Mrs. Hill

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Mrs. HillShe was my granny’s neighbor. She was a fat elderly woman of about 65-70 with huge boobs and enormous ass. That summer I was helping my granny with the house and her neighbor Mrs. Hill often asked me to help her too. She lived alone, her husband died, and her relatives didn’t visit her often. Now and then I felt her looking at me in a strange way, but didn’t really pay attention to it at all. It was Sunday, I spent the whole day helping both of the ladies round the house, it was night, and I was damn tired. Mrs. Hill asked me and my granny to dine with her, but my granny said she was too tired to move, she said she would better go to bed earlier. I was pretty hungry so I decided to go and dine in Mrs. Hill’s house. I went to wash my hand. When I was alone in the bathroom I couldn’t help but jack off thinking about the last fuck I had with my ex-classmate. When I was about to go out of the bathroom the door flung open, it was Mrs. Hill, and she was absolutely naked. I bumped into her on the way out. She cupped her hands round my body and pressed me close against her big belly and huge sagging melons. All I was left to do was to cup my hands round her body but I couldn’t make my hands meet. I had seen older women naked when peeping in public loos and dressing rooms, but it was surely the first time I was so close to a naked elderly lady. She pressed her lips against my ear and whispered that when her husband was still alive he spent a lot of time daily fucking her twat or her asshole. She said nobody’d ever fucked her since her husband died, so she was missing a hot hard dick. She confessed she was dreaming of having sex with me, an 18-year-old young stud. So when she saw me jacking off several minutes ago she decided to ask me to screw her once. She promised she would keep everything in secret, she added that there was nothing shameful or wrong about it if we both wanted it. Her words and her elderly body (it was a woman’s body anyway!) made my dick get hard and poke at her chubby pubis covered by grey bush. I was aroused and said I would do everything she wanted. She started kissing my face, neck, shoulders, chest, and stomach. She got on her knees groaning and sucked on my penis at its full length. She was milking it by her wide mouth. Her caress made my cock harder and thicker. After sucking me well Mrs. Hill said her snatch didn’t suit me as it was too big for me, but her asshole was just perfect. Just thinking about anal sex made me hot and lustful. It was the first time a woman was asking me to drill her butt! I couldn’t even dream about it! Mrs. Hill got on her fours and turned her big butt at me. She lubricated her hole with some cream and spread the buttocks for me to see her stretched anus.- “Fuck me now! Can’t wait anymore!”I entered the hole rapidly and roughly. The dick got in at the full length smoothly. Mrs. Hill moaned or groaned something and shivered in orgasm. She was asking me to fuck her ass more. I was ramming her hot and wide rectum. First I thought I wouldn’t feel anything kaş escort special. Her anus was too stretched. Mrs. Hill told me later her husband had a very long cock. His friends cracked jokes calling him “three-legged guy”. She also told me she loved to masturbate packing her anus with something long and thick in diameter. After the first orgasm she decided to show me how she could satisfy me with the help of her insatiable butt. Her anus was pulsing all over. Those were very bright and sweet sensations making me lose control. Her asshole could squeeze my cock hard alone the stem or just massage the dickhead, or suck it inside. Bet not every sucker could do such things even with her mouth, not talking about the butt. I wished the fuck never stopped, but I was young and inexperienced, so I came in about five minutes pounding my pelvis against her flabby hips. Feeling young semen fill up her butt Mrs. Hill shivered and cried she started swaying her ass from side to side keeping milking me till I drained. Her big tits were sagging down to the floor swaying like two huge balloons. I came and flung myself on the floor by her side. My dick was still in her hole. I finally regained consciousness in about 20 minutes. Mrs. Hill was still lying by my side, she was smiling, even looking much younger her age. The cock was flaccid hiding between her cheeks. She looked like a happy woman who had just been fucked well. My hand moved along her white buttocks making them shake like jello. It was turning me on, and my cock got hard again. I spread her buttocks and stuck my phallus in her wet butthole. Mrs. Hill woke at once and moaned working her anus muscles again. It was fantastic! I lasted for about 10 minutes that time and came right in her bottomless ass. We climaxed simultaneously, she was crying and groaning. Since that day on Mrs. Hill asked my granny to let me help her round the house more and more often. My granny didn’t mind, she couldn’t even guess what was really going on between us. We locked the door and the orgy started… I fucked her everywhere I wanted, any hole I wanted and any time I wanted. She was a great dick sucker, she was great at jerking me off squeezing the cock between her huge soft breasts, or hips, or under armpits, or between the buttocks.I tried to fuck her snatch several times but she was right, it was too stretched and wide for me so I felt absolutely nothing. Mrs. Hill asked for fisting. I stuck my hand in her insides up to the elbow and made her cum massaging her womb with my fingers. Basically we always had anal sex, she was a real pro in it though she wasn’t young…. She could always make me wanna more. She taught me how to control myself and last for a pretty long time making both of us go crazy with bliss. When we had rest after another wild butt-fucking she told me the story of her life. She said she had her first anal experience when she was 18. Her family was poor, her dad died during the war. She had to use her butt to earn for living cuz she had 6 brothers and sisters. kaş escort bayan It was her mom who taught her everything. Her mother was too sick to become a prostitute, so it was Mrs. Hill who earned money for the whole family. Mother told her how to satisfy a man and stretched her butt with her fingers. She stuck a candle in her rectum to stretch it and get it ready for men’s dicks. It was painful to walk with a candle in the butt, but Mrs. Hill got used to the pain. Mother taught Mrs. Hill to rub her clit when having sex. They had a deal, the clients would only fuck her ass and her mouth. Mrs. Hill’s first client was an elderly man of about 60. He had a short but thick dick. The man told her to dress off and dressed off himself. He told her to suck his cock first. Mrs. Hill got on her knees and started licking the phallus like a lolly. It was her first oral sex ever. The dick got harder but not longer. Then she sucked on it. The man moaned and then told her to lie down on the bed. She lay on her back and spread her hips. She spread the buttocks and started rubbing the clit. The man entered her ass. The hot hard dick was much better than a candle. Soon Mrs. Hill started shivering, feeling chills up and down her spine. She wanted to prolong the bliss, so she started impaling herself on his cock. It lasted for about ten minutes, the first ten minutes of sex life. When the man came in her butt she even felt sorry it was over so soon. She really liked anal sex and was ready to have it 24\7. Her mother felt very sorry, thinking she was her daughter’s pimp, but Mrs. Hill assured her mom everything was fine and that she liked everything a lot. Mrs. Hill said she felt really proud that moment, she was earning her family’s living, she was a gown-up now. Soon Mrs. Hill learnt how to suck well, she knew how to sway her butt to make any man cum. All her clients were completely satisfied. She usually had 2-3 clients a day. There were men of all kinds fucking her butt – there were slim ones, and fat ones, old and young, rich and poor, black and white. Once her mother had a deal with a Mexican guy, and he came with two more men. They paid a lot of money and brought alcohol. They spent a lot of time drinking and eating. It was the time Mrs. Hill tried tequila, and she spitted it at once, she never drank tequila since that time on. Soon the three men started fucking Mrs. Hill’s mouth and butt. Their dicks were huge, she could hardly get them in her mouth and butt at full length. It hurt, but she liked it, pain made the fuck even sweeter. When each of them came in her rectum her mother wanted to ask them to go away, but they got angry. They tore off her clothes and started r****g her, all three of them. Two of them were holding her hands, while the third was trying to enter her butt. Mother hadn’t had sex for long, especially the anal one. So, the dick tore her ass. She was crying, but they never stopped. Mrs. Hill tried to protect her but they threatened her with a knife and told her to wait for her turn. The three escort kaş men had fun during the whole day and night. They were screwing both mother and daughter in turn. The women were exhausted and unable to cry, fight, or escape. The men left in a day. Mother had her butt torn, but as for Mrs. Hill, her anus was very stretched, the muscles couldn’t even contract, so there was a 2.5 inch hole between her buttocks. Most new clients when seeing her huge asshole refused to fuck it and told her to suck their cocks, sucking was less well paid. She was always trying to squeeze her muscles and soon she found out she could control her anal muscles. Mrs. Hill learnt fast and, thus, had more pleasure while sex she wanted to feel hard man’s flesh more and more often in her butt. Men loved her rectum and were ready to pay double price to cum in it. In a couple of years the family moved to another state. She fell in love with a guy there and he became the first man to drill her pussy. He couldn’t even imagine how many men had already fucked his girlfriend’s butt and mouth before him. When getting older she went to work at a small military base. There were very few women there, there was a doctor and several nurses there. Mrs. Hill was one of them. As there were a lot of young men they were really hungry for fuck. The soldiers asked nurses for “help”. One of the nurses was an elderly woman and she helped the guys the best way she could. She could satisfy five men at once. One of them was ramming her elderly pussy, another was owning her sagging butt, she was sucking a dick, and jerking two more dicks with her hands. Everyone was happy and satisfied. Those were secret meetings, of course, but she was really revered and respected by soldiers. There was also a young corporal who liked to spend time with her. He was fond of her fat butt. He could spend the whole night packing her stretched hole with his huge shaft. The nurse was unable to have sex after his visits for about two days. Young solders hated him for that. They referred to those two days as to “special period”. When Mrs. Hill joined the base the corporal started to spend all his time with her.He became her husband then. After his military service they moved in that small town and lived here till he died. Mrs. Hill’s husband was always ready to fuck her 3-4 times a day. She didn’t mind. Her rectum was absolutely insatiable for his cock. We were lovers for about 7 years. I had a girlfriend, but anyway I couldn’t help but call on Mrs. Hill and fuck her whenever I had time. She was always happy to see me. She hugged me then got on her knees, undid my pants, and started sucking my stem. When it was ready I turned her round and entered her anus. We could have several times in the row. It was weird but in about a year my dick started getting larger in size, Mrs. Hill told me it was even huger than her husband’s. So I tried to fuck her snatch. And guess what! I reached her womb and fucked it really hard. None of my girlfriends could get my dick in her pussy or her butt at its full length. So it was pretty difficult for me to find a girlfriend then. But finally I got lucky. The girl had hypertrophied vagina and anus, so my dick was the only one that could satisfy her in full.

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