Mother may I (part 1)

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Booty Shake

Mother may I (part 1)Introduction:Three brothers discuss r****g their mom, and fuck eachother in the processDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not condone **** or i****t. This is a fantasy and nothing more. Parts II and III will be out later this week.”So? What? You fucking got me in trouble in third period by texting me you douche!” Jacob stormed in, throwing his basketball at me full force before throwing himself down hard on my bed and covering his head with a pillow. “Wait for it.” I said, swatting the ball only to have it manage to get me in the side anyway, leaving a large red circle on my bare skin. “Chris needs to be here.” Chris was 14 and still in 8th, and thus still on his way home for the next ten or so minutes. “Fucking wait for it? Do you realize what Dad’s going to do to me if I get another ISS?” He hissed, sitting upright and tossing the pillow at me. “Wait for it, fuck man!” I said, not even bothering with the newest projectile. I wouldn’t have stopped it anyway – I’m more of a laid back type of dude and my brother is more the athletics man. I think it’s some weird type of second sibling role reversal of the need to compete for my parents’ affection on his part. It’s not that he’s actually big into sports, it’s just that little Chris and I are more thinkers and he wasn’t so gifted with those talents. “Awesome Dude.” he grumbled, rolling over in my bed and facing the wall. “Better fucking be worth it.” I spent the next 10 minutes throwing peanuts at him while he refused to talk to me.Soon the familiar sounds of the front door opening followed by the thud of a heavy backpack being dropped were heard. “Finally.” “Oh, we talking now?” I said, still grinning. The douche had no idea what sort of awesome news I was about to give him. If he did he would be on his knees sucking me off in thanks instead of being a jackass. The quick thud thud thud of someone running up the stairs followed by the screech of tennis shoes signaled the approach of little Chris, or if you wanted to be proper Christopher Atcheson Jr., my parents having run out of original names after Jacob and my father wanting to add Sr. to his name because that’s the sort of weirdo he can be. “Ok! Ok, I’m here!” He said breathlessly, obviously having run the entire distance home. “So, what’s awesome Dylan? Come on?!” He heaved, flushed, looking up at me. Poor boy couldn’t be more than 5′ 3″ and just hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet. For his sake I hoped it happened before next fall or life was going to be really hard for him – I knew from experience. But it turns out that everyone likes a Guy-With-Weed in high school, and I learned that pretty quick and then the guys who harassed me learned that I was the Guy-With-Weed. I grew out of that and turned into a total bean pole at the end of my freshman year, so the popularity I achieved during that time and the lack of short when I returned the next year effectively let me sweep that faze under the rug. Chris however wasn’t going to be the Guy-With-Weed even if he did have any, since he was a bit of a nerd in the first place. The kind that likes math and technology – a lot. I’m not insulting iPads or tech nerds but man, there are other things to talk about sometimes.I held a finger up and crossed behind little Chris, making a show of closing my bedroom door even though I knew we were the only ones in the house. Jacob shot me a death glare for it, and it just made his look of shock sweeter. “We’re going to fuck Mom,” I said grinning at my two brothers. “You’re joking!” Chris actually covered his mouth. Jacob said nothing, just looked at me like I had grown a second head. “I’m serious guys – I heard Dad talking with Not-Uncle this morning,” “Not-Uncle was here? Fucking when?” Jacob asked, incredulous, “Dad had to go to work today and he wasn’t here before I fucking crashed at 1 this morning.” “I know, right? But listen, he was here. You guys know I didn’t go today-” “I didn’t. Again? Dylan come on, you’re going to be a seni-” türkçe bahis Chris started “Not fucking now! We’re talking about fucking Mom, remember?” I said, biting back my anger. Senioritus had come a year early and I had been skipping a lot. Chris didn’t approve and was very vocal about it, but the sudden remembrance of what we had been discussing cut him off dead. “Now, as I was saying, I was coming down to get a bowl of cereal and Not-Uncle-Daniel and Dad were talking in the kitchen. It was weird that he was here and I was going to go back upstairs but then I heard them talking. Get this; Mom’s a total slut.” I snickered. “What do you mean?” Jacob was leaning forward on the bed now, the jackass attitude washed away in interest. “I mean that Daniel has been fucking mom for years while Dad watched. They do her together a lot. I heard them talking about it! When he stays over after fucking parties and games and shit like that, he’s actually having having sex with Mom. They did it last night, came over after he got off his shift at like 3 in the AM.” I looked back and forth between my two siblings. They both looked back at me speechless. “There’s more. I didn’t get much of it, but apparently there’s been other guys than just Not-Uncle. There’s been girls and gang fucks in the past. I’m fucking telling you, Mom’s a whore and we can get her to do it with us.” “I can’t fucking believe this. I’d always wondered why they kept him around so much…” Jacob said in wonder as his hand drifted down to rub the now visible tent in his pants. Not-Uncle-Daniel is exactly what the name implies and has sort of been an in-joke for the three of us our whole lives. “Not-Uncle” Daniel is a friend of my mother Brook and my father Christopher Atcheson Sr. who has always been around, and always is not an understatement here. My Dad hangs out with him on Thursdays and he comes over on Fridays sometimes. He’s been at almost all of our birthday parties and we all have him in our cellphones because he’s basically the sitcom raunchy uncle you call when you need someone to buy you alcohol who will then offer to find you a hooker too. He actually did that once, but I think he was joking. “So Mom just takes cock like a whore?” I could hear the excitement creeping into his voice. “Pretty much what I heard, yeah. I also heard that she likes it rough.” I had been saving that tidbit and it really was worth it- I actually saw Chris’ bulge jump. I hadn’t been aware that my horny little brother was into force.”So what do we do?” Jacob muttered, undoing his pants and lying back on my bed, whipping out his long, veiny cock and rubbing it slowly. “You really think we could get Mom to fuck us?” “Yeah sure. She’s a whore at heart from what Dad and Daniel say she likes it rough, even has **** fantasies. We can totally do it.” Our Mother, Brooklyn (“Brook if you please,” she’d say) Atcheson was not a bad looking woman. She was 38, with blonde hair and green eyes, 38D breasts, a shapely body and a very, very tight ass. My brothers and I had always been very open with each other sexually, with me first sucking cock at 11, Jacob at 9, and Chris at 8 all in the same day. I had been hanging out with some friends after school and one of the other boys had dared me to suck his dick. I wasn’t a chicken so I did it and it seemed like he really liked it, so when I came home I told Jacob to do it to me. He was reluctant at first but after I reminded him I had done it and that made him a chicken he went through with it. It was the first experience I had ever had with sex and it was amazing. Apparently Jacob saw how amazing it was because Chris was sucking his cock next while I watched, and that began our escapades with each other. We all shared a room until I was 15 and it became an almost constant thing for us to be rubbing or sucking each other’s cocks for a while. Jacob even fucked my first girlfriend with me for his first time. After I moved into my own room I had less with my brothers (though youwin giriş still several times a week) and started bringing over girls (and some guys), every chance I got and Jacob has a steady girlfriend, but he and Chris still go at it at least once a day. It’s easy to get your rocks off every chance you get when your fuck buddies are in your home. I think that combined with internet porn made it so Chris was content not talking with women, and we both knew he hadn’t managed to get laid with a chick yet.”So what do you say little b*o, want to make Mom accept your v-card?” I almost died of laughter when I saw him flush with embarrassment at the dirty thought. “Come on man, I can see it in your eyes. I know Jacob wants to, don’t you Jakey?” “Fuck man, I don’t know, I mean we’ve all fantasized about it… I mean, come on I’m doing it right now. But wouldn’t we get caught? And hey, fuck man,” he said motioning to his cock and looking at Chris, “I shouldn’t have to be masturbating right now. You fucking owe me after I sucked you when I caught you in the bathroom muttering about Amy Sullivan and jerking it.” Chris heaved a sigh and trudged over, kneeling between his older brothers legs and taking the head of his long cock into his mouth obediently. Chris has never been one to question orders.I surveyed the scene for a moment before undoing my belt and zipper, pulling out my own veiny member. I’m about 6 1/2 inches, pretty average. My brother Jacob, now balls deep in my youngest brother’s throat, was about an 8. He got lucky as fuck, and I’ve always had trouble getting him all the way down my throat. Not Chris though, he’s sucked like a pro since the first day and only improved. Chris had topped out at 5, but was always ridiculously thick, about 8 inches around. He stroked in his pants as he sucked off his elder sibling, not bothering to free his hard cock. It made me sad a little, I could see it straining against his pants and it was always impressive to look at that thick monster. I rubbed my cock hard, watching the scene in front of me, pleased to know they were so aroused by the idea. I know I had been. After I came back up I had masturbated for hours thinking about the idea of my Mother having our cocks shoved into her slutty cunt. “She’s a cum whore. All we have to do is force her to take one load in her twat and she’ll be our bitch. Daniel told me so.” That stopped them and they looked up at me in shock “Daniel told you so?” I continued stroking my cock as I walked over and gently smacked them each in the face with it jokingly. Chris held back a small giggle at it, but Jacob was unamused. “Such a buzz kill, Jakey.” I said, continuing to stroke myself over his face and rubbing the head on his lips a bit. He resisted for a moment and then I felt his tongue snake out around it like it always did. My middle brother must have gotten a lot of my Mothers whore genes, because no matter how upset he was he will always fuck or suck. I thrust into his mouth hard at the invitation and began to fuck his throat deeply, grabbing a fistful of his hair. “After I thought about it awhile I called Daniel. He’s never been one to bullshit us…” I groaned, feeling Jacob’s tongue sliding up and down the underside of my shaft as he worked it between my thrusts. He had grabbed Chris’s shoulders and guided him back down to his tool, a soft whimper of need escaping around my hard length from him. Chris complied readily, taking his brothers long, purple cock into his mouth again and sucking him down deep. Jacob arched his back instantly and Chris grabbed his hips and pushed him back down onto the bed. “Anyway, I asked him if he and Mom had ever, you know, done anything. He laughed and told me not to beat around the bush and that he heard me on the stairs this morning and suspects that Dad did too.” I saw them both tense in shock but kept fucking my brothers whore mouth, pulling his hair as I shoved myself into him harder. “Yeah, he told me that Mom youwin güvenilir mi loves it. If we cum in her she turns into an instant whore. She hadn’t been keen on the idea of group sex at first, but when Dad talked her into it, she turned into a massive slut for it after the first random guy came in her pussy.” The idea was too much for Jacob, who began to suck my cock even more greedily as he grabbed my heavy sack and began to rub my balls, moaning around my prick and signaling his orgasm deep in Chris’s throat. He always turned into even more of a greedy whore when he got off himself, almost like he was begging for it not to end. He shot his hot load deep into Jacob, who took it all down, licking the tip of his brothers’ cock as he came up. I let Jacob suck me for a moment longer then pulled out of his mouth and turned to Chris, pushing him off of his knees and onto my bed next to Jacob. “Anyway, you wouldn’t believe what else I found out,” I said, slipping my one hand under my youngest brothers shirt and running it over his stomach and brushing the other against his rock hard tent which jumped at the stimulation, “There’s more?” Jacob whispered dreamily, watching me strip Chris slowly, “Oh yes, there’s more.” I pulled off Chris’ pants and boxers and grabbed a bottle of lube off the dresser behind me. “Turns out Dad’s a whore too. He likes cock. Daniel told me everything.” I put the lube on my fingers and rubbed them against my brother’s tight hole, and he hissed at the sudden coldness of the gel as I pushed my index finger into his ass, stretching it out and rubbing his prostate. He wriggled against my finger and moaned breathlessly. I fingered him on as I continued, watching him moan and writhe as I teased him with my finger. “Dad and Mom have been having sex with Daniel for our whole fucking lives. Dad likes to take it, suck it, and give it. I’m willing to bet we can keep mom quiet about it if we threaten blackmail.” “Blackmailing and r****g our mom huh?” Chris grinned as precum started oozing out of his thick cock head. “Let’s do it. I can tell you’re really wanting to.” I said, removing my finger. He whimpered sadly, giving me a pitiful look of want. I pressed my cock against his asshole and thrust in hard, turning the whimper into a moan. “Let’s fucking do it.” Jacob said, stroking his already stiffening cock at the lurid scene. “It’s fucking perfect.” I grunted, shoving myself deep into Chris’s ass hard, his whole body moving in the bed with each thrust of my ridgid prick. I wasn’t going to last long with the idea of fucking my mom’s whore pussy in my head and my cock deep in my brother’s asshole. I wrapped my hand around his short, thick cock and began to jack him furiously against my thrusts, running my hand up as I pulled out and down as I jammed myself back into his tight hole. He instantly began to thrust into my palm, grabbing the bed sheets and arching his back as I fucked him hard and fast in front of our other brother. Jacob took one of Chris’s nipples in his mouth and began to suck on it hard, his hands now working his now again fully erect cock. I could tell Chris was about to cum as he began to buck erratically, but then right before he did he pushed my hand off his cock. “No, I’m saving it for Mom” he said, his voice rough and sounding much older than 14. That did it. I shot my load in his bowels, immensely satisfied that not only did my youngest brother not only want to fuck our Mom, he wanted to **** our Mom, AND wanted to cum in her pussy so bad that he wanted to save it up for her. I filled his hole all the way, letting all my cum empty into the depths of his ass before I pulled out. He grinned back at me as I did, obviously enjoying the feeling of my thick gooey cum in his ass, but there was an evil glint in his eye and I liked it. “So, Mom gets home at 5:15…” Jacob said looking at the clock on the dresser behind me. It was now 4:30. “And Dad gets off work around 9, won’t be back until at least 9:30! We could have our way with her for almost a for at least 3 hours, maybe even 4 if we want to push our luck. I would go for 4…” Chris said quietly, with intensity and lust. “Let’s do it. Let’s fuck the bitch.” I grinned. It was going to be a fun night.

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