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My chat fantasy ;)Hi… this is my first story 🙂 It’s basically just an edited chat I had here, and so that’s why some of it might not make total sense and why it’s all in the present tense 😛 anyway, if you want to see pics of all the girls involved (Me, Jess, Fliss and Sena), just send me a message and I can email them to you 😀 anyway, here goes:Jess and Sena are sucking his cock and licking his balls. As they do this, I’m kissing him deeply on the lips and pressing my tits on his chest and he is fingering Fliss, making her cunt wet, and making her moan with delight. As they suck his cock and lick his balls, he takes his wet fingers from Fliss’s cunt and smears her juices over his shaft for Jess and Sena to lick off. Jess’s tongue flicks around his fingers playfully. Sena’s tongue touches hers and they engage in a deep kiss.Now me and Jess are sucking and licking him as Sena eats out Fliss. I start sucking his cock alone, and Jess kisses him passionately. She then pushes her tits into his face to let him eat away. Fliss moves under me and starts eating me as I suck his cock deeply….shit…Fliss can lick well…. As Sena lays back, Fliss gets on all on fours with her face in Sena’s cunt. Jess sucking his balls and I spit on my cock maraş escort as I guide him into Fliss… the feeling of her pussy walls around his shaft…nice and tight…squeezing his thick cock. As she starts to move on his cock as Jess sucks his balls and licks up his shaft to lick fliss’s clit as I fuck her. Jess takes his cock out and cleans it with her mouth, his stiff cock waiting for the next pussy. He makes Sena and me bend over on the couch and face the back of the couch as we both kiss…he slides his cock into sena, then take it out and slides it into me…..taking this in turns fucking us both as Jess eats Fliss’s just-fucked-cunt. as he fucks me and sena, we make out and play with our tongues. He slaps our asses as he takes turns in fucking both of our wet pussies…and watches as we explore with your tongues. Fliss lays back and masturbates with a large dildo as Jess sucks mine and Sena’s juices from his hard cock.Fliss is fucking herslf with a dildo and Sena is kissing her passionately…… he is sitting on the couch as Jess faces away from his, lowering herself onto his hard cock… I guide her down, holding my cock. He holds under Jess’s ass and lowers her onto the head of his cock. I sit on his face and reach escort maraş over and hold Jess’s tits for her as she is fucked as he licks my ass and cunt. Jess takes his cock from her ass and She, Fliss and Sena clean her ass juices from it. All the girls sit on the couch, each with a dildo each kissing each other and hands a wandering between the three of them watching me. He pushes me down on all fours, facing them and pushes his cock to my wet opening and slides the head in and then stops….feeling my pussy muscles contract. He slides in slowly, very slowly as I wink at him…his cock half way into my wet cunt, I push my ass up and open my legs a little wider. He slides in deeper feeling the walls of my pussy around his cock. He reaches over and holds my hair in one hand as he slides to the hilt and grinds into my pussy with his stiff cock. Then he slowly withdraws, so only the head is left in me….the shaft glistening with my juices. He then starts to fuck my…slowly, then with more speed…holding my hair…as I moan, the girls look on in awe. Sena takes her dildo out and lets me suck on it as he fucks me harder. Then puts it back into her cunt…..Fliss follows then Jess…feeding me their wet dildos as he fucks my wet pussy. maraş escort bayan He takes his cock out for me and comes round to my face and lets me suck it clean as he kisses each of the girls deeply as the fuck themselves and I suck on his cock. Jess puts on a strapon and pours lube over it. He spreads my ass as Jess pushes the strapon against my lubed asshole…. into my ass it slides… easing in deeper, it feels fucking amazing,I scream in pleasure and Jess fucks me harder as he holds my hair back and fucks my mouth. Sena starts to kiss Jess as Fliss, whilst he watches me take the strapon like a pro. Fliss sits on top of my back like a horserider and kisses him deeply.We all kneel in front of him as he stands and masturbates over our faces. He lets each of us suck his cock as the others look on intently at the action. I am directly in front of him, jess to my left and sena to my right, fliss is next to her….all waiting as he rubs faster… his cock jerks and twitches.. hot white jets of thick cum start to spurt from his cock, straight at me….covering my outstreached tongue and face. He moves to sena and she catches some in her mouth and chin, jess gets a huge jet over her face, all in her cute braces, then to Fliss who recieves the final jet of hot white cum into her mouth and over her lips. We all smile and lick the cum off each others faces.The End. On reflection, it’s not great as a story, but who cares 😛 it gave me my greatest fantasy yet! 😀 xxx

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