Mummy’s Boy

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Mummy’s BoyA few days had passed since the first experience of sex with family and I could tell we were all still getting used to the idea. My sister and I seemed more comfortable around each other however I noticed my brother wasnt the same with her and looked uneasy and I myself was like that with my mother. The feeling when your never sure where your eyes should be when looking at her. I knew deep down she wouldnt have bothered however instinct stops you. The day after our first experience with it all my Father decided he wanted to keep what we do with each other private and that we were to pester one another asking “have you done this?” or “have you tried that with her/him”. I could see his point however it would help us be at more ease.I came home and walked into the kitchen where my Mother was standing naked, making some food. Being nudist I didnt bother too much and it wasnt a shock to see her with nothing on. After greeting her I went to me room and got more comfortable, stripping down to my boxers and headed back down to the kitchen. In the kitchen my mother was sitting eating and I sat down across the table from her. After talking for a few minutes the topic suddenly switched to my sister. She asked me if I had fun with her. I told her that it was amazing and that I loved every second, after the awkward mersin escort moment at the start was over with. My mother laughed and agreed that the first few moments were uneasy and took somem getting used to but once you get into it you forget and just think “its just sex”. I totally agreed with her comment however was a bit taken aback when she asked if I fancied doing something with her right there, right now.No one else was in the house however before answering Beth got up and moved around to my end of the table and pulled me up. She said “come on its just sex” to try and put me at ease so I just decided to go with the flow and see where it led for us both. She kissed me gently on the lips and moved to my neck. The kissing started to get me hard and she noticed as she pressed her stomach against my hard cock. Before wasting another second she went down to her knees and pulled my boxers completely down to get them off. Elizabeth then took my cock in her hand and started to slowly stroke it up and down the shaft ebfore licking the tip of the head. While down on her knees she hinted that my brother hadnt fully satisfied her the other night and that she expected more stamina from him. I laughed however soon stopped as she put my cock into her mouth deep and slowly sucked back up to the tip.After letting escort mersin her suck on my cock she stopped and got back up to her feet. She bent over the table and teasingly invited me over. I got down on my knees and licked her pussy with my nose pressing up against her ass. I tried to do it as I had with my sister a few days before and it seems to work for my Mother with her moanin and wriggling on the table. I stopped and got up to my feet knowing what was going to come next. I asked her about a condom however She said she didnt mind. I insisted that we should use one however Beth got rather forceful and said we dont need one as she cant have any more k**s. Before I got to reply she said “Just stick it in me and fuck me”. I was shocked at the demand but didnt need to be told twice and pushed my cock into her making her shout out “oh yeah”I came to the conclusion that she really wanted a good hard session so attempted to give her just that from the moment my cock entered her moist pussy. I held onto her hips as I thrusted and in and out of her trying to get as deep as I could with every single insertion. Going by the little screams and moans that she was making I could tell that I was doing what she wanted. My hands wandered up her back and round onto her breasts as she moved up from the table a little. mersin escort bayan My hands filled with her breasts as I kept pounding away listning to our skin slapping together with every thrust into her. My pace did begin to take a dip however Elizabeth stopped me and sat up on the table so that we were face to face. I plunged my cock back into her and begin to really bring up the pace to where we were before. She was screaming and moaning really loudly, lucky that no one else was in. The table itself was making noise at how rough we were however before long I could feel me getting closer and closer to cumming.I let Beth know that I was getting close to cumming but she simply shouted out “cum inside me, cum inside me”. As I kept on fucking her as hard as I could she started telling me she wanted my cum inside her over and over as she had an orgasm, almost screaming as I kept going. After a few minutes I felt the cum burst out of me into her. I left my cock inside as I pumped some hot cum into her before slowly pulling out. I spotted a dribble of cum exit her and drip down off her pussy to the floor. Beth quickly put her hand down and felt it and told me to get something so that she could clean it up. As she stood up the cum started to come down a little on her thigh which I found extremly hot befor she cleaned it all up joking “how much cum did you have”. A few minutes afterwards we shared a little kiss before she said thank you. She then went off for a shower to clean up properly leaving me alone to think about what had just happend between us.

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