Morning wood

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Morning woodI opened my eyes. There was light in the bedroom so the time had to be at least 7AM, maybe later. I wasn’t dreaming! Something was wrapped around the shaft of my cock, something warm, and was slowly moving up and down sending pleasant sensations directly in my sleepy brain. My eyes focused. An image slowly cleared and now I saw a pair of wonderful firm breasts right in front of me with their dark brown nipples just an inch away from my mouth. Mel. She was lying to her left side facing me. Our bodies were still covered by the white sheet. We both sleep naked. Her hand was buried between my legs and she was slowly jerking my fully erect cock.‘Good morning!’ Mel said and moved her body closer to mine. Her hand was no longer holding my cock, instead she pressed hers to my naked skin. Mel was having a nice hard morning wood!‘I need your help with this.’ She said while pressing her cock firmly at mine.Our penises rubbed at each other. Mel hugged me and her lips glued at mine in a deep slow kiss. I felt her playful tongue jumping around my mouth searching for mine. She was humping me with her cock now rubbing against my pubic zone. Her hands moving zonguldak escort on my back going to my head.Suddenly Mel grabbed and pulled back my short dark hair. Our eyes met.‘Taste it. Now!’Mel turned into Mistress Melanie! I went down on her sneaking some precious moments to kiss the skin of her rounded breasts and soft flat belly. She was moaning happily. Finally, I reached her hard penis. The white sheet was thrown away and our naked bodies were lying exposed on the big bed. I looked at Mel’s cock. Beautiful hard throbbing penis. My mouth opened and it slowly slipped inside it. I felt every pulsation coming from this cock while it was penetrating me deep to my throat. I stopped when I gagged. Mel moaned loudly! She loves this and I know it very well. I moved my head up sliding her cock out this way and when my lips reached the sensitive tip I simply sucked it. Another loud moan came out from Mel’s mouth. She pushed hips up and slid her cock back to my throat. I continued to suck it like I was drinking juice from a straw. This was driving her crazy and soon I heard her saying with hoarseness in voice:‘I want to fuck you! I want to fuck escort zonguldak you now!’I took her cock out of my mouth. ‘Fuck me.’ I whispered.We switched positions. Mel took a condom from the drawer. She chose a dotted one with very nice relief. I was lying on my chest with my butt lifted in the air. Mel slowly slip her throbbing penis in the condom and passed behind me. My body shivered when she tasted my anus with one finger. She made a few slow circles around the entrance teasing my hyper sensitive sphincter. Two noisy slaps to my ass cheeks followed and then I felt the hardness of her cock to touch my hot sensitive spot.Mel penetrated my ass slowly. She was enjoying every moment, every inch of my tight cave that she was conquering with her tough warrior. Her cock went all the way in, rested for a very brief moment, and then started to pump me roughly. My own cock blew some precum that dripped on the bed. Mel didn’t care about it now. She was entirely focused on her own penis; on her huge morning arousal. She squeezed my flanks and increased the speed more. She was slamming me, fucking me, slapping from time to time. She was like a wild zonguldak escort bayan horny a****l. Mistress Melanie – all dominant and completely in control!Suddenly I felt that she stopped. Her cock was still inside my anus but was not moving, only was throbbing strongly. Mel took it out quickly, got rid of the dotted condom, and pointed it at my ass. Few more seconds passed before the sperm eruption. Mel ejaculated with three or four powerful streams and my ass and back were covered with sticky warm semen. I wasn’t moving – still lying on my chest with butt pointing up. I sensed her moving behind me and the next thing I felt was her cock rubbing on my ass cheeks. The final strokes to complete her morning orgasm painting.‘Thanks, sweetheart!’ Mel’s voice was cheerful and she slapped my ass gently. I felt her warm breath next to me right ear. She whispered: ‘I’ll take a shower. Fix the mess here and you can make me a breakfast.’My beautiful and dominant Mel. She left the bed and headed to the bathroom. I turned my head. I wanted to see her walking naked. She was so beautiful, slowly moving around the bedroom, with her cock losing its erection and her firm breasts making little jumps with every step she was making. Mel stopped at the door, smiled, and said:‘You know, honey, I really really love your pancakes!’ She then blew me an air kiss and disappeared from the room like a morning fog chased away by the wind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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