My bio, living in Vegas (non fiction) Chapter 7

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My bio, living in Vegas (non fiction) Chapter 7Two years have past for me after leaving the small town just outside Law Vegas where I was working for peanuts at a strip club. I met a few good friends there, one of which moved to Vegas with me. I have established myself in one of the clubs at Caesars place with some help of a few contacts I made before leaving my other job. It’s a lot different out here. Money flows like wine and if you have a nice body and a pussy, you can make all you want. My kind of town. I have met a lot of celebrities and athletes. It’s amazing how they will tell you Hollywood gossip after a few drinks and lap dances but if you spread it around and who you heard it from, they will cut you off real fast. Having the word spread that you can’t be trusted can be a disaster. Everybody whos anyone wont have anything else to ro with you. Its like a unwritten niğde escort law that you dont tell and dont ask. As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It’s not unusual to catch or walk in on a big name client and later have one of there “people” come by and slip me a $100 and tell me to keep my mouth shut. I take it, smile, and keep my mouth shut. I have a good reputation about keeping secrets and that has got me invited to private parties on private yachts and homes wild orgies and very expensive gifts. All for just keeping my mouth shut and my legs open. I have several regulars that ask for me when they come in, but so do most of the girls. Big name people rent private rooms to be intertained and party. No one to interrupt us either. The rooms are closed and no one can see inside. There “panic” buttons hidden in the rooms can push if things get out of escort niğde hand but other wise, it’s a free for all. Most of the time theres more then one guy and several dancers. Once in a while a husband and wife will come in a its just us three in the room. I like those. They tip big and love to watch there wives have pussy dancing in ere face. I never and dont make a habit out of fucking any of them but I give and receive oral sex a lot.This chapter is about a party I was invited to in the fall of 2015. I was not invited directly from the party host but was ask by ” there people” well actually I was told, that a limo would be around to pick me up. He gave me the time and place and told me not to be late. I knew who the person holding the party was, well i knew of him because he came in often. I actually never or still don’t know his name. I do know he was from Greece niğde escort bayan and was some big shot over there. Later that evening after work I went to my apartment to shower and get dressed. No panties on such an occasion was mandatory for me. They just get in the way. After dressing I loaded my clutch bag with mints and condoms and headed for the lobby. I noticed several other girls waiting as well. I knew a couple of them so I ask if they were going to the same party as I. No sooner as the words came out of my mouth, this short semi-bald gentleman came in with his hands stretched out and smiling. “Ok ladies, your ride is here” he announced. We all got up like a bunch of school girls waiting on the bus and filed out. Once we were in the limo, another announcement came..” Ok beautiful ladies, tonight we party and everyone be happy” he blurred out in broken english. ” it is going to be a night to remember” he added.Little did I know, I was getting in way over my head. Looking back on it now, I wish I had never gone.Read the final chapter of my bio coming soon in Chapter 8. It will be worth the wait

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