brought theirs in, returned to the kitchen, and came back with his and a chair.He placed it a few feet in front of them and sat down. “So,” he said to Mandy, “how have you been?””Fine,” she smiled. “You?””Yes…isn’t it hot today!” he ventured.She nodded. “We’ve been sunbathing in the park for a couple of hours…””I can see,” he told her truthfully. “You’ve caught the sun…””We found a quiet bit and went topless…just left our thongs on…””Oh,” he responded evenly. He ventured a slight smile at Karen and she returned it, if a trifle awkwardly.”A man came by with his dog…then a few minutes later he came by again,” Mandy continued.”I can’t say I’m really surprised!” he grinned honestly.”But we freaked him out: we stated french-kissing each other when he came by a third time, and touching each others boobs. He didn’t come back a fourth…!””He must have been crazy!” he thought. “Or perhaps he rushed off for a wank…!” “I bet he didn’t!” he replied diplomatically. “Actually we ‘made out’ for a while,” she continued. “But we didn’t go TOO far: don’t want to be arrested in my local park…!” “No,” he agreed and returned her smile.She turned to Karen. “Anyway, where were we…? You don’t mind if we carry on where we left off?” she asked him, giving him a discrete wink.”No, not at all,” he told her easily.Leaning forward, Mandy kissed Karen on the lips, who responded, if a little more hesitantly than ‘usual’. Feeling a little awkward himself he watched them, relaxing back on his chair so as not to appear too ‘eager’.They were actually rather alike to look at, he considered as they kissed; other than the ‘new’ girl’s slighter figure and her more normal blonde hairstyle of course. He eyed her long, tanned legs: Mandy had told him the truth, and actually ‘really nice’ was a real understatement!Kissing her friend passionately, Mandy bayraklı escort slipped her fingers inside Karen’s ‘top’ and began to gently caress a breast. After a moment she eased it above them, affording him his first view of Karen’s large, tanned melons. She played with them both, tweaking the nipples while kissing her deeply, before moving her mouth down to encircle one. Karen’s eyes closed as Mandy sucked her, beginning to ignore his presence in her pleasure.Her hand began to caress Mandy’s thigh, pushing slightly inside her shorts then out, and rubbing her through the light material. Her finger ‘traced’ Mandy’s vagina, then she unbuttoned her shorts and slipped inside. Mandy groaned and in response she raised her top, and as Karen began to lick her nipples she eased herself on top of the girl, then slowly pulled her own shorts down.Leaving them above her knees Many bade Karen to pull her thong down: she did, Mandy’s bare bottom coming into view. Reaching behind, she spread to show him her freshly shaved holes and played with herself for both of their pleasures, one of her breasts now in Karen’s mouth. She began aiding Mandy with her fingers, who moved hers around to fumble with Karen’s button.She undone her friend’s shorts while Karen fingered Mandy’s clitoris, then easing her breast from Karen’s mouth she gently pushed her back flat on the bed and moved to kneel on the floor before her. She wriggled Karen’s shorts down, lifted them over her high-heeled shoes, her body preventing his view of her thong…then she slowly eased that down too.Perhaps intentionally, he was unable to see Karen’s vagina, but Mandy’s bare parts were still on display. Spreading Karen’s legs either side of her head, Mandy began to lick her friend, who groaned and once more shut her eyes. She began aiding Mandy with her fingers, her breasts exposed and her legs in the air, before eventually speaking for almost the first time. “You’re going to make me cum!” she warned. But Mandy ignored her, licking and delving her tongue frantically until with a cry, Karen reached orgasm.After savouring her juices Mandy eventually pulled herself away; Karen, a little hastily, pulling her thong back up her legs. He caught a brief glimpse of her vagina as she did so, not totally shaved like Mandy’s, but with the hair trimmed very short in a sort of ‘heart’ shape. She rearranged her top and sat back on the bed.Mandy stepped out of her shorts and thong. “Do you mind swapping?” she asked her friend. Karen shrugged and moved from the bed while Mandy grinned, “Your turn!” at him. A little uncomfortably he complied and stood up, Karen taking his chair as he sat on the bed. Her top still up above her breasts, Mandy knelt down on the floor before him. “I know what you need!” she smiled, undoing his trousers and moving position slightly for Karen’s ‘benefit’. Taking his throbbing cock straight in her mouth she licked and sucked him while Karen half-watched. He lay back on the bed and closed his eyes, and with obvious pleasure she blew him deeply, motioning at Karen to watch closely.Her friend moved slightly nearer, and gazed with some surprise as Mandy swallowed his penis to the back of her throat. Sitting right on the edge of her seat she began to caress Mandy’s bare bottom, her friend slurping away like a Trojan, until with a gasp he came in her mouth, unaware that Karen was watching him do so. Turning, Mandy ‘showed’ her the semen, then with every sign of enjoyment she swallowed.”I told you I love cum…!” she smiled at her friend.He put his penis back bayraklı escort bayan in his trousers and sat up on the bed. “It must be your turn now!” he told Mandy, looking from one girl to the other. “Which one of us do you…?”She grinned at them sexily. “I know what I’d like. I’d like BOTH of you to…”They both eyed Karen questioningly. “I won’t, you know…!” he told her earnestly.”Okay,” she replied easily. She looked at Mandy. “How shall we…how do you want us to…?”Without a hint of shame or embarrassment she lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. “Use your imaginations…” she grinned. John and Karen eyed each other uncertainly for a moment.”Why don’t you show him how a woman eats pussy!” Mandy suggested.As Karen knelt down on the floor Mandy beckoned to him. He moved to her and they began to kiss, as Karen’s tongue probed her vagina. After a time he moved to her breasts, licking and sucking and playing with them as he eyed Karen’s oral ‘technique’…”Swap over!” groaned Mandy, after a time.They complied, him licking her soaking vagina as Karen sucked at her nipples. “I want to suck yours too!” she told her, pulling at Karen to move behind her. He watched as she lifted her top to reveal her large breasts, before leaning forward above her friend.The girls sucked each others breasts as he licked and tongued Mandy’s pussy, her fingers moving down to help and hold herself open for him.”Finger me!” she breathed in Karen’s ear: she obliged, fingering Mandy’s clit as his tongue probed her vagina…”Lick me!” she groaned after a time. “Both of you lick me…!”After a second of hesitation, Karen leaned forward to Mandy’s vagina. Her tongue flicked down on the large, exposed clitoris, while he in turn moved down to her anus, smiling up at Karen reassuringly. Their faces but inches apart, they licked and tongued furiously, Mandy’s probing Karen’s thong in her lust.She suddenly cried, “I’m going to cum!”, and their tongues briefly met as they automatically moved to taste her juices. They lapped them up as she shuddered with pleasure, holding their heads to prolong the experience…Sitting upright, Mandy pulled them both to her and french-kissed them one after the other. “That was so great!” she told them gratefully, an arm drooped over each of their shoulders. They all grinned at each other, the awkwardness receding. “Would you mind if I had another drink?” Karen asked after a moment.”It’s thirsty work!” she added, venturing a smile.He returned it. “Of course not…” He stood up. “Mandy?” She nodded, then whispered something in her friends ear. “Okay…” Karen said quietly.Mandy stood up too. “We’re going to change,” she told him, easing him to the door. ‘Don’t come back in ’til I call you…” With a smile she shut it behind him.”Okay, you can come in now…!”Holding their drinks he pushed the door open with his foot…and then stopped dead in his tracks. They stood before him, hand in hand, Mandy her usual ‘brazen’ self and even Karen appearing less awkward or shy. “Fucking Hell!” he couldn’t help exclaiming.Mandy grinned with pleasure at his reaction. “What do you think?”He didn’t quite know WHAT to say! Karen was wearing the ‘Nurse’s’ costume he’d recently bought, her high-heels and the tiny skirt making her long, slim legs appear even LONGER, and her hair now tied back in a ‘pony-tail’. Mandy remained ‘bottomless’, but had donned thigh-high leather boots and her small leather jacket, only zipped halfway up.Nodding at him to sit down on the chair, Mandy pulled Karen on to the bed. She climbed escort bayraklı atop her friend, kissing her as Karen reached behind her and began to caress her bare bottom. Mandy eased down the zip of her jacket, her breasts falling free, while Karen wriggled her top up. Their bare breasts met, squeezed together as they kissed, Karen’s fingers starting to probe her friend.Slowly Mandy’s tongue trailed down Karen’s body, licking then sucking her large, perfect breasts. She began making circles on the flat stomach, before raising her skirt up and easing the thong down Karen’s seemingly ‘endless’ legs. She gently widened them, affording him his first ‘proper’ glimpse of the new girl’s vagina, before moving down to lick and tongue her…”Come here!” groaned Karen, after a time.Mandy moved herself round and into the ‘sixty nine’ position, sitting down on Karen’s face and spreading her open for his eager eyes. They began to lick and tongue each other as he shifted position for a favourable view, Mandy’s tongue delving deep and occasionally giving him a cheeky, sexy smile…”Open the bag!” she suddenly muttered, motioning at it with her head.Standing, he picked it up and held it open for her. She extracted a dildo and a set of white ‘Love Balls’, then passed the latter back to her friend. She eased the dildo in Karen’s vagina and fucked her with it as he looked on lustfully.Karen groaned with pleasure and inserted the first ‘ball’ in Mandy’s moist bottom, while he moved his seat for a view of this too. Slowly she pushed one in after another, Mandy moaning in pleasure and sheer expectation. As she ‘fucked’ Karen she added her tongue, only stopping when her friend began pulling the ‘string’.The first ball slowly appeared from her anus, Mandy shivering with delight and beckoning him to her. Feverishly she freed his rock-solid penis, plopping it straight in her eager mouth and sucking him deeply as the second ball popped out of her. Reaching behind she fingered her clitoris before eventually gasping, “I’m going to cum!” as the fifth ball began to appear.Karen pulled even more slowly, and Mandy’s whole body shook as she orgasmed violently, fucking her and sucking him BOTH to the hilt in her frenzy. Removing her mouth she fell forward, exhausted, but immediately continued where she’d left off, licking Karen’s clitoris and fucking her deep with the dildo.He was about to return to his chair but her head suddenly lifted from Karen’s vagina. Still fucking her fiercely she sucked him again, then licked at her friend before sucking once more. She continued like this, moving between them, until Karen reached a magnificent orgasm; Mandy licking her clitoris and fucking her frantically to try and prolong it for her…She lapped at her juices and sucked at the dildo, and he began to move back to his seat but was told, “I want you to fuck me now!”He eyed her with surprise while thinking, “My God, she’s bloody insatiable!” His eyes met Karen’s, who raised hers at him as though reading his thoughts and agreeing with him. Lifting herself up off of her friend, Mandy moved around to kneel with her back to him while Karen sat up and ‘rearranged’ herself. He entered her pussy, holding her hips and fucking her deeply as Karen looked on expressionlessly. Before he could climax she pulled herself from him, turning around to take him in her mouth again. She sucked at him fiercely until he suddenly gasped, “I’m going to cum…I’m going to cum!”She moved her head back just a little, then wanked his semen all over her face. After sucking the residue from his penis she allowed him to fall back on to the chair, then half-turned to face her friend once again. She scooped up the fluid from her features, sucking it from her fingers and grinning at them both as though mightily pleased with herself…

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