mummy’s frosty nipples

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mummy’s frosty nipplesFROSTY NIPPLESIt was a cold winter’s day. The snow was the proverbial crisp deep and even. I watched my wife as she waddled through the snow beside me. The fact that she was 8 months pregnant accounted for the duck walk. I noticed that her massive pendulous tits were doing their best to escape from the tight jumper she wore. They had always been big causing furtive stares from other men, but now they had doubled in size and men were looking over their shoulders to get a good view. Her nipples teased by the cold were sticking out and it was obvious that the cold was having an effect elsewhere. She looked uncomfortable. She looked over and said “oh oh junior is pressing on mummy’s bladder and I need to pee badly”. She began to cross her legs and jiggle up and down on the spot. I said “we’re too far from the car and anyway there are no toilets around here” She looked at me pleadingly and whined “I don’t want to wee myself it would be too humiliating.” Ever the pragmatist I offered “look just go behind a tree. Ive seen you piss before you even pissed on me once if I remember right”. “Yes but I was drunk then and now I have this big fat belly to carry around”. I felt my heart give a little jolt as I remembered her squatting over my face and calling me a bastard as she unleashed a torrent of yellow piss over my face chest and cock. Ah happy days I mused. Then I had an idea. “what about the maxi pads you carry around in your handbag to keep your pants dry when you get overly wet from the vaginal mucus. She smiled and said genius I’ll just slip one in my knickers have a piss and no one will see me naked.I said look there’s a tree over there we’ll be screened and I’ll help you. She was wearing a thick pair of black woollen tights with knee length leather boots and a short black karabük escort skirt that hugged her arse and fat thighs. I looked around to make sure we had some privacy and she opened her handbag and unfurled the pad. She tried to lower her tights but couldn’t get under the skirt as her bump got in the way. She hissed as she tried to keep herself from urinating. Please help me she pleaded. I hooked my hands under her skirt and pulled down her tights and pants in one swift motion. She handed me the maxi pad and said quick the cold air on my vagina is too much. I quickly held the maxi pad in her crotch and was rewarded with the hot sensation of pee filling the pad. It got hotter and heavier as she emptied her bladder. I could see her trying to stop so that the pad could be fitted onto the gusset of her pants and she could have then pulled them back up but her muscles were weak and she just kept pissing. Some of her piss was leaking onto my hand. I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean. She looked at me with a strange expression. So you like the taste of mummy’s pee do you dirty git. On your knees and clean me properly. It’s your fault anyway dragging me into the snowy country for a walk.I knelt and she turned to face me removed the pad and I got a mouthful of urine soaked pubic hair and cunt lips. It tasted salty and was still hot from her body. I sucked and licked. She must have had a bit left as she squeezed her stomach muscles and a dribble ran down my chin onto my jacket. She then took the maxi pad and offered it to my face come on suck my cunt pad she ordered. I complied and sucked the cotton and paper pad. The piss tasted tangy and faintly of fish. I stuck to my task until I could not get any more from the absorbent gauze pad. I could see how aroused she was now. Her karabük escort bayan cunt lips were protruding and the veiled hood of her clitoris betrayed the delights within as her lady penis poked out. I began to lick and suck her clitoris running it in and out of my mouth like a miniature blow job. I reached up to play with her tits. I knew this would bring her off even quicker. Her nipples were rock hard and I had no trouble reaching the pendulous duggits. They were heavy with milk and I could feel them start to leak onto her jumper. She noticed too. “Oh shit this is a new jumper and bra I don’t want them spoilt”. I felt her raising my head to her chest and one breast was offered from under the jumper. I could see the nipples were free flowing with milk and two tiny streams of milk were watering and melting the snow. I quickly inserted my mouth over the nipple and sucked for all I was worth. I then released the pressure on the other before finishing the job properly. The reward was a pint of hot sweet breast milk. She slipped the now empty tit back into her bra and released the other. I manfully swallowed the second pint feeling the milk squirt on my tongue and on the back of my throat as I took the breast as deep down my throat as I could. The liquid tickled down my throat in small squirts. Finally the onerous task (not) was completed and with a wistful sigh she popped the other breast back into her bra. By now my cock was fully extended and was painfully trapped in my trousers. I need to fuck you I asked hoarsely. You know we can’t cause of the baby it might hurt it. I turned her around and fished in her bag for the anal cream I knew she used to ease her piles. I squirted a dollop on my cock and sunk my entire length in one clean movement deep into her bowel. Her sphincter escort karabük offered the minimum of resistance as she accommodated my nine incher into her secret hole. We’d been having anal for about three month so she was well trained in relaxing herself and she pushed back onto me so my balls banged against her cunt. She began to frig herself as I pounded her arse. Spreading the cheeks and I watched with fascination as each thrust vanished into her arse hole only to appear on the back stroke. Sheer bliss. I could feel her breathing becoming ragged and the combination of a clitoral and anal orgasm had her gasping for breath. I grunted as I deposited 3 weeks worth of spunk into her shitter. I slowly withdrew and was rewarded with a spurt of spunk from her anus and an anal cream pie. I lowered myself down and rimmed her clean sucking the spunk I had just deposited. The taste of pile cream and faint taste of shit flavoured my man juice as I swallowed it down like a good husband. I turned her around and looked at her big fat belly and her creamy white thighs exposed down to her boots and pulled down tights. Her knickers slightly stained with piss I ran my hand over and between her legs inserting two fingers into her vagina. I massaged her g spot and I could see she was a bit reluctant. She knew where this led and she looked enquiringly. Are you sure you want to make me squirt. I won’t be held responsible for your jacket and hair if you keep going. I redoubled my efforts. Using the come here action to bring her juices to the fore. The wetness ran down my hnd as she oozed vaginal fluid. Suddenly she groaned and a hot clear liquid sprayed over my hand face and jacket. Squirt after squirt ejected from her cunt and she lost control of her legs. She sunk to her knees clinging onto me as her body was wracked with pleasure. The stream gradually spent onto the snow leaving a faint yellow creamy hole in the snow. I helped her back into her underwear and kissed her and smoothed her hair until she had composed herself enough and we headed back to the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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