Mistis’ Adventures Part 115

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 115The next morning the day started pretty much as usual in the Kelly home. Doris was up at her usual time of 4:30 to start breakfast, but, this time, Annie was pretty much on her heals. Doris looked around, trying to decide which to do first. Make the coffee, or start the biscuits. Annie stepped up beside her, and kissed her Mom on the cheek. “Mornin’, Mommy. You have fun last night?’ she asked with a giggle. She had heard her Mom cry out several times, in spite of her being occupied with her own thoughts. “Yeah, Sweetie. I had a VERY good night. That Bruce is a wonder in the sack. He made me whimper, yodel, and bay at the moon. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!” Both women had a good laugh at Doris’s description of the last night. “Okay then, Mom. You make the coffee, and I’ll make the biscuits. It’s less taxin’ on ya.” Doris kissed her again. Annie took the flour out and put it on the breadboard, adding the other ingredients as she had a thousand times, before. Doris poured what was left of the coffee from last night, nearly a full pot, into the thermos that Pete carried to the barn in the mornings, and put the rest into cups for the men, who would soon be down.The heard their steps on the stairs as they descended. Pete and Cathy were the first to join them, closely followed by Rick, Billy, and Bruce. Pete had his arm around Cathy’s waist, and was holding one cheek of her soft ass in his hand. He had a self-satisfied smirk on his face. “Mama. This little girl reminds me o’ how you used to fuck when we first got married. Wonder if she’ll still be just as hot as you when she gets to be our age?” Cathy blushed at his remark. “As much as I enjoy getting laid, I can’t see how I could change. I just hope that my pussy will still be as tight as everyone says yours is. All the guys tell me that your pussy is still just as tight as any teenage girl, and just as good, or even maybe even better. YOU know HOW to fuck from EXPERIENCE!!!” Doris smiled and kissed her. “Honey. I’ll teach ya a few thing to keep yourself nice and tight one o’ these times. They’re easy, and fast, things you can do.”Billy and Bruce had stepped up to get a cup of the coffee she had put in the cups. Both kissed Doris, and then Cathy, and finally Annie. “Mom.” Billy started. “If you make her pussy any better, or teach HER how to make it better, I’ll NEVER get any work done, and SHE’LL lose her job. I’m pretty sure the Administrators would frown on me following’ her around the hospital with a hard dick hangin’ out in front o’ everybody. It’d make some people embarrassed, and others jealous, or horney. That’d be bad for business.” They ALL broke out in laughter at his mock plea.Annie looked over at the men. “What about ME? she asked. “How do I rate in this stuff?” Rick and Billy both shook their heads at the question. “You don’t have a THING to worry about, Beautiful.” Rick told her. “Your snatch is a red-hot snapper from way back. You can fuck as good or better than 9 out of 10 girls, and they go to bed crying at night ’cause they ain’t as sweet, or good-looking as you are. We know VERY few girls that come close to being as good in bed, or out, as you are. And most of them are in the room right now. There’s a few around, but they’re all still in town, or at home, right now.” Pete leaned over to kiss her. “Give it time, Hon. You’re comin’ along jes like your Mom did. I hate to think o’ what’ll happen ta some young man’s heart, once he gets ‘is dick in ya. He’ll be a gone goose, for sure, when he gets a taste of yore cooking, too. You’ll have a time cookin’ fer ‘im, while ‘es holdin’ yer tits an’ humpin’ your cunt. I’m just surprised that Jeff could get, and KEEP, a job, with you and Patti in the same house. He must be a lot more man than most I ever heard of to do it. ENOUGH O’ THIS TALK. We ALL better shut up, or I’ll be draggin one o’ ya up th’ stairs for a quickie, instead o’ goin’ ta milk th’ cows. C’mon, Guys. Let’s get it!’They women were still laughing as the men went out the doors. Robbi and Sue made their way down the stairs in a few more minutes. Robbi had stepped in to help Sue clean herself up from her last nights fun. She had taken an extra effort with her own clean-up, too. Billy had been extra amorous last night. with her. He had given her a VERY special night. Both girls were glowing like a pair of florescent lights. They had also groomed themselves in special ways to reflect their feelings. Robbi had, for the first time in anyone’s memory, trimmed the hair on her pussy. She had followed Carol’s example, and shaped it into a heart. She had taken scissors and had shortened the length a bit, too. Some how, though, her red hair didn’t show as good as the black hair on Carol’s pussy. Both had the milky white skin of their bellies for a backdrop, so that part was nice, but the black hair was a greater contrast on Carol. Kind of like a white, or Asian girl getting fucked by a black dick. Contrast was EVERYTHING!Thinking of the stories she had heard from the others, it would have been interesting to have been there on that first meeting, when Mike and Misti had had their pool installed. Watching Joe fuck ALL the women that day. Especially watching him fuck Misti first, and a little while later, watching him fuck CAROL. They said his dick had been ENORMOUS. Watching it slide inside those two tiny women would have been something else. They had said there was another guy with him, but his dick hadn’t been quite as long, but, it HAD been THICKER. They had said his was the thickest dick ANY of them had ever been fucked with. THAT would have been NICE!!! She was STILL wondering what had made her go bat-shit crazy over Royce. She spent much time trying to pin it down, and had finally decided not to try and figure it out, but to just go with it, and enjoy the warm feeling of being in love. Bruce had the longest, AND the thickest dick she had ever had. He was good, but there hadn’t been anything except the abnormally good lay he had given her. Royce had beaten him by a MILE!The two girls set to helping Doris and Annie cook for breakfast. Cathy zonguldak escort had already peeled the potatoes, and eaten a bowl of oatmeal and was getting ready to leave for work. She went around kissing and hugging the others, and went out the door, honking her horn in farewell to the men in the barn. Robbi set to fixing a bowl of blueberry pancake batter, and Sue was chopping onions and garlic for the hash brown potatoes. The guys were going to come in to a FEAST this morning. They would know, beyond doubt, that their efforts last night, had been appreciated.Shortly, Annie went down to the cellar to get something out for lunch and supper that night, and Robbi went with her. While they were down in private, Annie asked Robbi how SHE thought Bruce would react to her coming on to HIM, and if it would bother Robbi if she did. Robbi had kissed her, and thanked her for considering HER feelings, and assured her that Bruce would, probably react the same as he would for ANY beautiful woman to show interest in him, and that it wouldn’t bother HER in the least. She was hoping hat Royce would display the same feelings for her, in person, as he had on the phone the other night. Annie laughed and told her, “If he don’t, I’m gonna give ‘im a rap on the skull to put some sense in ‘is head. He’d have ta be a double-dyed fool not to see what’s in front o’ ‘im. I’m thinkin’ th’ two o’ ya got the REAL McCOY right in yer faces. If it ain’t, then I’M th double-dyed fool.” They found a nice standing rib roast, and some ribs to broil for lunch, and took some veggies up to go with both of them. New potatoes and cut carrots, along with the poke salad that William had given them the other day, and potatoes to cut for french fries to go with the ribs, and some green beans. They thought for a second and took a jar of baby lima beans to go with the supper meal. They also took a large chunk of salted pork to use for the seasoning in the beans. That would make them just that much better.They went up the stairs just in time to see the men coming in from the barn, a bucket of milk in hand. “You guys go wash up,” Doris called to them. “Breakfast is almost ready for ya.” Bruce, who was carrying the bucket of milk, handed it to Annie, and received a hot, smoldering kiss in return. “Just a little preview of what’s to come, Babe. The main attraction and matinee will come later.” Bruce stood, dumbfounded, but delighted, at the reception. “I’ll take ya to get yer pickup in a little bit. I need ta see Jerry, my own self. We can go in my car. There’s somethin’ we need ta talk about, on the way.” All Bruce could do was nod back at her. He was in shock. The men came back from washing up, and saw a table full of delicious food waiting for them. Eggs, over easy, sausage, bacon, a huge platter of some of the best smelling hash brown potatoes they had seen in a while, blueberry pancakes, fresh home-made butter, ice- cold milk, straight from the cow, and coffee that was strong enough to float a mule shoe. If it was wanted, there was ice tea in the fridge. For the pancakes there was honey, white syrup, maple syrup, molasses, and an assortment of jams and jellies. There was even a jar of fresh canned peaches in their own syrup/juice. Pete looked at the food in front of them. “See what I told you guys. Take care o’ th’ ladies, an’ they’ll take care o’ YOU. It works ever’ time.” They all kissed him for the sentiment.They sat down and Pete, as always, said Grace, and they all jumped in, stuffing themselves as if it was to be their last meal. This too made the women happy. It was the best way any of them knew for THEIR men to show that they appreciated the way THEY were treated, and their culinary skills. They were all, at heart, country girls, and nothing pleased them more, than somebody eating, and obviously enjoying, their cooking. When the meal was finished, Pete announced that he was going to go have a talk with Bennie, and wanted the men to go with him. Bruce told him that he was going to go get his pickup, that was ready, and him and Annie were going in to look at some stuff SHE wanted to look at. The women smirked, and told Annie she had best make sure it was clean for him. They knew what she was going to show Bruce, and knew that both of them would enjoy the “looking.” It was the first time in a VERY long time anyone had seen Annie blush. It was most becoming to her.Doris told Sue to go on up and change clothes, or at least to put some on, and her and Robbi would take her to see Doc. Fox, so he could, HOPEFULLY, take the casts from her arm and leg. She went up the stairs in her best “Chester Goode” hop to get dressed. She walked with a stiff leg every time she saw an episode of the old “Gunsmoke” series with him in it. She had had the BIGGEST crush on Dennis Weaver, when she was little, and it hadn’t diminished even a little bit through the years. She had seen every movie and TV show with him in it that had ever been made. She liked the old “McCloud” series as much as she had liked him in “Gunsmoke.”Doris went up, and decided to put on a pair of brown slacks, and a short-sleeve sweater, and Robbi had slipped on a pair of short shorts, and a tank top. Neither put on panties or a bra. Sue had dressed much as Robbi had. She was wearing short shorts, and a T-Shirt, with nothing underneath. The three ladies were ALL breathtaking. They all climbed into Doris’s SUV and were on their way.They went to the hospital, to meet with Doc. Fox. He removed the casts, took X-rays, and pronounced she was ready to be rid of them. She had been so happy that she had kissed him on his lips. He had accepted her kiss, but had told her that it was to be a once-in- a lifetime kiss. He wasn’t in the habit of hissing his patients like that. Mama just wouldn’t understand. She agreed and promised that from then on, it would be just a peck on the cheek, or a kiss like a father, or brother would give. He, apparently, didn’t know, or wish to divulge, that he knew about their family situation. Doris wrote a check to pay for this latest treatment, and cleared the rest of the bill escort zonguldak with the hospital, and they went up the stairs to see Cathy. She was at the Nurse’s Station filling some paperwork out. John was mopping the floor behind her. A bottle had been dropped and he was cleaning it up for the maintenance crew. They had just waxed and polished the floors in the whole hospital. They had started at 9:00 last night, and had finished at around 8 this morning, and had just left for home.Cathy gave Sue a little teasing about her legs looking like a court jester, with one being pale, and the other brown from the sun. Sue agreed and invited her to go skinny dipping with her that evening, to “freshen” her tan. Cathy told her that she would be glad to. The water was nice and warm, now. Just right for skinny-dipping. Robbi chimed in that she knew some guys that would be glad to go, and make sure of their “safety.” Doris assured them that there was one more to go with them, and offered to call Lannie. She always enjoyed going with the k**s when they went. The girls all jumped at the chance to get to know her better. Sue, Annie, and Doris were the only ones to know her well. Sue assured Cathy that she was one of the “funnest” girls they knew. Just like Bennie was one of the “funnest “guys. Doris called her and told her that they would be out at around 7:30 that evening. The sun didn’t set until nearly 9:30. They would have plenty of time. Immediately they called Annie to let her know of the plans they had made. She had spoke with Bruce, and he was all in for it as well. Bruce suggested that instead of the supper they had planned, he would stop and get a load of burgers, fries, and drinks for everyone. They could make it a picnic. Doris liked that idea and it was set. She called Pete who told the other 4 men, who liked the idea as well. Calls went out to both the Breen houses, both the Campbell houses, the Kerrs, the Tinsleys, and the Hinkles. A party was on. CLOTHING OPTIONAL!!! All the women loved to show off their physiques in front of the men. It was a fun night in the offing. They figured up how many people they expected, and went to the drive in that was known as “The Burger Barn, ” and placed the order. Sue called Bruce and told him where they were, and that they were there right now getting the food. The owner was another old friend of the family. His son had played football with Milt, and his daughter had been friends with Patti and Annie. They were away at a school in the East. It taught the kind of stuff that he approved of, instead of trying to brainwash the k**s into these silly things most colleges taught these days. He had retired from the Army at the rank of E-9, Sergeant Major. He had been in the Korean and the Vietnam Wars, and was one of the highest decorated people in the Army when he retired. The only medal he had NOT received was the Congressional Medal of Honor. His best friend had received it. Posthumously.They sat and visited while the burgers and fries were cooking. His wife had passed away 2 years ago, and he had wrapped himself in this drive-in/ cafe. He loved having the k**s around town stop in and talk when he had the chance, and the parents knew he didn’t put up with any monkey-business. The gang bangers were shooed away, and if they raised a fuss, the police knew him to be one of the best people to be friends with, and would be there in an instant, if they ere needed. As well as the County Deputies. It was a common sight to see units pulled up, their occupants talking and sipping the cokes, malts, or coffee he provided to them. They knew he would feed any and all of them, as well. He made no secret that if there were rough times, he was more than ready to lend a hand, or anything else they might need. They repaid him with their friendship, their loyalty, and their love. He was simply known as Smaj (smadge) Jake to one and all. He had been born and raised in a small community just a little east of here, and had served most of his stateside time in the post here. The only things he enjoyed as much as being here, were fishing and hunting. All of the lands for miles in any direction were held open for him, at any time.They carried out their order, helped by several of the teens there, who hugged and kissed Doris and Sue, and were introduced to Robbi, who hugged and kissed all of them, and took their leave. It was now going on to 5:00 in the evening. They went straight out to the pond to get things ready after stopping to pick up several cases of assorted soft drinks, and the ice to cool them with. They went by the house long enough to get towels, paper plates, and napkins. They also, just in case, took cups, coffee, and a gallon each of ice tea, and Kool-Ade. They took a couple of old bed sheets to use for table cloths. Sue offered to fill her pickup with chairs, but Doris told her they would have plenty already there, and most would be sitting in the clover, or swimming, The menfolk started trickling in in a few minutes of the ladies arrival, and helped put the things out. Doris had pulled as close to the pavilion as she could. It still took them a bit to get everything unloaded. There were ten sacks of burgers, plain and cheese, 8 sacks of fries, three coolers full of soft drinks, and another LARGE sack of condiments. Sue had remarked that Uncle Jake, as she called him, knew what made a good meal,and had put in two whole boxes of catsup packets, and another of salad dressing, and, yet, another of mustard, along with two boxes of relish packets He had also included two whole dispensers of napkins, and a box of wet-wipes to clean their fingers. The last to arrive had been Cathy. There had been a lady come in to give birth at 6:15 this evening. She was a Mexican lady, and had had twins. They had been numbers 7 and 8 for her. Her husband was a mechanic, and was just as excited over them as he was all the others. He had been a citizen for 4 years now, and was know as one of the best mechanics to be found. His family was as close as any you could ever find, and all attended the Catholic Church zonguldak escort bayan over on Heroes Blvd. It was an old church, but the name of the street had been renamed six years ago. One of the town’s boys had died in the Middle East. It had been a toss-up as to whether to name the street for him, or, just in case, someone else in the town lost their life for their country. Hoping it would never come to pass.Lannie and Bennie arrived just before Cathy had. He had been taking a report from a lady that had lost her pet cat. The cat was extraordinarily large. It was a Persian, and weighed in at 24 pounds. That was why she had been so sure that she hadn’t run away. The cat had loved, at night, to go out in the back yard and lay on a chaise. The lady had had a ramp made so the cat could get up ON the chaise. She was too fat to climb, or jump, that high. The fact that the cat was almost 17 years old had been another factor, and that she was pure white, and couldn’t hide, even if she wanted to, were more reasons to make her believe somebody, or some THING, had taken her. Bennie had promised her that they would do their best to find the missing feline. The cat had been the third pet to go missing in the last week. There had also been two reports of chickens taken from their pens. Bennie was wanting to speak to the assembled men about it. Something HAD to be done.Within seconds of their arrivals, ALL the ladies had stripped naked. Lannie had been a little hesitant, now that she was showing her “baby bump,” but had been convinced, easily, that it wasn’t anything to hide, but, instead, was something to be proud of. She had seen, for the first time, Dr. Immelmann, and was anxious to relate her meeting with him. The other ladies had told her of the way he had taken care of THEM, and she had been surprised that the meeting, AND the examination, had been so pleasant, AND fun. She, like Sharon, had requested that he make her examination WITHOUT gloves. She had marveled at his touch, and was, soon after, as hot as she almost had EVER been. He had been so gentle, and so THOROUGH. He had left NOTHING untouched. He had told her that she was carrying a son. He had also surmised that she would deliver in less than 3 months. Dr. Fox, her previous physician, had referred her to Dr. Immelmann in preparation for his retirement. He was retiring at the end of this month. His staff had taken all his prenatal patients records and sent them to Dr. Immelmann’s office. He now had almost a hundred women coming to him. He had agreed to take family practice patients, but only if they were related directly to one of his prenatal patients. He had written to several schools about the dearth of Family Practice Physicians in this town, which was surprising, because of its size, and encouraged them to have some of the graduates consider moving to the area. He had gone to great lengths to describe the surrounding community, and the friendly people, facilities available, and, for future reference, schools, to them.They had had a grand time, eating, playing in the water, and visiting, and had lost track of the time. The lights, luckily, and the electricity had been on for a few days. The lights installed were dusk to dawn lights, and came on automatically. They had only been on for a little while, and a shriek filled the air. It almost sounded like a woman screaming. Bennie had been the first to react. He had gone to his vehicle, and pulled out the rifle that Lannie had purchased for him. He quickly checked to make sure it was loaded, and rejoined the others. Doris was the first to ask, “WHAT the Hell was THAT?” Liz, Clara, and Betty looked at each other. “Don’t tell me…” Liz started. David put his hand on her shoulder. “Fraid so, Sweetie. They got ’em HERE, too.” Clara looked up at James. “I hoped we wouldn’t be bothered here. I guess we can fergit lettin’ Sam an’ Leo play in th’ yard after the sun goes down, from now on. Tain’t gonna be safe fer ’em no more.” Betty scooted over closer to Tod. “Honey. Was that what y’all were chasin’ at home, that time?” Tod silently nodded that it was. Things were now at a critical point. SOMETHING WOULD HAVE TO BE DONE.”Sue had reached into her purse and retrieved the small recorder that Bennie had loaned her that night in the hospital. She handed it to him telling him thanks. “I got a couple o’ ’em the last time I was at the stores. I downloaded that’n to my hard drive. It sounded beautiful. Clearest recording I EVER heard.” She had an identical recorder in her hand. She looked over at her Dad. “I know what y’all been up to. Ya thought I didn’t know, but I did. I can get around good, now, so ya kin ferget about leavin me behind. They quickly cleaned everything and headed up to the house. Bruce brought his computer into the dining room and everyone sat to watch what he had. They were all amazed at the screen saver of the one his Grand mother had painted. He described him in full for them. “She tells me he is about 9 feet tall, almost 10, and around 4 and a half feet across the shoulders, and probably 2 feet from his chest to his back. His arms are almost a foot past his knees when he’s standing, and he weighs about, she figures, 11 or 12 hundred pounds. She watched him twist a pine tree that was 8 inches thick in two with his bare hands. He ran next to her in her car one time, and she was going 45 miles per hour. There’s 7 more in his family. 2 adult females, a juvie female, a juvie male, and 3 babies that still nurse. HE’S been around most of the time for at least 28 years. She said he and her have an understanding. He don’t bother us, and we don’t bother them. She told me more stuff, but she would have to tell YOU. SHE’S the one that knows. She’ll be here in a few days. I called her last week for us. Her and Gramps are gonna come for a while. Don’t worry about hurting her feelings or offending her. Her skin is like cured leather. She don’t like clothes, either. Gramps calls her “the old squaw,” and she calls him “the old warhorse.” Both are in their 80’s, and I’ll bet they cab do anything a person 40 years younger can do. She knows about the boogers, as she calls ’em, and he’s the best tracker you’ll ever find. If anybody can find ’em, THEY will.” He showed them several more pictures of the family group. and they made plans. Sue pondered which gun to carry on their quest.

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