Merry and the Guards

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Merry and the GuardsOne of my first jobs was a teacher. As such I had the summers mostly off, except for teaching summer sch00l. The apartment complex I lived in had a pool which I had basically to myself during the hot summer days. Once Summer sch00l started I was done at noon and I would go after stopping at my apartment and getting changed. Merry was a fuck buddy female friend that looked great in a bikini and she would come with me. When I was by myself the guards basically would be pleasant but really not want to talk to me, but once I started going with Merry they would chat with her and come by our chairs and chat. Lisa was one that spent a lot of time with us. She would stop by and sit on the end of one of our chaises and chat, talk about college up coming and other stuff. One day I got the sense that Lisa wanted to talk to Merry about other stuff, so I excused myself and did some laps. When we got back to my apartment Merry jumped me and we had a vigorous fuck session. I asked her what had her all worked up jokingly, and she explained that it was the talk she had with Lisa. Lisa had told her what a cute couple we were and that she really wished that she had someone like me that who could hang with. Merry took the opportunity to explain our “friends with benefits” status. Lisa was intrigued and surprised. Merry explained that she got amazing sex but didn’t have to worry about the typical relationship stuff. She also told Lisa that it was perfect for college that you get the release you need but still can concentrate on your studies. They chatted some more and Lisa asked some Merry some sex questions and Merry said it will be much better to show her than just tell her. This got me intrigued. Two days later it was miserable and rainy güvenilir bahis şirketleri but Merry insisted on coming over. When I asked her why she told me that Lisa wanted to come over and have a “private lesson”. We got to my apartment and Merry called Lisa and within minutes there was a knock at my door. Merry let her in and they went into the bedroom. It was quiet for a while with occasional laughter and i was really curious on what was going on in there. After about an hour Merry comes out and says, “Ok time for the real thing, we need you in here.” I go in and Lisa is on the bed surrounded by a bunch of sex toys, and sucking on one. Merry said “I have been teaching Lisa how to suck cock using these dildos, but there is no replacement for the real thing to get the feedback and directions.” “So you need to lose the shorts.”I looked at Merry and Lisa and said “You need to at least lose the tops.” Merry simply shrugged and took off her cami that she was wearing. Lisa looked a bit tentative, but Merry told her to loosen up and go for it, so she took off her t-shirt and bra. Lisa was a tall blonde. She had the typical swimmers build, muscular shoulders and arms, flat belly. Her long blonde hair was in a pony tail. I took off my shorts and laid down on my bed. My cock was semi-erect already. Merry had Lisa wrap her hand around it and told her to get me the rest of the way hard. Lisa had some trouble with the width of my cock, but Merry gave her some pointers and she was able to get a rhythm going. I was soon getting close to cumming, and I looked at Merry and gave her a warning. She had Lisa slow down and she explained the different approaches to handle a guys cum. “You can take it into you mouth, but if you do that you tipobet güvenilir mi really need to swallow because spitters are looked at as not being able to finish the job. Or you can alway jack them off on to you tits, or body, guys think that is hot too. Lisa looked at me and asked me what I liked best. I told her that I really didn’t care either way and that she should do what she wants. She took me back into her mouth and worked on making me cum. Merry told her the signs to look for and right as I was starting blast she took her mouth off and jacked me off onto her tits and face. It was hot, and she really seemed to like it, when she was done she leaned back and smiled and said “Well?” I just gave her a high five and Merry leaned over and kissed her. She then scooped up some of the cum on Lisa’s tits and kissed her again. Lisa got her first taste of my cum and liked it. Merry cleaned her off well. and by the time she was done their hands were all over each other. Merry gently pulled off Lisa’s shorts and exposed her sweet pink pussy. Her blonde pubes were very thing and slightly trimmed. Merry spread her legs and gently began to lick Lisa’s pussy. She soon worked a couple of fingers into Lisa’s tight pussy and was sucking on her clit. Lisa was in heaven holding onto Merry’s head and not letting it go. Merry soon had her cumming repeatedly. I got very hard watching this, so I got behind Merry and pulled her shorts down. I entered her and she was extremely wet and excited. I fucked her hard, but I resisted the urge to shoot again hoping that Lisa would want to try my dick. Merry came hard and I withdrew. My cock was coated with her juices and I feed it to Lisa. I asked Lisa if she liked the fast of Merry and tipobet giriş she nodded, and I told her that she should get it right from the source. She got between Merry’s legs and began to eat her pussy. Merry gave her directions and suggestions and soon was cumming. I used the opportunity to get behind Lisa and play with her tight hot pussy. Her thin blonde pubic hair really turned me on, and when I entered her she was so tight. I took my time and worked in slow. When I was halfway in she stopped eating Merry’s pussy and just laid her head on Merry’s belly. I slowly worked all the way in and was moving in and out very slowly. I took cues from her and let her set the speed by the movement of her hips back into me. She came twice and I had to work very hard to not loose it.I wanted to see her face as I made her cum, so I got onto my back and she mounted me cowgirl. Merry explained how she should move her clit onto my pubes and so she could control her own stimulation. Lisa was so tight, and when she came the contractions were almost painful for me. Finally I felt myself getting close to the point of no return. Lisa pulled my cock out and jacked me off onto her belly and chest. It was amazing sex, and we all dozed a bit had dinner and then Lisa left. We saw her at the pool a couple of days later and she thanked us for an amazing experience. When she went back to the table where the guards sat while not watching the pool and I saw her talking to the other female guard, Mandy. She motioned our way a couple of times and pointed at us once or twice. I was thinking I knew what they were talking about but confirmation came about two hours later when most people had left when Lisa and Mandy came over. Lisa introduced us and told us that Mandy wanted the same as she got the other day. Merry smiled and asked if Lisa would want to be there too. Lisa smiled and said “Yes, please.” I excused myself and decided that I was going to need some rest. I will post what happened next if there is enough interest. Comment and let me know.

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