Mrs. Albert

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Mrs. AlbertI went running to the house next door. The pool party was in full swing and I had for some reason got a massive erection. I happened to be looking at Emma Logan’s swim suit, you could almost see right thru it and she smiled at me. My cock went to rock hard in about two second and I knew my swimsuit would not hide it at all. The only thing I could do was run to the vacant house next door and either take a cold shower or masturbate. I knew the owners of the house were at the party so I ran thru the front door and straight to master bath, opened the door and ran in and locked it behind me. I leaned back against the door relieved that I made it to here without anyone noticing my hard cock. Then I realized that I was not alone. Mrs. Albert was sitting on the toilet naked, her one piece suit was at my feet. “What is the big hurry, glad you locked the door so nobody else will burst in.” She said with a slur. She was buzzed, her drink was on the vanity. Mrs. Albert was my buddy’s mother. She was medium height, nice tits, wide hips, bottle blonde hair and now I could tell, a thick dark haired bush. She was skinny with a little poochie belly. Liz was her name and she stood up making no effort to hide her nakedness. My cock was still hard as nails and standing straight out the front of my baggy swim trunks. “Its not everyday a good looking young man urfa escort with a massive hard-on runs into my room while I am naked and horny and locks the door behind him and stands there breathing hard.” Liz said as she took another swig of her drink. Then she sat on the vanity and spread her legs and said “you better get over here and get some of this pussy before I find go someone else.” I should have just walked away but I had never had sex and at that moment my cock was so hard and I was so horny and I could not resist. Liz pulled me over to her. She started to kiss me as she fumbled to pull my pants down. Once the trunks were down she pulled closer to her, my cock lined up perfectly with her cunt, she guided me in. My cock slid easily into her wet snatch. My cock was happy to be inside her and I have to admit that it was an amazing feeling to be deep inside my buddies mom. I knew nothing about what I was to do or how to fuck. I just moved back and fourth slowly as Liz moaned. I looked at her tits and then down at her pussy and my wet cock. Her breathing and moaning all proved too much for me and pushed in as deep as I could and let loose a torrent of spunk flooding Liz’s womb. The sweet smell of pussy was now replaced with the pungent smell of sperm as I pulled my cock from Liz. “Damn boy, that is a lot of cum you pumped into me, was that escort urfa your first time?” Liz asked. “Well, yes” I murmured. “Well all right! You are my second first timer, come here and lets get you back in there so you can enjoy some more of your first pussy.” Liz took my semi limp cock and start to rub it up and down her gooey slit. My cock hardened right up and I pushed it back inside her wonderful pussy. This time I lasted longer, several minutes as opposed to the several seconds. But I did blow another huge load deep inside her again. This seemed to make Liz very happy. “Make sure you get it all in there.” She said as she stroked what little bit of my cock was not in her pussy. She pinched her pussy lips together as she got off the vanity and got her suit and put it on. Then she knelt down and licked some of the cum off me. “Any time you want some pussy just come and ask me.” Liz said as she walked out of the bathroom. I just got in the shower to get clean, dressed and went back to the party. I felt like a new man, having fucked Liz Albert twice. This me the confidence to go after Emma Logan, I now really wanted to fuck her and I knew just how to do it. For the week I kept thinking about fucking Liz again, after all, she did make the offer. I wondered if I could fuck both Emma and Liz, not at the same time but fuck them both on a regular urfa escort bayan basis. I decided to go to my buddies’ house. I knew no one but Liz would be there. She let me in, with a puzzled look. “You said the night of the party that I could come by anytime for sex, well I am here.” I said to Liz. “Oh that really happened? I had a good buzz going, was that your first time? I thought I might have dreamt that.” Liz replied. “I guess we could go for it now, no one will be home for a couple of hours. I can make it much better when I am not drunk.” Liz said with a smile. She led me to the bedroom and we both undressed. My cock was so hard it was throbbing. Liz had me lay on my back and she mounted me and started to fuck me real good. She was wet and her pussy smell filled the room and made my head swirl. “I love your cock and have thought about it a lot since that night. I am fixin to cum” Liz said as she continued to fuck me. She started to fuck me harder and grind down on me. Then she started to shudder and thrust about, I could not hold back any longer and started to pump her cunt full of my spunk. Liz collapsed on top of me, my cock still planted in her cunt. “Oh my, that caught me off guard, you can most certainly fuck me any time you want.” Liz purred. We laid like that for many minutes. My cock got hard again inside Liz and I just another flow into her, I don’t think she knew it. I started to fuck Liz as much as I could. I ended up fucking Emma also and was able to bang both women on a regular basis. I even got some other women also. That was the start of my fucking binge.

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