Mistis’ Adventures Part 146

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 146Sharon went back to her office, her head spinning with the vote of confidence she had received from Mary. The raise she had given her only reinforced those feelings. She had always tried to do her absolute, VERY best, but now vowed to try to do even better. She, also, had gained insight to Mary’s life. She had thought that the older lady did as she did, from a healthy, and somewhat lustful, libido. That had been laid bare in, what seemed to her to be, a sort of regret. Could it be? She would have to listen more carefully, and with her heart, not just her ears, to sort out what she had heard. The more she thought about it, the more puzzled she became.Julia, on the other hand, went quietly into HER office, and carefully shut the door, and celebrated. She was, in her mind, hearing the music of one of the groups she had heard her Mother listen to. She was hearing about being on “Cloud Nine” and was dancing to the strains of music that were going through her mind. Anybody that would have seen her would have thought she was “throwing a fit,” but they would have been totally wrong. She was in the happiest mood, possibly, of her whole life. She had just attained the pinnacle of success. Her income was now on a higher level than anyone else in her family, and with no end in sight. In her mid 20s, she had already outdistanced, by at least twice, the best income her parents had ever achieved. Her family, in spite of how she sounded at times, was to her, the best thing to happen to her. She complained, at times, about how her brothers had treated her and her sisters, but, she understood, that it was the way all their friends had treated girls. A girl, to them, was just a convenient place to stick their cocks when they got hard, and needed some relief. Her older brother was her idol. It had nearly been impossible to resist his advances. If HE had known how he effected her, he would have taken advantage of it, and been on top of, and in turn, inside of her, so long ago. MANY times she had had to grit her teeth to gain the courage to walk away from him. Countless times, she had wanted to join him either in his bed, or somewhere private, and submit to ALL his carnal wishes, allowing him to take her as a woman, and inject his sperm inside her willing body. All that had stopped her, most times, was the knowledge of how her Mother and Father would look at her if she had done so. The sadness and disappointment would have been more than she could have born. Especially if she had become pregnant from him. Not only would it have ruined HER life, but HIS as well.She “got it out of her system” as best she could, and sat down at her desk, planning what she could do to repay this kindness and confidence. Most of her life, “white people” had been, at least, to a degree, just something she had needed to figure on. She had never encountered overt racism, thankfully, but had on occasion, been treated enough differently that she had been aware of it. It had been enough to make her try harder, and expend the energy to excel far beyond what most people thought she was capable of. Her hard work and, at times, tears of frustration, was paying off. She had contemplated, numerous times, chucking it all, and shouting “TO HELL WITH IT,” and quitting. NOW, she was glad that she had stuck it out. She was achieving nearly unbelievable success, and, to “put the icing on the cake,” was thinking she might possibly be falling for a, to use the words many of her friends had used, “CRACKER.” He had treated her in ways that surprised her. He had NEVER used vile language in her presence, and had treated her more like a lady, than ANY man she had known, before. He NEVER took her for granted, but, instead, acted as if he was eternally grateful to her for allowing him in her presence. He was deferential to her wishes and wants, and outwardly, at least, a gentle and loving partner. Time would tell her what she wanted to know.She was brought out of her reverie by her cell phone ringing. It was Carl. He was asking if she would mind going to a farm just a little out of town for supper this evening. She asked if it was anybody that she knew, and was informed that it was Sharon’s brother and sister-in-law’s house. Sharon and her husband, William, would be there, along with another brother and his fiance, and a sister-in-law, and HER fiance. Their names were Billy and Cathy, who was a nurse, along with his brother, Richard, who they called Ricky, and his fiance’s name was Sue, and the sister-in-law was Robbi, and HER fiance, who was also Sue’s brother, named Royce. It would be the 5 couples, and would be informal to the point of being casual. Anything she wore would be appropriate. She shouldn’t be surprised at ANYTHING she saw them wearing, or even NOT wearing. He reminded her of what he had told her, and she had discovered, about Sharon. She giggled at the thought. “Maybe I should go in the raw, HUH, Honey. Would YOU like if I went NAKED?” She heard him gasp on the other end, and pause for a second. “If that’s what you want, then go for it. Nobody will say anything, or think less of you, THAT’S for certain. The first time I saw them, they were ALL naked for the whole time I was there. Only Dave and William, beside me, had any clothes on. From what they have ALL, including the women, have told me, nude is the preferred dress of the day, unless it is too cold.” She thought, at that moment, about her and Sharon’s conversation at lunch. Might this be her opening to their “group?” She decided to find out if it was. “Okay, Dear. What time should I be ready?” He told her he would be there to get her at 6 this evening. She giggled, again, blew him a kiss, and told samsun escort him that IF he were a bit earlier, he could help her to dress. She heard another gasp. “Okay, My Love. Say 5:30, then.” They both hung up. HE had said the “L” word to her. It was the first time he had said it. AND he had said “MY,” FIRST!!! Please, PLEASE!!! LET IT BE SO!!! she thought.After a moments thought, she got up and went to Sharon’s office, to ask if she should do anything special for tonight. Sharon was on the phone, and waved her to a chair. A minute or two passed and she heard Sharon say, ‘OKEY DOKEY!!! BYE BYE!!!” and hang up. Sharon looked at her and said, “WASSUP, SISSY-POOH?” She asked if she were going to wear anything that she should worry about. Sharon told her that SHE was going to be wearing a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, and sneakers, and advised her that it would be hot out, and she should dress comfortably. The rest of them would be making sure that THEY would be comfortable as well. Julia told Sharon what had been said about Carl’s earlier visit, and Sharon laughed. “It’s about what I would expect from this crew. The only thing that surprises ME, is that none of them offered to give him some pussy while he was there. They usually do.” Julia had to laugh at her statement. “Are they ALL THAT EASY?” she asked. Sharon modded. “YUP!!! They don’t think a thing about offering sex to men. It’s part of being a good hostess, to them.”Julia went out the door and back to her office. She opened the small refrigerator’s door and took out a Coke. She sat and thought about what she had been told. She, in light of this information, opened her purse and checked how many birth control pills she had. There was nearly a full month’s supply. After the incident with her uncle and cousins, her and her parents had worried for the longest over whether she would be pregnant or not. After she had had two periods,her Mother had taken her to the doctor and got her some birth control pills. She had taken them ever since. Her Mother had also taken her little sister to get her started at the same time. After all, in spite of the confidence they had in the girls, sometimes things happened that the girls would have no control over. The youngest sister would have to wait for a while. SHE was only 11 years old, and hadn’t started having periods, yet.She went about double checking a few things she had been working on, and shut down her computer. It was nearly time to go home. All she had to do on the way was to stop and fill the gas tank. It was a little less than half full, and she disliked it not being nearer to full. You never knew when it would be needed. She was going to start looking for a new place, too. She had rented this one, because it was clean, AND furnished. She had signed a 6 month lease, and it would be up at the end of next month. She could afford to go ahead and buy a house, now, AND furnish it the way she liked. She would ask Carl about which realtor she should call. He had worked for many of them.She went to the front desk, as they all did each day, to go home. It gave them a chance to talk for a minute, and, possibly, glean a little information from each other. They went out the door, and as usual, Sharon locked it behind them. Phil would be here in a few minutes to unlock it for the cleaning crew, and lock any windows that hadn’t been secured, already.She stopped at the gas station and topped off her tank, and buying a frozen drink to cool off on the way home. Even stopping for gas, the trip had only taken 30 minutes. Her “place” was a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home, in a cul-de-sac. It was VERY quiet, and in a good neighborhood. She was STILL in the habit of locking her doors and windows, though. You NEVER knew…She checked her mail and parked inside the garage, closing the door and flipping the switch to turn off the opener. She went in and took a glance at the assortment of handbills and “Once in a Lifetime” offers, depositing them in the trash can. She went to the bedroom and got out of her clothes, then sat in her favorite chair, to see if there was anything on the news. She watched the local news and weather reports. Nothing of interest presented itself, and she glanced up at the clock sitting on top of the TV. It was 5:25. Carl SHOULD be here at any second.Almost as if on a timer, her doorbell rang. She put her eye to the peephole. It was Carl. She opened the door and stepped back. He seemed to enjoy when she opened the door for him, naked. It also seemed to lead to better things. Yesterday had been the first time, and after the previous night, had given her as much of a thrill as it had him. She had enjoyed the way his eyes had got so big, and his jaw had dropped.She greeted him with a kiss, and an invitation to “COME IN AND TAKE A LOAD OFF!!!” He acted like it was an effort, when he finally did, to release her from his embrace. She was already wet, and her nipples were distended. Thinking about the possible outcome, this evening, had her excited beyond belief. She wanted him to throw her on the bed and ravage her unmercifully. She, by way of a hint, stuck her tongue in his ear, and licked it. He swept her up and went toward the bedroom. He dropped her on the bed, and was quickly out of his clothes. He was already hard as a rock. He spread her legs and went down to his destination, licking her until she had cum 4 times, and then flipping her over ant taking her doggy-style. He was using her for what she saw herself to be, at the moment. A vessel for his seed. He continued to hold her in his hands, using her as a more than willing partner. She felt herself flipped over, again, and he was on top of her, balls deep, and pinned so she escort samsun was helpless. He kissed her so hard that her lips smarted, and began to tingle. She felt his tongue separating her lips,and his own entering her mouth to kiss her like she hadn’t been kissed in so long. She felt any inhibition melting before his onslaught. For the moment, at least, she was HIS woman. She felt his body tensing as he plunged into her, driving his penis into her waiting, and wanting vagina. She felt him push and then fill her with his sperm. She felt the heat of it making a home within her, and seeking the egg to fertilize. Sorry Guys, she thought. Not today. Some day, but NOT today. She laid still, enjoying his closeness, and receiving his kisses. WAS she in LOVE, or was he just a master at pushing just the right buttons to make her respond to him. She would find out soon enough, but for now, this was enough to make, and keep, her happy, and satisfied.She laid under him, feeling his warmth, and his…TEARS? She moved enough to feel his slight movement. He was still holding her, and had buried his face next to hers, and was kissing her neck. She was puzzled. Was he crying? He stirred and rolled off of the top of her, and out of her, but his embrace was holding her tighter than it had been, before. He was holding her to him, and giving her little kisses anywhere his lips could reach, while not relinquishing his hold on her. She felt him squeeze her several times, barely hard enough to tell the difference. He wasn’t holding her as a lover, but as a protector.They lay there, for the longest, but finally got up and stepped into the bathtub, and turned on the shower head, almost forgetting to pull the curtain. He took the bar of soap and began to use it to wash her. He was washing her, but he was also caressing her as he did. She turned her back to him and leaned against the wall and lifted her legs so he could wash her completely. He rinsed the soap from her and she turned to allow him to was her front parts. He went from her breasts to her tummy, and on to her pubis, washing her as if she were a little girl being bathed by her Father.She, when he finished, washed him the same way, and opened the curtain to get a towel to dry themselves with. Her act of completion was to sit on the toilet and douche herself. She wanted to be as clean as she could for tonight. Sharon’s words had never left her. She knew what was possible, and maybe even probable, and wanted to be prepared. She douched first with a medicated solution, then another that was flavored. THIS one was cherry. She might have lost hers, but she could taste like she had one.They redressed, her with nothing underneath. He in khaki pants, and a knit shirt, and loafer type sneakers, and she with deck shoes. He had pulled a spaghetti strap tank top, and a pair of hip hugging shorts, that left the lower cheeks bare. She stood in front of the mirror on the dresser, and inspected herself Her final touch was to take a pick and tease her hair out into a medium length afro. It framed her face like a halo, and emphasized her complexion. A tiny touch of lipstick completed her desired look. She went in and Carl threatened to cancel their evening to ravage her some more. She knew that he was pleased when she saw the bulge in his pants rising She set the timer on her outside lights, and locked her door.Carl held the door for her. He was driving his old car, tonight. It was a 1964 Corvette split window. He had bought it at auction, and only drove it enough to keep it in good shape, and THEN, only on special occasions. He had built a house for his first wife, who had developed leukemia, and died a few years ago. He had just finished divorcing the second wife, and was now a free man, again. She had told him, (the first wife) what she would like, and he and a friend had drawn the blueprints, and built it. She had only lived in it for a little more that 2 years. The second had, before being discovered and divorced, lived in it for about the same amount of time. He had been afraid that she would try to destroy the house, and had put a restraining order on her. He had friends that watched for her, just in case.They laughed and joked on the way, enjoying each others company. He had dared her, at a stop light, to pull her top down and flash her boobs at a man on the curb. She did, and the man had stumbled and nearly fallen into the street. She enjoyed it so much that she hadn’t pulled her top up for several more lights. One more man had shook his head at her and motioned her to roll her window down. When she did, he had told her that they were, as was she, extremely beautiful. She had motioned him over and kissed him on the cheek, and thanking him. He had made his retreat, telling Carl that he was a “Lucky Guy!!!” She had taken her time in pulling her top back up, and had been ogled by a few others, and thoroughly enjoying the attention.They pulled up to the gate at Billy and Cathy’s house, and were greeted with many hugs and kisses. She was introduced to everyone except Sharon and William, who she already knew. One more couple was there, also. Bruce and Annie had joined them. Essie and Francis were at Francis’s apartment packing his things. He had been invited to move in with Essie, until the house was finished. Pete had insisted, having developed a strong bond between them. He had, like the others, been impressed by Francis’s courage the night the booger had shown himself. He had since become a companion, eagerly helping Pete as much as he could, and learning all that he was shown. He had also exceeded any expectations held for him on the equipment. Carl had described it as being “like a duck taking samsun escort bayan to water.” Floyd had said he was a “natural born dirt pusher.”They separated into groups, the men on the front porch, drinking cold drinks, and the women in the kitchen swapping gossip and cooking. Julia had seen the reason Sharon had told her about them and their habits. Sue and Annie, were only wearing their aprons, and cooking the fried chicken that Sue made so well. Sharon and Robbi were making her mashed potato salad, and green beans and fried okra were cooking. Doris had made and sent one of her spice cakes to enjoy, and they had brought 3 gallons of icy cold milk to serve as a beverage. Ice tea and Kool Ade were also ready in gallon jars. Due to the heat, they had unplugged the coffee pot. It had been up to 108 today. Presently it was at 104, and the women were commenting on the sanity, or lack of, by the men. As if hearing them, the men came in and sat in the living room. Cathy was running here and there, and had finally lost her clothing, now it was Annie, Sue and Cathy that had disrobed. When Robbi saw, she, too, lost the last of her clothing. Her T-shirt came off and was thrown at Royce.Sharon had winked at Julia, and they joined the others, bare asses shining. Julia was, as they hadn’t seen her before, causing a stir. Her shape was as alluring as any of the others. More than one of the men envisioned the chance to sample her “charms.” Except for being new to their gathering, she was accepted without question. She was one of the girls. They took time to find out what she enjoyed, and her preference in being addressed, and if she thought she would like some of the things that THEY enjoyed. She answered them and was hugged and kissed as if she was an “old hat” to the gatherings. They sat down and the joking and picking never even slowed down. Word had gotten around about the trip out for Rick and Billy, with Lorene the other day, and they were teased about their “assault” on such a willing “victim.” Bruce commented that, with HIS Grandmother, they were lucky to have been able to walk back. She could “wear out” the strongest man, or men, she ever took a “shine” to. They were genuinely sorry that Tod and Nola weren’t there. They would have loved to give both of them a little jazz about THEIR antics, as well. Nola had made a definite impression on Tod, and he was quick to admit it. Betty laughed and said it was good that she had so many fine choices to make for herself, too.Bruce asked Carl how the construction was faring, and was told that, if the weather held out, and the boogers stayed away during the day, that the house would be finished in time for them to move in in about 4 weeks. The other two buildings were just about finished, except for wiring them. Their electrician had told them it would take about 4 days to finish that. The excavator had been used to drive pilings into the bottom of the pond, and the cross beams were in place, so they would be ready in another day or two. It extended out for 30 feet, and had an outdoor carpeting on the floor. They had also made and floated a raft out a little ways more. It was 20 feet square. They had cleaned out the bar ditch on the road, dug and poured a foundation, and constructed a cattle guard that was 30 feet wide and 20 feet across.Bruce, to say the least, was impressed. Cathy, Sue, Annie, and Robbi to a lesser extent, had become frequent visitors. Betty, Carol, Lorene and Irene, had made numerous appearances as well. Doris had come out a few times, as had Clara and Liz. Misti and Sam had been out on occasion, when not spending time with David and James, who remained their favorite companions. Mary hadn’t been out due to her absence, but would probably be out now, since her return. She had been busy taking care of matters for Uncle Charley. They had immediately installed a stair climber for him to use, and had a left handed electric wheelchair made for him. Mike had made a computer for him to use to recover his slurred speech, and Bruce and Robbi had written voice recognition programs, customized for his use. They had all fallen in love with him and Aunt Mildred. The store was all but completed, FAR ahead of schedule. They were thinking of opening for Labor Day.Robbi and Bruce were enrolled for the last of the classes they would need, and had been considering whether or not to go immediately for their Master’s Degrees. Both were maintaining a 4.0 grade average, and were on the President’s Honor Roll. It was a toss up as to which would be Valedictorian or Salutatorian. Bruce swore that Robbi was the best, in more ways than one. He also joshed at her, that she hadn’t even had to screw the Professors to get there. Robbi had replied in her way, “You don’t know EVERYTHING about my “extracurricular” activities, DO YA?”The ladies gave the men the “bum’s rush” out to the living room, and cleaned the mess that they had made, and joined the men to see what developed. They had all enjoyed a few stories that Julia told about her formative years. The only thing said about her choices, was Robbi and Annie both, had asked WHY she hadn’t slept with her brothers. Both of them had, and enjoyed them immensely. Julia had explained that her parents would have been so against such a thing, and it would have broken their hearts. Especially if one of the girls had gotten pregnant. She was surprised that nothing more had been said.They began to address each other and were soon pairing off. She was wondering which lady would be chosen by Carl, or to chose Carl for a partner. She wasn’t there long enough to find out though. Bruce had taken her hand and asked if she would allow him to join her for a little fun. She gave him a dimpled smile, and accepted his invitation. His broad shoulders were fascinating. The last thing she saw as they went up the stairs was Annie taking a seat in Carl’s lap. His dick was standing straight up, as she took careful aim.

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