Mistis’ Adventures Part 117

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 117The next morning the four of them awakened at nearly the same time. First were Royce and Annie, pretty much as usual, because it was, to them, like any other morning. In spite of being in school for the last 3 years, rising early had been ingrained into both. There had always been chores to be done, regardless of the time or circumstances. Royce had to help his Dad with the milking, and Annie had helped with fixing breakfast. Royce had enjoyed spending time with his Dad and brother while doing the many things necessary things. He had kept the feed bins full, and Milt and their Dad took care of hooking and unhooking the milking machines. Dad had taught him how much of the feed and sugar to put in each trough, and to look for signs like any of the cows NOT eating her feed. If a cow didn’t eat the special treat they were given during the milking, it was a sign that the cow wasn’t feeling right, and to check them to see if anything was wrong.Annie had learned from an early age, she had been 6 years old, how to make scratch biscuits, pancakes, and waffles. Mom had taught her to safely peel potatoes, WITHOUT cutting a finger, and chop vegetables as was needed. She had first had to learn how to hold a knife, and how to do what was needed SAFELY. For small hands, this had, at times, proven to be more difficult than it looked like. Things like handing the knife ALWAYS holding out the handle to the other person, AND NEVER holding the cutting edge.They had risen from their slumber, and first kissed their partners on their cheeks, then had kissed each other. They went in and took their showers together, as they had for most of their lives, and dried each other off. They kissed and hugged each other as they both enjoyed, and dressed for the day. They discovered that Bruce and Robbi had awakened while they were in the shower. Bruce, like any red-blooded, young man, had stirred at the sight of Robbi laying naked next to him. Her eyes were open, and she was smiling at his morning wood rising at the sight of her. She vastly enjoyed the effect she had on almost every man that saw her naked body. Never one to hold out the “bait,” only to shy away at the last moment, she had rolled over and started sucking his cock. In return, he had pulled her over on top of him and was eating at the “Y”. Both were groaning with pleasure. Royce and Annie watched as they sorted their clothes out from the pile they had made last night, in their haste to “get naked” and start screwing. Annie had less to look for as she had had only shorts and a tank top to find. She like the other Kelly women, seldom wore panties or bras. Mom wore a bra more than the girls, trying to decrease the sag she knew was sure to come sooner or later. She, after all, was 44 years old. Sagging boobs and butts came easily at that age. She looked herself over in the mirror each morning, looking for the tell-tale signs, and dreading their onset.While they went through the pile of garments, they watched Bruce and Robbi excite each other. Robbi, as usual, made Bruce cum in her mouth before relinquishing her hold on him. He had made her cum at least a half dozen times, before he rolled her onto her back and mounted her. As Royce and Annie pulled their clothes on, Robbi had gasped and whimpered, as Bruce had filled her pussy with a heroic load of cum. Annie looked over at her brother and cocked her head. He had shaken his head, and simply said, “We’ll knock off a piece in a little bit. It’ll be more fun if we think about it for a little while first.” Annie had giggled at the anticipation she was already feeling, and kissed him.They went down the stairs to the kitchen, where Cathy was starting breakfast. She had made the coffee, and was putting the ingredients out for biscuits. She was naked, too. Both Annie and Royce stood admiring Cathy’s naked body. She was a picture of feminine beauty, and grace. Tall, and lithe of build, graceful in her smallest motion, and as sweet of a nature as anybody they yalova escort knew. Cathy felt their eyes on her and turned to smile at them. “Mornin’ you two. How are ya, this mornin’?” Both came over and kissed her in answer. “Fine as frog hair.” Royce answered. “Aren’t we beautiful, this morning?” Cathy giggled at his reply. “Billy’s gone down to the barn. Haven’t heard the tractor start, yet, so he must still be there.” Royce poured a cup of coffee and went out the door, after kissing both of them. Annie looked to see what needed doing and stepped over to finish making the biscuits. She added a couple of large spoonfuls of butter to the mixture. Cathy leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “WELL! How’d it go last night?” Annie gave her a run down on the things they had talked about, and how all had been shared around. Cathy’s first concern was her first question. “What did Bruce say when he saw you and Royce fucking?” Annie smiled at the remembrance. “It LOOKED like he was enjoying watching us. Robbi got on her knees and gave it to ‘im doggy style, so he could see everything we did, while he was putting the meat to HER. He got quiet every time I came and grinned like a possum eatin’ sour g****s ever’ time I got a nut. Did ya’ know yer shower was big enough for four?” Cathy giggled at her “news.” “I guess we’ll find out when him an’ Robbi come down. They were fuckin while Royce and I were dressing” They heard steps on the stairs, and looked up to see Gail coming down. “They’re takin’ their time, it looks like. They’re still fuckin’.” Gail reported. “He’s got ‘er pinned down, an’ layin’ the pipe to ‘er. Gotta give credit where it’s due. If I were a man, I’d NEVER turn down the chance ta fuck ‘er. She’s as sexy an’ beautiful as any I’ve ever seen. From all I’ve heard, she’s a hell of a good lay, too.” Cathy giggled, again. “Wait’ll she puts a lip lock on yer twat! She has the best tongue in her mouth you’ve EVER felt. She loves eatin’ another girl, too.” All got another laugh at Cathy’s observation.They went to finishing breakfast. Gail made sausage gravy, Cathy made her cinnamon pancakes, and Annie made hash brown potatoes. A few minutes later, Robbi came down the stairs, still naked as usual, followed by Bruce and Abe, admiring the way her butt swayed as she walked in front of them. “Sorry I’m late, girls. I was occupied for some important business. MONKEY business, that is. Bruce was delivering a VERY nice message.” She looked over at Annie. “Don’t know what magic ya got ‘tween your thighs, but it worked. Bruce told me something a minute ago.”Bruce smiled at the assembled ladies, and said, “Wait’ll Royce an’ Billy git here. I got somethin’ up my sleeve ‘cept a not so hairy arm. He and Abe were the only ones wearing clothes. As if on cue, the door opened and Royce and Billy came in. Both had left their boots outside the door. Billy looked at them. “We had company last night. Bunch o’ limbs tore off the trees down at the pond, last night. Found a marker close to the fence. Some posts made into an X just on the other side. We took it down, an’ got screamed at. Now on, we carry guns when we go swimmin’.”They sat down to eat breakfast, but, Bruce, after seating Annie, stood silently, waiting for the attention of the others. They grew silent and he kneeled next to her, taking her hands in his. “Anna Maria Kelley. I have, in the short time we’ve come to know each other, discovered that my life has been empty, up until now. I have fallen in love with you, and wish to ask you to share my life and my fortunes. Will you consent to marry me, and be my wife for all eternity?” Annie, although she had all but been told by Robbi, a minute ago, acted as if she had been goosed by a cattle prod. She sat there, tears running down her cheeks, her lips quivering with pent up emotion. Finally she nodded and her voice caught as she tried to speak. Finally she found her voice. “YES!!! YES!!! YES, MY DARLING!!! I WILL MARRY YOU!!! I’VE DREAMED OF THIS, ALMOST FROM THE escort yalova FIRST TIME i SAW YOU. My gut told me that you were the one I was looking for, but, I was afraid you were in love with Robbi, so I didn’t say anything.”There was the sound of another chair being pushed back. This time it was Royce, who went over and kneeled in front of Robbi. He took HER hands, and looked up at her. I don’t have the flowery words to tell you how much I love you. Just know that I love, and worship, the air that you breathe, and the ground you walk on. I will do anything, and everything to show you that love for the rest of our lives if you will marry me. Will YOU, ROBERTA CAMPBELL, agree to be my wife, NOW, and FOREVER?” The color drained from her face, and she acted like she was about to faint. Tears grew in her eyes, and her lips quivered, making it as hard for her to respond as it had been for Annie, a minute before. She put her arms around his neck and drew him to her bosom. “YES!!! OH YES, MY LOVE!!! i PRAYED FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!!! I WILL MARRY YOU!!!” She leaned down and kissed his eyelids, then his face, and finally his lips. She gave him the longest kiss she had ever given him, before. Billy, Cathy, Abe, and Gail all had tears in their eyes, watching the two couples express their love for each other. All four rose and went around kissing and congratulating the lovers. They were all beside themselves with happiness. They started making plans for upcoming weddings, all agreeing that they would wait for a year, so all of them could finish college, preparing them better for the future. All of their appetites reminded them of the food in front of them, and suddenly, this meal became one of the best any could ever remember partaking. They had things to plan, and news for the rest of the family, to share. Robbi called her parents and spoke with her mom, who told her dad, Clara, James, Tod, and Betty. They were going to come to the Kelly home. They would be there in an hour. Bruce called home and told his Mom, what had happened. They would be here in a few hours. The vans were already loaded for them to come this weekend, as previously planned. The whole family would be there so the could meet their NEW families. Cathy was on the phone with Sharon, and Billy was on the phone with Carol. Word would be passed to the Hinkles, and the Tinsleys. They were as much a part of the family as any of them. Cathy and Gail went up to get dressed, and Annie and Robbi pulled on their clothes that they had brought down when they came down. It was the fastest any of the men could remember seeing the women dress. They climbed into the vehicles, and drove to the Kelly farm. Rick and Pete were down at the barn, and Doris and Sue were in the kitchen. The men had just finished cleaning the barn, and the women were putting things out for lunch. The men came to the house as soon as they saw the cavalcade come in the gate, and the women came to the screen door to see who was here. Sue and Doris were, as expected, naked. Sue had admired Carol’s heart, and hadn’t shaved in a few days. She was letting the hair grow out on her pussy. It was about a half inch long, already, and had been trimmed to the shape she wanted. She had decided to let it grow only enough to show. They went in and sat down at the table. Pete could tell something was happening to his k**s. He had learned to read their faces long ago. Doris was usually the one to see things first, but she had been preoccupied this morning. They had gone to the barn and found Dog had died during the night. They had buried him next to his Father out by the feed lot. He had been, like his Father, 18 years old. Rick had taken care of him. Pete had been crying. He would miss his old buddy. Pup had brought in the cows by himself, and had gone and laid down with his head on his Father. Now he was laying between his Grandfather’s and his Father’s graves. Pup was almost 4 years old. Doris had called the people that had bred the dogs where they yalova escort bayan had got the first of the line. They had a nice female that would soon be coming in heat, and they would carry Pup over to breed with her, so his son could follow them. He would find a good home to spend his life as the others had. Royce and Annie went down to the barn to see the grave. They had loved the Border Collie, nearly all their lives. Both had memories of the older dogs. Pops had been around when they were both toddlers, and he had watched them as they grew up their first years. He had been as gentle and loving with them as any dog could be expected to be. They had grown up with Dog and had played with him as a pet all of the years since.They came back up to the house just as the others had started arriving. Everyone was greeted with hugs and kisses from the whole bunch. Before long they had all assembled in the kitchen. Sam and Leo were the only ones not there. They wanted to explore this new and wonderful new playground they had discovered. Sam watched Leo, as a big brother, keeping her from harm, or, worse yet, getting dirty. He took being a big brother as serious as any job he would find. When Tod and Betty had put her in her own room, he had wordlessly moved his things in with her. When he went to bed at night, the last thing he did was give her a kiss, and take her in his arms to sleep. The first thing she saw each morning was her brother’s face as he kissed her “good morning.” He dressed her and made sure she was clean to come down for breakfast, and was by her side every minute of the day. Tod had fixed a seat on either side of the tractor so both could ride around with him on the farm. He had been teaching them the little things about farming and ranching each would need to know. He was as attentive to them as his own parents had been with him. At 5, almost 6, Sam could tell what fence needed to be repaired, and which machine was needed for any particular task. He was, at present, learning about what made any tracks he found, and most times, what they had been doing.As everyone gathered, the four people of the moment, stood up at the end of the table and announced their intentions to be married. They had been immediately fogged from the rest of the family, congratulating them, hugging and kissing them, and patting them in the back. It was a time of celebration and jubilation. Reason enough for a REAL whing ding. Tomorrow night would be perfect. They would all meet at the pond, and throw a REAL doozey of a party. They would invite Bennie and Lannie, Doc and Granny Fox, and all the teachers and their spouses. It would be a real blow out. Gail could call Barbara so she could be there, too. Bruce’s family would be here, to make it complete. For once, everyone would be dressed, so no one would be shocked. All were looking forward to meeting THEM as well. Bruce started describing each of them to those here. His parents, sister, and grandparents, each in turn. He described how his Granny smoked a home made corn cob pipe, with home grown tobacco, mixed with other leaves that she cured herself. She smoked it when she was painting, saying it helped her to concentrate on her colors, and small details, or when she was stressed. She always smoked it when watching the boogers. It made her able to recall the minor details of their faces and hands. That was why her paintings were so lifelike. She seldom talked, much preferring to listen to whomever was there. She could recall, in minute detail, conversations she had heard years ago. She was, also brutally honest. She despised liars, and would utter an old Choctaw word when she heard even a “little white lie.” She enjoyed other people, but chose privacy as much as possible. She knew every plant that grew and what it was good for. Some for medicine, some for food, and some for household uses. She could spot a dangerous plant from as far as she could see it. Misti decided that SHE was the one that she wanted to meet. Tod wanted to meet the adult men, and see if he could improve his tracking skills. All of them sounded interesting in their own ways.Everything was getting prepared for the biggest event to enter their lives. The anticipation was nearly unbearable.

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