My 4sum with my Mom, Grandmom and Aunt

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My 4sum with my Mom, Grandmom and AuntSo if you read the last story about me and my mom and my grandmom then this is part 2 of this amazing weekend.So while we we’re in the country we didn’t do much…but what we did do was fuck and we did a lot of that…So the one night came along and I wish sitting in the living room on the couch watching TV. While my mom and my grandmom were in the kitchen cooking…Now from my seat on the middle of the couch you could turn your head to the left and see the kitchen and vice versa. So while I’m looking in the kitchen I can’t help but stare at my grandmom’s and my mom’s fat asses.My mom was wearing tight booty shorts that hugged her fat black ass so good. Then my grandmom had on black tights that hugged her ass so good you could slightly see her bright pink thong deep in her ass crack.So while staring at this excellent sight I heard the doorbell rung and I snapped out the trance I was in while starring at theses fat ass cheeks…my grandmom told me to go answer the door… so I got up and opened the door and I was greeted by a smiling face that I didn’t recognize at first…Then I realized it was my aunt Catherine who I haven’t seen since I was about 5 years old… (I was 17 when all this happened)So when she hugged me all I felt was her big perky breast up against my chest…I don’t exactly what size they were but they were at least a 34DD and I’m guessing they were perky because she didn’t have any k**s…So after the hug I told her my mom and grandmom were in the kitchen so I sat back down on the couch and as my aunt walked past I caught I glimpse of her ass…it wasn’t bigger than my moms or my grandmom’s it was still nice but her tits were very nice…nicer then my moms and my grandmom’s…So while they were all in the kitchen they were giggling then they all looked at me then just aksaray escort gave me a devilish smile…so then I wondered why they did that but I didn’t think about it too long …Then before I knew it dinner was ready so while we ate we were all catching up on old times and I caught my aunt starring at me biting her lip… and I kept wondering why she was doing that but it still didn’t dawn on me yet what her intentions were.So after dinner I went to grab a shower so while I was showering I could my mom and grandmom laughing so I figured that when I got out I wouldn’t need to wrap my towel around me…So I didn’t…So I walked threw the hallway ass naked letting my 10 inch black dick just swing in the breeze…But what happened next was crazy…I walked into the room I was in and my aunt was in there… so I asked her why she was in the room…and her answer was she wanted to see what I looked like naked cause I grew up nicely …“Well what do you think auntie?”“I think I want that big dick in this wet pussy nephew!”“Well come get it sexy.”Then my aunt stood up and took off her shirt then her bra…then I was staring at her perky tits with the sexiest medium sizes nipples I ever seen…and I seen a lot of sexy nipples…Then I pulled down her pants and panties in one shot…then I sat on the bed and admired her body then I closed my eyes for a split second and she was down on her knees taking my dick deep into her mouth sucking me good and slow…Swirling her tongue on the head of my dick and licking inside of my piss slit…Then she licked down the sides of my dick while tickling my balls…“OOOOOHHHH FUCK!!!! I moaned”…I was sure they heard me down stairs but I didn’t give a fuck this head was just too good…The head was so good I felt myself almost about to cum deep in my aunt’s throat so I took her head off of escort aksaray my dick and kissed her passionately are tongues wrestling …Then I stood her up pushed her on the bed got on my knees and began to repay the favorI took in the smell of her sweet pussy then I began to eat it like I was starving…I licked her clit and her wet labia and tongue fucked her pussy without stopping“OOHH FUCK BABY…YESSSSSS EAT THIS WET PUSSY!” my aunt Mandy screamed…I guess by us screaming in pleasure me and my aunt weren’t going to keep this a secret from my mom and grandmom …I’m glad we didn’t…After making my aunt cum in my mouth several times…it was time to give her the dick…So I stood up flipped her on her stomach and put my dick in her… soaking…dripping…wet pussy from the backThen I started pumping hard making her fat black ass clap on my thighs and letting my balls smack up against her pussy coating them in her cum…Then I felt this warm liquid running down my legs and realized she was cumming and it was running from my dick…to my balls…to my thighs…and down my leg…“YES BABY FUCK THIS FILTHY WET PUSSY….FUCK ANUTIE MANDY HARDER!!!” she screamed while I forcefully rammed my dick deep inside her…My dick was so deep inside her it I swear she could feel it in her gut…Then when my aunt Mandy stopped moaning I heard noise from downstairs…so I decided to go check it out…So I told my aunt to stand up…then I picked her up and fucked her while she was in my arms then I stopped fucking her and I carried her down the steps …Keeping my dick deep in her pussy…When we got downstairs we saw my grandmom holding a strap on while she at my mom’s pussy…“Put it on grandmom and fuck her while I fuck aunt Mandy.”Then grandmom got the strap-on on real quick and bent my mom over the table and proceed to fuck her pussy slow with aksaray escort bayan nice deep strokes…Then I pushed my aunt over the table and fucked her hard and deep in her pussy causing her pain and pleasure while my grandmom just gave my mom pleasure…“Let’s switch Grandmom” I said…Then I went over to my mom and started fucking her pussy hard and deep while my grandmom fucked her other daughter nice and slow…After about 45 minutes of orgasmic fucking my grandmom said something crazy…“Mandy go upstairs and go get my other strap-on I got and idea…”“Ohh yes mom keep fucking my wet pussy please before I go…” my aunt Mandy said“Go get it now!” my grandmom said in her stern voice…So my aunt went to go get it…so while she was getting the other strap-on my grandmom forced her strap-on into my moms mouth and started fucking her face hard…10 minutes later my aunt Mandy came back with the strap-on hooked up around her waist…what happened next was fucking ridiculousWe all laid on the floor and I stuck my hard dick deep in my aunt Mandy’s ass …Then my aunt took her strap on and forced it into my grandmom’s ass…Then my grandmom put her strap-on deep into my mom’s pussy…And we all started fucking each other having the best sex of my fucking lifeJust from the sight would have made me cum but I tried to hold it in to enjoy this giant fuckfest…At first we were fucking at different paces which were making it hard to keep myself inside my aunt’s ass…Then we all managed to get on the same rhythm and we were all moaning and groaning and after 10 minutes of us all fucking each other I felt my self about to cum…So I got out of my aunts and I stood up over all of them and sprayed my hot white cum all over my grandmom , my mom and my aunt Mandy…Then I laid back on the floor with my family while they all licked my cum off each other….When it was all gone we laid on the floor holding each other…Damn I love my family…im so glad my mom has 7 sisters I already fucked 2 hopefully I can fuck the others…(comment and rate if i should tell the rest of my family sex secrets)

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