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MumMumI don’t know how it all started…..well that’s not true….I do…..I was part of it.It was one morning when I was laying in bed. Jenny, my long term partner, had left for work and as I didn’t have any commitments until later in the day I was having a lay-in. The tv was on and I was idly watching the news when my mother came in with two cups of tea, one for each of us. She sat on the edge of the bed and watched with me then said‘Budge up, it’s a bit chilly out here.’ indicating that she wanted to get into the bed with meI was bit perturbed about this as she only had on a thin nighty and I was naked under the duvet.It was my house into which Jenny had come a few years earlier and turned it into a comfortable home . My mother arrive about two years ago shortly after my father died although we both expected her to move in with Don, a man of similar age with whom she had been having a discreet affair for some years before my fathers’ demise. We didn’t mind, the house was big enough and she was quite a help especially with the cooking at which neither Jenny nor myself excelled. In addition Jenny worked hard at her job and sometimes long hours and being self-employed my hours were very unpredictable and erratic so mum kept an eye on the housework and laundry for us. At the time mum was 68 and I was 43, 2 years older than Jenny. During my formative years at home I had always had a good open relationship with my mother and could talk to her about practically anything. Not so with my father who had quite a reserved nature and was difficult to approach about anything he considered sensitive or awkward.It was mum who had told me about sex, what happened between men and women and how good it was, and allayed my guilt about masturbation which I practiced frequently, even going as far as to ensure I had a regular supply of tissues in my room and emptying the waste bin frequently. She did draw lines though and although I tried often to see her naked I never did and to the best of my knowledge she never saw me wanking off though she knew I did so regularly.I suspected also that Don wasn’t the only man she had fucked during her marriage. Sometimes when I got home from school and she wasn’t there she would come in looking a bit flushed and say she was just going to freshen up before dad got home, then I would hear the shower going for a few minutes. She would then come downstairs in fresh clothes and hastily push some clothes into the washing machine and close the door. She rarely put it on immediately and whenever the opportunity presented itself I could take the clothes out and examine her panties. Almost always they were stained and wet with the very recogniseable aroma of semen. How I loved the smell and taste on them, a fetish that has lasted to this day.At 68 there was nothing remarkable about mum, she was a typical granny type woman who dressed conservatively and gave little away about her sexual nature, but she was alluring and was sometimes the object of my masturbation fantasies. I knew what her body was like from the photographs Don had taken and showed me in exchange for me showing him Jenny’s. He lusted after Jen and having seen my mother’s body, I canlı kaçak bahis wanted her but never thought it would become a reality. She was quite chubby I suppose you would call it with largish breasts which sagged nicely towards her belly, but it was her cunt that turned me on most, fleshy and wet with a good growth of hair round it stretching almost from her navel to her little brown hole at the back. It was a mature cunt, the sort you knew would smell and taste ripe and delicious, the sort you want to bury your face in to feel the hair spread her moisture all over it, a cunt that had been often and well used by many penises throughout her life.So here she was scantily dressed wanting to get into bed with her naked son who harboured very dirty thoughts about her.Jenny and I had fucked the night before and had fallen asleep naked as was usually the case, and I could still detect a coolish damp patch on her now vacant side of the bed. Before I could say anything mum had pulled the duvet back and seen my nudity and smiled before getting in beside me. She shuffled across towards me saying it was warmer on my side adding afterwards that it was a bit drier too!To say I was embarrassed would be an understatement but she just gave me a smile and turned her attention to the television seemingly ignoring the fact that her nighty had ridden up some as she got into bed and I now had a lot of her naked body pressed against mine. Although she wasn’t showing the slightest embarrassment herself, the proximity of her warm flesh soon started to have an effect on me and despite all my efforts to control it I started to get an erection. The way we were laying together it was very obvious she could feel it but she never moved or acknowledged it as it began pressing into her leg. I went to move away but she just looked at me and smiled and moved against me again but this time it was resting on top of her thigh not pressing against it. I lay as still as I could but was tensed up because of the situation and then I felt something happening that made me inwardly cringe.I knew I was going to cum. The warmth and closeness of her body, her smell and the sheer eroticness of it all was having an effect on me and I knew my orgasm was inevitable. I closed my eyes and hoped she wouldn’t notice it but I have always been a heavy cummer and knew she would. As I started she turned her face to me and quickly put her arm under my head and pulled me to her.‘Oh god mum I’m so sorry!’ I gasped between spurts trying to pull away.‘Shhhhh.’ is all she said pulling me close.I tried to get up but she held me tight and told me to rest for a minute.‘You should never get up so soon afterwards.’ she said softly, ‘Just relax.’‘But mum…..’‘Shhhhh. I know. Just relax for a while.’‘I’m so sorry….I didn’t mean for that to happen.’She just smiled and turned back to the television still holding me close.It was a few minutes before she disengaged herself and lifted the duvet. My sperm was all over her thigh and some had soaked into her nighty and some was smeared on the duvet.‘I think I’d better get cleaned up don’t you?’ she said as she gingerly got out of bed.‘Oh mum I am so sorry.’ I was casino firmalari mortified.‘Don’t be.’ she said leaning over to touch my cheek, ‘these things happen sometimes.’She turned and walked to the door.‘But….’‘We’ll talk later.’As she turned to walk out I noticed a darker wet patch on the back of her nighty just where her bum had been that was nowhere near my spunk. My mother had got turned on!-o-o-About half an hour later having showered and dressed I went down to the kitchen hoping that mum wasn’t there but she was.‘I’ve made us another cup of tea,’ she said pointing at the table, ‘the other one seemed to go cold.’ she said with a smile.‘Look mum I’m………’‘Let’s sit down and drink it before this one goes the same way.’As we did she reached across the table and put her hand on mine.‘Look, I don’t want you to feel embarrassed in any way,’ she said quietly, ‘it happened but a quick wash and who’s to know it ever did.’‘I can’t believe you‘re taking it so calmly.’She laughed gently.‘What do you expect me to do, rant and rave at you? I’ve always known you had a good sex drive, remember when you lived at home?’I nodded.We sat in silence for a minute drinking the tea.‘I heard you both last night you know.’ It was a simple statement but one that caused me to bury my face in my hands.‘Oh mum.’‘Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I love hearing you two having sex.’ Her voice dropped a little. ‘It turns me on and I get to share in it as well.’I was crimson faced.‘What do you mean?’‘My little plastic friend in the bedside drawer?’‘You mean…..?’She nodded‘You mean you’re using a vibrator while I’m fucking Jenny?’‘Oh yes.’ she said very softly, ‘it’s too difficult not to, knowing what you are doing.’I was speechless. Jenny and I had been unwittingly providing my mother with stimulation and we hadn’t realized it. We always kept our bedroom door closed and tried to keep quiet knowing she was there but obviously not quiet enough. I groaned softly with embarrassment.‘How long?’ I asked‘Since just after I moved in.’ she said candidly her cheeks reddening a little.So for just about two years mum had been getting off on the sound of our love-making. I was beginning to find it hard to take it all in.‘Oh mum.’ was all I could say.We sat in silence for a while then I asked‘What about Don? Why did you come here instead of living with him?’ I went on hastily, ‘Don’t get me wrong we love having you here it’s just that we wondered….’ I tailed off lamely.‘Don’s ok,’ she smiled, ‘in fact he’s more than that ok, he’s a bloody good fuck!’I was astonished at her language.‘He makes me cum so much he wears me out!’ she laughed out loud‘Mother!’‘Oh don’t be so prudish John, we’re both adults.’ she admonished, ‘and don’t forget I can hear you and Jenny through that thin wall! You’ve got nothing to tell me off about!’Now it was my turn to blush even more than I was. Certainly we never held back when we were fucking and both used language as crude as any dockhand or prostitute.‘I’ve love it when you’re pretending to be other people,’ she grinned, ‘you’re both pretty good at it!’‘Mother! Please!’‘If your father could have been like that I would never have gone elsewhere.’ she sighed casino şirketleri wistfully.The conversation was completely surreal. He was I discussing with my mother the sort of things that would never crop up in a conversation between a mother and son but she was so open and matter of fact about it. I didn’t know what was more embarrassing, the events in bed or sitting here talking to her now, but I knew it wouldn’t be left there.‘So why not Don?’‘Well…..apart from him wanting sex anywhere and at any time he just wasn’t the man for a fulltime relationship. He’s very kind and wants me with him but I wouldn’t feel comfortable being there too long. A couple of days at a time are enough.’‘And,’ she went on, ‘you’ve made me feel so comfortable and welcome here……and I can have my sex at my own pace not his.’She suddenly changed tack.‘Didn’t you know about my toy?’ she asked, ‘Jenny did.’ She looked at me coyly. ‘She’s borrowed it a few times. Perhaps she forgot to mention it.’ She was looking at me over her cup.Just when I thought nothing else could surprise me she dropped this on me, my partner, my sexually active and inventive partner, had been masturbating with my mothers’ vibrator.‘Oh fuck!’ I groaned.‘Perhaps it’s best she isn’t aware you know. It might cause problems because she asked me to keep it a secret.’‘Why?’ ‘I think she is a little bit embarrassed by it, for her it is something private, just for her own pleasure.’‘I thought we were fine, aren’t I enough for her?’She smiled.‘I would have thought so judging from what I hear on a regular basis! But everyone has secrets even from those they love.’ She looked pointedly at me when she said that.‘What?’ I said raising my eyebrows.‘You know very well what I mean.’ she said knowingly.I had a pretty good idea what she was talking about but didn’t dare mention it in case I was wrong.‘Do I have to spell it out for you? The wash-basket? My panties?’I closed my eyes cringing inwardly. She laughed softly.‘It’s a good thing I do the washing in this house!’ then her voice got a little more serious. ‘But do be careful. When you’ve finished with them bury them under some other clothes not leave them on the top. I’m surprised Jenny hasn’t seen them.’Although I was sure she wouldn’t flip it was better perhaps that Jen didn’t know, nor that I enjoyed sniffing and licking hers as well.She paused.‘Perhaps better still put them back in my room afterwards if they’re very wet…..but not on the bed.’‘Oh god mum, please!’‘What is it you like about them so much?’‘Mum!’‘Is it because they have been against my cunt all day; is it the smell and the stains from there? I know you’ve always liked them ever since you were growing up.’‘Oh mum please!’She giggled as she went on.‘When I used to check the washing before I put the machine on there always seemed to be a lot more cum in them than had come out of me!.Suddenly it was if she could see how embarrassed I and reached across to put her hand on the back of mine.‘I don’t mind John, I really don’t, in fact I used to feel quite flattered that you thought I was that attractive. I suppose I still do really…….but,’ she stood up took the cups as she continued, ’perhaps next time I bring you a cup of tea up you won’t waste it all over my leg!’On her way round she bent over and kissed the top of my head and as she walked to the sink I stared at her back with my mouth hanging open. Was she offering me what I thought she was?

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