Mom Thinks She is Control; bymomChristina

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Mom Thinks She is Control; bymomChristinaWe were evacuated because floods were expected to inundate our suburb. We had time to move most of Tim’s belongings from the unit under the house upstairs to the spare bedroom. My son Tim, now 18, has lived in the unit since my husband left 3 years ago, my hubby had it built as an office for himself, working downstairs, living upstairs. It had all the amenities and Tim loved his independence since moving down there. We were taken to a shelter just as the floodwater began to rise in our street and remained there for several days. Slowly other family members were given permission to return home. Eventually we heard the announcement “All residents in Roland Street and Baxter Road can now safely return to their homes” As Tim and I were about to leave we were given instructions about what to expect and forms we may need to fill in for assistance and insurance claims. When we drove into our street we were met with houses that had been inundated ( most of their soft furnishings sitting out on the kerb ). Our house was a “high set” however the floodwater had reached only the second top stair, which meant the main part of the house was saved from the inundation. Tim’s unit however was a mess everything covered in water and mud, the brick besser walls were ok but would be a devil of a job to clean. The electric wiring, water and toilet facilities would need to be checked out before they could be used again.We had no time to feel remorseful or lucky, we just knew there was weeks of hard work ahead of us. I took photographs of the damage to go with the insurance claim. Arranged to have an electrician and plumber review the downstairs’ unit. It was hot and humid I had my jobs to do while young Tim set to work trying to clean the unit with a high pressure hose- the power coming from upstairs. As evening fell we were very tired and Tim was filthy. He showered will I cooked us a meal We ate our meal and decided an early night was in order.There was absolutely no room in the spare bedroom because all Tim’s furniture was in there so it was decided he would sleep on the sofa. I showered, got into my nightdress and gave Tim a kiss goodnight and went to bed. I woke up after midnight to see the light in the lounge room still on, I decided to find out what was happening. There was Tim trying to get to sleep lying on the floor, the sofa obviously too small for him. I stood and looked at him and said this will take weeks you can’t sleep there. “What else can I do ” said Tim. “I have a king size bed that is far too big for me since your dad left, we can use that for the time being”. Tim was too tired to argue and slowly trudged through to the bed room. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. My head was still racing with everything I needed to organise and it took a little time to settle and go to sleep.I slowly woke around 8am to the pleasant feeling of my husband’s hand on my thigh, then I realised it couldn’t be, he left long since. I opened my eyes and it was Tim’s hand on my thigh, he was sprawled across the bed fast asleep with his hand on my thigh. Then I did something I wouldn’t have expected of myself. I raised my knee slowly and his hand gently slid towards my panty clad pussy, resting on my mound. I left it there for several minutes, then I felt guilty so I quietly got up without disturbing him and went downstairs to make breakfast. When he came down he was unaware of what happened and I thought it would be a one-off. Nothing happened for the remainder of the week however the naughtiness of what I did stayed with me. I started to wear shorter nightdresses ( mid thigh length ). Initially as I said nothing happened then on the Saturday morning I woke with his hand on my leg again. He was lying on his back next to me asleep but sporting an erection under his boxer shorts. I started to get wet, again I slowly raised my knee as I pulled the gusset of my panties to the side. When his hand slid down to my pussy there was no panties stopping his fingers touching my wet pussy. I looked over and saw the head of his cock showing through the fly of his shorts, I so wanted to touch it. He made some sounds as if about to waken. I did not want to embarrass him with his erection on view to his mother so I arose and covered him up.I became almost consumed by my horniness but did not let eryaman escort Tim know what I was feeling. At night-time I wore no panties to bed. The bathroom door would be left slightly ajar pretending this is how things always were when he lived downstairs. There was a few photograph of me in my bikini ( one topless) that I left in my drawer in my bedroom. One morning I shouted through to him to find me a shoelace from my cupboard as I had broken the one in my shoe. I knew he found the pic as he took a long time to come through with the spare lace.. On tidying up later I checked the drawer and the pics had been disturbed. Nothing happened the next night so I began to up the ante. I stayed in my nightdress while I cooked breakfast then gave Tim a shout to come and eat. The breakfast table was by the back wall and the kitchen work bench by the window. I knew with the sunlight coming in he could see through my nightdress but appeared as if I was unaware. He rushed off downstairs that morning. I was horny all day and decided to try and set him up that night.After dinner we watched some television, I told him I was a poor sleeper and had just taken a sleeping tablet so I need to go off to bed. I told him to switch everything off before he retired. I lay in bed with the light on but wearing a sleeping mask. I could see out of the bottom rim of it and when I heard him switching the television off I pulled the sheet away from my leg all the way above my hip. The sheets covered my pussy but it was obvious I had no panties on and a slight lift of the sheet would reveal my wet pussy to him. I pretended to be gently snoring when he came in. He stood looking at me and as his hand took hold of the sheet he covered me up. He was being very noble much to my frustration. I took a long time to get off to sleep.One day after a cooling shower I came out of the bathroom with only my towel wrapped around me, using another towel to dry my hair. Tim was supposed to be downstairs but had come up to plug in an appliance. I saw him in the reflection of the mirror without him being aware I bent over to let my hair drop down to dry it, my towel rode up showing my buttocks to him I also noticed he was staring at me. I bent my knees slightly that showed off the lips of my pussy from behind pretending I didn’t know he was there. Then I heard him scurry off having just seen his mothers newly shaved pussy. I think he disappeared downstairs to have some privacy to release himself. This only got me worse I would think of sex all the time and ways to make our game more interesting. I felt I had the control so I would have the choice what the next step should be. I waited until Tim was not around before I would get myself off. Even that was a temptation to let him see. I then told myself I must be disciplined and not push it too far too soon.One night after dinner I went and had a shower and changed into my nightdress. I then sat on the sofa and read while Tim watched television as he sat on the floor. He was looking at my legs in small side glances when he thought I was busy reading. I slowly let my legs separate so he could see up my legs but not enough to see my pussy lips. I wanted to make him feel as frustrated as I was. I then inadvertently dropped my book marker onto the floor. As I bent down Tim got a good view down the top of my nightdress seeing both my nipples very clearly. I now had his full attention, he was sitting so I couldn’t notice the bulge in his shorts, I knew it was there though.I yawned and then said “I have taken my sleeping tablet so I better get off to bed”. Tim said “Oh why, I was enjoying your company” “If not I will fall asleep here” I answered. I walked towards the bedroom when I crumpled down to the floor feigning I had cramp. Tim ran over to me ( I could see the bulge clearly now ) and tried to help me up. I told him I had a cramp in my calf and could he walk me through to the bed. He very gently walked me to the bedroom and lowered me on top of the mattress. I was still groaning with pain and asking him to massage it. He was rubbing my calf as I lay on the bed. I lifted my knee so he got a better grip of my calf while at the same time maintaining my modesty by holding my nightdress firmly around my leg.Gradually I pretended I was falling asleep as my hands began to loosen their grip on my nightdress. As escort eryaman my arms fell by my side I could feel the nightdress slowly ride up my thigh. I wasn’t sure if he could see my pussy but I then felt his hand massage even higher and my nightdress being lifted up. It was up around my waist with him looking at my naked shaven pussy glistening at him. He then left the room and crept back in, then I heard the click of his camera as he took pics of me lying there.He did not touch my sex even although I wanted him to. Would he be sharing that pics with his mates, I was so wetThen a couple of days later again I woke with his hand on my thigh. I looked over at him he was asleep. I lifted my nightdress and placed his hand on my wet pussy. I then closed my legs trapping his hand there before rolling over to face him. I put my hand over his body just above his pubic area and was gently and lightly snoring in his ear. I could feel him waken as I pretended to be asleep. He suddenly realised his hand was trapped between my legs and tried to keep it as still as he could so as not to waken me, I could feel his cock grow underneath my hand and he appeared to enjoy that.I then felt his fingers move separating my pussy lips. I was very wet and his finger very easily slipped into me, rubbing against my clit. My breathing became quicker. With his other hand he pulled his shorts down a little, his cock now under my hand. As he played with my clit, my breathing signifying I was about to climax he had his cum shoot into my hand. With that I came too. He quickly extricated himself from me, cleaned himself up and disappeared into the bathroom. I pretended to stay asleep for another 30 minutes and enjoying the glowAnother day’s hard work over, we both had dinner showered got dressed into our night attire and sat watching television. We played our usual game of letting him spy glimpses of me and I would pretend not to notice. I again said I need to go and get my sleeping tablet. Tim asked “why” I answered that his dad used to give me nightly massages and I would sleep well, however since he left I need the tablets to sleep. Tim thought for a while ” I gave your calf a massage the other night and you fell asleep”. “That’s my point” I said ” Don’t keep taking the tablets ” said Tim “I will be happy to give you a massage if it helps you sleep” That is kind of you but you don’t understand your dad gave me a full body massage not just my calf” Tim now became quiet, he hadn’t thought this one through enough. OK I said ” I will give it a try tonight but I will need a couple of towels –one for the bed the other for my modesty” Do you still want to try Tim?” He thought for a moment and answered “Ok if it means not taking tablets lets try it”I went through to the bedroom and took off my nightdress. I lay face down on the towel and wrapped the other around my waist. I gave him a shout and handed them the scented oils to massage me with. He started at my calf and worked up until just above the knee ( he was actually quite good at it but my aim was to keep him as frustrated for as long as I could. Remember I was the one in control.I then asked him to rub my neck and down my back, which he did very skilfully. Occasionally while massaging my side he would massage the sides of my breasts. He massaged down to the towel then his hands would go under the edge of the towel to the small of my back. I then stopped him saying “Now the front” As I rolled over I covered my breasts with my arm but as I stretched out to pull up the towel both breast were exposed to his view. He was staring at them. I pulled the towel up to cover my breasts and the lower half of the towel was half way up my thigh.Please massage my shoulders, then my tummy, then my legs. I saw him look at me and then my tummy, with question marks written all over his face. Its ok for my tummy you can put your hand under the towel He massaged my shoulders and neck very gently and my upper chest being careful not to touch anything he shouldn’t. He then put his hand under the towel to rub my tummy. I thought it was now time to pretend to fall asleep. With the circular movement of the tummy rub it was slowly pulling the towel down exposing first one nipple then the other. He looked up to find I was asleep so he kept rubbing my tummy the towel now fully exposing my breasts. Then I felt escort eryaman his hand gently massaging my right breast and then my left, as my nipples hardened he began to play with them. He then went down to my feet lifting them and massaging them. Then my calf, then behind my knee, now he bent my knee exposing my pussy to him. He let my leg down this time leaving it wide apart from the other. He did the same to the other leg now my legs were very wide apart. I then felt the towel being lifted off me. I was now lying naked, legs wide apart in front of my sonHe massaged my inner thighs rubbing his hand up my gaping slit, the inner red gash in full view moist and inviting. He put one finger in me, then a second and a third. He then went through to the kitchen and came back with a cold cucumber from the fridge, when it touched me I nearly opened my eyes. He had his back to my head so I could see him holding a huge cucumber. Slowly he pushed it into me, I felt the walls of my vagina stretch as it entered me he pushed it until it was touching my cervix, turning and pushing. He took it out and began to lick the cucumber. The he put his tongue on my now cold pussy lips and licked at my clitoris. I came with such force. I could hear him jerking himself off beside me and a groan when he came. Then I felt him rub his cum into my vagina with his fingers He then wrapped me in my towel again and left the room. When he didn’t come back I fell asleep. All was going to plan but I decided I needed him in me. That weekend we went through the usual routine only this time I had a wrap around nightdress held together with only a ribbon around the waist. It was almost see through too.By the time Tim had finished in the bathroom I was lying on my back on the sofa my legs hanging over the end. Tim asked me if I was ok and I said I was lying back because I had a stiff sore neck and I need to lie flat. He moved to the top of the sofa and began massaging my neck. I told him how good that felt. As he continued I again pretended to fall asleep, he continued until he thought I was unaware of him. I felt the ribbon of my nightdress being pulled to loosen everything then the nightdress full opened. He then moved to the bottom of the sofa where my legs were hanging over and separated them. I felt again his fingers in me, then his tongue on my clit. Then nothing for about two minutes. I then felt his breath on my breasts as he began to suck my nipples. As he did this I could feel his weight on me them the tip of his cock touch the opening between my legs. He was big ( very big ) and slowly he entered me. His rhythmic thrusts getting deeper and deeper I started to cum as he shot his lot into meDid he think this was all happening while I had these narcotic sleeping episodes, was I still in control.He said nothing to me the next day acting as if nothing had happened. I then asked him a favour. He said “What is it”I told him the nights are too hot and during the summer when you were downstairs I used to sleep on top of the bed in the nude. I added “I can’t do that with you sharing my bed” “You want me to sleep on the sofa again” he said with disappointment in his voice. “No but I am uncomfortable at night”. I answered”If you want to sleep in the nude you can do it , if you are frightened I might see you we can get ready for bed in the dark” with a plea in his voice.Ok Let me think about it” I saidThat night he was in bed first with the lights out when I came through from the bathroom I was stark naked. I knew exactly where the bed was and everything in my room but Tim didn’t know that and I pretended to stub my toe, kick a shoe, trip etc. Eventually I switched on the light revealing all my nakedness to him and picked up the offending objects. I looked at Tim looking at me and said “Surely you have seen a naked woman before” there was no answer. I climbed into bed, lay on my back and said to Tim” Would you give your mother a cuddle” I feel very insecure tonight. He began to hug me I could feel his member harden against me. I kissed his neck- there would be no sleeping tonight. We had a long tender kiss as his hands caressed my nipples I pushed his boxer shorts down, now we were both naked. I lay him on his back as I took his cock into my mouth and slowly pumped it with my lips. I could feel him building so I stopped straddled him and let my vagina envelop his cock to its full length. He came quickly, however we continued to pet and caress until he eventually he hardened again. This time our lovemaking would last all night. I no longer wanted to be in control.bymomChristina©

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