My brother and Me, his first time making luv

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My brother and Me, his first time making luvMy brothers first timeMe and my brothers first time was very special. This is a true story. I do have a i****t life, its just who I am. To me its beautiful. My brother had just turned 18. His b day was two weeks prior to this happening. But we was hanging out on the couch at my house watching shows on netflix. We got into talking about our relationships and what our status is and who we are dating…….etc. it turns out that he was single as well as I was. But I don’t date because to me relationships always turn out to be about sex. Wrong guys always chase me anyway. But as we talked he told me about how his past gf’s left him hanging a lot. I remember a lot from this time because it was special. It was funny also because I jumped right into asking him about his sex life.“So hows your sex life?” I asked.“it could be better.” he said.“how much better do you mean?” I asked in a questionable way.“I don’t think you wana know, its really embrassing.” He said nervously.“Look hun, im your sister ok. I luv you so much and we will always be best friends, you can tell me anything and maybe I can help you sumhow but whatever you tell me stays with me.” I told him.“Well I wanted to have sex with my ex gf when I was with her and she didn’t want to.” he said.“That sucks, why date if your not gonna fuck.” I said laughing.“Well its not only that, I’m also a virgin still.” He told me as he gave me a look of why im laughing. I didn’t realize that he really opened up to me when he said that he’s a virgin still. “Its ok to be a virgin still.” I told him.“No its not, I been wanting to experience luv making for a long time and I don’t wana wait any longer.” He told me as he tilted his head down.“Hun you know its possible to have sex with just a friend, you don’t have to be in luv to have sex. Its always good to be in luv when you do for protection for u both but nowadays times is different.” I told him.“what should I do then?”“well how bad do u wana lose your virginity?” I asked him looking directly in his eyes.I forgot to mention that we was sitting side by side each other on the couch. I was wearing a very thin pair of sweats that were loose on me around my legs and they sagged off my hips but I was wearing a blue tank top with no bra on. My boobs are 36D. They look exactly like Evie delatosso. Shes my fav porn start heehehehehe oh and my thin pants were grey. I was also barefoot no socks and my hair was down. I’m 5’5 and my brother is 5’7. He was wearing white t shirt and men soft loose PJ pants. Same as thin sweat pants I was wearing but his were much baggier. Oh and he was also barefoot too. His feet are like mine. He was girl feet but thatss hotter than anything. I can tell he didn’t wear underwear under his PJ pants because of his bulge from his cock hehe.“Bad enough to go onto AFF and find sumone.” he said laughing. “Hahaha that’s funny hun, why does every guy say loosing my virginity too? I mean guys aint loosing anything. If anything they are gaining experience and tahts it. Females are the ones who is losing sumthin. They lose their hymen.” I said laughing.“Well I don’t know its hard to find sumone who would wana really try it. But you’ve had sex though what is it like?” He asked me in a very curious way.“Hmmm well hun its very passionate. Its like pure pleasure for both partners and it’ll make you wana do it over and over again for long periods of time.” I said.“What does it feel like for the guy? For his cock?” He asked in a way that he wanted to keep talking about it. Since he asking me these questions I knew as his sister that since we are close I should educate him.“For the guy his cock will feel the warmth and wetness of the inside of the girls pussy. You’ll feel her pussy muscles which are the walls contracting around your cock as your in her and its like as your doing it you begin to feel more pleasure with every thrust. And your both moaning and touching each other and kissing and its amazing.” I told him while smiling at him.“Wow you know a lot about sex I guess.” he said in a suprising way.“Well I been doing it a lot lately.” I told him. “do you masterbate?” I asked him.“yes I do, I do it a lot actually.” he said while tilting his head down in embrassment.“haha when was the last time you did? I asked him.“three days ago.” he replied“perfect.” I said smiling.“why is that perfect?” he asked curiously.“its perfect because if you were to have sex now you would ejaculate a lot of sperm.” I said.“oh ok. Yeah I usually notice when I masterbate.” he said.“When a guy feels his sperm coming out of his penis while being a vagina, it’s the best feeling ever for him.” I said while laughing.“hahaha no shit.” he said while laughing too.“yup. So………………how bad do you wana try?” I asked him. “I would try it right now if I could.” he replied.“I see. Could I ask you sumthin? I use to peek on you while you took a bath. For a long time. Haha” I told him.“OMG really?” he asked laughing. “yes and ive always wanted to take a bath with you. I know it sounds weird but sumthin like that shouldn’t be weird between us.”“so what are you saying?” he asked.“I wana take a bath with you. Will you take one with me?” I asked him.“ummmmmm…..” he muttered.“Look its just a bath between brother and sister. Noone has to know. Plus we are so close.” I said.“I’ve never seen you naked it would interesting if we tried it.” he said to me.“Well in that case I’ll go start running the water and I want you to come join me. But you can get in first ok.” I told him as I stood up and starting walking away. When I stood up I lifted my top off the end of my waist behind me showing him my thin sweats sagging off my hips and ass. I went into the bathroom and left the door open. My tub that I have is a old European tub that is a good 3 ft deep. It looks like that anyway. I started to run the water letting it fill up and it took him a few mins to come upstairs to the bathroom. But during that time I kept asking myself if im doing the right thing in doing this. In my heart it felt right and I was getting wet thinking about what it would be like to see him naked and sexually active. Most of all, sexually active with me. It was defiantly gonna be a secret. I was sitting on the toilet next to my tub, balıkesir escort the water was almost done being filled. I had another two mins before I was gonna stop the water. He came into the bathroom finally and stood beside the tub looking at me with a grin and I could tell he was nervous.“Are you ready?” I asked him. For sum reason I wasn’t nervous at, I was so excited.“Yes but are you sure we should?” he asked nervously.“yes Im sure, go ahead an get in and don’t be shy, I’m your sister and I luv you hun.” I told him in a very serious way. He was shocked but I could feel in my heart that he needed me really bad. Its just hard for him to accept it. After a few seconds of him deciding, he then started to take off his shirt. I was still chilling on the toilet. My brother is a very slim person. Petite type of body but I was only 10 pounds heavier than him but he’s just slimer than me but im also petite too in a way compared to most girls I guess hehehe. I watched him take off his shirt and I watched as he slowly took his PJ pants off. As he slipped those down from his waist I could tell he does shave and he also shaved his legs. Hahaha shaved legs??? that’s right my brother shaves his gentials and his legs. To me it looked beautiful. He looked at me and kinda looked at me in question.“how do I look s*s?” he asked me nervously.“well don’t be shy hun ok, but you look amazingly beautiful and I luv how your testicles are sagging. I think its beautiful when they are hanging 4 inches down by your gland.” I said to him.“My gland?” he asked.“Yes your gland, which is the head of your penis. Your foreskin is covering your gland. The end of your urethra where you pee out of.” I told him in a educating way. I wasn’t surprised he didn’t know what gland meant. a lot of men don’t know what gland is. But gland is just like a clitoris on a man. I noticed he became comfortable once he got naked in front of me. He looked so good being shaved. And he does have foreskin. And his testicles do sag. Saggy balls are my biggest ass fucking so fucking sexy fucking sexy fetish. Hahahahahahahha because I can suck on them and deep throat while I give head and all kinds of shit. Especially when they slap against my ass during sex and when they move up and down while the cock receives pleasure. Anywayzz, my brother got in the tub and he got comfortable with his legs crossed Indian style. There wasn’t much bubbles. The water came up to the top part of his stomach. I stood up in front of him.“So I guess I’ll get in now.” I said in a flirty way. “should I face you while getting undressed?” I asked.“haha yes you should.” He said laughing.“Ok that’ll do.” I replied. I stood up in front of him and grabbed a pony tail for my hair. I wrapped my hair up in a bow type like I do when I bathe. After that I decided to make it sumwhat interesting for him. The strings to my top were over my shoulders and I slowly grabbed both of them and pulled them down. I began to slowly bring my top down from my boobs exposing my beautiful breast in front of him. I squeezed my arms together around my boobs while looking at him without a smile. He stared at my boobs and looked into my eyes every other second. I then grabbed the bottum of my top and pulled it all the way up off over my head. As I did that, I felt my boobs bounce up and down which I knew looked hott for my brother. I put the top on the floor. Then the Phone rang. And yes my cell was on the sink. I looked at it and I saw that it was my mom. I answered it.“OMG its mom, let me see what she wants ok.” I told my brother shockingly. He just stayed quite. “Hello” I answered.“hey is your brother there with you?” my mom asked.“yea mommy hes here with me.” I said to her.“ok just wanted to make sure because he didn’t come home.” she said.“yea he gonna stay with me tonight and watch movies with me.” I told to my mom.“ok what else are you guys up to?” she asked.“uhhhhhh nothing much just hanging out.” I said to my mom.‘’ok well goodnight boogerbear.” said my mom.“ok mommy luv u lotz.” I said.“ok and have u talked to your bf lately?” my mom just had to ask.“No mom I havent, things are not working out and I don’t wana be with him.” I said to her. As I leaned against the sink watching my brother stare at my boobs. I moved my right hand up to my right boob moving my boob up and down squeezing it softly while looking at my brother. “well mom I gotta go, the movie is starting on netflix.” I said.“ok hun talk to u later. Bye bye.” mom said.“bye mommy.” I replied. I hung up the phone and laid it down on the sink and looked at my brother. “that was close wasn’t it?” I said to my brother.“haha yeah it was.” he replied.“now where were we?” I said in a flirty way. I stood back off the sink and I turned around letting my brother see that my pants were sagging off my hips. I luv these pair of sweats I wear. Nice and thin and loose off my hips. I turned facing the sink in front of my big mirror. My brother was able to see my boobs and my face. I lifted my left heel of my foot up while bending my left leg towards while slowly sliding down my thin pair of sweats off my hips to the floor. I watched my brothers reaction through the mirror and he began to smile. I turned around and looked eye to eye with him. “you shave too. that’s really beautiful.” he said.“awww thank you babe. Its healthier to have no hair.” I said laughing in a kinky way.I walked towards the tub and lifted one leg over into the tub and then I stopped.“are you ok?” I asked him.“yeah im ok.” he said. He was looking at my pussy when I lifted my leg to get in the tub. I lifted my other leg and got all the way in and sat down in front of him. I told him to bring his legs all the way out. I sat between his knees with my legs on top of his thighs around his waist. I began to rub water on my shoulders while looking at him.“This isn’t so bad now is it?” I asked my brother.“No its really nice.” he said.“so…….” I said.“so what?” he asked.“how bad do u wana experience luv making?” I asked him in a serious way. He looked at me and he got upset and started to cry a lil bit. I looked through the water and saw that his cock was already hard. I could tell it was a nice 7 inches. “whats wrong b*o b*o, plzzzz tell me.” I said to him.“I just balıkesir escort bayan havent found anyone yet. And I really wana do it.” he said, then he stopped crying.“awww hun, look how would you feel if………..” I said to him.“if what?” he asked.“if I was to be the first one you make luv to.” I said.“really???” he asked.“yes I feel that I should be the first one you slide your cock inside of since im your sister and we are best friends and I’ll always be here for you. We cant marry or nothing but we should try it. Plus if you like it then we can keep doing it. I’m sure you will like it, I mean shit I know you will Hashanah.” I said laughing. “but I can make it a beautiful first time and it would be our secret. Although………….” “well you are beautiful and all. But although what???” he asked.“promise you wont tell mom.” I said.“ I promise s*s. You can trust me.” he said as he started rubbing both of my arms. “I had made luv to dad.” I told him.“OMG what?” he said in a shocking way.“Look just listen to me. Ive always wanted to have a i****t life since I first saw i****t porn and damn it ima live it. And I saw him naked once and his cock was nice and I wanted it in me and we made luv, I seduced him and it worked and we agreed to keep it a secret. I asked him about making luv with you and he said if we ever did that you could know the secret but not to ever tell anyone. Not one person.” I told him in a serious way.“ok I understand, I wont over react.” he said to me laughing. My brother was always accepting to any matters.“Ok well good. So would you like to make luv to me?” I asked him.“yes I would like to, just go easy with me ok.” he said.“I will hun don’t worry.” I replied. I picked myself up and moved closer to my brother in the tub sitting between his thighs feeling his cock against my pubic bone and my boobs pressing against his chest. I put my arms around him and hugged him. He hugged me back and we held each other for a few mins. “I like your boobs.” he said laughing. I then smiled. “do you wana touch them?” I asked as I leaned on my hands behind me exposing my 36D boobs in front of him.“if you don’t mind id like to”. he said.“sure just explore.” I said laughing really loud with a couple of moans at the end. He started touch my boobs and rub then and gently squeezing them using both hands. For me I felt so erotic doing this with my brother and I could tell this was an amazing erotic time for us. He then leaned down kissing my nipples and sucking on them making them hard and he moved his tongue while squeezing my boobs. He moved his tongue up from my boobs to my neck and started kissing me until he reached my mouth. He stopped and we looked at each other. I could tell he had a lot of passion for a first timer and that he was ready for make luv. I felt good knowing that I would be his first. We nosed grinded for a few seconds and then he gently kissed me on my lips. We kissed slowly and began to French with our tongues kissing slowly and passionately and very deeply with each other. I then began to move my hips back and forth against his cock feeling it get hard against me. I turned my face away from him and to say……..“I don’t think we can do this.” I said to him breathing hard.“why whats wrong s*s?” he asked.“I might hurt you bad and you might not forgive me.” I told him.“Tell me whats bothering you.” my brother said. I turned my down and looked back up in his eyes and told him the truth.“lately I contracted an STD and I still have it. I get medication tomorrow for it. I’m so sorry to take you this far with me and I’m sorry but I don’t think we should because I’ll infect you.” I said in a upsetting way.“Well what std is it??” he asked. I was still leaning back on my hands with my boobs exposing in front of him. “its clymadia.” I said to him. “I don’t wana give it to you. I know better than that.”“Look it will take a few weeks before that will go away. But I understand.” he said.“so your not mad???” I asked him.“No im not, you said you luv me and we are best friends, I can never be mad at you. Unless you throw my adam sandler movie tickets away.” he said laughing at the end.“hahaha I luv adam sandler movies.” I replied. Suprisingly I was still moving my hips back and forth on his cock hoping he wasn’t to mad or upset.“Well I still wana do this. Ive done my research on stds and blah blah blah but this is special and I really wana do this with you s*s. “ my brother said.“so you wana wait until I cure the clymadia?” I asked.“No, I wana do it right now.” He said. I was so shocked and I didn’t know what to say. “I don’t wana wait I wana do this now and in a way its very erotic and special.” he said to me.“I can infect you ok, that’s wrong of me.” I said to him.“how about this, we make luv to night and tomorrow I’ll go with you to get the medication that your gonna pick up and I’ll get medication too and we can take it together ok.” he said to me.“hun you wont like it.” I said to him trying to convince him.“please s*s I don’t care, what if there was no tomorrow? I wana know that you offered to let me feel what sex is like and I don’t wana this to keep me from experiencing it.” he said to me in a serious way. I was still moving my hips and his cock was still hard. “ok fine, but promise me that you’ll go with me and we can become clean together.” I said.“ok I promise sweetpea.” he replied.“hmmm ok.” I said. “oh and I do have a lil bit of discharge but its clear fluid. Ok.” “ive done my research hun its ok, I luv you.” he said to me kissing me and rubbing my boobs and my back.“sit on the side of the tub.” I told him. He then got up and sit on the side of the tub with his legs open. I began to suck on his testicles that were sagging and I could see the actual size of this balls. I deep throat his testicles in my mouth as much as I could while stroking his cock and moved up his shaft from his testicle skin with my tongue up to the underpart of his gland where his urethra is at. As I went up I pulled his foreskin back and put my whole mouth on his cock and began to slowly suck his cock going deeper and deeper while rubbing his saggy balls. I felt him twitch a few times and felt his cock pulsating in my mouth, I went slow so he wouldn’t cum so fast. I then stopped and stood escort balıkesir up and we grabbed the towels to dry ourselves off. We then went to the bedroom after drying off and his cock still had my saliva on it. Nice and wet cock. He asked me what position is best and I said that missionary is best for first timers. I call it the baby making position. I laid back on the pillows which propped me up 90 degrees upwards on my back. My tits were hanging down which were beautiful. He pulled a condom out of his wallet.“should I wear this then since u are infected?” he asked me.“No hun, first off condoms block pleasure and its blocks pleasure for me. We either do this without protection or we wait for a month until im cured.” I told him.“ok I wont use it.” he said.I laid there in bed with my legs open exposing my pussy to him. Rubbing my own boobs while looking at him in the eyes. He then climb up between my legs with his hands on the bed along my sides of my ribs. I grabbed behind his forearms and he leaned down to kiss me passionately with his tongue. “Are you ready to feel the inside of a womans pussy??” I asked my brother.“Yeah I am.” he replied. His cock was still wet from my saliva from giving him head. All the sudden I squeezed his arms with my hands saying “Ohhhhhhh shit”.“Whats wrong are you ok?” he asked me.“yea I just felt sum discharge come out of me.” I said looking at him. “Are you sure u wana fuck?” I asked.Without him saying anything he started rubbing his cock against my pussy lips slowly pressing inward but into my exact pussy whole. He kept pushing his cock against my urethra in my pussy lips and I could feel it hurting every time he did it. I gave him the look on my face that it hurt because of my infection. “Here let me show you. Just slowly go in and out ok and then work on deeper thrusts once you get use to it. Ok.” I said to him. “ok s*s.” he replied. I grabbed his cock and pulled his foreskin forward over his gland and pushed his cock a lil bit lower than my urethra. “ok now push forward,” I said. He slowly pushed forward and I felt his head enter my vagina. “ok now slowly pull out and push back in but go a lil deeper.” I said. My brother then went deeper in me and his reaction on his face was so special.“AAHHHHH OMG” my brother said.“how does it feel?”. I asked. He then stopped and looked at me. I pulled his chest and stomach down to me feeling my boobs and tummy going against his chest and his tummy. Our faces were in front of each other without our noses grinded. “AAAHHH I felt my foreskin move back.” he replied.“hehe yes hun that was my pussy lips doing that along with my muscles, your only a couple inches in. Keep going and go deeper ok. Don’t be afraid.” I said to him.I felt him keep thrusting in and out and eventually he went deep enough to stay in me without pulling all the way out. He was breathing deeply into my mouth as I was breathing deeply. He put his arms under my shoulders and I had my arms on his back. We were both moaning with each other. I felt him going deeper in me and my feet were pointed or bent forward to say Lol I always bend my feet if im in pleasure. I started moaning louder and my brother was hanging onto me tightly surprisingly but I asked him again.“hows it feel?” I asked in pleasure.“AAHHHHHHH GOOODDD its amazing, your so warm and wet in your pussy.” he replied.“keep going and let your cum spill out of your gland.” I said to him. “ahh ouch ouch ouch ouch.” I said to him. He then stopped and asked if I was ok and I said I was, just another discharge. I told him to keep going again and as he did we both felt the wetness and feeling our body fluids exchange was amazing. Although he wasn’t cumming yet. “when you cum I want you to stay inside of me but stay deep and don’t move your cock when you cum. Ok.” I said to my brother.“AAHH AAHH AHH ok.” he said moaning.As he got closer I could feel myself getting ready to cum and I ended up cumming right before he did. I squeezed my hands on his back and started moaning loudly.“YES YES YES FUCK IM CUMMING FUCK ME MY LUV FUCK ME AHH AHH AHH AHHH AHHH AHH AHHH” I screamed. I felt my pussy contract really hard around his cock and my pussy became sensitive afterwards. As my brother kept going in and out he was approaching orgasm as well. He gripped my shoulders and started to moan louder. I felt his testicles bounching against my ass and we both heard the juices as his cock went in and out of my wet pussy and his testicles smacking my ass with the juices. He then began to pulsate and I could feel him slowing down with his thrusting. “Its cumming I can feel my sperm moving towards my urethra.” he moaned to me. He then stopped and he moan really loudly like I did. “AAHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHAHHHHHH” He moaned with every dose of sperm that came out of his cock. I could feel his cock pulsating pushing cum out of his pee whole into my wet pussy. As his penis throbbed in me I felt his sperm inside of me. It was a nice warmth feeling, and knowing that he was giving me more than just him, he was giving me his sperm, it made me feel so luvd by him and the same way as it did when I made luv to dad. After he emptied his sperm in me his cock became sensitive too. He looked at me and started kissing me and laid on me. “would u wana do this again?” I asked.“OMG yes I would luv to s*s. Thank you for this.” he said.“well this is how sex feels and this is how it feels to make luv and make a baby.” I said.“Are you on birth control?” he asked me surprisingly.“maybe hehehe” I said sarcastically.We both laughed and agreed to not have sex again until we get our medication tomorrow for the STD and decided to wait to after we are cured before making luv again. This was a long time ago. But we both talk about this time a lot because it was very special. Sorry if this story is so long. But I wanted to add as much detail and dialog that I remember of it. This is a true story and it did happen. We are all STD free in my family and my friends. Noone in my sex circle of 7 has a std. We are all clean. The Std came from my ex bf I had. It was a mistake I made with him. But like I said we are clean no infections and we all make mistakes. I do have a i****t life and no im not dating and for me its all about sexual pleasure and dancing, and having passion and being the sweetest person that I can be and never showing anger or nothing. I always show luv and sexyness to my luv ones. I’ll upload another story when I think of another awesome time that was special. I got so many special times its crazy.

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