My aunts in the bathroom

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My aunts in the bathroomAt 15, My hormones were in a rage. Any alone time I had was filled with masturbation.Any other alone time was spent drawing pictures of the two women in my life who literally gave me the best sexual fantacies A young man could ever dream of. Not only that but they are sisters & live in the other half of our half a double house.I’ll never forget when I was just a young boy going through their bras & panties bringing the lingerie up to my wondering nose to smell the sweet scent of the inside of their bras’ knowing full well this as close as I could get to actually sucking on my aunts tits. I even used to hump their beds till I came & didn’t clean up after myself so that when they would get into their beds that night, they’d be laying in the remainder of the dampness that was my sperm.That was before they moved in next door. That was a day I fell over in dissbelief. Now the 2 sisters (my aunts) were on my playing feild.Nothing really happened for a couple of years. I guess I sort of went dorment on that fantasy due to dating girls & having fun with friends. Until the summer of 1983 when I started to notice alot of changes in myself. I’d be in our bathroom looking out the window while sitting on the toilet. Being on the 2nd floor can have it’s advantages especially when your ultimate fantacy of your own flesh & blood aunt is on her knees directly one story below gardening in the flower bed. She was compleatly involved in her tasks not noticing that I was staring at her gigantic suckulent tits swaying back & forth to & fro in that ripped up & haggard tank top she wore just for gardening. When she bent over you could see everything and I was loving it, so much I started digging up the flower bed just so I could watch her on a regular basis. She’d ask me if I’d seen the little critter that was doing this. I smirk and say no but if you do don’t be too hard on him.The drawings began about this time. I drew them naked of course. Aunt Doe’s tits were as I like to explain it in a dirty sexy way “Hustler” like Aunt Sandy was “Playboy like” Aunt Do had what I call fantastic torpedo tits. I would also draw them in lesbian situations with me included. I must have drawn at least 50 very erotic pictures of them. One day I came to the conclusion that I needed to see if my drawings were acurate. My plan was to see them naked for myself. Up till now I’d only seen Aunt Sandy’s georgeous cleavage…Alot of cleavage, damn near full frontal, And one Thanksgiving Doris took off her shirt at the table revaling her huge bra. She said she was hot from the wine. I wanted to tell her I was hot for her.I had to do something , I had to know. I figured out that since the 2 bathrooms were located muğla escort at the same end of the house separated by a not so thick wall. Under the vanity I went were as a k** had made that my fort. Now it’s going to be an observation room were the mysteries of my mind will be answered. I took my dads drill & drilled a hole through the wall just underneath their vanity top, knowing that it would have to be hidden & out of sight. All I had to rely on was how long they would stand infront of the mirror with the vanity doors open so I could have full view. Luckly no one was home but me when I started my project.It was getting late in the day , I knew that both aunts were due home from work soon as well as my parents. I had a key for my aunts side,so I quickly ran over to clean up any dust or shavings on their bathroom floor. The sun was setting & my anticipation was growing.I knew from living right next to them what thier patterns were.After supper I went up to my room and did some homework,played some video games and feverishly waitedfor 7o’clock. 7pm. Is when Aunt doe would go upstairs to her bedroom and then go to the bathroom to get ready for lounging in her housecoat before bed. All I had to do was listen for the footsteps. Ah ha she was finally in her room which ment it was time for me to sneek off to our bathroom and lock the door and get under the vanity for the show. I peered through the hole. The light came on. I could see movement through the cabinet doors. She opened the vanity door and walked away. My heart was beating hard, sweat was starting to run down my brow.I heard the flush of her toilet. I saw movement again only to reveal the first installment of my fantasy questionair. There as I gazed in amazement was her beutiful thighs and her georgeous pussy.My Aunts have always been in great shape, but what I was seeing for the first time were legs of a playboy milf.with much anticipation I was hoping to see more than just her lower torso, but thats all that was revealed that night and a show lasting only 7 minutes. I had to retreat instead of waiting for the aunt Sandy show which was next. I heard a knock at the door. My mother had to use the bathroom. Oh God I thought , what if she sees my raging hard on. I said give me a minute.Back to my room I went overwhelmed & dissapointed. Just then I could hear footsteps next door coming up the steps & heading for her bathroom.Luckly My mom was finished in our bathroom and heading down our steps. Quickly I jetted down the hall to our bathroom & assumed my position. I swear I heard angels singing when the light on her side came on. It was aunt Sandy singing. The door came open right away. I knew this was going to be a good escort muğla show and it was. This moment felt like Fastimes at Ridgemont high when Phobe Kates comes out of the water slowly.Aunt sandy stood directly infront of my veiw revealing her beutiful thighs and her wet pussywhich she began to powder and spent some time doing just that which made me cum in my pants.The show lasted for about 10 min. the light went out and she was gone. I was spent. She may or may not have been playing with her pussy but who cares, it was hot to watch your own aunt rub her cunt in front of you with out her knowing.A few weeks went by until I had gotten bored with the lower torso shots ,so I was on the campain to further my studies. I spent some time over on my aunts side of the house visiting & making frequent visits to their bathroom. I saw that some molding was loose on the cieling. I had an idea. Only this one would be alot mre complicated because it involved our attic and their cieling. The last night of my prepardness I ended my visit with the two milfs by hugging them hard th feel their unbraed tits against my chest. I think they liked it especially aunt Doe. Her nipples would always pertrude her almost seethrough housecoat.Now ya know why I visited at night. Aunt Doe would sometimes make sexual refferences at me in a k**ding way. I wish I could have been smarter to give her the opportunity to advance if she wanted to teach me. She could have been my first if she wanted the honor, I’d gratefully give it to her.A woman of 47 teaching a 15 year old.Wow. Never happened though. Saturday morning, everyone was gone , out on errands. I was asked to tag along but this was my only chance to finish my puzzle. I quickly gathered up a saw, Hammer,drill &a pry bar.Sawed out the floor just big enough for my head. Then drilled a hole at an angle just enough th breack through to the plasterboared on their side. All that was between me & my fantasy now was a peice of wall paper. A slight tear in the wall paper & history will be made.I had to wait the rest of the weekend out,but I knew it would be well worth it.Monday morning came and I usually got up for school by 7am but today I woke up at 5am to take my post in the attic. My dad always left by 4:45am ,momby 5am. So I was in great shape plenty of time to fulfill my fantacy & get ready for school.The bathroom light came on. For the first time I was looking straight down at her. Aunt Doris was the first through the doorshe then closed the door behind her. This was a defining moment for me. I was about to see what I have been waiting for my whole life. She was in her light green house coat.She then exited the room for a minute. She came back sporting her muğla escort bayan black high heels still wearing the house coat. My tongue dropped out of my mouth. She then opened up her house coat revealing everything I’d hope to see. Those massive torpedo tits with small nipplesbouncing with her every move. My God I thought what a beutiful angel. As I scanned over her georgeous body I noticed her thick healthy thighs and that beutiful patch of pussy.There she stood looking ito the mirror stark naked only wearing her high heels. I didn’t deserve this sight. Her size 38c tits were sraying as she was applying her makeup. It was so sexy to watch her walk around naked in those black high heels. She then put on her wrist watch and pearl neck lace. You could have killed me at this point & I would have ben ok with that.Then she began dressing. When her bra went on I knew this awesome show was over. That was only show #1. Show #2 is still underway.I took a slight break. My head was kind of sore from being cramped in that position.I heard the footsteps of my Aunt Sandy coming down the hall. The light came on ….Showtime. She started running the water for a hot shower. She undressed but the steam from the shower clouded up my glasses. I would have to wait till she was out of the shower. I waited. Finally the water shut off, now the moment of truth.The shower curtain was slung back. but she was drying herself off with a towel. Damn it. Then she hung up the towel, turned around to face my direction. At that moment I thought I drilled a hole in floor with my dick. Sandy was in her late 30’s at that time. She looked like a fucking playmate centerfold I k** you not.Her georgeous 36b tits were firm and subtle. Very nice round nipples & not like aunt Does’ nipples. Hers were about quarter size where as Doris’s were small and pointy. Both very sexy. Sandy ststed to sing again which really enlightend the whole expirence.She too was wearing her high heels and nothing else. My mouth was so dry by this point. I just wanted to climb through the wall & fuck the shit out of her. Her sexy curly red hair, her pouty beutiful lips, her shapely thighs , & her georgeous pussy.Yep I was getting the grand on core. I don’t even remember her leaving the room as I layed there in a daze comparing her to every playmate or nude women I’d seen over the years in magazines. None of them compared to my aunt Sandy.Now my two fantacies had been exhausted. I went to school feeling alot different that day.I really don’t remember being at school. I felt like I was in shock. I never thought that day would be the day when my ultimate desires would be reveald with such beuty. I was never prepared to see such a live innocent sex show like I saw that morning. My questions were answred. My fantasy gave in to my desires. & all was well with my world .Until my dad found my little secret, but I don’t want to ruin the story.I’ll never foget that morning.I changed forever

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